Tumbleweed – Koptalk style – and only ₤30

by Rupert Insider

Honest to God – this is the Koptalk front page today!


All quiet in the offices of Parry, Gillett and Hicks


Following yesterday’s reports that George Gillett and Tom Hicks have borrowed almost £300m from the Royal Bank of Scotland to finance their takeover of Liverpool Football Club, neither the duo or Reds chief executive Rick Parry want to talk about who will pay the £21m annual interest charge as a result of the debt.

We’d imagine that the club will have to fund the interest charges and those who don’t back the involvement of the Americans will no doubt try to scare fans about this. As yet nobody will comment on the reports but so far both men have been open about their intentions and what they’ve done is common in business, even if you’ve got hundreds of millions of pounds burning a hole in your pocket.

A spokesperson for the new owners said: “They are not going to comment on the financing of the club.”

Reds chief executive Rick Parry did an impression of press officer Ian Cotton when he said: “I can make no comment on the point as it has never been discussed.”


The headline is designed to explain why the media is full of information about Gillett’s travel plans, meetings and business dealings, but Oldham, who chats and emails to him “regularly”, has nothing.

The reason he has no news, he implies, is that all is quiet in the offices of three of the busiest men on the planet.

And rather than expose himself to the ridicule by trying to explain the financial techniques being used by Gillett and Hicks, he simply says what they’ve done “is common in business”.

If the blog wasn’t around he’d probably claim that, after a visit to the Koptalk shack, Gillett and Hicks decided to adopt his financial strategy.

First, forget about planning regulations. Second, acquire the materials by borrowing on your Ma’s credit card. Third, get your step-father to build it for free. Four, pay off the debts by claiming benefits, organising illegal charities and starting a porn site.

A fuller, more accurate version of the LFC takeover finances was plastered over numerous news outlets yesterday.

Those who pay Duncan Oldham to read yesterday’s news for them probably deserve the distortions he serves up.

He’d love to find a negative angle but its only a couple of weeks that he was claiming to be best buddies with George Gillett. So in the gutter press style he has picked up from years of reading the S*n, he suggests that it is other people who are stirring up muck.

But old habits die hard. He still couldn’t resist one of his tired shots at Ian Cotton and Rick Parry’s style – they are two of the “suits” on “the other side” who he intends to expose in his book Anfield Exposed which is due in two months. He has never got over the fact that they deny that he has ever had any contact with them or with the club.

If you are an overseas or other out- of- town user of Koptalk, and you want free, faster, more detailed and accurate information about Gillett, Hicks, LFC finances, and the progress of the stadium you would be better logging into The Liverpool Daily Post and Liverpool Echo and using their search feature. Click Here


6 Responses to “Tumbleweed – Koptalk style – and only ₤30”

  1. kraptalk user Says:

    But if GG was a member of KT he surely would have reasured the “Family” about the financing of the takeover.
    I mean, wasnt that the reason GG wanted to become a member of Nuttalk in the first place? so he can meet with reds fans all over the world?

    Dunk, your’e a fat cheating perverted scub bucket who would steal from your own grandmother.
    Now f u c k off you fat leeching jissum guzzling hick.

  2. kraptalk user Says:

    Dunk, your’e a fat cheating perverted scum bucket who would steal from your own grandmother.
    Now f u c k off you fat leeching jissum guzzling hick

  3. kraptalk user Says:

    oh, and p.s – thanx for your cheap arsed birthday card – 6 days too late and a cheap 2nd class stamp. Your that much of a gimp you couldnt even write the address properly even though it would have shown up on my account details.

  4. kraptalk user Says:

    Formally Carras_boot

  5. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    lol@kraptalk user


  6. felix Says:

    Highlight of katie talk today is a video of fatty and steve flying from Newcastle to Heathrow. Just think of all the great motorway footage he`ll get once his fleet of vans are equipped.

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