The Koptalk Pornbroker files

by Rupert Insider

Original archive research by Outsider Outsider



Photo: The Koptalk Pawnbroker

How many current members of Koptalk realise that their membership money went into the personal PayPal account of guy who uses it to expand his sleazy porn business?

Come to think of it, how many of us know what the financial and other relationships are between Koptalk and Oldham’s new, American-based porn site, and any other porn-related activities on which he may be still involved? I’m sure Inland Revenue don’t know – yet.

He made sure we all heard how he married at Anfield eight years ago. But how many know that he began selling his wife on Usenet groups – as well as her lingerie and the the tapes of her doing it with other guys – long before that? How many Koptalk moderators realise they are propping up a porn merchant who has used football and other specialized internet sites to recruit young men and women for his commercial sex tapes?

How many of those who defend his cult realise that they are helping him con trusting LFC supporters in the belief that Koptalk is a site suitable for boys and girls?

This article does not cover much new ground – so if you are a regular reader you might want to skip it. Its main function is to bring material together for future reference. But in the process we are adding another three small examples of Oldham’s sex ads.

But first a definition. In earlier pieces I referred to him pimping his “wife”.

He claims he was married in 1999 at Anfield. On closer examination of the archives we have found so far, it seems that the pimping was one, two and three years before he was legally married. But he claimed that he and his wife were an item for six or seven years before.

In future articles we will provide all our leads on the Oldham net archives – including his various illegal activities – so that anyone who is interested enough can do their own research.

Before we do that, we will provide a comprehensive glossary of the names Oldham has used to disguise his activities on the net.

Some of those names can be found on his pimping files listed below. In most cases you can check that its him by clicking on “profile” and examining posts made by the same author elsewhere.


The first example is from “Del Boy” – which is short for “Del Johnson“. We will be presenting a complete article on Oldham’s fraudulent activities under that name and the action the authorities took to stop him. Its relevant to Koptalk because when the authorities stopped just short of canning him, he desperately needed Colin Seamans’ new Koptalk website as an alternative source of easy money.

You will notice that the first two posts are on a newsgroup dedicated to satellite-tv – a fact not lost on a user who responded to the “girl” in the ad who came selling her wares that “she ” should clear off and “work for a living”.

Which, come to think of it, is what the blog is trying to tell “her” .

The second post is from “Clare” – another Oldham pseudonym.

Del Boy
View profile

More options 7 Dec 1996, 02:00

Newsgroups: nv.personals, triangle.personals.w-seeking-m

From: Del Boy <101352.3@CompuServe.COM>

Date: 1996/12/07

Subject: Home made xxx

Young woman offers personalised tapes and various clips of self on
See ya there….
Clare xx

View profile
More options 9 Dec 1996, 02:00


From: Clare <101352.3@CompuServe.COM>

Date: 1996/12/09

Subject: Over 18’s only


The third is from “The Boss” and is on a site dedicated to threesomes and other sexual “variations”. We’ve also provided a reply they got from a guy called – you guessed it – “John“.

The Boss
View profile
More options 25 May 1997, 01:00

Newsgroups: triangle.personals.variations, triangle.personals.w-seeking-m

From: The Boss <113003.3@CompuServe.COM>

Date: 1997/05/25

Subject: UK Couple seek male.

UK young couple seek good looking males for adult fun during the
next few days/weeks….please email Mark or Gill for details.

he Boss
View profile

More options 25 May 1997, 01:00

Newsgroups: triangle.personals.variations, triangle.personals.w-seeking-m

From: The Boss <113003.3@CompuServe.COM>

Date: 1997/05/25

Subject: UK Couple seek male.

UK young couple seek good looking males for adult fun during the
next few days/weeks….please email Mark or Gill for details.


You are probably familiar with the others.

One is from NECouple who also sign as Mark and Gill. Its addressed to an alternative sex site for women – presumably lesbians.

This is interesting in view of Oldham’s loud denials in another exchange in the archives. He had been accused of posting under the name Duncan on a lesbian and gay site. He argued that it could not be him because he knew how to cover his tracks. Its probably true – in that particular instance – that he was set up by another guy who detested him. But given that the next ad is posted on a lesbian site and that he sought sexual contact with a “fit young guys” in a threesome – perhaps he protested too soon.

I recall how he led at least one thread on the Koptalk free forum in which he contributed a long list of derogatory terms for gay men – some of them very unusual. But it seems Oldham is well versed in that subject. A disinterested observer might wonder why he compiled and memorized the list and why it is so important for him to try so strenuously to prove that he is not gay. After all we all know that guys who frequently dress up as women on their web site and in podcasts and pretend to be girls on the net in order to attract the sexual attentions of military cadets and footballers – are not necessarily gay. They could be acting-out transvestites, or merely gender-confused. Or they could be porn brokers who’d stop at nothing to make an easy buck.


The next post was from the same NECple but it was addressed to a football site and the first line of the post was changed to make it seem exclusive to the “fit young lads”on that site.


The final post is from Duncan in which he pretended to be a girl and it was addressed to male military cadets.







3 Responses to “The Koptalk Pornbroker files”

  1. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    Dunk does look a bit like Ron Jeremy. Shame he’s got a little dick though.

  2. Chunka Says:

    Wish we could get back to bringing Koptalk down. I don’t give a shit about his Porn empire. He doesn’t stand a chance in that industry

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Koptalk and porn have been interconnected from the very beginning – from even before the beginning. One activity feeds off the other. One finances the other. He can keep Koptalk going forever if he continues to receive public benefits, a few renewed memberships every now and then and income from porn.

    Reminding people how Koptalk and Oldham is involved in porn and sex is one way of trying persuade them to ditch it. Its an argument that will affect some but, as your comment indicates, not all.

    Oldham also attracts members – especially from overseas- by presenting himself as a family man. He makes frequent use of his wife’s name, their marriage and his children to convince people that they are buying into a “family”.

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