Koptalk "legal team" fails to stop the blog

by Stannard Insider

This is a short follow-up to the post LFC Squatter Doesn’t Like the Taste of his Own Medicine Click Here

You will recall that Oldham went through a phase of pretending to have “a legal team” headed by a fictitious solicitor called Paul Harper. This was mainly a device to enable him to cut off people who were demanding their money back after being double-billed for membership fees or receiving fake LFC memorabilia. He would refuse to discuss it with them. “Talk to my legal department,” he would say.

He then used his pretend “legal team” to try to steal the blog’s domain name like he has stolen the domain names of many LFC supporter sites and of the new owners of LFC.

Misrepresenting himself as a solicitor, he contacted the domain registrar GoDaddy to uncover the name of the person who had registered the domain name.

His fine legal mind became very befuddled by the distinction between the person who registered the domain name and the person who set up the blog – two completely different and unconnected people who did not know each other.

In effect, the domain owner had anonymously donated the domain to the blog.

The blog already had a domain name before that but decided to use the donated one because it worked better on search engines.

In his usual cack-handed manner, Oldham then started referring to the person who had registered the domain name as being “behind the blog” and he sent out slanderous and threating letters to that person full of false conspiracy theories. As I understand it from public exchanges, that person is now consulting his solicitor – a real solicitor – about the implications of Oldham’s rants.

Meanwhile, the original owner of the domain name transferred the ownership of the name to me.

This is just to let everyone know the domain has now been removed from GoDaddy, who have recently been in the news for stealing domain names from a trust registrar.

An extra year has been added to the registration, as well.

And what’s even more ironic, the registration of the blog’s domain was paid for with money I received from my cancelled subscription to Koptalk following my exposure of that matter on the blog.

So a big thanks to Dunk!

(You can read all about how I squeezed the money from Oldham HERE )


5 Responses to “Koptalk "legal team" fails to stop the blog”

  1. MH Says:

    Looks like Dunks been on a scouting trip to Valencia! Also, he knows a definate way to filla 100,000 seater stadium! The big fat gimp!

  2. spsdjone Says:

    he’s been on research hahahahahahahahaha!
    WTF kind of research would he be doing. must be thinking he is a scout for rafa now.
    When will the big I AM just piss off and stop pretending he is something to do with OUR club. if he wants to run a website about LFC then fine, but why he feels the need to try and pretend that he is in the know and rubbing shoulders with the top brass is childish, pathetic and damn right weird

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Maybe he’d changing his book title from ANFIELD EXPOSED to RAFA EXPOSED He’s only got two months to start and finish it by May – as he promised. Its three years now since he first started taking deposits.

    As for why he spins his yarns and fantasies – because he limits his interaction to the gormless and the financially and emotionally dependent as most wannabe cult leaders do. And they believe him – or say they do – so he figures others will, too. Unfortunately, he’s right. Most decent rational people would expect that someone who claimed to be about LFC and had a website called Koptalk would tell the truth – or be exposed by the club or LFC fans. So they believe him until they get to know him or until we expose him. Before the blog nobody exposed him systematically – people would walk away in disgust and leave it for others to find out about him. Only Toby and the kraptalk made an attempt to put it in writing on the net.

    Right now he is on one of his fiddles. Give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself.

  4. Trusty_Rusty Says:

    Sensational work Rupert and Co. It’s astonishing how one man has been able to con and deceive so many people for so long. It’s shocking how much dirt keeps spilling about this man.

    Has anyone tried contacting BBC’s Watchdog to get them to investigate Oldham? Perhaps we could all calloborate to get them to investigate KopTalk?

    The book scam would be a perfect starter.

    There WATCHDOG website has clear details on how to contact them – along with a telephone hotline etc.

    Insider, perhaps it’s time to put it on the front page of the blog and ask people to collectively contact them.


    Edit: Hi Trusty, Your post got caught in the WordPress spam catcher and I’ve just found and rescued it.

  5. kraptalk user Says:

    He knows how to fill a 100,000 seater because he would just tag along with fat steve and the two of them alone would fill a 100,00 seater.

    Fat arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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