"I trained with the liverpool squad a couple of times…" Duncan Oldham of Koptalk

by Rupert Insider

Original archive research by Outsider Outsider


Oldham claimed that he “trained with the Liverpool squad a couple of times around 1989/90.”

That would be when Kenny Dalglish was manager.

You’d think Oldham would remember exactly when. But that’s the first rule of his Big Lie technique. Don’t pin yourself down to dates and times which might be used to trip you up!

The phrase “trained with” is different from “had a trial with”. It suggests that he was there almost as a guest athlete or a friend of the players.

By my reckoning Oldham would have been 15 years of age!

He refers to images of the event which were posted on http://www.delta-sierra.demon.co.uk/lfc.htm

I can’t recover them – perhaps others can.

We do have one image which is supposed to be him around that age.


Would this photo with Ian Rush be the basis of the claim? It would not be the first time that Oldham has massaged a morsel of truth into a big fat lie.

I’ve been with Ian Rush (and other players) in public or semi-public situations where they have broken off from the group to pose with a kid, very much like Ian Rush is posing in this photo – its a typical scene in hotel lobbies, for example. Such encounters might last 5-20 seconds.

I’ve taken Oldham’s claim from an archived 1999 Koptalk page reproduced below.

Its obvious that back then, Oldham was working very hard to establish a reputation as someone especially close to LFC.

Why? Because he wanted his LFC upstart usenet group to take over the LFC market from a pre-existing LFC usenet group.

He used his group, which was no more than a mailing list of LFC supporters, as a bargaining chip to muscle in on the new Koptalk that was formed under the leadership of Colin Seaman – a professional web designer. (You see Oldham’s references to Colin?). Even then, Oldham was scheming to complete takeover of Koptalk, too. (You see his contemptuous references to Koptalk’s founding charter?)

Why? Because he wanted to make money from LFC supporters.

There was one big problem. He was from Yorkshire – hardly a qualification for someone who wanted to pose as the spokesman of Liverpool fans and especially Kopites.

So to counterbalance that, he claimed to be intimate with LFC and its players. He would even use his future wife to prove it. They would get married at Anfield!

As we have seen in a recent article, the idea of pimping his wife for profit is something that continued after their marriage.

We’ve also seen eight more years of Oldham lying about being an insider at Anfield, a friend of the players and of management even though we all know he is a pariah at Anfield.

His own videos last summer of him trying to muscle the kid autograph hunters out of the way at Melwood in order to get close to the players and manager as they come through the gates into the street, demonstrates more eloquently than words, how much of a disreputable and suspicious outsider he is to LFC.

A more recent fantasy of Oldham’s – during his “Cisse is my mate phase”.



® D u n c a n
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Newsgroups: uk.sport.football.clubs.liverpool

From: ® D u n c a n (® D u n c a n)

Date: 1999/03/03

Subject: ****** First mugshots (mugshits) on line NOW ******


If you want to see Colin and myself, the first of the mugshits to appear on line, call and see the Kop Talk credits :

The links on that page aren’t working yet apart from the forum one as the site is not complete yet but it will only be a few weeks now. Colin is working hard to get the mugshots of the rest of you on a.s.a.p. Mine was taken during the World Cup when I was pissed on the day of the England & Tunisia game – it’s an England flag on me back in case you’re wondering if it’s a frock 😉
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Newsgroups: uk.sport.football.clubs.liverpool

From: “”LIVERPOOL” FAN” <jbon@microsoft.com>

Date: 1999/03/03

Subject: Re: ****** First mugshots (mugshits) on line NOW ******


® D u n c a nD u n c a n) <® D u n c a nD u n c a n)> wrote in
message <36dd9c37.1336@news.demon.co.uk>…

>If you want to see Colin and myself, the first of the mugshits to
>appear on line, call and see the Kop Talk credits :

(EDIT: “Liverpool Fan” repeats some of the content of an earlier Oldham post and adds his own comments in brackets. Oldham’s original post is still available on the archives. The remarks in brackets after every claim are in the original – they’re not the blog’s!).

Duncan Oldham

Role: Kop Talk co-editor, co-maintainer, mailing list editor & joint manager and gobshite

Name: Duncan Oldham ( even a woollyback name)

Date of Birth: 13-Sep-1974 ( yeah, right!! )

Place of Birth: Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England ( says it all, really )

Present Home: Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England ( as above )

Personal Statement:

I would describe myself as a very easy going guy with a shocking sense of humour. (Not judging by some of your nasty little posts in the past )

I believe in treating others like they treat you. ( No you don’t, hypocrite )

I am always willing to help anyone and would bend over backwards ( I can guess why, nancy boy ) to help them.

I am involved in fund raising for my local Hospice that treats people with Cancer and as a result I am changing my name to Manchester United for the entire duration of the next football season as I wanted to do something that would really hurt me. (Try supporting your LOCAL team for the entire duration of your life ).

A practical joker and a very patriotic person, proud of my Queen and Country (Silly Boy ).

I am also an active member of The Labour Party ( and a Royalist ?? IS that not a contradiction of terms ?? ).

I live my life for football and I am always there or there abouts( Does that mean you have a season ticket ? ).

I trained with the Liverpool squad a couple of times around 1989/90 and will marry my girlfriend of six years at Anfield in July 1999 ( God, you are sad ).


(Edit: At this point “Liverpool Fan”, a member of the “Ng” – News Group – switches to his own voice ).

Where do you get off acting like the spokesperson of a club I have followed all my life, a club who’s shadow I grew up in ( literally ) and who you cheapen by your very existence. I am lucky in having a season ticket, but have friends and family from the city ( YES, were WE live ) who can’t get in because of woolly back fans like yourself. Do me a favour and take a long, hard look at yourself before you open your mouth on this Ng and give our rival fans even more ammo than they are getting off our current teams performances . I am sorry if this sounds personal but it is a widely held view of a lot of the Red half of this city.



(Edit: For out-of-towners – “woollyback” is a term used in Liverpool to refer to people who come from sheep-rearing regions such as Yorkshire, but not limited to it. In Canadian and USA terms it is similar to “hick”.

At this point, Oldham’s cronies – such as Paul Graham who lived in the South of England and who was to become a controversial columnist on the Oldham version of Koptalk – turned on “Liverpool Fan” with obscene ferocity. Oldham also chips in with mocking remarks about traditional Liverpool supporters from Liverpool.

These old Koptalk archives are reminiscent of how Hitler’s Brown Shirt thugs took over the National Socialist Party in Nazi Germany).

If you want to follow the whole exchange go here:



4 Responses to “"I trained with the liverpool squad a couple of times…" Duncan Oldham of Koptalk”

  1. lfc_michael Says:

    What I don’t understand is the apparent inactivity of the club in the matter. The amount of negative publicity he generates, coupled with his blatant use of the club’s named and implied links with the club, would surely be enough to warrant action. Is it because they don’t want to inadvertently send more hits his way?

    On a different note, judging by how much weight he’s put on since that photo with Rush, his ‘training sessions’ in 89/90 must’ve been his last form of exercise.

  2. Trusty_Rusty Says:

    Did anyone ever think of getting in touch with Colin Seaman to get more info on Oldham? I’m sure if he was muscled out of KT – that he will be able to shed a lot more ‘insider’ information…

  3. Ian Randyman Says:

    A quick google shows up some results on Colin Seaman. Surely this is him that wrote into “Question Time” with Martin Tyler. Colin Seaman from Rotherham South Yorkshire?


    Its this stage, i dont even log into that CrapTalk anymore. Where has the great posters who actually had inside info gone? Johnny H etc

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    I could supply the current work email of Colin Seaman but think it would be unfair to do that without his permission. It’s easy to find by a Google search. Look for a web designer in a web design/IT company. In his cv on his workl site he claims credit for having founded “the No. 1 LFC website”.

    As usual, I check all possible sources. I wrote to him maybe 6-8 months ago, asking for his comment at the time when I first mentioned him in an article. In fact several commentators, such as Toby the editor of the spoof site Kraptalk, had supplied information on the Oldham-Seaman relationship in comments (and you might be able to find them by using the blog search function).

    However, Colin Seaman did not reply to my inquiry – if he received it.

    Outsider Outsider has found in the archives the original newsgroup post by Colin Seamen in which he suggested that the various LFC newsgroups and other interested parties join him in forming what was to become Koptalk.

    Oldham was an ignoramus when it comes to net design or even editing. Colin Seaman put together the design. The two worked together for a time. Oldham claimed to have other work and his input into Koptalk was part-time. (By then he was already in trouble with the law regarding fraudulent sales on the net under other names – but this preceded Koptalk.) He was also already involved in net porn. His only other known “work” was as an office cleaner and security guard.

    According to Toby and others, Oldham and Seaman split because Seaman was essentially an LFC fan interested in the football – while Oldham was not an LFC fan and was mainly interested using the site to make money.

    Eventually, Oldham acquired a PC which he placed in his daughters bedroom and he took over the running of Koptalk. In those early years he begged most of his equipment and design and editing expertise from readers.

    Future articles will show that Oldham turned full time to making money from LFC when the law closed down his other illegal activities.

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