Koptalk pays the price for Oldham's latest lies

by Rupert Insider

It’s one week since Oldham lied about the nature and number of the contacts he made with George Gillett’s office “in Montreal”. We saw that his lies disgusted some Koptalk members who promptly quit his site.

It was the last straw for others, too. In the last week, Koptalk’s traffic has fallen even further to the extreme levels of the September to mid-November period last year. But its a lot worse now than then. Because now the hits include all his sites combined, the forums as well as the main Koptalk.com site, and all the page-turning including all his own clicks and Steve’s and Katie’s and the clicks of his paid cultists – such as RichT and Disco.

Click for a clearer view of the charts



Koptalk.com users come from these countries:

Provided by Alexa.


United Kingdom33.7%



Hong Kong10.2%

Costa Rica6.1%



United States2.0%


Saudi Arabia1.0%








The United Kingdom figures are inflated by the several computers in Oldham’s shed in Wallsend (and in his “fleet” of white vans) and in the homes and workplaces of the various paid moderators of his cult (paid by free memberships that are conditional on them filling their quota of posts).

I would suggest that a true figure for the UK, without the KT computers, would be closer to that of Ireland.

The relative prominence of Singapore and Hong Kong is noteworthy as is the cumulative total from Asian countries. We are not talking about a large number of hits – but of percentages of his small number of total hits.

The Asian hits seem to be generated by links to Koptalk on various supporter sites. In Asia they are not aware of the blog yet. But the process has started. A reader recently wrote to the Official Hong Kong site to ask it to drop the link to Koptalk or match it with a link to the blog so that readers can decide for themselves.

Making adjustments for the KT computers and the disproportionate activities of his family, paid moderators and “trustees”, my interpretation of the Alexa figures is:

60% of the hits come from overseas:

40% of the hits come from the UK and Ireland, treated as a combined total.

28% come from the United Kingdom:

5% from Merseyside:

2% from Liverpool.

One thing Koptalk is not – its not a Liverpool site – not “a virtual Kop”. Its sole owner has never lived or worked in Liverpool.

Dave A, aka as LPLFC1892 will be disappointed that hits from New Zealand are not significant enough to be counted by Alexa. He’s worked so hard to trick a number of TV networks in New Zealand into giving free publicity to Koptalk – he’s even conned the Prime Minister – he says.

As usual he logged in to Koptalk to get his gold star from his con master. You can read it in this screen shot from the shout-box provided by Stannard Insider.


[LPLFC1892] Good, Koptalk has been on the national news three times in the past 7 days. I have been interviewed twice for the news and both times wore my badge.
[LPLFC1892] My mates tell me it was clear to see for all. The third time was when I was meeting with the PM, and she actually asked what the badge was for. She knew about Istanbul and the five stars. Well briefed is our helen.
[Dunk] nice one
[LPLFC1892] not only that but last night I was having a beer with one of the lighting engineers for the new Anfield which is what they are calling it.
[Katie] woo hoo nice!!!!!
[LPLFC1892] I had my Liverpool tie on as well

But Oldham wasn’t going to drag himself away from his new porn site to give Dave A another pat on the head no matter how tall his tales became – even if he were to report that the New Zealand legislature voted to incorporate the Koptalk badge in the national flag.

And it was no use Dave A sucking up to Katie either. Here he is checking into his virtual family again. I wonder if he told the Prime Minister of New Zealand that the Kop is a garden shed in Wallsend-Newcastle.

[LPLFC1892] Evening All
[Katie] hi LP
[LPLFC1892] Its very quiet on here at present
[Katie] It is indeed 😀
[LPLFC1892] It will get quieter now i’m of to bed for a good ……. read.


7 Responses to “Koptalk pays the price for Oldham's latest lies”

  1. Scouse Says:

    Interesting that ALL other LFC sites have 60%+ UK visitors, do a comparison to rawk, ynwa, tia or any of the sites in the blogroll on this site.

    Then you see Koptalk which manages half of that, and is heavily skewed by the fact Koptalk have the Alexa toolbar running 24/7 on their 6 machines in the Wallsend shed.

    UK users are falling for this anymore, the targets of the con seem to be mostly Ireland, Singapore & Hong Kong. If I remember the ebay football scams it was mostly people in Ireland having the issues right?

    Maybe they are resurrecting Upthetoon or spurs army as a backup get out plan? If so I say we leave them to it..

  2. rupertinsider Says:


    Readers in the Republic of Ireland are top of the list of those who have contacted us about being ripped off by Oldham with fake memorabilia or problems with double-dipping into their PayPal accounts.

    We’ve made the point before that its safer for Oldham to rip off those outside of the UK because they don’t have easy or economical access to the UK small claims courts. And thats what at least two of our Irish correspondents said – they just gave up pursing him when he did not reply.

    Recently an LFC supporter sent a letter to the “official” Hong Kong LFC supporters site to warn them about Oldham and Koptalk. I have also written to that address today.

    I’d be grateful if anyone can post links to the Singapore sites and any others relevant to this discussion. Perhaps we should write to them, as well.

    Part of the “attraction” for distant foreigners is that they believe that they are logged into a UK “family”. Most of them started with the belief that Koptalk was a group of people who attend matches on the Kop. They were fooled by Oldham’s meta tags and his description of his site as the “official” site. They come to regard the soap opera aspects of KT that disgust so many of the UK readers as being typical of British family life and they feel privileged to be members.

    Perhaps we should direct more of the blog’s efforts towards them.

    I’d appreciate if someone could do some exploratory work with the Hong Kong site. This is their address:


    Perhaps you could suggest that they remove the link on their site to Koptalk and that they post the link to the blog.

  3. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Theres links to several far eastern supporters clubs in the links page of that Hong Kong Reds site.

  4. barry wom Says:

    it’s quite incredible the week following our win over the current european champions that his hits have dropped off. I’d have thought even if he lost people, there would have been increased traffic from the users he still has – especially as so many are non-scousers and non-uk residents, so would be unlikely to be at the game. It’ll be interesting to see how bad it is this week when we don’t have a game at all.

    well played oldham, you stupid, fat cunt.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    barry wom

    Every time we run an item on how low his hits have fallen, there is a blip upwards. My guess is that he and his crew go into overdrive for a few days with their clicking. But after the artificial boost they fall back again. The trend is very clear.

    Someone above has calculated he has 6 computers in his shed (we have the photos of them) and that they are running virtually 24 x 7 and all logged into KT.

    He seems to have about 3 or 4 moderators who also provide wall to wall clicking.

    If there’s anyone reading who would like to make a difference may I suggest they adopt one of the Singapore or Hong Kong or Taiwan sites and keep them informed. There is nor reason why people can’t log in on those sites and post links to the blog or messages about koptalk in the forums.

  6. barry wom Says:


    what a fucking cock he is though. making tons of hits on his own site – ffs, is he trying to kid us? i haven’t been near his site since he bombed all the “lifetime” members, but even then there was nobody there, so fuck knows how bad it is now.

    i think somewhere soon, there has to become a point when it’s no longer financially viable for him to carry on with the site, without him going out and getting another job. i don’t know when that will be, as his alder hey appeal showed there are still plenty of people to fleece even after the mass exodus of the past 8-10 months. in fact the mind boggles on just how much money he was ripping off before then.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    If he is to be believed, he is getting money from somewhere.

    Insider thinks its mostly leftovers from his charity appeal for Lauren.

    But I would be suspicious he has other scams running that we don’t know about. After all he started on the net as the seller of illegal sky satellite cards.

    Somebody sent in a “want to buy my knickers” type thing that was suspiciously like his in content and style – I might post it – so perhaps that has been a larger part of his activity than we suspected.

    Whatever it is he will want to hide his sources of income from the tax and benefits people.

    I can’t believe his new porn site is bringing in much.

    Koptalk must be producing very little net profit. His rate of new memberships is drying up and many of the existing members are not renewing. So the number of hits he can generate for advertising revenue is critical. It would not matter to him if they are produced by genuine visitors or the gormless Katie and Steve – who are probably on unemployment benefits.

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