Hello sailor! Fancy my knickers or something else naughty? Duncan Oldham

by Rupert Insider

Original archive research by Outsider Outsider


Duncan Oldham of Koptalk who recently accused guys of pretending to be girls on the net, didn’t want you to see this. He addressed it to male military cadets and posted it on an obscure site. But he forgot to remove his programmed signature and tracers.

I’ll comment on its relevance to Koptalk after you’ve read it.

H i

I’m a girl in her mid twenties currently studying in the UK away from home. I was recently approached by someone to make a home video of myself for this person and although I felt a bit daft I did enjoy it and so did he.

I would like to try and expand on having some fun with my camcorder for any adults that would be interested for as little as£10.00 English pounds.

I will make you your own adult video of myself doing what you want me to do on it providing it’s legal. I can even talk to you on the tape so that you know it was made just for you.

I’m trying to earn some extra cash to help my current income which is a basic grant and a part-time job in a shop. I would also consider meeting good looking individuals for some fun times and of course friendship.

In the video I did for the lad I know, I dressed up just as he wanted me, the norm, black stockings, shoes etc. and did as he suggested which I don’t want to say in here as I have probably offended some already. The tape was about 45 mins in length.

If you’d be interested in taking a video off me or in meeting me or in me supplying you with something else a little naughty like some of my underwear – please email me for what’s on offer or what you’d like.

Please get the user id number correct on my email !!

Thanks 🙂

® D u n c a n

http://groups.google.co.uk/group/alt.military.cadet/browse_thread/thread/ee010bed05069cf7/4a2d62fff6e6d36b#4a2d62fff6e6d36bClick on the “View profile” option next to the Duncan name and you’ll see its “I’m-answerable-to-nobody-other-than-God” Oldham.

His target audience – military cadets – is consistent with his fascination – or should I say fetish – with men in uniform.

Outsider Outsider has found posts on other sites where Oldham seeks the radio frequencies of the military – even in Iraq – as well as of the police and other uniformed emergency services. And regular readers will be familiar with his ongoing fantasies about the police.

The post is dated 11th October 1998. That’s almost a year to the day- 19th October 1997 – after he posted the following on a football Usenet group addressing it to “fit lads”.

Hi, sorry to but in on the footy but there must be some fit lads in here ?!

We’re a young couple both aged 23 and living in Scarborough. We’re seeking an extremely fit and good looking individual to become a friend of ours and join us for plenty of sex either just a one off or for the rest of our lives !!!!!

We’d like to film any encounter on our camcorder for our own use only, no need for your face on if you’re shy and there’s no reason why a copy couldn’t be sent on to the person that joins us.

She is slim, dark haired, 34 B boobs and tanned. She loves wearing stockings and shoes etc. while having sex but she is a little shy.

We would have to meet over here, we’d suggest a few drinks and then plenty of oral as she loves giving and receiving. He would either be looking on or joining in the fun.

Safe sex and no pain stuff only of course.

We’re both non-smokers and haven’t got a problem with a smoker as long as he doesn’t share his hobby while here !!!!!

Right then, first of all she’d like to see a piccie so please email one or
snail mail one to us at :

Miss Hargreaves
PO Box 145
YO11 1YD

See ya later

Gill & Mark

ONLY EMAIL US AT : Gill_&_M@Bigfoot.com or we wont get it as this is a promotional account.

Note: His wife’s real name is Maria Hartley.


Spot the similarities in the two posts?

I’m not suggesting that he posted only twice on this theme – he probably posted more. But we’re limited to what we can find in the net’s archives. Oldham will be happy to learn that Outsider Outsider intends to keep looking!

It seems that Oldham’s 1997 attempts to use a football site to pimp his wife taught him that there was money to be made from it – if only 10 a time – as long as he left out reference to himself “joining in”.

That’s a metaphor for Koptalk. After he hustled out its founder, Colin Seaman, he offered to pay readers for information about LFC. But he quickly discovered that it was more profitable to pretend that he was Rick Parry or some other LFC “Insider” – make up fake information and sell it on his website.

In his posing as a girl selling her knickers and other naughty things, we also see the birth of his plan to make money by pretending to be Robbie Fowler, or whichever other player’s signature he forged on the cheap, pirated LFC memorabilia he sold “for charity” on Koptalk or auctioned on E-bay.

For most people in 1997 and 1998, the net was a new and exciting place to meet other people. For Oldham, it was a new and exciting place to rip them off.

We are preparing other articles which will reveal how, from the very beginning, Oldham came unto the net using false identities to con trusting LFC supporters. He’s still doing it.

Regular readers will be familiar with his obsession with paedophilia and child rape – its as though he just can’t get it out of his mind. Lately he has taken to suggesting darkly that critics of Koptalk have disguised themselves as girls in order to gain access to and “groom” his 13 year old daughter – the one he once claimed on Koptalk had been raped at school when she was 8 years of age – that’s right – the one he keeps thrusting to the fore on his football site, visited as it is by anonymous adult males from all over the world – the football site full of soft porn pop-ups and adult-dating ads, the site that also links to his sleazy porn site.

At Christmas, Oldham wanted to avoid admitting that Alder Hey, the revered Liverpool children’s hospital, had refused his demand to visit the children in their care and take photographs as part of a publicity stunt for Koptalk. They took this decision after we notified them of his history. To avoid embarrassment, Oldham pretended to go to New York to buy property, but he continued to post on Koptalk pretending to be his 13 year old daughter. He has also pretended to be his 16 and then 17 year old half-brother Steve many times before. And other times he has pretended to be the 17 year old Katrina (Katie) who, he once alleged, was related to his mother.

If anyone doubted that he was capable of exploiting his family and readers in that way and of pretending to be others, then read again his “I am a girl in her mid twenties…….” post above and his earlier pimping of his new wife hiding behind her false signature.

He has accused others of pretending to be a girl. In his case, the old saying ” a dirty dog knows his own tricks best”, is very true.

In the meantime, if you really want one of Oldham’s naughty knickers, I’ve got an unlimited amount in stock. You can have one for 10 a yard. For 5 more you can have it signed. And for ₤20 I’ll throw in a certificate of authenticity from Steve.

Smoove, Oldham’s X-box best friend, with one of Duncan’s naughty knickers at the New York Xmas charity auction on E-bay



13 Responses to “Hello sailor! Fancy my knickers or something else naughty? Duncan Oldham”

  1. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    Oldham really is a fucking redneck.

  2. Gary Says:

    What a complete tosser. If anybody needs evidence why inbreeding is wrong, just check out Oldham’s behaviour. He could be used in a case study ffs!

  3. dataimaginary Says:

    Jeez, pass the sick bucket. what a slimebag fattty is.

  4. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Theres 832 of his usenet posts (under that guise) to plough through. I shudder to think what else is going to be unearthed. Most seem to be “Is Bartez coming” shite, but we”ll see. I notice after having a few clicks that he is joined by Colin Seaman in a few threads. I’ll start having a proper look too I think.

  5. Redneck Says:

    omfg – this simply beggers belief…..

    This site MUST be publicised more to prevent true Kopites from handing over any further cash to this sick fukt up perv.

  6. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    Just listening to the latest ESPN soccernet podcast, there’s a guest pundit on there called Del Johnson. Didnt sound like a fat dopey spiv so it wasnt Dunk incognito.

  7. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    My mistake, apparently it was a Dale Johnson.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    I’m tryng to dig up an old Oldham usenet page but can’t get it on the Wayback machine. Anybody know how?

    If you succeed please send it to me at rupert.insider@gmail.com

    the address I’ looking for is


  9. rupertinsider Says:


    Yes, Outsider Outsider is working on putting together the whole sorry story of how Oldham the cuckoo in the nests of others who were there before him, killed off the other chicks – not for his own dreams of profit and glory – mind you – but for LFC fans.

    The Paul Graham quoted in that passage – eventually became a columnist on Koptalk – “PG Rants”.

    He will also show how the “Del Jonson’s” i.e.- Oldham’s scrapes with the law provided a large part of his motivation.

  10. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Quotes from DelBoyOldham’s link.

    “This group is dead and will soon be well buried”…”If you want to continue talking to a couple of people until it’s dead”

    Oh the irony.

  11. fat_boy_fat Says:


    (i know regulars are aware of this one. This is few newbies)

    In Fattys second reply, about half way down the page he comments on why LFC fans shouldnt buy the mirror as well as the S*N. This is a dated May 28th 1998 about 3 weeks BEFORE he was wearing the S*N hat! TWAT!

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