Who's the liar? Dunk or George?

Sorry I’ve not been around a lot of late, there’s a few reasons for that but you don’t want to be bored by those…

Dunk seems to have hated the fact that not much was happening on the blog. Rupert’s been busy and had only limited access to the net, so didn’t post much. Not that much was really happening. Then I wasn’t around to mock fat-fingered Dunk over his last-ditch trip to Barcelona.

Dunk’s trip to Barcelona wasn’t cheap, well not cheap for him the way things are at the moment. He’d not been planning to go, but in one of his manic moments he had told the blog (via his members) that he was going to go then after all. A sort of “Stuff you” moment. He lied that he was even taking his wife with him. The wife he keeps trying to pretend is still with him. Well that trip to Barcelona was attended by Dunk, Steve and Steve’s dad. Maria (Dunk’s wife) was never going to go. Dunk wasn’t going to go either but once he was into his manic moment he had to spend a bit more of the remains of the money he still had left in that Pay Pal account he used to collect money “for Lauren” last year.

He went to Barcelona. He took photos of Steve drinking beer. He took videos of Steve drinking beer. He put the photos and videos of 17-year-old Steve drinking beer on the net. We also got video of the threesome’s breakfast. He probably got a ticket for the game too (they were on general sale on the day of the game to locals or non-UK passport holders so it wouldn’t have been too hard to get one). I say “a” ticket, singular, because as far as I know all the pics of the new face of Koptalk (Steve) had stopped by then. The same camera that was used to take pictures of fast-fattening Steve outside the Nou Camp was used to take a few photos inside the Nou Camp. But no Steve, no Dunk. In fact it could have been carried inside the Nou Camp by someone unconnected to Koptalk. So much for Dunk showing us a picture of him holding that day’s paper inside the Nou Camp as proof he went.

All that effort, all that trouble, and – purely by coincidence – the blog pretty much ignored it. It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure up a picture of him hitting F5 on the blog with those fat fingers, hoping we’d finally talk about it.

After all the criticism he’d had, you’d think he’d be glad to have a rest from the blog. But it seems the blog has become a big part of his life. And we were ignoring him. A toddler who’s being ignored by his parents will draw all over his favourite toys with permanent marker. Dunk, a fat balding middle-aged waster with the mental capacity of a toddler felt much the same. But he did his permanent marker thing on his own site.

He made outrageous contradictory claims about cozy chats with George Gillett, the new co-chairman of Liverpool FC. The man who Rick Parry says will probably wander into the Kop one day to chat to fans. As owner of Montreal Canadiens he’s made a point of trying to keep close to the supporters, he wants to do the same with Liverpool FC. ‘Ah ha!’ thought Dunk. An opportunity…

So Dunk announces that his latest member is George Gillet. And that was the last straw for a large number of previously floating members. People who had doubts about Dunk, but gave him the benefit of their doubt. People who thought Dunk was being unfairly attacked, but weren’t 100% thinking that way. Not even 99.9%. It all seemed too far fetched, and this was pointed out.

Dunk deleted post after post, thread after thread. Even his own posts were deleted as once again a Koptalk-Kover-up started. Dunk had lied himself into another mess, dickhead that he is.

Today he posted this…

#109767 – Today at 10:47 AM
George Gillett – Final Word
Dunk Dunk Administrator

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If people don’t believe George Gillett is a member, please take your conspiracy theories to websites that are better suited to your way of thinking. Suggestions that we’d make such a foolish claim up are insulting to everyone connected to this website.

Whether someone here is a VIP or an ordinary Red based in Liverpool or Libya makes no difference to us, everyone is treated the same. I’m sure George had every intention of watching/subscribing to a wide range of LFC sources both official and non-official.

The reaction by some on other sites has been nothing short of pathetic and all they are doing is making Liverpool fans look stupid. I expect George will make a retreat from getting involved with various fans websites, fanzines and groups if petty Reds trouble him, his people and the club.

I expect to be sued if GG isn’t a member

I also expect his presence will be played down by those in officialdom.

If those on the net who are obsessed with KopTalk put as much effort into supporting LFC they’d be the biggest Reds in the world.

Once again Dunk shoots himself in the foot by referring to other sites. Most people who already visit other LFC sites know about this blog – because just about every other LFC website has shown some support to this blog. Even the official LFC website. But those members who still live in that little world where Koptalk is there only source of LFC information might not be aware of the blog. Every time he mentions “other sites” though he leads yet more members our way. He’s too thick to realise this (even though we keep telling him).

I’ve not done that much reading of the net since his claims on Thursday, but the only places I’ve actually seen the Gillett fantasies mentioned are here and on EST1892. And because of that – according to the fat-fingered-fantasist – Gillett will now instantly cease looking at any Liverpool related websites – even the official site! Dunk – don’t be such a dope.

Anyway, it wasn’t the final word. With another thread deleted another member was annoyed. “Marcus50bucks” wanted to know why Dunk was yet again being so defensive. He cannot take criticism. He’s the boss at Koptalk and if you don’t like it you can just do one.

#109765 – Today at 10:46 AM
Gillett thread deleted!!!
marcus50bucks marcus50bucks
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ffs dunk please tell me why the thread was deleted? It’s not like the thread got out of hand, I and others were merely giving our opinion on your latest news. it seems everytime a person has reservations about your posts, it gets deleted. However if I was to express doubts about posts from other members, that post would still exist. We are not always going to agree with you on issues and you should be able to take things with a pinch of salt.
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#109768 – Today at 10:51 AM Re:
Gillett thread deleted!!! [Re: marcus50bucks]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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The threads are becoming tiresome. I have no problem with people having different opinions to myself. However, I won’t tolerate people coming on here suggesting we’re liars because we find that insulting. GG is a member, we’ve moved on, if people wish to doubt this claim, let them continue their investigations and then come forward to apologise afterwards.

The discussions about GG are getting out of hand, I suggest you use other sites to debate any kind of conspiracy theories.

We’re playing Manchester United in a couple of hours yet a select few are more bothered about KopTalk. That says a lot to me.


Excellent! Dunk doesn’t like the suggestion being made that he’s a liar.

gg_sshot1.gif(Update: Click the thumbnail to see two of the deleted threads.)

Here’s a question for you then Dunk (I’ve got a few). You said, in the summer, that you had renewed your season ticket, thanks to a loan of money from your mam. You constantly claim you are a season ticket holder. Well why haven’t you been to any league games this season? You flew to Barcelona last week for your publicity stunt, yet today, a massive game that you yourself refer to is taking place at Anfield, and you don’t even go. Why? Have you got a season ticket? I already know the answer – you’ve not got a season ticket any more. Someone else was sitting in your Lower Centenary seats today. And that makes you a liar.

You lied about having regular meetings with Parry, about chatting to Steven Gerrard as a mate, about having a tape that you would use to ruin Peter Crouch’s career, about being unaware of the S*n boycott in 1998 when you walked around France advertising it. The lies never stop. You lied about deaths in your family. About your daughter being threatened with rape when she was 8. Lie after lie after lie.

So, is Mr Gillett a member? Well if he’s as amiable as he’s made out to be I’m sure he could well be. That would only happen if he’d been lied to though. If someone had contacted him and asked him if he fancied joining a site that represented true views of Liverpool fans. Koptalk is a site that openly supports The S*n, even though all other fan groups and the club itself boycott The S*n. So how can Koptalk represent Liverpool fans? Would Gillett have joined a site that ignored the wishes of the vast majority of Liverpool fans that way? If Gillett knew what Rick Parry and others thought of Koptalk, would he join? What about those hints that Dunk was blackmailing Rick Parry, and that Parry was desperate for him to call in at some point? Laughable now, but at the time a lot of people really did think that Dunk had access to executives at Anfield. What would Gillett make of Dunk’s book, due out in two months, detailing all kinds of seedy goings on at Anfield?

So again let’s have a look at what Dunk claimed…

On 22nd February George Gillett personally called KopTalk out of the blue to inform us that he loved the site. He even confessed that he’d been watching our video podcasts (gulp)!

Let’s play along then. We’ll ignore the fact that Dunk won’t answer the phone unless the caller display shows your phone number, and that international calls don’t show your number. Gillett somehow found Koptalk. And phoned them up. GG’s not a member at this point of course. He’s therefore only able to read pages full of error messages, a couple of rants from an unhinged Wallsend-based manic depressive, and links to join a site for £30 offering all kinds of wonderful features. There’s nothing else to see for a non-member. Yet Dunk claimed this…

He was that impressed with the site that he wanted to become a paying member.

Still playing along, we’ll assume that Gillett was just being polite. There’s nothing really to be impressed about for an “outsider”. (Or an insider for that matter).

Now for one of Dunk’s infamous contradictions:

Naturally we offered him a free membership to take a look around etc but he insisted on paying to support us. He joined the same night using his own credit card and not one of an assistant or secretary.

It’s been pointed out on here before it needs pointing out again. Dunk defends himself from accusations of theft and fraud relating to his members’ credit cards by saying that he’s not got any way of seeing those credit card details. So how does he know how Gillett paid? Answer the question Dunk – which one is the lie? A) You don’t see credit card details or B) You saw Gillett use his own card to pay for membership to your site? You’re a liar Dunk, it’s pretty clear to all.

Because of confidentiality etc we can’t reveal his username but if he chooses to post, you’ll know straight away who he is.

No of course not. I saw somewhere else (EST1892 or in the comments here) that the only person who joined on February 23rd had a username clearly meant for us to believe it belonged to GG. This was the day after GG had supposedly paid his membership fee.

He said he couldn’t attend the Nou Camp to see us beat Barca 2-1 the night previously but he did watch it and he was very impressed with Liverpool’s performance.

So who did he speak to then? I’ve not checked, but weren’t you still in Barcelona the day after the game?

Now for the big lie.

The feedback he gave us about the site was that he really enjoyed the way that our members interacted with each other.

There is no evidence whatsoever on the free section of the Koptalk website of any interaction. The free forum was closed down ages ago. The paid-for forums aren’t visible to non-members. So how could George say he “really enjoyed the way that [Koptalk’s] members interacted with each other”? He’s not joined yet! He’s not seen the forums yet! So how can he say that?

And there’s the problem – someone’s telling a lie. Who is it Dunk? You or George? Think about it. Either you’ve made that bit up, or George Gillett lied. Are you calling George Gillett, new Liverpool owner, a liar?

The rest of the message from Dunk went on…

It became clear to me that George is not only very clever but he’s also genuinely bothered about what you guys think about how the club is run etc, hence my recent questions in the ‘Development Forum’ about what you would ask him (and Tom) and what suggestions you would put forward to them given chance.

The comments you make about the club, your hopes, your wishes etc are there for George, his people and his family to read.

I’m very proud to have George here as a member, along with our other luminaries.

So, Duncan Oldham, of Swan Avenue Wallsend, owner of Koptalk.com and supporter of The S*n – who is the liar?

Did George Gillett lie about enjoying the interaction between members on Koptalk before he’d even seen that interaction, or did you lie about him saying it?

It’s a serious question, if you care at all about George Gillett and Liverpool FC you’ll answer it truthfully.

Fat chance. Because you’d have to admit being a liar.

And if Mr Gillett or “his people” are reading this – I suggest you give Duncan Oldham a wide berth – but make sure he knows quite publicly that you don’t approve of his LFC-damaging ways. Before he does any more harm to our club.


35 Responses to “Who's the liar? Dunk or George?”

  1. SteveO Says:

    One of the reasons people invest in English Premier clubs is the TV rights. I wonder is George was impressed by kraptalk promoting unlicensed copy of these rights George has just paid handsomely for.

    As has been mentioned, either dunce is a liar or someone is winding him up – alternatively it could be George – more likely an agent of his looking into kraptalk with a view to suing the oversize pants of him – be afraid Dunce, very afraid.

  2. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    And if Mr Gillett or “his people” are reading this – send Dunk a cease and desist.

  3. Hansi Says:

    GGLFC – That’s the user you have to watch out for. And he didn’t join on february 22nd as Dunk said, but the day after.

  4. scousenproud Says:

    clearly one of the best articles ever written on the blog, i for one would like to thank you

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    You asked who did George speak to because Oldham was still in Barcelona.

    Oldham claimed last week in his reference to important news that had been received, and in other threads since then, that George spoke to Steve. He gave the impression that George called the Koptalk number and Steve answered the phone.

    But Steve would have been in Barcelona, too, unless he rushed home ahead of Oldham.

    And Oldham is ambiguous about whether the call was from “George” or his “PA”.

    Then he is ambiguous in his use of words “we” and “us” and “I”. This maybe because he wants us to believe that in speaking to Steve, George was as good as talking to Oldham. But he is clear in his use of the word “I” that it was he who spoke to the Montreal office about visiting.

    He also says the call was unexpected and came last week. But in other passages he says he had been involved with George for weeks. The best sense I can make of this is that he had been emailing them for weeks and then the call came.

    He refers to only one specific call. But then later refers to conversations, in the plural, with George.

    At some point his lie circuit breaker kicked in and he decided to wipe the slate clean – get rid of all the contradictions by deleting threads, especially his own contributions – and starting again and again.

    But at least he got the blog to reaffirm his existence again.

  6. Mark Says:

    Personally I think GG is a member of Koptalk. You guys are running the risk of looking really stupid when you find this out. After all, you have no evidence to suggest that he isn’t a member, and there is no requirement for Dunc to prove that he is. Be careful.

    If I was GG, and worth US$860M, I would probably get my staff to scout around sites like Koptalk, perhaps pick up a membership to have a proper look, and report back on the content of the site. Top businessmen don’t tend to make phone calls and give their credit card out. They have assistants to set such things up, but the spirit and intention is the same. In the interests of meeting fans of the newly acquired club, I would probably make contact with a site or two. Quite harmless.

  7. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    Does the blog cae that much if it “gets something wrong”? I doubt it. The onus is on the claimant, in this case Dunk, to justify his claims, and we all have every right to suspect at least some stretching of the truth.

    I don’t doubt there is a seed of truth to this whle episode, but I also don’t doubt Dunk has embellished the story, and quite possibly GG or his assistants (I don’t believe GG spoke to Dunk, maybe got an email). I also feel GG does not have the full pictue on KT.

    However, this will all go against the fat Kunt as it will raise the attention of GG & co and I have no doubt tey will come to the same conclusion as the rest of us – KT is a rotting cess pit and needs shutting down.

    The minute GG gets wind of the situation and speaks to some people whose opinion he cannot doubt, Dunk will then begin to collapse like a house of cards. American business people do not tolerate parasites who try to con the public under the auspices of the company, and LFC will be no different.

    If GG or his people read this, please bring the full force of the law down on this fat horrible leech and his two-bit operation.

    To II and Rupert, I would include a new section along the top of te blog, and call it “FAO GEORGE GILLETT &co” and bring together the most poignant summaries and past blogs to show them what this campagn is all about.

    Dunk is bug, he needs to be sprayed with some GG bug spray.

  8. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    And another question the new owners might like to ask themselves:

    Why is it no other LFC (supposed) related site has a blog dedicated to its downfall? (and a mock site: kopta1k.com). I know of no other LFC fans site that has so much clear and dedicated hatred towards it and its fat boorish cultish fart-pants dictator from Wallsend.

  9. red from oz Says:

    mark what evidence do you have that GG is a member?only the word of a serial liar and conman.
    you`re saying that GG would have assistants to set it up. that`s not what dunk`s saying, in his version of events GG rung up out of the blue and said “gee dunk i love your site,(even though i`m not able to view it yet) and i want to become a paying member, and i`m going to use my very own credit card,not one of my assistants”.
    if GG was thinking of becoming a member of an LFC fan site don`t you think he would of mentioned it to rick parry at some point in time, they have spent a huge amount of time together lately.parry and the club would of let him know all about the s*n loving prick.

  10. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    “Dunk is bug, he needs to be sprayed with some GG bug spray.” Had me rolling around laughing!

  11. Scouse Says:

    This is a win/win situation as either:

    -Koptalk and specifically Duncan Oldham will again be proved to be a serial outrageous liar
    -George did register on KT (and probably many other sites) but didn’t know about Koptalk’s scams. He will now be forced to read up on in due to the amount of claims and if he really respects the fans that much he might do something about it.

    So KT are fucked either way

  12. scousenproud Says:

    to some of the posters above,

    are you out of your trees suggesting that gillette is a member of koptalk? rick parry clearly told everyone last week about hicks and gillette staying somewhat anonoymous until everything was sorted. what do you think happened? gillette called fatso and said”yeah go ahead big fella, plaster my kipper all over your website. pathetic truely pathetic. he has taken false marketing to a whole new level.
    dunk says “somebody from officialdom will probably deny it all” and theres the carrot and the donkey routine for you in a nutshell. he actually banned people for questioning such a major signing for his webshite, banned paying members from a internet forum for asking legitimate questions after he threw the dog a bone, so to speak, thats fucking pathetic.
    no doubts the next claim will be he has been asked by gillette to remove all posts, just like his investment forum. no better way to generate hits for website on a freefall than to announce the new owners have signed up. he is desperate for hits to the site and he is deploying the first rule of business, you need to market it before you can sell it. wake up people

  13. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    There was a time I thought Dunk was not necessarily totally stupid, but at least of average intelligence, although rather lazy of body and mind – which led him into traps of his own making. In other words I just assumed that he didn’t engage his brain out of sheer sloth.

    However I have changed my view on this matter, and now I am convinced that he really is thick. Not just below average, but bordering on mild mental disability. I say this because the evidence is there if you look for it, such as: failing to make basic logical and spacial connections with what he says (ie inability to keep his lies consistent); interpersonal intelligence is apparently poor and he shows signs of being a borderline sociopath (I will concede this is not necessarily intelligence related but it can be); his reactions to criticism are childish at best, leading him into sudden and irrational decisions (Barca as a recent example); holds peurile fantasies about being powerful and acquiring gadgets and equipment that will feed his “mad scientist” persona; his desire for generating stories that seek sympathy reveals a certain lack of emotional intelligence.

    I do not wish to insult or devalue those people who live with mental disability, as this is merely an observation. But Dunk clearly shows signs of an IQ in the area of 80. Which means he can get by and live a “normal” life, however with some problems when dealing with more complex adult activities such as running a business. But being lazy as well really does him no favours at all, because he can’t seem to cope with the mental demands of his lies, conning, and hi jinx.

    Maybe cleaning offices was the way to go in the first place Dunk.

  14. ROCK Says:

    oh god its laughable how far the fat one has fallen.
    lie after lie after lie
    GG my arse

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    Dunkin’ Donuts.

    While I don’t disagree with your main premises – that he’s thick – I would think other things should be taken into consideration:

    1. He is fundamentally dishonest. He chose to trick people out of their money rather than work for it. We have shown evidence of this stretching back to the 1990’s before and will be showing some more soon.

    2. He uses the access his football site gives him to strangers to rehearse some unusual sexual preoccupations. We have shown evidence that this has been a long-standing characteristic and will be showing more soon.

  16. rupertinsider Says:


    You made the same points on the earlier thread where I answered you. For those who did not see it here it is:

    # Mark Says:
    March 4th, 2007 at 6:53 am e

    Personally I think GG is a member of Koptalk. You guys are running the risk of looking really stupid when you find this out. After all, you have no evidence to suggest that he isn’t a member, and there is no requirement for Dunc to prove that he is. Be careful.

    # rupertinsider Says:
    March 4th, 2007 at 7:09 am e


    Did you read my post? This is how it began:

    “I have not dismissed Oldham’s claim that George Gillett has been in contact and may even have bought a membership in Koptalk. Why should I?”


    “I think it is likely that there has been contact of some kind.”


    “Whatever contact there may have been, I’m sure that in his account on Thursday, Oldham has massaged the facts and outright lied as he always does.”

    As I read Insider Insder’s post he does not deny that GG may be a member, either.

    As for “being careful” – as far as I know I’m the only one who took the trouble to call Gillett’s personal office.

    As there being no requirement for Oldham to prove that GG is a member – I think most people would disagree with you. He made a big splash on his front page, using a copyrighted photograph of Gillett, and wrote thousands of words to announce it. He sells memberships. He seeks the public trust. By most normal standards of discourse he would be required to prove his claims even if he was not charging.

    But the blog has not said GG is not a member. We have written about (a) Oldham’s record of conning people into buying memberships on false pretences (b) and we have suggested that he has exaggerated and lied about the content and number of his contacts with GG and his office.

    As for us “looking stupid”. Oldham and our critics have had dozens of opportunities to make us look stupid by proving what we allege or suspect is without foundation. But so far neither Oldham nor his cultists nor the critics have succeeded.

    # Mark Says:
    March 4th, 2007 at 7:29 am e

    Fair enough. Actually I didn’t read the whole thread because it was so long, but several of the posts were a bit silly (”thick liar and money-grubbing spiv” etc).

    It just seems a very long and heated thread for a pretty unimportant issue. I couldn’t care less if GG is a member.

    When you distill it down, the purpose of this blog should be to expose Koptalk for breaking the law and infringing the rights of fee-paying members. Unfortunately most of the blog is a poorly constructed, vitriolic personal attack on Duncan Oldham. This doesn’t really advance the cause of the blog because it makes you look like a lynchmob!

    # rupertinsider Says:
    March 4th, 2007 at 7:47 am e


    You got that wrong. The “thick liar and money-grubbing spiv” was not “another post” – it was part of my post – the one you said you never read.

    In that remark I was responding to Oldham’s claim that he comes across as a “wally” but is really “switched on”. He made that remark on a public web site that sells memberships and invites comment.

    You tell us what the blog should do – we do all that you suggested and a lot more – and we do it successfully. If you read Blog v Koptalk at the top of the page you will get a summary of our results.

    There is some satire, sarcasm and name-calling. We are not writing a PhD thesis. We are commenting on a thick liar and a porn merchant money-grubbing spiv – so why mince words?

    The line you take that the post was too long and you don’t really read it but here’s what you guys should be doing etc etc is a familiar one we have answered many times before.

    As for it being an unimportant issue – you could say that about LFC and football, in general. But I got a lot of emails on Thursday morning from people very concerned about Oldham’s claims and the hits on the blog more than doubled from recent volume. So what’s important is a relative judgment. I notice it was important enough for you to make a couple of comments n this thread and another.

  17. spsdjone Says:

    i think it is fairly obvious that is another bullshit story from kraptalk. here is an extract from his mission status for the coming year: “I’m going to fall back into place doing what I do best, stirring a few LFC topics up on the net. Remember, I like to get you biting so make sure you ask yourself if I’m debating something I believe in or whether I’m pulling your chain 😉


    So it appears he has done it to stir it up a bit and pull a few chains!

  18. rupertinsider Says:


    He makes it sound like a disinterested game carried out by a puppeteer for his own amusement.

    He does it for money.

    He has a long record on the net of similar statements going back ten years when he discovered from Brian Bentley of TeamTalk how its possible to make money by making false claims about something that a lot of people feel passionate about. Its more profitable than making true statements – although it only works if you claim the statements are true. Occasionally, to make it work you mix in a few true statements.

    You can carry it out only if the object you are exploiting for money means nothing to you. He has admitted that he is “neutral” about LFC and could care less if Anfield is used for a supermarket.

    The blog has reduced the money he can make. He is desperate now. The passage you quoted was the diary jottings of a spiv reminding himself what worked before.

    Why make his plan public? Because it is useful for him to claim it was only a wind-up when he is discovered to be a liar.

    The big question is why do people pay to be wound up by a thick, porn merchant. And why does LFC allow him to use the club’s name and copyright?

  19. LouisRoberto Says:

    Has anyone considered that Dunk may have been set up. Anyone with an American accent could have called, pretended to be GG, and convinced Dunk/Steve he was talking to the real thing.

    A scam on a scammer – how ironic that would be!!

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    Its relatively easy to talk to Gillett’s people in Montreal. I’ve explained how to do it on the previous thread comments. It took me ten minutes to discover how.

    But they are French-Canadians and speak French as a first language – but are bi-lingual. So the initial contacts would not have been with American accents.

    They do have a screening process. As I explained on the other comment, I eventually had a discussion with the Assistant to the President of the Canadiens hockey club – who also acts as Gillett’s assistant in Montreal – and after listening to what I had to say she put me through to George’s USA office to speak directly with his personal executive assistant.

    There is also an email feed back form on the Canadiens site – I’ve given the link on the previous thread.

    It would have been easy for Oldham to use it. One possible scenario is that he bombarded them with emails. They would have responded being service-oriented, as they are. Since his may have been the first contact from an LFC “fan” site it would have some exotic quality, and they would have no idea of his history, they may have responded directly from Gillett’s office as a gesture. It would have been a woman calling – if they did.

    He is very fuzzy about the first call they got last week. He is fuzzy if it was from GG or what he calls his “PA”. Its only later he makes the claims he has spoken with GG personally – and implies several times and for weeks – not just a week ago.
    Then he deleted many of his comments.

    He is lying about the scope and content of any contact there may have been.

  21. chapeau du soleil Says:

    LouisRoberto – How good would that be if were true, especially if someone had recorded it

  22. spsdjone Says:

    Another hole in the GG story is that when the takeover was complete, he openly said he would talk to the fans and allay any fears they may have. If this is the case then why would he want to be so secretive and not show his identity to a handful of people on a poxy forum? even funnier is the sensitivity of releasing this information until the time was right. its a complete fantasy world that the fat one lives in it really is. the guy should be committed.

  23. Rafashanks Says:

    Hi all, I saw this article the other day on the site and couldn’t believe he would go this far. Anyway i had the privilege at the Barcelona game of being introduced to George Gillett, Tom Hicks and his son in the directors guest lounge before the game. I have to say they are all ver nice people and they went out of there way to speak to a many people as they could, before entering the chairmans guest room. Now when myself and my relative had our brief chat with George Gillett i couldn’t help but slip in what koptalk are saying. I asked him straight “have you become a member of a Liverpool Forum called koptalk?” his reply was something a long these lines “no no, i’ve had a look at the Liverpool website and thats fantastic, myself and my son have spent a lot of time getting knowledgable on the club, we have to, there is so much to learn”, my question “do you go on the club chat forums?” (had to ask again) “no thats one thing i don’t do, past experiences with these things are unhealthy”. Now i have a picture with them and when i find out how to do it from my phone i’ll post them in.

    On a different note these chaps appear to be so genuine and dignified, i was very impressed with Tom Hicks who asked us our feelings on the new stadium.

  24. Redneck Says:

    Wow what a read!

    Amazingly I only discovered this site a few months ago, and Im completely hooked on your publishings.

    After reading pretty much every letter you lads have wrote, I simply cannot believe that Mr Oldham is still carrying on this way.

    All this about GG joining does seem to be truthful, but completely bloated up and blown right out of the water of sense and believebility. At the bottom of it all, Dunc has had “some” contact with “someone” connected in “someway” with GG, and is trying to milk it in a bid to claw back some of the lost revenue his webshite has been earning him for so long, but yet again has gone too far (just like every liar) and now realises his own mistakes and is desperately trying to cover his tracks by removing “evidence” of his statements, but thanks to KTI everything has been spotted and scrutinised in order to ensure that true LFC fans stay away from this money-grabbing venture, created and owned by a S*n luvvin’prick – I mean, your France ’98 coverage of Dunc was enough to turn me against KT by itself, let alone all these publications by your goodselves showing Dunc’s lie after lie after lie aft…… but all your articles come backed up with solid eveidence taken from KT itself, your not just rambling on about someone who you dis-like because of whatever reason.

    Your dedication to KTI is to be admired, and every online LFC fan who has been deterred from KT because of direct intervention by KTI, owe’s you a pint of Stella 😉


  25. rupertinsider Says:


    Be sure to send the photo in. If you want some help doing it one of the boffins on here will be glad to help. You could send it as an attachment to an email to me rupert.insider@gmail.com

    Can you clarify what George replied. Was he saying he had looked at he the official site or any particular site? In any case he seemed to be denying that he was involved with Koptalk – right?


    Thanks for you encouraging words.

    We try always to relate comment to what we know. Occasionally we will push the envelope with informed speculation or with a question. A con man and cheat is not going to leave proof lying around. We are entitled to question and probe and reason.

  26. stu Says:

    Something just occured to me.

    What with GG and Hicks being over here for the Barcelona game, you would have thought that seeing as mr GG is now bestest buddies with fatso (and this suit is not black), that he would have called him to say something along the lines of “Hi there Dunk – I assume that seeing as how you are the number one man on the number one site…you will be at the Barca game and probably already in the directors box with all the other “suits”. Oh hang on, whats that…you cant go to Anfield because most of the Liverpool fans there want to rip your fat fucking head off? Oh thats mighty funny Dunk because everyone seemed so nice to you on the forum, but they all seemed to have the same surname of “Moderator”…”

    I hope RafaShanks stuff can be blown up into a real story now as i dont post here often but Oldham is seriously beginning to piss me off.

  27. felix Says:

    Fatty has been having a pretend holiday this week in the sun.
    He announced on his podgecast on monday that he was flying away that day.

  28. rupertinsider Says:

    stu and felix

    You may not realised it but you were both posting about the same topic – Oldham’s excuse for (a) not being at the Barcelona game at Anfield and (b) not meeting with George Gillet in Liverpool.

    I asked earlier – why he would buy tickets for Montreal when he could meet Gillett in Liverpool “next week” i.e. this week.
    It would actually be easier for him to claim that he was in Montreal than for him to claim he was in Anfield. But he’d hadn’t thought that through – or George forget to tell him about his forthcoming visit to Liverpool during their several conversations and the coordination of their mutual travel plans.

    He’s taken “diplomatic” leave several times before to avoid being shown up – such as the fake trip to New York before Christmas to avoid explaining why he or his crew were not allowed to meet with the kids at Alder Hey after the blog tipped the hospital off about his history.

    It was during that phantom trip that he posted on KT as his 13 year old daughter and 17 year old half brother.

  29. felix Says:

    This time he is pretending to be in Valencia.
    Interestingly he mentioned going away on Monday but no one on KT responded with the usual “where are you?”
    Yesterday he posted that his flight had been delayed by wind. Quite appropriate. You and Insider were right he hates being ignored. Wasn`t going to post anything about the trip until I saw Stu`s post. His responses are becoming quite predictable now aren`t they.

  30. Mark Tazzer Says:

    I was in the directors lounge when Hicks and Gillett come in also, if i had thought on when they had come round i would of asked them the same question.

    Glad you remembered Rafashanks good stuff and i have to agree they are top chaps.

  31. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    Breaking news: Dunk just spotted heading south, looks like he’s driving all the way to Valencia. ARRIBAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    Be sure to stock up on the pies Dunk.

  32. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    So he was in Valencia? Anyone know if there were any cancelled flights from Valencia yesterday?

  33. felix Says:

    dunk`s at it again

    “I went to visit the Estadio Mestallo and to meet some local people to talk about how highly regarded Raffa is over there. As for new members, I daren`t tell you who joined while I was away.

  34. rupertinsider Says:


    So, a few days after concluding transatlantic talks with his new member George Gillett, including detailed discussions with him and his office about their respective flight schedules, and after having bought tickets and booked hotels to visit him in Montreal – he is confronted with the news that Gillett will be at Anfield for the Barcelona match and in Liverpool and the UK for a day or two for other business talks. How to explain that?

    Well why not take another phantom diplomatic trip – this time to Spain to see a stadium – that excuse will cover why he was not at the Barcelona match at Anfield and why he was not with Gillett.

    But he can’t leave it at that – he has to lard his excuse with his usual self-serving rubbish about how he does everything for LFC, not himself. He was doing a kind of market survey on Rafa’s reputation, don’t you see – a much-needed study. He then addresses new members – in his fantasies he is still struggling with waves of the huddled masses trying to join his site – and with a bit of the old style “chain pulling” which made him a laughing stock in the first place – makes a coy remark about who joined KT while he was away.

    You have to wonder why anybody would want to be involved in his silly soap opera – but as I’ve mentioned before its a cult by the feeble-minded and emotionally needy for the feeble-minded and emotionally needed. When the others see that, they leave. (This remark not addressed to those who are just hanging around until their membership expires and in the meantime keeping an eye on things for us).

  35. Redneck Says:

    I now think he’s wallowing in all this publicity regarding his lies and his pathetic webshite.

    Sad tbh

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