Koptalk hustler and George Gillett – how the Brooklyn Bridge was sold again!

by Rupert Insider


Has George Gillett Jr become one of the thousands of “suckers” who have handed over money to porn-merchant-spiv Duncan Oldham?

And if so, how long will it be before George, like the thousands who have gone before him him, cancel his membership and join the blog’s efforts to swill the Koptalk muck from LFC?

In the past Peter Robinson, Executive Director and Rick Parry, his successor in that position, and Ian Cotton, Head of Press, have chosen to ignore publicly Oldham claims that he was buddies with them, that he had something they wanted (in Rick Parry’s case) or that he had blackmail-grade dirt on player’s private lives and inside information from Anfield.

(I say “publicly” – but in private letters and conversations they have all said Oldham is a liar – they have never had any contact with him, he has never had any access to LFC and never will and that Koptalk is a sick joke).

George Gillett may not take so kindly to being suckered by a con man.

To all those who have written-in this morning – may I suggest that you you write now to Ian Cotton, Head of Press at LFC.

Send in the screenshots or transcripts. Explain clearly why you object. His address is:


I won’t say too much about what else can or will be done, but can promise this story will have legs on the blog – so check back.

Transcript from Koptalk:



44 Responses to “Koptalk hustler and George Gillett – how the Brooklyn Bridge was sold again!”

  1. WTF Says:

    Now this is a real puzzle…

    How can Gillet now about the way craptalk works and how the member interact, when you have to pay to be able to watch the forums etc.??? That must mean that either he has hacked his way in to the forum or that he has followed it from way before last summer… Neither sounds very likely to me!!!

    So basically another load of bull from the con man – or better yet, someone has conned him into believing it is Gillet who has talked to him…

  2. barry wom Says:

    I’m not sure I understand this post. Is Oldham claiming Gillett is a member of koptalk or something?

  3. seenthelight Says:

    yes he is claiming that gillett is now a member of koptalk,but not only that,he is also going over to canada to visit his new best pal.

  4. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Here is what I just sent to the Press Office. Feel free to copy;


    Duncan Oldham the owner of Koptalk.com is yet again (claiming) to be rubbing shoulders with the upper echelons of the LFC family. This time it’s Mr Gillett. He is a member of the Koptalk Klub apparently. Isn’t it about time you shut this guy down.

    Evidence: http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/2638/ktan7.png

    Thank you.

  5. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    @barry wom: Simply put, yes.

  6. AviCohensBrothersSon Says:

    Clutching at straws to get more members on board methinks!!

    However it is nice to see a few of the regular Dunk supporters actually questioning the fat f*ck and not believing him. More and more are seeing the light everyday..But yet more are actually believing him…Thats worrying.

    I like the part where he claims to be going to Montreal and is in contact with Gilletts PA or something……What a fuckwit

  7. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Screenshot of the transcript: http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/9177/kt2ev0.png

  8. barry wom Says:

    I’ll tell you what this is. I think he’s a shareholder. There’s a shareholder pack that has been sent out related to the takeover. Within that there are contact details for PR people connected with Kop Football Ltd. He’s gone down that route. I may well email them myself tiomorrow and make them alert to the chubby one’s ways.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    I inadvertently marked a post from a new email as “spam”. I’ve tried to recover it from the spam bucket but if does not show up this is what it said:


    You will note that tfe fat one has begun to remove these claims from his shite…sorry site

  10. redheart Says:

    My email to LFC

    Dear Mr Cotton,

    I am writing to express my concerns regarding a rogue Liverpool FC which seems to be operating on the web. This site is managed and owned by a Duncan Oldham. His basic mode of operation seems to be to charge unsuspecting fans £30 per annum to join his site.

    In return the subscribers to this site are promised that he has access to inside information from contacts that he has at every level of the club. These promises are clearly not trye and Mr. Oldham has even previously claimed to have contact with Mr. Rick Parry.

    The Koptalk site has now begun to make even more outlandish claims. Mr. Oldham is now claiming that one of the two new owners of LFC (Mr. George Gillet) has personally contact Mr. Oldham and has paid to be a member of his site. This claim is being used to encourage unsuspecting Liverpool fans to subscribe to Koptalk.

    If these claims are false (which appears likely and consistent with other previous claims) then fans of the club are being defrauded and the reputation of Liverpool FC is being sullied by the fraudster.

    I have attached copies of his claims from the website that he runs.

    I would therefore ask that you take whatever action you feel is necessary to protect the reputation of Liverpool FC and the fans of the club.

    I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration of this matter and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

  11. Integral Says:

    If the club don’t act about this one then they never will. I feel sorry for the idiots who can’t see through the lies – just how gullible can some people be?!!

    I noticed on that thread before I got booted off, that there were NO liverpool residents at all – they all seemed to be from south africa, norway, singapore, ireland, london etc – no locals at all. FFS THESE PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. Would the £30 not be better spent on an e-season ticket – which goes directly back into the club, rather than to line his filthy pockets?!

  12. BKTD Says:

    He may have taken the picture down of the front page but all his claims are still available inside the site. It is about time the club did something about this twat.

  13. barry wom Says:


    I don’t think the club care. I’m a shareholder and wrote to the club with my shareholders hat on back in August and asked them to do something. I’ve not even had a response back from the club since then, except when I’ve pushed them and they have said the Press Office are dealing with it. I was going to bring it up at this year AGM, but it looks as though we won’t get one of them now.

  14. DAVE the BRAVE Says:

    Er, does anyone else think the joke might be on the blog? Oldham wants people to bite now. There’s nothing left for him to do. To claim Gillett is a member of Kraptalk is a bare-faced lie and surely no-one on here or anywhere else would possibly believe it!

  15. AviCohensBrothersSon Says:

    He’s locked the thread now.

    I did chuckle at the fact he didn’t quite get the sarcasm in the last post before he locked it.

    Something like ‘This is the most entertaining thread of the year so far….Thank You Koptalk’

    He replied with ‘We aim to please’

    What a cock!

  16. barry wom Says:

    @dave the brave. even if it is a lie dave, it’s a lie he hopes will attract him members. if, as has been said, he initially published on his front page (where nobody needs subscriptions i believe?), then surely that indicate he hopes to suck in some new members, even if ultimately he goes “i made it up for the blog”. reds are still getting ripped off by this conman – why he does not fuck off and rip off some easier targets i don’t know.

  17. barry wom Says:

    I’ve just thought of something that could blow fatties claims apart. From what I recall fatty doesn’t take credit cards does he? He’s either paypal, cheque or cash? Can someone confirm that? If he doesn’t take credit cards, then how the fuck would he know who’s credit card GG used?

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    Since posting the above I have spoken to George Gillett’s executive assistant in the USA.

  19. dublinred Says:

    [quote]rupertinsider Says:
    March 1st, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    Since posting the above I have spoken to George Gillett’s executive assistant in the USA.[/quote]

    Lemme guess, they now are a fully paid up member of the blog 🙂

  20. Integral Says:

    re Rupert


  21. seenthelight Says:


    any chance of getting a copy of the whole thread up for those that did not see it,i saw some of it myself but didnt see all of it before it got pulled.

  22. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    @seenthelight: See one of my above posts for a link to an image of it. The page is still online though: http://www.koptalk.com/detail_subtitle_listing.php?link_id=4928&subid=205&sticky=0

  23. seenthelight Says:

    seen that pal,was looking for the actual thread,no problem though im sure the boys here will have it up at some point.

    did he not delete the first thread and start a new thread which has just been locked?

  24. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    @seenthelight: Think there are some of the posts in the Est1892 thread. You’ve probably seen that already though.

  25. seenthelight Says:

    nah mate,do you mean on est1892 the other liverpool site.

  26. Integral Says:

    seenthelight – drop me an email at civicsteve *at* tiscali *dot* co *dot* uk and I’ll forward you the whole thing (well the whole thing until i got booted off!)

  27. Integral Says:

    Where’s tubby when you need him?

  28. Scouse Says:

    Rupert what did the PA say?

    Also does George Gillett have an email address at lfc.tv – if so presumably its in the same firstname.secondname format as the others?

  29. rupertinsider Says:

    I made a toll call first to Montreal and then was put through directly to his personal executive assistant in the United States. She was grateful for the call and has asked for a full dossier to be sent to her personal email – which I have just done.

    No doubt any comments you care to make on this matter will be read by the interested parties.

  30. rupertinsider Says:


    Do you have any more than I’ve already posted in the article. If so could you send it to me so I can post it.


  31. rupertinsider Says:


    “Lemme guess, they now are a fully paid up member of the blog :-)”

    Well you could say that in his usual ham-fisted way Oldham has done an excellent job of introducing the new owners to the blog!

  32. Integral Says:

    Rupert, i sent an email earlier today of the full thread until the point of me getting the boot. Seems I mis-spelt your email address. Email now sent to your correct add. Happy reading 😉

  33. seenthelight Says:

    sent an email off to you mate.

  34. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks to all who sent me emails, screenshots and ideas this morning. I think I answered everyone individually but if I did not it was because of the volume. Please accept this thank you . Keep up the good work.

  35. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    So, George Gillett was able to not only become impressed with the site, pay for his membership, chat about the Barca game, and come to realise how people interact on the koptalk forums, all in the space of one phone call?

    That’s some tremendous skill he’s got there Dunk, to be able to do all that during one conversation.

    You fat fucking odious lying cunt (you can’t even lie properly you thick dickhead), you think for a second a successful man such as George would waste his spit on lowlife obese scum like you? Mr Manchester United?

    Why the fuck KT and the fat Kunt has not been closed down and imprisoned after all this is beyond my comprehension. People get locked up for possessing a bit of hash, and this disgusting creature is allowed to continue thieving, lying, conning, cheating his way through life on the back of our club.


    Rupert and Insider, please start a fund and get some money together to commence a class action against this prick, and get his fat ass in a court. I would be glad to fork out 30 quid to see that happen.

  36. rupertinsider Says:

    He claims several phone calls and emails over more than a week with Gillett – but no explanation of why he held back the news.

    And your list of what they discussed is not complete – they also discussed flight schedules and other details about their alleged forthcoming meetings in the UK soon and Canada later – according to Oldham.

    In addition, Oldham claims similar correspondence and calls with Gillett’s personal executive assistant – the one I spoke to this morning.

    I like the point another commentator made earlier – how did George Gillett pay his KT membership fee with his personal credit card? Since when did Oldham take credit cards? And what is the name of his account? Inland Revenue would love to know that detail.

    What a surrealistic scene Oldham paints. The American businessman doing what he can to ignore the site he owns – the Official LFC Site – in order to boost the only anti-LFC pariah site on the net which scalps tickets, steals LFC copyrighted stuff, sells fake LFC memorabilia, lies about its relations with LFC, squats on his company’s sites – Kopfootball – takes money for a book “Anfield Exposed” and links to and is supported by a cheap porn site.

  37. sm9 Says:

    If he’s spoke to Gillett, it’ll no doubt be because he’s trying to sell them that domain name he bought for their Kop Football Ltd company! Maybe joining KT was part of the deal – selling the domain name to him for some publicity? Or maybe the entire story is lies of course…

  38. WTF Says:

    It is absolutly ridiculous in the forum… I tried posting a topic about how he could be sure someone isen’t trying to con him and howcome GG knew about the great sight, without being a member… I have a screenshot of it, but the post got deleted fairly quickly, so few replys…

    He must know, that he is in deepwater this time…

  39. rupertinsider Says:


    Would you like to send me the screen shot. I’m collecting some of the many posts he has deleted in the last 24 hours.


  40. RedinSweden Says:

    I like the way that the screenshot of the GG news on KT has an advert for “intimite dating” next to it.
    Dunk has quite clearly gone 100% mental.

  41. Dara Says:

    There is no way on God’s Green Earth that his fat twonk has any relationship with GG & his supposed arrival in Canada is laughable.
    We have enough problems at the moment as a club without more bollocks from this con man.
    President Liverpool FC Canada

  42. Skamp Says:

    The fat bastard got the sniffles so the Dr. told him he was not allowed to fly….
    I know i know we’ve heard it all before but the sad thing is the sad saps on LV lap it up thining he’s the dogs bollocks.

  43. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Bloody ‘ell, I thought Rupert was back then.

  44. iknowthings Says:

    keep up the good work here. there are more and more people who believe you at live video than you think. he will collapse from with in, that i assure you.

    good day

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