Koptalk – Bottom Feeder

by Rupert Insider


This is the latest Alexa chart for Koptalk. It confirms that the self-proclaimed “award winning” “No. 1 Sports Site” and “No.1 LFC Site” is now a confirmed bottom feeder.

For a clearer image of the chart, CLICK


As I’ve mentioned before – these stats are even worse than they look at first sight.

On 5th September, Oldham closed the free forum because thousands of disgusted users had abandoned his site to set up Est 1892 and Six Crazy Minutes and join other pre-existing LFC sites, including the site that had won genuine awards as the No. 1 Sports Site – the LFC Official site.

At the same time News Now suspended him for serious violations of its charter.

The number of visitors to his site plummeted. But in mid-November, News Now lifted the suspension and restored his feeds and his visits rocketed.

At the same time, Oldham folded all his sites, including his forums, into the Koptalk.com address. This had the effect of artificially bloating the number of visits because now Alexa was counting not only genuine visits to the site but every click by Oldham, his family, Katie and his few remaining members.

For two weeks in November his hits spiked higher than when his site had thousands of members – which shows just how much his “fix” affected the results.

For a clearer image of the chart, CLICK


Even with this sleazy trick, his hits began to drop off again. And when News Now, responded to this blog’s campaign by cutting him permanently on 4th January 2007, his visits dropped precipitously again.

They’re slightly higher than the levels he fell to in September-November only because in those days the stats quite rightly did not include his own clicking.

Lately, Oldham has had to rely on the publicity the blog gives his site. But he pays a heavy price for that. Because every time we publish a headline it gets into the search engines.

In the past the unsuspecting LFC supporter who surfed the net for a forum about his club would invariably be directed to Koptalk because it dominated the search engines with its claims to be “Liverpool Football Club Official News” and with all its lies of being the “No. 1 Site” and the the “award winning” site. Now surfers are more likely to find a headline about Koptalk’s sale of fake memorabilia, its fraudulent charities, its support of the S*n and its lies about LFC.

Oldham will keep on spivving – he doesn’t know what else to do – and we will keep on watching.

Meanwhile wheels are turning in the offices of various authorities – especially in the offices of the tax inspectors.


One Response to “Koptalk – Bottom Feeder”

  1. Miracle@Istanbul Says:

    Well at least he has George Gillett as a paying member, things are really looking up.

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