Mitty's back

I know a lot of readers enjoy reading about Duncan Mitty’s exploits – well he’s back. Go and see what he’s been up to in: New stuff, new plans and my chubby fingered salute.

He reminds me of someone, but I can’t… quite… think… who…


7 Responses to “Mitty's back”

  1. kraptalk user Says:


  2. ZedLeepplin Says:

    Just to let you know, that fat fucker has taken to posting on NewsNow linked stories to try and drive people towards his cesspit.

    4th reply down the page:

  3. Right Insider Says:

    No suprises that the fat cunt has posted a picture for the ‘Reds run riot’ story. He doesn’t say that it’s bollocks. In fact, his exact words are “What really happened in Portugal? Dudek cuffed by the bizzies? Bellamy bashes Risse? Red rampage or innocent team bonding….”

    What a prick. He thinks it’s newsworthy, so true or not he’ll run with it. Perhaps he should be writing for The Scum instead.


  4. rupertinsider Says:

    He`s in his element with the Portugal story. Those of you who are new to the scene are now seeing what he was like for years and how he built up his site. He wades into any dirty gossip he can find. If he is late to the story he will then deny its true and claim he has the real scoop from inside sources. If he is early with the story he will say it is true because he has inside sources.

    He developed his style from years trying to copy the S*n and NoW and tried very hard to write his stuff on KT so that it would be picked up by the “nationals” as he calls them. He tried for two years to sell made-up muck about Fowler and McManannaman to the S *n.

    He has no inside sources at LFC with the team or with anyone remotely connected. He stands on purple wheelie bins at Melwood to catch a glimpse of them. He is a liar.

    You are now seeing – with this Portugal story – a serial liar in action. He lies to get people to pay him good money for more lies.

    Good on those KT members who are questioning his sources and posting cynical put-downs that he’s too thick to notice. But we do.

    He’s in a manic phase right now – as I predicted when he wrote his last teary “pity me” diatribe a couple of weeks ago. This means that his stories will be getting taller for a few days and he will overeat the meat pies and over drink Woodpecker cider.

    Stand by for the “me dad committed suicide and I might” and “they’re attacking my kids” and “I might pack it all in” when the depressive phase kicks in.

  5. Scouse Says:

    What a fucking vulture. He’s spammed the number 1 story on Newsnow with his ‘we know what happened’ with a link to the story and podcast. Not content with getting kicked off Newsnow they are trying to spam other sites.

    He said he rang this bar overseas but then the quotes the guy said were straight from the News of the World? Lying bastard.

    All other LFC sites need to run a ‘make Koptalk history’ campaign to stop this crap circulating. This sort of story should NOT be bigged up when we are facing Barcelona next week, its the exact sort of publicity we DONT need.

    Shame on Koptalk for even running this but for going into detail and charging for access to an ‘exclusive report’ you are just sick

  6. Integral Says:

    And you know what fucking pisses me off most? The fat waster felt obliged to send an SMS to his members advising of the ‘exclusive’. Muppet

  7. Andy Says:

    He’s so desperate he’s having to resort to spamming blogs run by Everton supporters.

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