KopTalk planning next season

Sent into us by a new contributor (although he’s been helpful in many other ways in the past months) – Koptalk Outsider. This is an article about Koptalk’s latest plans.


KopTalk planning next season by Koptalk Outsider

There’s still 3 months left of the season, but over at KopTalk HQ they’re already planning for next season:

Plans for 2007-2008:
There have been a lot of changes on KopTalk over the last year, some which didn’t go down too well with some of you. Some readers were annoyed that we’d gone members only and some members were annoyed that we acted to clean up our forums. In doing that we had to escort some people from the building, for the benefit of our community.

Yes, there’s been a lot of changes. The free site is gone, the Insider is gone, and the Gold Club is gone. Left is a members site which is practically dead. Thousands of members have left, not because you escorted them out, but because they finally realized what KopTalk’s all about.

You must be blind if you haven’t seen the campaign insistigated against KopTalk and myself since the summer of 2006!

Unfortunately some of your members still haven’t seen this, but your continued references to it will eventually lead them to this blog, and then most of them will leave KopTalk.

You get used to it after a while and once I found out who was behind it, it all made sense.

You have no idea who’s behind the blog. None whatsoever. You tried to ban members you thought were Insider and Rupert, but they’re still around.

Fortunately 99.9% of our members were intelligent enough to see what was happening and they have been very, very supportive.

Well, that’s a lie you will struggle to prove. I know for a fact that of the 161 members that signed up in january 2006 (and thats not included at least 50, probably more, who were deleted before the site change last september), 68 are no longer on your members list. They just didn’t want to pay for another year of lies and crap about your dysfunctional family. And it’s getting worse. 36 of the 80 signed up from 1.2.2006 to 14.2.2006 are gone. And I suspect that many of those left are actually silver members who can’t log on anyway.

For the 2007-08 season I want us to provide our non-members with more free content. KopTalk relies mainly on membership fees to help us exist where as most sites simply use advertising.

There’s not much advertising on the other LFC-forums around. Not as much as there used to be on KopTalk before your advertisers cut you off. None of them charge their members either. It’s only on KopTalk you have to pay membership fees.

I believe my choice is the right one as it’s optional and it also means we can budget better for the season ahead where as with advertising it fluctuates a lot depending on the time of year.I have decided to revert back to the tag of ‘Editor’ although you’re welcome to call me what you want!

Most of us like to call you Fatty, Liar, Scum or similar names, but now you’ve allowed us to, and that’s nice of you.

We’ve just purchased a new Vauxhall Vivaro van for next season which will enable us to have a proper outside broadcast unit/mobile office which will enable us to update the site much quicker when on the road and the koptalk.com non-member areas will be made over before the 2007-8 campaign. It’s just going to be hard finding the right balance. We want to pack as much info into the site as possible but we also need to look after our members as without them, there’s no site.

Are you moving out of the shed, so that the Police won’t find you? It won’t take them long to locate the van if they want to. It will probably be parked outside Melwood with Steve on top of it with a camera. That is, if there is a van. We look forward to see your pictures of it.

KopTalk as a website will be 10 years old soon. I think we hit the net as a website during the 98-99 season. It seems like yesterday when I started my LFC mailing list and created the UK LFC newsgroup. Back then there was no official LFC website and few LFC websites.

10 years of scams and lies is enough. More than enough in fact. Come the start of next season it hopefully will be gone. By the looks of the member exodus it probably will be gone even before that.

Today fans are lucky because you have plenty to choose from,

Hear, hear, KopTalk members. You have plenty to choose from. All free forums. You don’t have to pay Fatty money to interact with fellow Liverpool supporters. You can have that for free anytime. Just look at the links on this page, and you’ll find plenty of free sites that are far better than KopTalk.

it’s just a shame that one or two LFC websites crop up and what to take KopTalk on. I find that a compliment but it’s a bit pathetic when you think about it. God knows where they find the time, maybe the young pups of today think differently.

This is not a LFC site. This is a site designed to stop your s*n-loving, lying, scamming site from ripping of Liverpool supporters. None of the LFC sites are concerned about your site. But, of course, a lot of former KopTalk members on those sites want to see you gone. You don’t find that a compliment. In fact you’re scared of it because your revenue is dropping, and you’ll soon have to find a proper job to get money for all those pies you supposedly are eating. Unless of course you find someone new to rip off.

When I set up I had no plans, no intentions. I just wanted to interact with other Reds about LFC and when I wasn’t doing that, I was knocking back a few pints in my local.

You had plans to make as much money as you could from it. These were the dot.com days when people were throwing money at you if you had a decent number of visitors. And you knew Liverpool had a huge fan base.

I’m going to fall back into place doing what I do best, stirring a few LFC topics up on the net. Remember, I like to get you biting so make sure you ask yourself if I’m debating something I believe in or whether I’m pulling your chain Wink

Yes, your made-up LFC topics is what you do best. There is no limits to what you’re able to make up. And you need to make up a few things to get your members posting. If not they’re just lurking around the site, and when they’re up for renewal they wont renew because there’s nothing going on in the forums. That’s why you and Katie are constantly starting new threads on various themes. It’s just so obvious that some of them are cries for posts, that it hurts to read it.


A new e-mail address? Did you get to much spam on the old one? Or did too many members ask for a refund? It looks like you don’t read the support tickets at koptalk.info anymore.


5 Responses to “KopTalk planning next season”

  1. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    Give up Dunk, you’re offering nothing (nor are you capable of imagining anything) even remotely worth the money you ask for. I mean seriously, why would anyone want to give almost as money to a fat, lying, con-artist running a “business” out of a shack, as they would to the official EST membership.

    You cannot compete, and after all is said and done, your “business” is struggling because you have little to offer. Accept it. Maybe then you might realise its noone else’s fault for it all, just yours.

    As you sew, so you reap!

  2. Andy Says:

    He’s fucked without NewsNow to supply him with a steady flow of fresh victims.

    Koptalk doesn’t come in the top five of any of the most obvious searches fans will Google (“lfc”, “liverpool fc” and “liverpool football club”) so he won’t be getting much casual traffic at all.

    It’s encouraging that he has started coming out with the “people have attacked my kids” horseshit again, as he only does that when he’s feeling really sorry for himself.

    The only reasons for his refusal to accept the inevitable decline of his site are:

    1. He hasn’t worked out a similarly profitable new scam yet.

    2. Koptalk is the only thing in his life which gives him any sense of status.

    3. The County Court judgements against him posted on here, if they are accurate, coupled with his astounding lack of intelligence, mean he has little or no chance of finding a normal job.

  3. xbass Says:

    Just one thing, you might want to tidy up the formatting…a couple things arent in italics that should be. It would make it easier to read.

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    Fixed the italics now. Hopefully.

  5. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    There’s one minor left in the first paragraph. The rest looks about right.

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