Dunk gets our identity wrong – again

Duncan’s got it wrong again!

Last year Dunk thought he’d worked out who I was. He suddenly posted a bizarre thread on his forums ranting on about Cropper.

Cropper 2

#99790 – Yesterday at 11:33 PM
koptalk.coN koptalk.coN Administrator
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Registered: 07/28/03
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You are reminded that KopTalk only uses email addresses that end @koptalk.coN (with the exception of paypal@koptalk.cc which will soon be replaced by paypal@koptalk.coN). (So Dunk’s closing down his PayPal account is he? If you’ve got a dispute with them I suggest you hurry them along. Dunk’s trying to draw out whatever he had left in PayPal from his many dodgy scams in the hope it will stop PayPal from keeping on refunding people without his consent.)

If you ever receive an email claiming to be from KopTalk, ensure that when you hit reply that the return address ends @koptalk.coN all in lowercase letters. If in doubt contact us via http://www.koptalk.info or email support@koptalk.coN

Do NOT open any attachments included in any such emails or click on links that may appear genuine for security reasons. (Note how he’s actually told you how to identify that the email is genuinely from Koptalk. The, once you know it’s genuinely from Koptalk, he’s warned you not to open any attachments. In other words, he’s warning you that Koptalk send dodgy attachments! A slip Dunk, but perhaps there’s some truth behind it.)

Since the summer of 2006 KopTalk has been targeted by people associated to other LFC websites which are related to each other. (Quite a statement there. I think the blog started last spring, but that’s the minor error in there. “Associated to other LFC websites” – well if he’s referring to me being a member of est1892 from when it started – it started after this Koptalk blog. It started after a member of Koptalk had been locked out for no reason. That member later got an abusive phone call at work from Koptalk. I am a member there, indeed a “moderator” – but it’s hardly my site. And after the grief I’ve had there in recent weeks I don’t think anyone can consider me a big part of that site. Other than that, which sites is he talking about? “Related to each other”? I don’t know of any sites EST1892 is related to. Poor Dunk. Just because EVERY Liverpool FC website (including the official site) is broadly supportive of the efforts to stop Koptalk from shitting all over out club he assumes that sites are related to each other! No Dunk – the sites are only related to each other in that all of them are run by genuine Liverpool FC supporters who can’t stand to see Liverpool’s name dragged through your shady mud. And, believe it or not, owners of different sites can get on with each other because they don’t look at each other as “rivals” – not like you do. I’m probably wasting my time trying to explain this to you though, you’re not the brightest.) The trouble flared when we opted to clean up our forums of some big personalities. (Re-inventing history? The blog started when you were nice and cosy at the height of your fake football scams and your collection for Lauren that she never got. Then, in a botched attempt at catching me, you booted out innocent members. That made the word of the blog spread even more quickly, and more and more members left, more and more members got banned for asking you on your forums about your S*n buying ways.) They’ll tell you we just kicked people out, that’s not true. (It is true though Dunk. I’ve got countless emails from people who were kicked out by you without explanation – people who had paid money for your poor-value lie-infested site) We always ask people to tone things down for the benefit of the community. Those who agree to think about others and not just themselves or their group of friends, stay, those who don’t walk. (Re-inventing things again? You don’t ban people, so you keep telling everyone – they ban themselves – but now you’re saying you do ban people. But what’s most laughable is that those who think about others are those who are no longer Koptalk members. Those who told their fellow members what you were up to. Their fellow Reds. They warned them about your scummy ways.)

(Now for some real errors by Dunk. Peter Stannard is not the Insider. He’s written a couple of posts for the blog, which have been posted on his behalf by Rupert. He even got the name “Stannard Insider” for the purpose. But Mr Stannard is not the Insider. He has been very helpful though, so thanks Pete. As for the next person Dunk mentions, I’ve blanked his name out here because I don’t think the named person particularly deserves to have his name mentioned on here. Let’s see what fatty wrote…)
Former member Peter Stannard has claimed responsibility for the campaign against us and the domain used was originally registered by proxy which means the owner’s details were hidden from the public. However we managed to have that information provided to us and it is registered to the same address as http://www.——.co.uk which is associated to Liverpool ‘fan’ (name removed). Basically both websites are registered at the same address in (removed). We have that address if anyone needs it for any legal reasons.

Now for the truth. The named person mentioned, as far as I am aware, was responsible only for buying the http://www.koptalk-insider.com domain name. He bought it through Go Daddy (who obviously don’t try hard enough to protect anonymity, so be wary if you want to buy a domain through them). By doing that he played a huge part in getting the blog off the ground. http://www.koptalk-insider.com is so much more catchy and most people use that to get to this site, rather than the full http://www.koptalkinsider.wordpress.com address. I only found out who it was quite recently, in fact related to the Go Daddy decision to reveal who had bought the domain. If I’m not mistaken, Mr Stannard offered to take the domain over to protect it from Dunk who was claiming (using the name of his fake solicitor) to have legal reasons to be able to take it back. Mr X handed it over. BY THE WAY DUNK – DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR LITTLE GAME OF PRETENDING TO BE “PAUL HARPER”, A SOLICITOR, IS ILLEGAL? Something else to add to the pile of things for the police to investigate, especially with the way you used it. But as far as being involved in the blog, Mr X bought that domain, and that’s where it ends as far as I am aware. WRONG AGAIN DUNK! You’ve still not stopped me, although I don’t think Mr X is particularly frightened by the veiled threats you spammed him with. Idiot!)

As always with a Dunk rant, there’s always a lot to laugh at. Take this…
Several domains have been offered to us to see if we’d like to come to some kind of financial “arrangement”. Such offers have of course been declined and the authorities informed. (Mr Cyber Squatter himself, Duncan Oldham, thief of at least on domain name for practically every Liverpool site, not to mention a Michael Barrymore site, is trying to say that buying domain names and offering them for sale is something that is illegal now! Dunk – you’re a tit, do you not see what you’re saying? I don’t for one minue believe that Dunk has had any such offers passed to him – but I bet he wishes he had.)

(More bullshit now. More attempts at getting sympathy and trying to discredit those behind the blog. The difference this time is that he’s named two people who he says are responsible, and so then says…) Those responsible have been targeting members of Dunk’s family and have even posed as schoolchildren to try and befriend Dunk’s 13-year-old daughter online, via her own private community/networking website. They’ve also preyed on 18-year-old Lauren, a Red (Dunk’s cousin) who was paralysed a couple of years ago.(We’ve asked for proof countless times that anyone has done anything, however minor, towards his 13-year-old daughter. He’s claimed in the past that she was threatened with rape, he’s claimed to have received countless emails including sickeningly manipulated images, and a lot more besides. I’ve always offered to help him catch whoever is responsible – but it’s not going to happen. Because he’s not had those threats. It’s all part of his sickening fantasies. Like the ones he has about bedding underage girls (search the blog for more on that). As for praying on Lauren, I’ve had contact details for Lauren now since last summer. Details I got hold of very easily, for free, from the internet. And I’ve still not used them once. Perhaps I should – because Lauren is the paralysed teenager whose name Dunk used to sell FA Cup tickets for £1600, forgeries of signed shirts (£200) and balls (£100), got a donation from Paddy Power for (£300 + over a grand in winnings he otherwise wouldn’t have got). She’s the paralysed teenager who collected donations for into his own Pay Pal account. All of this money, and not a jot of proof she ever got it. I don’t know if Dunk’s daughter has got a page on any “private community/networking websites”, but we did publish the address of ones that “Katie” (real name Katrina Cushnahan) had been using. They were deleted hours later. She’s the 18-year-old moderator who it turns out is only 17, and helps Dunk out on his site that includes porn. Did you know that Dunk is so concerned about his kids’ safety that he put more pictures of them onto his site at the weekend? Dunk – if your kids were under threat you’d not even dream of posting their pictures on your site, not if you cared about them. So which is it? You’re lying about the threats, or you don’t care about them? I personally think it’s a bit of both – you use your kids as a shield far too much for you to really care for them, and you are a well-documented liar.)

They have registered various false email addresses associated not only to KopTalk but also the people here, mainly Dunk and Steve. (Well my email address for this blog is koptalk.insider@gmail.com, and I’ve also got access to dunk.oldham@gmail.com, but I don’t think I’ve got any more. If I’ve got time perhaps I should set up a Steve one too. To be honest Dunk I don’t actually need to pretend to be you! I emailed you, and you alone, from the dunk.oldham@gmail.com address, because you’d been ignoring any of the messages I’d sent as koptalk.insider@gmail.com. At least I know, now, that you read my email. Thanks for the acknowledgement. It would be easier if you just hit “reply” though to be honest.

It’s saddening that people who call themselves Reds continue to target various members of our families. We’re not concerned with their hate campaign against us but we are concerned about your account security. (Proof Dunk. Who’s been the “target” then from your families? Koptalk is one family. You, your mum Jeanette, your step-bro Steve, your cousin Katrina. So it’s family, not families. And as for account security, a visitor here pointed out that you’ve actually got the ability to see your members’ passwords. He’d lost his password and you sent it to him – not a new password, as most reputable sites would, but his original one. And your old sign-up instructions used to include a screen where members had to supply their passwords to you, in clear form. So the only “account security” concerns would be how you’d got hold of email addresses and passwords for members – and if they’d used the same details elsewhere. Added to your demands that people supply home addresses, home phone numbers and dates of birth last summer just to get into the site they’d already paid for and well, in my opinion – you are the security risk. 911 security.)

KopTalk has always been a controversial site in terms of creating debate. It’s always been our main focus to get the Kop talking hence the name KopTALK. We do this on purpose. We like to stir it up a little but in a devil’s advocate sense, not in a bitter or twisted sense. (Bullshit. Your vendettas against Fowler (you sold stuff about him to the tabloids) and Crouch (you claimed you’d end his Reds career when it suited you) were a disgrace. As you’re a Newcastle season-ticket holder I wasn’t surprised at all to see you try and start something off over Bellamy either. How about the blackmail against Rick Parry you were threatening? And you claim that you’ll have a book out in four months exposing all kinds of sordid goings on at Anfield, the book you’ve promised for four years now. Any new readers, have a good look around the blog and you’ll find the evidence of this on here. Dunk hates LFC. Dunk hates the Reds. Dunk’s a S*n reader. It’s all in here.)

Because of that we’ve always had the odd grumble here and there over the years, mainly from the people we’ve turned away from our forums. It comes with the territory and we can accept that. The fact were out of towners doesn’t help either (Interestingly enough, being an out-of-towner is a way of being more likely to get ripped-off by Dunk. Most of his fake footballs / shirts seemed to have been sold to Irish members, as were those £1600 touted Cup Final tickets. It’s harder for non-British residents to chase him through the courts. You’ve had a lot of people fall out with you in the past once they’ve worked you out, and maybe some of those were “turned away”. But you’ve never turned me away, never banned me. And that’s something you really can’t stand).

We’re also human so of course we make mistakes but we try to learn from them and we desperately try to put these mistakes right when we cock-up, as some of our members will be able to testify.

We really do laugh off the stuff we get told about but sadly some people are naive enough to fall for emails requesting personal information. (This sounds like he’s about to make something up again. If anyone has a clue what he’s talking about here let me know. And if you have had an email asking for personal information, would you mind forwarding it to me? You need to include the full message headers (if you don’t know how drop me a line and I’ll explain). Then we can see where the email came from for real.)

It goes without saying that you should not use the same login details as you do here on any other LFC website. You should also keep your email address private or you will be spammed. (As I said above – watch out if you’ve used the same details on Koptalk as anywhere else. Change the details elsewhere, NOW!)

We’re not aware of any of your financial information. When you sign-up the online merchant only sees this which makes it impossible for example, to bill you randomly or outside your membership subscription period. You have total control over that information and your subscription. It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to ever take a manual payment from you. This is explained at http://www.koptalk.info (But because you set up what people thought were one-off payments as “subscriptions”, people were billed again one year later, without any warning. And in some cases you’d contacted them for payment, so they’d paid twice. And when you were asked to refund it, you refused, instead offering them a two-year membership! People have spotted this and are now raising disputes with Pay Pal, which is why, I believe, you’re about to change your Pay Pal account. IF ANYONE HAS TIME PLEASE WARN PAY PAL WHAT DUNK IS UP TO.)

Your personal details i.e. name, address etc are not stored on the site at all. (So where did you store all those personal details you demanded last summer? Come on Dunk, people have a right to know.)

When people take pops at us it only makes us more determined to continue working hard for your benefit hence our plans for next season. It keeps us on our toes. The extra publicity they give us we appreciate, even though it’s negative, it doesn’t bother us. (Dunk’s latest fantasy is that he’s bought a van which he’ll fit with all manner of gadgets, including Sky Digital. He’ll take all of this out of his van every night though, so he says. He’ll probably put it into the house overlooking Melwood that he bought off Chris Waddle, mentioned in a previous fantasy he had.)

If you are contacted from a spoof email account or if you believe someone has tried to obtain your details through deception, please report this to the police immediately. You can email us in confidence at any time at support@koptalk.coN (So there you go. Everyone who was asked, illegally, for personal information last summer by Koptalk before being allowed back into a service they’d already paid for, please get in touch with the police. I’ve already been in touch, anonymously – I urge you to do the same.)

We’re really not concerned with those from other sites who want to target us but it is our responsibility to keep you alerted about spoof email accounts. (So my dunk.oldham@gmail.com address really did frighten him! Now you’ve read it Dunk, will you start answering my questions?)

Such hatred is unhealthy, especially when at the end of the day we’re only here to debate an equal love, namely Liverpool Football Club. (Dunk – it’s only unhealthy for you. You don’t support Liverpool FC. They are a way for you to make money. Or they were. You’re a long-time scammer who decided that Liverpool FC would make easy pickings. The only Liverpool game you’ve been to this season was the one against Newcastle, at Newcastle, when you sat with your fellow Newcastle fans. Leave our club alone, and let Liverpool fans get back to supporting our club.)

Before I go, a quick thanks to Dunk for once again making his members curious as to what he’s talking about. A sure-fire way to find more readers for the blog.


13 Responses to “Dunk gets our identity wrong – again”

  1. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    “Former member Peter Stannard has claimed responsibility for the campaign against us”.

    Oh please Dunk. That was mearly a bluff to ensure I got a full refund. And it worked. You fell hook, line and sinker. Dickhead!

  2. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    “Several domains have been offered to us to see if we’d like to come to some kind of financial “arrangement”.”

    Haha that was probably me again. Again all a bluff. Dunkknowsbest though.

  3. The Platinum Club Says:

    On a more serious note, surely now Dunk has the details of this bloke who registered the domain name and has presumably threatened him, have GoDaddy not severely contravened the Data Protection Act by giving Dunk the information that he wanted?

  4. Rashid's penis pump Says:

    “it is registered to the same address as http://www.——.co.uk which is associated to Liverpool ‘fan’ (name removed)”

    Do we need all these edits? If Dunk is naming people let them know – if he’s wrong they can complain to his webhost. The majority of us are no longer KT subscribers.

  5. An Observer Says:

    Keep up the good work, the fat cunt is clearly getting scared.

    Re domains – godaddy didn’t give out the info, the domain is registered with your whois info and then the “domains by proxy” service applied, so a whois history tool will show the original whois details – moral of the story is if you really want to hide your address, use fake info on the registration then apply domains by proxy to the domain.

    Either way, he’s got the address, so what, whats he gonna do?

  6. kraptalk user Says:

    Probably get his “underworld” “FRIENDS” 🙂 to come and get him.

  7. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    Do they make keyboards with extra finger space?

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve just read the above – midday UK time. It is a totally different speech from what he wrote on KT yesterday. He must be in quite a stew over there trying to fine tune the propaganda from day to day.

    Between yesterday and today the thick idiot thought he put two and two together and made five.

    He doesn’t know who is behind the blog.

    I can confirm that Stannard – who also posts as Koptalksucks – quite recently began to send into the blog interesting bits and pieces from Koptalk and he has penned a few short pieces. Since he sent them to my email address I posted them for him, as I have posted pieces sent in by others such as Honorary Insider.

    Stannard wants his contributions to be known – its no secret. He even writes about them under his Stannard name on Est 1892.

    In one of his “articles” for the blog showed his entire correspondence with Oldham about his successful attempts to get a refund – in which Oldham invited him to a drink to have a laugh about what he had written about him on the blog. I also notice that Stannard posts on Est 1892 along the same lines.

    I can see how Stannard got his refund when so many others failed – Oldham thought he was paying off Insider Insider or me!

    As far as I am concerned Oldham should read the blog more carefully. I’ve never given him a penny and never been a member of his site.

    I can confirm that Insider accepted the offered domain name and set up the site as described by Insider – in a way to protect his identity and the identity of any others involved and because it was a good name to have. And it worked.

    Oldham fell for it hook line and sinker.

    In fact, if memory serves, Insider explained in a post early last summer, that an anonymous benefactor had contributed the domain name for the blog.

    I have seen the the correspondence when Oldham made a “legal” demand to know who was behind the domain name. Stannard saw the posts on the blog about it and volunteered to host the name to thwart Oldham’s bungling attempts to force the registrar to reveal the original owner of the domain name. He did this in direct correspondence with the original owner of the domain name. It was not done by the blog, although we were all aware of and grateful for his offer.

    Its seems that Oldham and his “legal team” can’t get anything right.

  9. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    @Rupert: “I can see how Stannard got his refund when so many others failed – Oldham thought he was paying off Insider Insider or me!”

    You really need to put this image up with this post (http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/1817/dunkeggonfaceagainha3.gif). Poor Oldham, left with an egg on his face, again.

  10. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    I am Spartacus!

  11. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Dunk is really getting desperate now. His members are running away, and he doesn’t know how to keep them. His attempts to discredit the blog is working against him, as his members will wonder whats going on and then find this blog.

  12. scousenproud Says:

    I wonder if kenny and the club are aware that dunk has bought a table for 10 with gary mac? Koptalk must be protested at the event. I for one will let my presence be known (peacefully) Liverpool fans cannot break bread with sun supporting cunts

  13. Dunkin' Donut Says:

    The Dunk’n Tractatus:

    1. There is the world and in the world there is Thick-ness.
    1.1. Dunk is thick.
    2.0. Objective capacity for recognition of one’s subjective thick-ness is in some order of proportion to the measure of one’s thick-ness.
    2.1. Greater thick-ness coincides with lesser capacity to recognise one’s thick-ness.
    2.1.1. An inflexion point is reached where recognisability of one’s thick-ness is zero.
    3.1. At a thick-ness on or beyond this point, the thick-o in question is incapable of comprehending just how thick he or she is.
    3.1.1. Dunk is measured at a thickness beyond the inflection point.
    3.1.1 Dunk is unaware of his own thick-ness.
    3.1.2. Dunk can therefore not understand this theory as stated, and must be pitied.
    4. Reaching this point Dunk has seen unto the abyss.

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