Dunk proves he isn't an LFC shareholder

Fatty doctors another documentThis is just a very quick update to share a letter that Fat Dunk printed on his site earlier in the week.

A couple of days after Liverpool’s new owners had been installed, Duncan Oldham, owner of Koptalk, had scanned in a letter that had been sent to all Liverpool FC’s minor shareholders. (Click thumbnail, left, to see).

It’s quite an interesting document to see, and could have been used by Dunk as a little bit of proof that he’s a Liverpool shareholder after all, something that’s been in a lot of doubt. In fact Dunk proved that he isn’t shareholder by publishing this letter.

This isn’t just speculation on my part. Duncan Oldham’s ego is almost as big as his overhanging blubbery gut – and that’s big. If Dunk had got his name on the share certificate, he’d have got his name on the letter from Moores to the shareholders.

Instead, he had to hide the name that was on the letter and put on the word “Fats”. Like all Dunk’s attempts at humour it’s far from funny, but it wasn’t just an attempt at humour. It’s not his share – so it doesn’t have his name on. (And watch your sides don’t split too much when you see the PS he superimposed onto the letter).

Chances are it’s one of his other family members who got their name put on the share certificate. The house he shares with his mam at 6 Swan Avenue is in his estranged wife’s name. Perhaps he did the same when getting hold of the share in Liverpool FC.

He may have put the share in his wife’s or his mam’s name for reasons of hiding what assets he’s got from the benefits and other government agencies that he’s trying to hide things from. But there’s one other reason why he wouldn’t want to put his own name on the certificate.

He’d never have been accepted by the board when they went through their procedure of accepting new share owners. Liverpool Football Club know that Duncan Oldham is a Liverpool-hating S*n lover. They know he’s made claims about being about to blackmail Rick Parry at one of his regular meetings with the Chief Executive – even though he’s never, EVER, met the Chief Executive.

No, if Duncan Oldham’s name was seen next to an application to buy shares it would have been knocked back on the spot.

Duncan Oldham isn’t a Liverpool shareholder.


13 Responses to “Dunk proves he isn't an LFC shareholder”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Not a word about his friends from L4 who were going to buy the club. That cynical fiction earned Oldham tens of thousands of pounds from gullible members and readers of News Now who visited his site multiple times daily to learn about the latest exclusive on the transatlantic calls that-never-were.

    Nothing about Steve Morgan who he implied was also a confidant giving him the low down on the board room politics. How much money did he make from those lies to anxious LFC fans?

    And nothing about DIC either before they were given preferred status to do due dilligence or before they pulled out.

    Nothing about Kraft who Oldham assured us was deep in on talks having been recruited by Oldham’s “friends” at L4.

    He even got the Gillette and Hicks story wrong – in fact no mention of Hicks until every news outlet in the land had it.

    So even if he had bought a share in the summer his inside knowledge of LFC remained zero.

    I mentioned before that I wrote to a senior official at LFC in the summer warning him that Oldham was making noises about buying a share to get access to AGM’s and that he was not a fit person to be a shareholder. I wrote again when he published a photo of a share certificate with the name blocked out. He never actually claimed it was his and has never mentioned since – until this week when we raised the issue. I never did believe he had one.

    But what does the fat freak do at one of the most important times in LFC history? He steals the domain names associated with the new owners and he doctors a letter from the outgoing Chairman.

    His contempt for the club and his mercenary attitude to it are so obvious that those who continue to use his site must ask themselves why – if they are LFC supporters.

  2. Dunk_is-a-numb_fuck Says:

    Is this guy for real? I mean who is he trying to kid? P.S my fucking arse.

  3. John Says:

    Fatty is an idiot plain and simple. This proves it. It must be nice living in Dunk world where he is the master of pie ceremonies and everyone follows his every word. What a deluded fool. My SMS has stopped, genius 🙂

  4. scousenproud Says:

    i wonder has the infamous mike jeffries been alerted to the blog. it wouldent look to good for him supporting a site that supports the sun

  5. Uhura Says:

    Keep up the good work Insider, Rupert and others.

    With all the news around of our Great Club you would think that Fat F**ks mole would be a very busy mole at present.

  6. Alfonso Says:

    The annual return is downloadable from Companies House and should put to bed any questions on whether Dunk or his family is actually shareholders in the club.

    Can anybody actually do this?

  7. scousenproud Says:

    Its off topic but now the lumpy one has an essential link on his main page to the Texas Rangers, Montreal Canadians and the Dallas. The yanks must be notified that he is exploiting them. Once they learn about his webshite connecting them and his soft porn tvandbirds webshite they will move in immediately

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    Give him enough rope and he will hang himself. I happen to be a Canadiens fan and have spent many happy hours in the Montreal Forum (the old and new one). I also have an office in Texas.

    Just give the fat slime ball enough scope to work himself into a frenzy about how he can rip off those great “franchies” from his bedroom in Wallsend. When we have something juicy we can send in a dossier. I think its best to wait until the new Director of Marketing is appointed – probably one of the Gillette boys – but I would not rule out contacting Gillette Sr. directly.

    If Gillete asks Parry about the fat cross-dresser I know what he will say!

  9. scousenproud Says:

    I contacted all 3 franchises today along with major league baseball. Major league baseball will not tolerate anybody manipulating any of the franchises, (you have to pay to do that)

  10. ScouseUK Says:

    “PS tell Steve me SMS have Stopped” lol best bit of the letter

  11. insideme Says:

    Alfonso –

    I have done this unfortunatly the shareholders arnt listed due to the large number of them and you have to go to Companies House to view the full list on microfilm.

  12. Tosstalk Says:

    I see the fat f**k is on today saying that the offical is trying to copy his site.

    Aww bless.


  13. Toby Says:

    I doubt the share is owned by one of his family even. Why would he wish to invest in a club he cares so little about, even if it is under someone elses name for tax evasion purposes?

    No, more likely its a friend of a friend of one of his family that has scanned it in for him.

    On a separate topic, I notice its the Bloggies Awards soon:

    Only had a quick look, but I reckon Koptalk Exposed could be in with a shout on several categories there!

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