Koptalk's back-to-the future time machine.

by Rupert Insider


Have a look at this news, hot and steaming from Oldham of Kopalk:

“KOPTALK can reveal that the club is now owned by the
Americans. We were woken at 7am with news direct from an
Anfield source.

There are two press conferences scheduled for today. I’m not
sure why there would be two press conferences. This could
mean that two slots have been pencilled in but that the club
are unsure at what time to go with just now, i.e. there could
be just one press conference. Anyway forget that, the deal has
been sealed, they can have 15 press conferences as far as I’m

All the paperwork is in place and the deal has been completed.
Please note though that as with all similar takeovers, the deal
can not become official for a further 28 days to allow other
shareholders to decide if they want to accept the £5,000 per
share offer.”

Now read the comments of the Koptalk member who sent it in (you know who you are):

“Just for a laugh thought I would check this out. Dunk makes an announcement about insider info that the takeover deal would happen today.

He posts at 7.16 am – looks like 2 mins before the BBC say the same thing. However, the best bit is the Koptalk clock is 8 mins behind so he did not post it at 7.16, he posted it at 7.24 – 6 mins after the BBC.

It’s a good way of looking like you are ahead of BBC – have your clock run slow.

Try it yourself. Post on Koptalk and wait an hour to see what time it says you posted – always 8 mins out.”


26 Responses to “Koptalk's back-to-the future time machine.”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    He was “woken at 7 am” and claims to post at 7.16.

    Allow three minutes for him to take in the details of the message and another five to waddle down the stairs, take a píss and boot up the computer, that leaves him 7-8 minutes to type it out and sent it online. I’m sorry but if you’ve seen the recent screen shot of his fat fingers you’d have to agree its physically impossible for him to type that fast.

    Your scenario of 7.24 makes better sense – although even that would only allow him about 6 minutes to type after hearing it on the BBC.

    So my guess is he saw a news wire story. They were everywhere as soon as the announcement was reported to the Stock Exchange.

    The thought that Oldham’s Anfield contact is up all night waiting for breaking news with instructions to contact Oldham even if he is sleeping – might be touching – if it made sense. But it doesn’t.

    The deal was done yesterday. If he had any insider soruces at Anfield he would have announced it then.

    He would not have had to wait on the Stock Exchange, the news wires or the BBC

    His explanation of why there would be two press conferences caused me to spit out my coffee!

    I wonder if we could get Ricky Gervais interested in him?

  2. Tubby Says:

    Hey Dunk, you stupid fat dopey prick. The major shareholders have agreed to sell, and their “encouragement” of the remaining shareholders is not really a request – they have NO CHOICE, it will be enforced.

    Fucking numpty, Shit you’re thick. You have no contacts, why don’t you do one and finally fuck off.

  3. RaftasticHatesOldamTooMuchToBeHealthy Says:

    OK lads this is my 1st comment after being a lurker since time began,This isn’t a comment on the fat twat directly but more a thought about where you should go next.
    We all know how much the Americans like litigation and hate there assets tainted in any waywhat so ever.
    Now as this is the case i think you guys get in contact with both the Gillett & Hicks offices and explain in detail how this low life scum (sorry all other low life scum out there) has in the past and continues to drag the great name of LFC into the gutter,then sit back and watch the Americans go to work.
    Keep it up lads as i’m always watching.

    A kopte that was never drawn into the cult of Kopshite.
    YNWA Raftastic.

  4. spsdjone Says:

    Hehe, some arse licking muppet wanted to give the fat one some liverpool photos he had taken to say thank you for the coverage. he asked chubby what his email address was and got the reply: steve@koptalk.com. slip of the sausage finger no doubt

  5. what a whopper Says:

    RaftasticHatesOldamTooMuchToBeHealthy, if the Yanks tried to sue Dunk he would just send his mate Smoooove round to sort them out.

  6. spsdjone Says:

    Just managed to watch the press conference from today. distinct lack of questions from the koptalk press association. must have been sitting on the wheelie bin by melwood after the “tip off”

  7. Tim Says:

    10.09pm 5th February 2007. That is when the first concrete news of the completion of the deal was delivered. So it took him about 9 hours to read the info from RAWK.

  8. kraptalk user Says:

    Hey Raftastic, you might actually be onto something there mate. What a fukcing good idea. Especially all the cack about Crouch, Fowler, Bellers. Defamation of character or some bullshit lawsuit would shut him down. The legal costs would fcuk him good style.
    Rupert, I’d maybe think about this one kidder.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Its a good idea but I think it is more feasible applied to fake memoraibilia etc.

    Gillette and Hicks are going to set up a commercial division under one of their sons. My guess is they will crack down hard on fakes and unlicensed seller.

    When its set up we can send in a dossier on Oldham and warn them not to give to give him a licence because of his sale of fake memorabilia and fake certificates of authencity.

    It woulds strengthen our hand if, in the meantime, he was prosecuted for his past fraud in this area.

    If he does any of that again I’m sure the new division will hit him hard.

    The same is true of the re-sale of tickets or offering them in raffles etc. I don’t think they will pussy foot around.

    And if he claims to rub shoulders with them or have inside information from them I think the writs will fly.

    The least we can do is ensure that they are all aware that he is and should remain a persona non grata at LFC.

  10. Insider Insider Says:

    Fatty also won’t have seen the Northwest Tonight piece from the night before that said the announcement would be made at 7.30am. Obviously this was delayed, by four or five hours (thanks to computer trouble), but if Fatty had seen the local news the night before he’d have been putting that on his site as an exclusive.

    The people who bought tickets from Oldham last year, and those who got tickets in competitions: If you’ve still got the stubs let the club know about how you got them. He’s not offered any for the Barcelona game, because he’s worried that someone who knows about him will win them – but if you’ve still got your stubs from either the give-aways or the touted sales, let the club know.

  11. Yorkie Says:

    I’d wonder what his level of paranoia is these days when he’s getting picked up on everything he does, even on his own site.

    Its all good…

  12. kraptalk user Says:

    This site is doing a tremendous job in bringing Fat boy FAT down to his big fat knees.
    Wonder when the stories of him “Rubbing shoulders” with “our” George will surface.
    You do know that him and George are good friends and has even given the fat man a free VIP box seat at the Canadian whatever there called. (sorry, cant rememebr the name).
    This will all be detailed in his “new” book which you can purchase from the 30th Febuary 1985, at a princely sum of $27.99.

  13. Raftastic Says:

    The thing is Rupert,Fatty is taking funds away from LFC.tv with his fake ass site this alone will be enough to set the American wheels in motion and lets face it they can/will apply a hell of alot of pressure very very quickly.

  14. btb Says:

    Don’t think they will, apart from the odd person that seems to have joined in Jan, only noticed one from South Africa it isn’t getting new members or keeping old ones.
    I bet come the summer it will be dead, most people are just using it cos they paid for it.

  15. walbaz Says:

    Surprise, surprise in less than 24hrs the parasite is cyber squatting on all the domain names for Kop Football LTD! Let’s hope they drag this prick through the courts!.

    kopfootball.tv *


    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant’s address:
    PO Box 556
    NE28 7WZ
    United Kingdom

    Registrant’s agent:
    eNom, Inc. [Tag = ENOM]
    URL: http://www.enom.com

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 06-Feb-2007
    Renewal date: 06-Feb-2009
    Last updated: 06-Feb-2007

  16. latestinsider Says:

    What will Dunk do, now that theres no ‘takeover gossip’ no more?

    I have just complained to paypal about his ‘double-dipping’ into accounts…..they are ‘investigating’ after they had quite a few complaints…

    Another income source will cease for him hopefully….and if he has funds they will be frozen

  17. yorkie Says:

    Jail for selling email addresses?. Could be interesting days ahead for fatty…


  18. Shaggy Shagger Says:

    And even if Dunk knew about takeover before BBC, is it worth 30 quid to know stuff 6 minutes before they go online on BBC? I think not…

  19. rupertinsider Says:


    Im on the road, but it did occur to me yesterday that he might squat on the kopfootball.com site.

    It demonstrates that he has no remorse and he will screw the new owners as much as he tried to screw the former owners.

    But it does give us something concrete to use against him when we send in the dossier.

    Someone else should send an email to the LFC Press Office about it. They know all about him but its good to keep reminding them.

  20. spsdjone Says:

    With the growing animosity towards him you would think he might lie low and stop any shadey dealings, but no.
    On the other hand, i think it could be a total waste of money as the company was only formed as a vehicle to buy the club. now they have the club the name is not really of much use. Bet he has already tried making contact to sell it to them though

  21. FGC Says:

    Has Fatty mentioned anything about selling the shares he claims to have?

  22. rupertinsider Says:


    I was saving that for an article because I did not want to tip him off. But now you’ve brought it up!

    You may remember that in the summer he said he would buy shares to get special access to meetings. I wrote to the club suggesting he was not fit to be a shareholder.

    Then in September , I think it was, when the board approved all the pending applications for the new format of the share certificate, he published one with the name and number blanked out.

    I used it again to write to the club claiming I was right. He was the first person to post a share certificate on the net thereby endangering the security of all share certificates.

    Then there was silence. Even when all the bids were being discussed he never once mentioned it – even though it would affect him since he would make a profit on the 3,000 plus that the shares were selling for at the time he published the certificate.

    He has not sounded like a shareholder ever sinnce and its not like him to be bashful about making money on the deal.

    So I figured (a) he never owned a share and just published a photo of someody else (b) the club put a gag on him ormaybe forced him to sell it for infringement of the rules (c) he sold it earlier when he was short of money.

    Its good to know that whatever the truth the fat slime won’t own a piece of our club.

  23. Hansi Says:

    He still pretends to have a season ticket, but no mention of having shares:

    #94827 – Today at 10:12 AM Season Tickets
    Dunk Dunk

    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 15670 I wonder how they’ll re-allocate us at the new stadium? I’ve never read up on this, anyone know?

    Also, I know that shareholders are getting the priority for life on major events etc but I totally missed the bit where it said they would get a new season ticket at the new stadium (if they didn’t already have a season ticket). That’s amazing.

    A clever start by the Yanks

  24. Hansi Says:

    How about this.

    #94857 – Today at 10:48 AM Re: Season Tickets [Re: Claire]
    Dunk Dunk

    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 15670 Yeh I imagine they’ll try and keep us in the same places. I’ll be gutted if the people that are usually around me aren’t there

    He’s not been to Anfield for ages. He knows nothing about who’s there.

    He was supposed to be at the Carling Cup match against Arsenal, but posted on KT during the match. Now he’s supposed to be at the Barca match with the missus. Watch out for excuses…

  25. The Oracle Says:

    What a dumbass Oldham is.

    Funny, for someone who claims to have ‘insider knowledge’ (HAH!) you didn’t see this takeover coming until it actually happened!!

    Anyone who believes what this moron posts needs help.

  26. Steve O'Grady Says:

    As an Arsenal supporter , I have to say that one of my favourite grounds is Anfield. No, not because we won the league there many moons ago, but just the history and the atmosphere. The feelings I felt when we left Highbury for the Emirates were very mixed. Yes it was nice to go to a bigger stadium…but I was gutted at leaving ‘an old friend’.
    I guess you guys are probably feeling the same about Anfield. The Emirates is a great stadium, but it doesn’t feel like home yet….not like Highbury.

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