Oldham not "The Insider" even after "seeing" a big cheese and his Toon idol – Michael Owen

by Rupert Insider

cheese-big-cmyk.gif On Sunday, around 6 pm, Oldham used his site to build a little video shrine to the Toon’s crippled midget – Michael Owen. He posted a string of stolen video clips from YouTube – some of Owen’s goals for LFC.

And when asked why, he said:

I’m seeing him in an hour or so and I’m taking him my betting slip to show him (I’ve backed his return to Liverpool). There’s also a few Liverpool players going tonight and some big cheese. Should be interesting.”

Anyway, yesterday, his members – all five of them – waited with baited breath to hear what happened at the meeting.But when he “returned” Oldham was as silent as a monk. He would not answer any questions about it – no Insider information whatsoever.

One charming innocent with only 143 posts – padraic 1– couldn’t contain himself any longer and yesterday he asked:

“well dunk any news/insider info”

Dunk was still deep in meditation. So that reet cheeky monkey – Dave 100 – had to reply to padraic1:

“Dunk doesn’t like to use the term ‘insider info’ anymore! Don’t know why! I mean an extra £4 to lose the ‘insider’? I thought closing the main site would have made everyone automatically members of the old ‘insider’ site.

Ah well, i guess i’ll stop before i get my knuckles wrapped!” :)

I’m guessing that what Dave 100 meant was that he had to pay an extra £4 more than he used to pay and yet was deprived of the The Insider, which was the main reason many signed up in the first place.

It didn’t escape my attention that Dave’s signature is “D-day Looms”.

Perhaps it didn’t escape Oldham’s either because while he was determined to keep his vow of silence on Michael Owen and the big cheese, he was not going to tolerate any suggestion – real or imagined – that he was sensitive about the use of the word “Insider”.


So he snapped back at Dave:

“You thought wrong didn’t you

We don’t like reference to the insider site, not the word insider… because we no longer run that feature as we wanted to stop the duplication of topics etc by having two features.”

Notice his continued use of the Royal “we”. It did not escape my attention that his – or should I say – “their” – signature was a blatant advertisement for his – or should I say “their” – porno site:

“Lads chat, videos, jokes, ladies and more @ (blanked out to deny him hits) – Not work friendly!”

If he says its “not work friendly” I’d believe him – that’s one subject on which he is an authority.

And to show just how sensitive he wasn’t about what Dave said – he locked the thread.


This incident was a flashback to the old times – when Oldham regularly boasted about mixing with the players and rubbing shoulders with the “top brass”.

Those were the days when his site was plastered with claims that it had privileged access and information to LFC which he would make available to all those who paid extra for the “The Insider” service.

It was all BB (Before Blog). These days are AB (After Blog) and everyone – except some of his newest members – know he is liar. LFC has not only disassociated from all his tall-tales but has made it clear that he has never had access to the club or the players and never will.

And we all saw his pathetic video at Melwood last summer taken over the fence from the top of a purple Wheelie bin which demonstrated how much of an “outsider” he really is, and how he hid behind the kids who were autograph-hunting as the players cars emerged into the street, and then how he butted-in shoving his microphone at the manager and players in an attempt to get them to mouth the word “Koptalk”. But none of them recognised it or wanted to talk to him.

For those still waiting to hear the lowdown on Owen and the big cheese – give it time he’ll think of something, he usually does, even if its self-contradictory, as it usually is.


27 Responses to “Oldham not "The Insider" even after "seeing" a big cheese and his Toon idol – Michael Owen”

  1. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    How does Dunk know what is work friendly and what isn’t. Lard hasn’t worked a day in his life!

  2. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    It used to be the case that this blog existed because of KT. Now I get the feeling the roles are being reversed.

    He knew full well that he would be picked up on “Meeting Owen in an hour”. He’s only said that so he will get some attention. He’s an attention whore (Mr Manchester Utd), and as such welcomes any type of attention, whether positive or negative. He ain’t getting much attention anymore on his “site”, so he is encouraging people to supply it from here. On a similar note, I wouldnt be suprised if it was him that was stirring shite on that LFC forum -refered to in a recent blog entry.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    He’s tongue-tied by his own lies. If he says too much about the probably public or semi-public event to which he is alluding, at which everyone who attends will “see” Owen, that will locate him.

    Last week he was implying he lived secretly near Melwood. But the reference to also some Liverpool players being there suggests its not an LFC event but something in Newcastle – which is less than an hour away. But he needs the rest of the hour to change out of his black burkha into his XX size track-suit.

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    The only big cheese anywhere near Oldham that night was Newcastle chairman Freddie Shepherd.

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    And as for his “not safe for work site” – it’s no longer carrying Google Ads, so well done to all those who reported him for carrying them there.

  6. seenthelight Says:

    fcuk fcuk fcuk,sorry about that but thats what i said when i noticed that thread.
    thinking it was another bring michael back thread i stayed away,when i eventually did take a look i noticed what dunk was up to.
    but it was to late to contribute to the thread because as soon as someone questioned dunk(dave)the thread was locked.
    i thought the days of locking threads was over,in fact its getting worse.

    on a side note,i see his anfield mole has tipped him off the deal is signed and will be announced today.
    was tuesday not the day that was giving to us as being the possible day of an announcement?
    where was dunks mole all during january when he could have being providing updates on transfers and the situation with D.I.C.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve transferred this post from the “Blog v Koptalk” Comments (found in the toolbar at the top of the site). Its such a long impassioned post it deserves some attention on a current thread:

    # Terry Terry Says:
    February 6th, 2007 at 12:26 am e

    Fucking hell, I’m amazed.

    I stumbled upon Koptalk a few years back having been searching for a decent LFC fan site, and decided to give it a punt at £20. It took me all of a few days to get The Pig’s number, and I then spent a good many more kicking myself I’d spent the money straight off the bat rather than having waited and viewed the site properly.

    At which point I would undoubtedly have been more inclined to wipe shit on a child’s face than pay any money to Chunk. Not because it particularly broke the bank, but because of the principle involved – giving a slug like him some pound notes.

    The reasons for his being so odious are plentiful, and as this blog’s dedicated to presenting them it’d be a bit redundant for me to repeat many of them. The one’s I will refer to however are those which involve his towering hypocrisy, conceit and self-pity – which are basically a waste of fresh air. I think it’s these which best illustrate his loathsome child’s brain when it comes to apparently many things save pulling strokes – and let’s face it, that’s merely down to animal cunning.

    Unless you’re fussed about having fast cars that can be double parked outside pubs, to show everyone how materially well you’ve done for yourself by any means necessary – for the love of god you truly are a gutstick Oldham – you can just about get over not having his ground-breaking criminal acumen, not to mention lack of morals, without too much bitterness. Particularly in my case when considering my old man’s dead too Dunk, and if he ever looks down at me from wherver he is I know he doesn’t have to cringe for eternity in the way your’s does.

    Dress it up any which way you like, but the demons are there on that one and well you know it – unless you’re lying about what an honourable man he was as well, which frankly is the sort of odds on favourite you’d usually stick huge chunks of your paralysed cousin’s money on, parasite that you are.

    Sadly though, I found it slightly less easy to avoid being angered by the amount of times I read self-indulgent and childish posts about said father’s death, his own, dog’s and family’s illnesses, trials and tribulations, and of course his considering suicide – all written in horribly makwish and whining tome – in but days, which made me want to fucking strange the man. Several of those are things I and many more have been through extremely painfully and would never cheapen like that.

    Next is his casual flipping between “being controversial” and calling people children if they don’t accept “adult debate” vis-a-vis his own half-baked opinions and hefty moralising on hot topics one minute, then banning freedom of speech the next when it’s quizzing some shit scam or other he’s using to stripe daft impressionable youngsters up for cash.

    Finally the standard of his editorials and understanding of various facets of the game is astoundingly infantile. A perfect example being the way he jumped on the Crouch signing for months and ridiculed him over his appearance, before self-righteously declaring he was backing him and standing alone against the naysayers to defend our brave boys. A pub bore, the cunt sat at the bar who’ll always tell you he knew what was going to happen before it did, he just hadn’t bothered to say in advance because no-one else present had the intellect to take it on board.

    Similarly his need to abbreviate his name to “Dunk”, use the phrase “Dunk Knows Best” and have a website called “Dunk’s Crib” have all made me hoot with laughter, along with “Thought provoking editorials from The Daddy”. No-one outside their teens calls themselves The Daddy you ridiculous prick. A pig child hybrid.

    I thought fuck it, there’s plenty of vermin in the world and I don’t need to lift the manhole cover up to know there’s effluvium running under the streets – I’ll just stop reading his site and leave it there. Then I uncovered this blog when reading kraptalk after a mate told me about it. I read also his indirect responses to you that were re-posted here.

    To be fair, while I could clearly see what his flailing and calling you variations of saddos was all about, as anyone who isn’t a darker shade of green naturally could, and the vomit inducing self-congratulation of declaring people were paying him compliments by being obsessed, I still thought it was a bit of a shame that an intelligent, decent human being/s was devoting their precious time on the planet to what was indeed obviously an obsession.

    I never thought for a minute it would be pursused to as much effect as it was with tenacity. I thought far more heat would be created than light, and sadly it could have just descended into bitterness which didn’t cause him as much inconvenience as it did yourself/yourselves.

    But having flicked back on here as I do every few months I’ve been doing some looking around on his site today following things you’ve recently posted, and the new ones you mention too. I saw all the old staple names like Mumsafan, fredo, shaggyalonso, anfieldforever etc on those sites, and links on them to your blog.

    It’s a very long-winded pat on the back I know, and one from someone you don’t know and who’s opinion I recognise means chuff all – but well done nonetheless. I take my hat off to you, and if you do truly flush Oldham down the internet toilet then you really will have achieved something worthwhile, and very rare. A little bit of justice in an often twisted world.

    Nice one lads, good work. Hope the sweet feeling’s worth all the time and effort it took when it does happen, even if it doesn’t feel as good as Number 19 and McKenzie’s demise do when they also inevitably roll round one day.

    Come on you reds. Cheers,


  8. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks terry. But its not as much effort now,as you might think, partly because of the help we get from people who send in emails.

    It sometimes seems that most of KT’s members are waiting for their subscription to expire. In the meantime they send us “heads up” emails, which saves us having to monitor his garbage site.

    And its not an obsession – I regard it as a hobby that gives me lots of laughs while at the same time contributing to a worthwhile cause.

    PS I hope everyone who is waiting for their subscription to expire has checked their PayPal account to make sure it won’t automatically pay another year’s membership.

  9. An Observer Says:

    Can’t see google ads on koptalk either, looks like they may have terminated his account.

    That will hit the fatty hard.

  10. koptalksucks.com Says:

    “And as for his “not safe for work site” – it’s no longer carrying Google Ads, so well done to all those who reported him for carrying them there.”

    @Insider Insider: Yup I too noticed those ads had been removed. Don’t think he has had his account suspended/deletedc by Google but they must have been intouch warning him. Also have you noticed the warning that is now on there? (Just looked now to copy and paste but its gone now) Certainly worth a short article of its own IMO.

    BTW I have also reported both Koptalk and footballandbirds for piracy of Ubbthreads. It is possible that Dunk is using an unlicensed version of Ubb on the footballandbirds site just like he did with Fusion. Worth a punt.

  11. koptalksucks.com Says:

    Here is a template of the message I sent to UBB using their online form. Please take 2 minutes to report it too. Here is the form; https://www.infopop.com/q/q.php?action=pool_query&num=41

    I suspect one of either Koptalk.com or Footballandbirds.tv is using an unlicensed copy of Ubb.threads.

    I trust you will investigate this.

    Please can I also request that my personal information be kept anonymous.

    Thank you.

  12. latestinsider Says:

    What a shame….

    What a shame, that with the new owners now in place at Anfield, and a reputed 100-150 million to be given to Rafa, Dunk will NOT be able to capitalise on on all those juicy transfer goings on in the summer! All those juicy profiting news now hits….

    This would have been his BEST year EVER! Pity that he was found out to be a fat lazy pork pie eating lfc hater with a propensity to tell whoppers!

    Well koptalk is now on a life support machine thanks to this great blog.

    Such a shame! heheheheheheh!

  13. limpey lionel Says:

    This site does need to resort to calling an ex Liverpool great a criplled midget.

    Your lowering yourself to the level of Koptalk and its anti fowler agenda.

    Keep up the good work

  14. rupertinsider Says:


    The “site” never called him a midget – I did. He’s been known as a midget for years – been called it by a famous manager – because he is very short and his legs have to work overtime to keep up with the momentum created by his rather large head. He is also crippled most of the time, such as now. Sometimes he’s referred to as a “dwarf” and I think that is a better caricature than “midget”.

    Its not a bit like the Koptalk anti-Fowler campaign. I suggest you read that up.

    That was a structured organised campaign against an LFC player that made allegations about his private life, his family’s private life and his daily doings and it was conducted for profit by Oldham and his friend at the Blue Bar, as well as by many leading contributors to Koptalk at the time – some of whom used Koptalk to stalk Fowler. It so happens that Oldham used exaggerated praise of Owen as another stick to beat Fowler. Oldham and his cronies used Kopalk to celebrate the day Fowler left.

    Owen is not an LFC player – has not been for several years.

    But this is a blog about Oldham not about Owen.

  15. scousenproud Says:

    The day that midget walked out the door was the day that midget left himself open to ridicule and name calling. The midget has some of the same traits as oldham, he is two faced, selfish, long past it and all about the money.

  16. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Boo Hiss , this blog is about koptalk not LFCs ex-players.

  17. Dave100 Says:

    Stop quoting me :o)

  18. scousenproud Says:

    dave i still cant believe you havent seen the light and ventured over to http://www.est1892. your a top guy and would be a top poster for est. surely you must be sick and tired of the over the top cloak and dagger moderation? i tried to get a ticket last week from the forum and i had to wait for a reply for 24 hours, the ticket was gone. surely you must be sick and tired of the lack of debate? a mature forum for mature fans? thats a fucking joke. people want free speech with real passion for the club, people with true insight into the club, people that would walk a million miles with another kopite cos as reds thats what we do. ask yourself this,how come that jeckyl and hyde calls himself a supposedly die hard liverpool fan? how come he never goes? how come he never promotes himself or his website at the ground on matchdays? how come he uses his son to promote his website and was oldham also wearing a liverpool shirt? if that prick sat next to you and he told you he promoted “the sun” either you or someone else would slap him silly. Dave, he doesent care about our club, its all lip service and about the money. we have spoken a few times and you are a knowledgable red and i believe you have got a lot to say. i hope you come over to http://www.est1892, your friend scousenproud

  19. rupertinsider Says:


    Why would he go to Est 1892?
    There are lots of good honest LFC sites.

    EST 1892 has become home site for many involved in the KT exodus of 2006 but so have other sites such as SCM, TalkLFC, TLW and RAWK (Red and White Kop). And other sites, such as YNWA, became home for previous, but lesser, migrations from KT.

    Some members of EST1892 have and continue to play a very effective role in exposing and bringing down Koptalk.
    but there are others on that site who are still conflicted about their past involvement in the KT cult and especially in the dynamics of their personal relationship with or feelings about the cult-master Oldham.

    Some of them still fear him or attribute to him powers he does not have.

    Oldham is an ignorant, work-shy spiv, pimp and fraudster with serious psychological problems, who learned by trial-and-error how to bamboozle people on the net by exploiting noble concepts of group loyalty originating with their feelings for LFC which he then transformed into feelings for himself (and his gormless family) and the “KT community”.

    His technique works well with those who are not only looking for the acceptance and excitement of a virtual family but who are also bright and imaginative. He got them in the first place by falsely conveyed to them that in visiting KT they would be joining a “family” located in Liverpool with privileged access to LFC. Then he let them construct the imaginary “community”. As it grew he manipulated their construct for his own psychological and financial needs.

    This is clear to anyone who never got caught up in the dynamics of his tawdry site.

    But for some on EST 1892 its not so simple. They engage in tortuous “justifications” which basically claim that their involvement in KT was for the “friendships” and had nothing to do with all the anti-LFC propaganda and dishonest conduct on KT. They also claim they left for similarly ethereal reasons. They just want everyone to know that they did not leave because the blog exposed Oldham by pricking the cultist bubble in which they were entrapped.

    Consequently, while they welcome justification of their decision to leave KT, they don’t want criticism of existing members of KT – such as found on this blog – to imply that in the past they were wrong or duped by participating so actively in the KT cult and possibly even helping Oldham entrap the existing members they have left behind.

    Some of the EST 1892 members continue to post on KT.

    In my opinion, it might be better for someone who wants to leave KT and shake of its cultist connections to browse a few sites before deciding to make this or that site their favorite. Some sites are firmly grounded in LFC either by their location, their ownership or the knowledge and passion of their posters.

    None of them are fraudulent or cultist like Koptalk.

    KT is really is a freak site, run by a fraudulent freak and supported by a small hard core of freakish posters.

    The others who use KT, who are unaware of KT history, or undecided, need to know. My understanding of the blog is that its first priority is to address them and persuade them to leave as it has successfully persuaded many others. The second function is to act as a meeting place and resource for all those who want to render KT harmless.

    The blog and its allies have already succeeded in most of its objectives. Even if the blog were to close there is now a well informed community of critics who will start other blogs and find other ways to drive Oldham away from LFC.

  20. scousenproud Says:

    What difference does it make to you how people leave KT? I hope it doesn’t because the ramblings of your post suggests that your ego is at work. There is no doubt that the blog has done an exceptonal job of bringing KT to its knees but it’s not the mitigating factor. Whether you approve or disapprove friendships do exist on every forum, and friends follow friends. How people find or flock themselves to relevant websites, leaving KT behind is of no consequence to the blog. I can’t comment on the other sites you mentioned as I don’t belong to any of them, but I do post on est, hence the invitation to Dave. What I find offensive, Rupert, is your continious need to belittle people with accusations of former members fearing Oldham and being cultish. You have to use the tactics you deem fit for the cause, but when you start to get into the area of psychology with former members, let me just say you are not winning anyone over. Let people be and stop trying to rub salt a little deeper into some wounds. It’s enough that people have left and moved on. People do not need to be reminded of how they were ripped off. They already know. Show some humility in your impending victory. Stick with what works for you, Oldhams greed, tax evasion, fake memorabilia, copyright infringements, ticket touting, the fact that he is not a liverpool supporter, “The Sun” endorser, and the Lauren fund just to mention a few. You have been a champion in the KT to its knees and I salute you, but you are not above criticism.

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    I was responding to your attempt to use this blog to recruit a KT poster to EST 1892. So I turn your churlish point on yourself. What business is it of yours where he goes, if anywhere?

    I did not say he should not go to EST 1892 or that he should go elsewhere. I pointed out that the choice was wider than you were urging on him.

    Personally, I don’t care if he stays at Koptalk.

    I am entitled to offer any type of explanation I like of the tortuous arguments a few on EST 1892 make about their involvement in KT and with Oldham and the blog.

    Since you used the post to rehearse your views on the blog or me – let me reply that I don’t give a tinker’s cuss what you or some of the other ex-Koptalkers on EST 1892 think. I was never part of you lot when you were on Koptalk (and still are in some cases) and I am not now you are on Est 1892.

    (I’m referring to those few ex-cognoscenti of Koptalk who have tens of thousands of KT posts between them – who harp on about the niceties of the blog and tell us what exactly we should be doing and not doing. One or two of them actually still post on KT).

    Of course it would suit you for all the reasons I outlined if we did not “attack” Koptalk members or anybody but the guy you call “Dunk”.

    In my view Oldham could not have conducted his scams against LFC and thousands of supporters on the net without the active and tacit support of his members.

    Most of those members now understand that and have taken corrective action. Most of them do not offer tortuous defenses of their past involvement or emote about their so-called mates still on KT. They simply say they were duped by a con artist and caught up in the dynamics of his site, relying in good faith on the assumption that if other good people – LFC supporters – were involved in the site surely they would inform them or warn them if something was wrong.

    Having seen the evidence for themselves or heard the arguments they want to ensure it doesn’t happen to others. Its that simple.

    I’m happy that we – the blog writers and contributors and back-room supporters – have done our job.

    I’ve read for months the whines on EST 1892 as we have uncovered and analysed this and that aspect of the Oldham con. Always the same few people claiming that we had no “proof” or were “attacking” the innocent i.e. their mates, and always complaints that we were alienating our readers by our style. As each of our allegations have been born out, and/or Oldham has failed to offer a defence or explanation, and as our readership has grown and become more activist, the same whiners then declared that it was all so obvious anyway and why are we bothering to expose it.
    It so happens that since the blog started Oldham has lost about 4 or 5 thousand members – depending on which of his various base-line figures you accept – and possibly tens of thousands of lurkers who came via News Now and his other publicity stunts. This probably translates into about £65-125,000 pounds a year. It doesn’t matter to us, the blog contributors, how many of those losses are directly attributable to our work and we are happy to acknowledge our allies.

    When all else fails the EST 1892 whiners accuse the blog of being repetitive and boring. But not repetitive or boring enough, it seems, to prevent them from reading it avidly.

    Their main complaint seems to be that the blog is not under their control.

    The simple truth, widely acknowledged, is that the blog is a great success.

    Contrary to statements on your site, Oldham has never been decimated as he has been by the blog and its allies. He is permanently or “structurally” weakened”.

    Your reference to “humility” is ridiculous. Why should an already modest blog which is anonymous and has no self-interested ambitions adopt some form of false humility in order to salve the bruised egos of a few ex and current Koptalkers on Est 1892?

  22. scousenproud Says:

    Nobody is asking you to adopt any form of false humility but once again you are quick to build walls rather than build bridges. It was not my intention to use the blog as a recruiting drive for est and if it caused any offence,Insider, i apologise. I am unaware if Dave has any knowledge of where the vast majority of ex koptalkers went and simply wanted to give him a heads up. As in the past Rupert, you have become judge, jury and executioner. You may percieve to know “what suits me” but i will take that up with you on another day. I have nothing more to add to this conversation except cross talking on the blog should be banned, It is counter productive.

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    “Cross talking on the blog should be banned”- is that another EST1892 rule we have to follow? It should be easy because I’ve no idea what it is.

    “Judge jury and executioner” – I wish I was – then there would be no need for the blog – Oldham would be gone.

    “You may perceived to know what suits me…” I’ve no idea who you are, nor am I interested. And what does “perceive to know” mean?

    As for “closing doors” – I suppose you’re referring to the handful I referred to on EST 1892?

    I never opened the door to them so I don’t need to close it. I never needed their advice to know what was wrong with KT and what to do about it. And I don’t want their advice now. I’m interested in the blog and the demise of KT. I’m not interested in EST 1892. Insider Insider choses to respond to the critics on their site – I don’t.

    In fact the Est 1892 members were all active members of Koptalk when I started contributing to the blog – not to mention when I was a contributor to Toby’s spoof site – kraptalk.com – in 2001.

    Since you are now passing judgment about my entire past conduct on the blog its obvious that your previous attempt to present yourself as objective and open-minded was a sham – so I have to say, in all humility, that I was right again – about tortuous sensitivities to criticism of Koptalk members.

  24. Insider Insider Says:

    The whole subject of whether the blog should mention Koptalk members by name in any way is one which is controversial.

    I got some stick last week (on EST1892) for saying I thought that anyone who stayed on Koptalk, and posted on Koptalk, despite knowing all about Dunk, was as bad as Dunk.

    The criticism I got wasn’t just constructive, although there was some of that as well. I fell for one person who seemed to be on a bit of wind-up (well done to him) by taking him probably too seriously.

    I think that’s the problem – it’s difficult sometime to work out whether someone is being constructive or vindictive. And it’s far too easy to jump to the wrong conclusion.

    I think that mentioning posters by name is a good way of letting them see that they are helping Dunk keep going. In most cases they probably didn’t realise.

    This stuff about cults is partly true. Not all members are that way, but a lot are – and they’ve admitted as such. It’s not on a grand scale, except perhaps with a small few, but it’s difficult for some people to shake off this image of Dunk as the caring unselfish website owner who would do anything for them. Eventually people do see it though, and feel a bit embarrassed afterwards.

    I actually, personally, think the message to Dave A above was a good idea. I don’t care where people decide to spend their internet lives, as long as it’s not on Koptalk. If Dave A takes up the offer to go and find some familiar names on EST1892 then he might be able to ask people he trusts whether this blog is telling the truth or not. So I hope he goes there.

    If he thinks EST1892 is full of the people he (secretly) couldn’t stand, then he can look on any other LFC forum for posts about Koptalk. There are loads of forums, and just about all of them have mentioned and linked to this blog at some time.

    I do get pissed off with people saying how wrong I am to write what I write the way I write it, how they know I’m wrong but aren’t willing to have a go themselves.

    I think that Rupert is right about some ex Koptalk members, but not all. I think the current membership of EST1892 is a mixture of all types of person. The good the bad and the ugly. But aren’t all forums?

    Cross talk is not a good idea. It’s probably got fat Dunk laughing his fat arse off to see this squabbling here and elsewhere. I don’t do censorship on here, but I think there were a lot of crossed wires in the exchanges above.

    Scousenproud was trying to get Dave over to est1892 so he could talk to him. I am at a loss as to why Rupert was so upset about that, but I’m guessing it’s because he saw the stick I got on there last week over Dave A. It’s too easy to assume that because a handful of members have a go at me (sometimes correctly, sometimes not) that the whole of EST1892 is against the blog. It isn’t. Dave A is clearly a popular person – I hope he does go to EST1892 because then I might be able to have a talk to him if he’s upset about me.

    As for egos, something that’s often mentioned, personally I don’t care who gets the credit for the state Dunk has got to now. A lot of people have played their parts. The blog has been important but perhaps only as a catalyst. A lot of people can take a lot of credit for it. Me – well if Dunk closes his sham site tomorrow I’ll disappear. Anyone else can take whatever credit they want, because I’ll not be around (as “Insider”) to dispute it.

    If what everyone says about Dave A is true, he’ll be off Koptalk pretty soon and that will be because he’s seen that most of the people he got on with at Koptalk, “friends” for want of a better word, have now left. But it doesn’t matter why he leaves, as long as he does. If he stayed on Koptalk despite all of those reasons “scousenproud” gives for leaving then perhaps people had not judged him right. Either that or he believes Dunk over all of his “friends” – which is where that “cult” thing comes in.

    There are a lot of different opinions floating around about how best to continue with this blog, about what’s right and what’s wrong. I hope we can all try and accept that nobody is 100% right, and we can all use each other’s ideas to finish off this cockroach we’ve been stamping on for the best part of a year.

  25. scousenproud Says:

    i think my friend it is you that is sensitive to any type of criticsim.

  26. scousenproud Says:

    sorry insider2 for the drama. the blog should continue the way its going but when guys like myself see an opening to invite dave away and see another light, the last thing i/we need is rupert being all condesending. As for naming names, it is never going to be popular but you have to do what you feel whats best for the blog and if guys dont like it then they can respond accordingly.

  27. rupertinsider Says:

    I said several times in my previous three posts in this exchange that I was referring to a small handful and described them well enough for anyone familiar with EST 1892 to know who they are. So my posts do not need clarifying. There were no cross-wires from my end.

    As for “cross-talking” – if that means that the blog and EST 1892 are the same, have some sort of pact, or are even the same kind of site and must speak with one voice – then that is a fundamental error.

    My understanding is that this is an independent blog. It is about Oldham and Koptalk. It is not a football site. It does not want to be a football site. It has no pact with EST 1892. Its interests are not identical with EST 1892’s even though they may coincide in some respects.

    Dave A claims he went on national TV in New Zealand wearing a Koptalk badge and then he wrote to Oldham in grovelling terms to say he would be doing it again on two other national channels. In other words he was promoting Koptalk. When called out by someone on here he referred to the blog contributors as “idiots” and “jealous”.

    That’s all I know about him. I don’t accept emotive testimonials that he is a “good guy” and “a true red” from a handful of ex and current Koptalk posters on EST 1892.

    Presumably he is an adult – he can examine the evidence and the arguments we have presented. He should not need flattery and special pleading. This business of entrapping someone into leaving Koptalk and going to EST 1892 by exaggerated and emotive claims of friendship is similar to a technique used by cultists.

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