Some reminders about Koptalk.

I saw an exchange on an LFC site today where a clear wind-up merchant (WUM) arrived to cause trouble. He was trying to make out that the site was racist. It’s not an argument for here, but in my view the site is not even remotely racist. What I thought was odd was that this WUM arrived full of bluster about how bad the site was, but went on to practically defend Koptalk!

The site has actually gone down for maintenance as I write this, but from memory the WUM started off by attacking the site, before he was questioned by posters on there about why most of his previous sixty or seventy posts were attacks on the club or that site in one way or another. He’d tried spreading Dunk’s made-up anti-LFC Craig Bellamy lie from the Goodison derby weekend, he’s asked why members of this site didn’t like Koptalk.

What was most frustrating in reading it was that he was asked what he thought of Koptalk, and said he didn’t know anything about the history. He went on to call claims about Koptalk “hearsay”, went on to say he didn’t believe anything and wouldn’t until it was proved to him. Yet he was happy to accuse this other website of all manner of crimes without once being able to back up what he was saying.

So was this WUM a Koptalk cultee, or was it actually Dunk himself, as was suggested by one or two members?

Who out there still defends Koptalk? What proof do they need?

This blog is full of proof, and if this other site hadn’t been closed for maintenance when it was I might just have added my own views to the thread.

How about the racism claims? Is Duncan Oldham racist? Well read this, one of his rants from last summer, as featured on here at the time. We didn’t make this up – this is verbatim what he posted last summer…

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Bunch of miserable gits
#1470507 – Mon Jun 05 2006 03:28 PM Reply

I tell you what I haven’t got time for, those of you who care little for the World Cup even when your country is participating. How any English Liverpool fans can’t support at the very least the Reds in action for England is beyond me. Miserable gits you are.

I want to see our boys playing and hopefully gaining more experience. I want to see them achieve personal success. Nothing will fill me with more pride than seeing Steven Gerrard smash one home from outside the area regardless of the kit he’s wearing. I’ll be getting behind the lads that’s for sure regardless of who they play their club football for.

Seeing England flags on houses and cars at the moment may be naff to some but it’s one of the very few times that you see communities unite. It is around here anyway, that’s if you have any English people left on your street.

A lot of councils are forcing householders to remove their England flags because it may offend others. Can you believe that [censored]? I’d love to see them try and take mine down. If an Englishman can’t display the St George on his own castle there’s something very wrong and if it offends the non-English, tough [censored], don’t live in England then.

Even Radio 1 are refusing to play England football songs because it may offend Scottish, Irish or Welsh listeners. What nonsense. If any of those countries were participating at tournaments I’d be happy listening to their tunes, it wouldn’t offend me. I think I’m a rare breed that wants to see the home nations do well, not at England’s expense of course but you know what I mean.

One positive report I read was about this bloke who’s made flags that wrap around wheelie bins. 36-year-old Adam Birch from Telford thought of the idea and he’s been blitzed with orders exceeding 300,000! A simple but daft thing and he’s gonna be minted – well played!

Anyway, concentrating on club football for a few sentences and I thought I’d admit i’m feeling a bit nervy about the lack of activity in the transfer market. We don’t know of course what has definitely taken place but last summer I remember saying the same. Basically I tried to adopt the attitude of no news was good news but in the end it actually turned out that we left it too late.

Let’s hope everything’s in order. It’s only June but with the World Cup set to kick off in a few days, I can’t lie and say I don’t feel a bit edgy about it.

This had followed on from his earlier comments, on his “blog”, about his weekend in London…

“Just got back home following our weekend in London. I am so glad to be back. It might be grim up North but I’d rather be up here with my own people than those miserable feckers down South. One thing I’d like to know is this… are there any English people left in London?”

So to that WUM – the owner of your beloved Koptalk is a racist. No need to try and cook a story up with some half-baked claims. Duncan Oldham admits it. I bet you aren’t so brave as to go and flag it up with him though are you? Unless you are him.

Could the WUM be Dunk? Is Dunk really so desperate that he wants to try and drag other sites down with him? His site is sinking, and sinking fast. It was never really going to last – it was made of lies. And the lies had huge holes in them, which is why his site was always going to sink. And the greedy fat owner is going to go down with it. The username the WUM used to make his allegations doesn’t seem to exist on any other LFC sites – “Onceredalwaysa”.

If the WUM isn’t Dunk, and is actually reading this, perhaps he’d like to have a laugh at these bits of classic bullshit from Oldham…

Chris Waddle’s House

Oldham threatens to blackmail Rick Parry. (Parry has never met Oldham. FACT!)

Pyramid Selling Scheme.

Former players work for Koptalk and other lies.

So to that wind-up merchant, and anyone else who thinks Dunk’s actually OK,  have a good read and then come back and tell me why you think he’s OK.


3 Responses to “Some reminders about Koptalk.”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Here’s another one for the WUM to look at – with pictures, too. What more “proof” do you need that Oldham is a S*n lover

  2. s.k Says:

    i think this is the first time ive ever disagreed with anything written in this blog!

    i cant see how that is racist to be honest? if someone doesnt want to let us fly our flag and be proud of our country then he is right, dont live in england. and there probably arent as much english people in london as there used to be, so thats probably more of an observation in my book, just the way he said it came across a bit un-pc. and by the way, us southerners are miserable gits – id much rather be up north with northerners too.

    anyways, he is still a fat lying cunt regardless of whether he is racist or not.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    He also uses his podcast to do his gormless imitations of Turkish and Pakistan shopkeepers.

    But its a complex subject. I don’t think “racist” fits him on the evidence we have. Even if he were racist I think he would not be so stupid as to reveal it on a site that relies heavily on money from overseas.

    I’d prefer to define him as a “Little Englander” or even a”Little Yorkshire Pudding” in that he exhibits a certain smug sense of superiority and insularity. There are racialist overtones. But it is not pure racism.

    However, the targets of his remarks may feel that they are essentially racist.

    I know some North Americans who are regularly shocked at the “Irish are thick drunks” jokes which are considered fairly normal in the UK. They would be labelled racist in Canada and the USA.

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