Koptalk censors another paying member.

by Rupert Insider

I visited Koptalk again. I know, I know – it’s a dirty job – but somebody’s got to do it!

I wanted to see if Oldham carried out his much-trumpeted promise to feature his so-called “cousin” Lauren Forsythe on his podgecast. He didn’t. In fact there was no podgecast.

images.jpgI arrived after the “discussion” about all the “insider information” Oldham was gibbering about the failed DIC takeover.

You see, he knew from his contacts at LFC, that the DIC are waiting in the background and may be ready to resume. Right!

One of his members – “carras_boot”- couldn’t take it any more. This is what he said

“I‘m sorry but how the feck will Dunk know that DIC are still there in the background? He is an internet forum owner not an Oracle nor is he Rick Parry. Its assumptions, second guess’s and speculation. This is what is pissing a lot of fans off. Certain so-called knowledgable fans who claim to have insider knowledge when really they have NONE who then claim to know that a deal “could still be struck” because DIC are “still in the background”. Says who? Where is the proof? Its a touchy subject that should be dealt with with cool heads but obviously is not going that way.


(Click on screenshot of the post and click again to enlarge.)

Nothing strange there. Just the normal kind of spontaneous comment you’d find on any LFC related forum, right? Surely, having paid 30 for the privilege, carras_boot was entitled to post an opinion? Isn’t that what Oldham is selling – a forum for mature discussion?

No. He is selling a cult and himself as the wannabee cult-master who-may-not-be-contradicated.

The poster had committed the cardinal sin of questioning his false claim to have “inside” knowledge. LFC had already buried that claim when they told us and others that Oldham has never had any access to LFC and never will. Click HERE to read a summary of LFC’s statements about Oldham.

So without explanation Oldham removed the post within minutes of it appearing .

images1.jpgBut he didn’t add “I’m watching you” which is what he used to post – publicly or privately – before he banned others who questioned his infalibility.

These days his wings are clipped. He knows he has to pay back the balance of membership fees to anyone he bans – he is a lot more cautious.

I visited the site at an hour when you would expect any LFC-related site to be buzzing – a time when just a few months ago – even after the Great Koptalk Exodus of the Summer and Fall of 2006 – there were regularly 85-150 shown as being “online” on Koptalk.

He doesn’t seem to display the online statistic now – but he still shows how many are viewing each topic. And when I visited there were 2 viewing one topic. One of them was me. There was also one viewing another topic. But that was it – do the maths. A grand total of 2 viewers.

It seems that even Emma (Rebecca Franks) and Katie (Katrina Cushnahan) can’t pull in the punters.

Katie (Katrina) put it eloquently in the shoutbox.


[Katie] Anybody out there ?????


I was going to reply, “Rupert”, but thought she might be scared to be alone with a bear.

In fact, there was no reply – not for several hours.

Stannard Insider noticed another little Shoutbox exchange:

“Barnesey” had complained last week that he was not getting his SMS messages. As we know, the SMS message is one of the services Oldham uses in his sales pitch to justify a 30 a year membership.


[barnesey] dunk..my sms have stopped..again 🙂

[Dunk] you need to speak to Katie, open a support ticket mate or speak to her on MSN tomorrow. let me know if you have any probs

Barnesey would be better off letting the blog know if he finally got an SMS message.

Interesting that Katrina seems to have replaced Steve as customer complaint scapegoat and general dogsbody. What happened to Steve?

Its only a few months since he was promoted to Editor and Managing Director. There’s speculation in the City that his rapid rise up the corporate ladder continues with his recent promotion to the newly-created post of Director of Fake Certificates of Authenticity and Manager of the Double Charging Membership Scams.

How many does Oldham have helping him with his handful of active memebrs? He has Rebecca and Katrina and Steve and his daughter and “Brother” Smoove and “Uncle” RichT – we won’t count his Ma because she has been quiet lately.  So with all that help and so few members what does he do?

I mean what does he do apart from deleting members posts, writing self-pitying justifications and dressing up as a fat arab woman with a tache?


And that’s it folks – just a couple of bits and pieces.

Well you didn’t expect Koptalk to go out with a bang did you?

It was always going to be with whimper.


7 Responses to “Koptalk censors another paying member.”

  1. Trousers Says:

    Oncearedalwaysared on TLW is this dunk? or sombody from KT my mac is barely
    working so can’t post links but it’s under thread title “Yet another ethnic has been banned”.

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    Trousers – yes, I saw that, and I thought that it could have been Dunk. Certainly it’s someone who’s still blind to Dunk’s Kons. Which is why I added the latest post, just in case the person has the balls to read them.

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    Dunk’s take on the DIC situation. This was posted by him on Wednesday night…


    “Liverpool FC insiders inform us that DIC have been on Merseyside all day and that they’ve been locked in talks with club officials this evening with regards the present situation.

    There is nothing to suggest that DIC have made a u-turn but there’s equally nothing to suggest that they haven’t. We have no idea whether Gillett Jnr or DIC will link up with the club, that’s up to the board to decide.”

    A classic.

  4. kraptalk user Says:

    So in other words II, what dung is actually saying in a round-about way is this –

    “Liverpool FC insiders (the Walley) inform us that DIC have been on Merseyside all day because he seen them coming out of Burger King with a S*N hat and that they’ve been locked in talks with club officials about maybe getting the S*N as a possible sponsor. He informs us that this evening DIC will hold talks with regards to the present situation and will inform us about any deals on the 30th february.

    There is nothing to suggest that I know that DIC have made a u-turn but there’s equally nothing to suggest that I know they haven’t. We have no idea whether Gillett Jnr or DIC will link up with the club because i have no insiders, but im assuming that’s up to the board to decide.”

  5. dataimaginary Says:

    Great work people, you can almost smell the KT corpse, don’t let up though.

  6. scott Says:

    The fact that DIC can’t return to the table for 6 months due to some takeover rule makes the comments even more ridiculous

  7. Armchairkopite Says:

    Sms my arse bring that lying, robbing, lard arse to his knees!!

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