Is the Fat Lady about to sing?

by Honorary Insider

Yesterday Duncan Oldham, broke his silence, over claims made on this blog, about the theft of funds raised by Koptalk members, for his disabled “cousin ” Lauren Forsyth. He did not post it on here, even though this blog has given him an open “right of reply”, He posted in on his own site and then promptly locked the thread, before any awkward questions could be asked.



The flaws and contradictions in his article have already been exposed by Insider in his article yesterday.

I would like to look at why Duncan Oldham chose now, after months of silence, to respond to our accusations.



He doesn’t mention us directly – except in his references to his “stalkers” – because he cannot bring himself to admit that we exist or, alternatively, that “I welcome the publicity”.

So why did he finally try to defend himself?



It struck me as a last desperate attempt to justify himself to himself: his post seemed full of guilt and remorse. Its something I never thought I’d see from him.



But why and why now?



Well Koptalk is dying on its feet, it has virtually no members, it has no income from new subscriptions and precious little income from the Google ads that are plastered everywhere.



January should be one of its busiest times, but thanks to this blog correspondence with News Now he was banned from that site on the 2nd of January. For Oldham this could not have come at a worse time, as he relied heavily on the transfer windows to lure the unsuspecting to pay £30 for his members-only site.



So what caused this latest outpouring of pleas for understanding?



Does he realise that his days of sitting on his fat backside and watching the money roll in from his fake charities, his fake memorabilia, non existent competitions are over? Yes, he probably does.



Does he fear that authorities investigating his various fraudulent activities may be getting ready to move in and start asking a lot of embarrassing questions, and that some of these questions may be put to him “under caution” ?



Luckily for him he can call upon the services of Paul Harper and the entire Koptalk legal team. And if they are a figment of his imagination, too, as Executive Editor he can always appoint himself as duty solicitor.



He is getting increasingly paranoid. He knows that one or more people close to him is feeding this blog information.



Earlier this month that blog revelaed that “Katie” is Katrina Cushnahan. And earlier this week his paranoia must have intensified after he introduced another teenage moderator who he instructed to lie about her name and background in order to present her to the members as single and available. But within hours Insider revealed that “Emma” was Rebecca Franks and that she had a son whose name was tattooed on her lower back, and he revealed other information.



It must have infuriated Oldham.  He built his site on the false claim that he had “inside information” about LFC and here was a blog-that-doesn’t-exist with quick access to genuine inside information from his pathetic operation.



It must also intensifiy his paranoia to wonder who close to his operations are “friend or foe”.



Did it really have to end this way for Duncan Oldham and Koptalk?




He could have squeezed a few more years subscriptions out of those of us who used to be members if he had not insisted on seeking the limelight for himself and his family, if he had not been greedy and had not done all the scams detailed elsewhere on this blog.



Koptalk used to be a great site. Yes we all knew there was no Insider info, yes we all knew the Informer, Wallet and the Mole ( to mention but a few) were all really you Duncan, but we were happy to remain because, if we ignored you, it was a great community.



Did you realise that Duncan?  Sadly you probably didn’t.


10 Responses to “Is the Fat Lady about to sing?”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham has often made paranoid posts like that. It’s part of his manic-depressive cycle. It is not unusual for him nor is it his final post.

    He never admits fault, but he often tries to justify himself. Essentially he is looking for pity and permission to continue. He only needs a few sycophantic Dave A type letters to give him a boost.

    These depressive episodes are usually followed by a manic phase in which he announces new grandiose plans. Expect him to offer to personally underwrite the financing of the new stadium. And then he goes on the attack against the forces of evil that are attacking his cult. Naming enemies of the cult is one way of reinforcing his members who are the cultees – – he wants them to feel that they are privileged, loyal insiders – “them” against “us” – “outsiders” against “insiders”. When he feels he has bolstered the support of his followers he usually launches a begging session – in the form of a charity or whatever.

    He eats a lot more meat pies than usual during his manic phases and more booze and prescription pills during his depressive phases.

    As for Koptalk once being a great “community” – I concede its free forums were once a busy place attracting some bright, informed and witty people – but none of them stayed for very long. What would you expect from a site that steals the name “Kop” and then claims it is intimately involved about LFC.

    The site, including the free forums, has always been a stain on the good name of LFC for those who use the net. Its just a shame that it got going when there were only three other small LFC sites so when people first began to use the internet in numbers they should fall into its claws.

    As for the community of his “members”. I’m glad to say I was never part of it. Nor was I ever a member of any other site, although I lurked and posted on a few. I can understand that people in the cult made friends with one another but why would anyone want to join a club run by weird, conman shyster from Yorkshire whose only previous record on the net was to sell illegal satellite cards (but not deliver them and be investigated by Trading Standards) sell police radios and advertise for threesomes involving his wife. Why would people want to place their trust and give their money to a guy who was not even from Liverpool, had no history of support of Liverpool and whose only know job – after a stint in the Transport Corps of the army, was office cleaner and security guard?

    And why didn’t people leave earlier when they saw his outrageous claims about the rape of his 8 year old daughter, his two year long attack on Fowler, his imperious treatment of members, his involvement in the S*n?

    Why did they continue to allow him to sucker in new members if they knew his “inside information” was a con?

    Why did they tolerate him robbing copyright from other LFC sites and the Echo and placing misleading headlines in New Now? Why did they never demand an accounting of all his charity scams – Afghanistan orphans and all the rest?

    As it happens, it seems that it was impossible for people to be “in it, but not of it”. The idea that people went to Koptalk just for the chat does not wash with me. He dominated it, shoved his presence and his family in their faces, involved them in the tacky soap opera of his life, monitored and censured them. Let’s not forget how they flocked to send him over a million pounds when he made an illegal offer to sell shares in it. Its also extraordinary how much emotion seems to be involved in “breaking” away from him.

    He is an internet freak. He ran a cult.

    All the blog has done is spell out what was always obvious to those not caught up in it.

  2. latestinsider Says:

    I think one day soon we’ll wake up and find that the koptalk site will say “error 404 – site not found” or something to that effect.

    That will be the day that Dunk and his cronies will have been arrested.

    I have made a few discreet ‘enquiries’ to various ‘authorities’ and I have been assured that action is going to be taken shortly..


  3. latestinsider Says:

    oh and…

    RIP KOPTALK 1998 – 2007

  4. fat_boy_fat Says:

    To be honest i think Fatty Twatty thinks he has got away with all his scams, because nothing has happened to him yet.
    it has only been 7-8 months that the blog and everyone who comes here has been reporting you, and if there is one thing we all know is that the authorites are slow at dealing with such matters, BUT they WILL get there in the end.

  5. Berlin Red Says:

    If his time is come, then it is none too soon. Credit where credit is due. If it wasn’t for the efforts of those involved in this blog, Oldham would probably be sitting pretty right now after collecting pots of money from unsuspecting (and maybe naive) LFC fans due to the January transfer window and the long drawn out Investment Deals. The doggedness with which you pursued his scams, uncovered his lies, and perhaps most importantly, showed the part he continues to plays in helping out and profiting from the S*N has been brilliant. LFC as a whole has benefitted from this blog (and benefits – the job isn’t finished yet). Thanks Insiders!

  6. Tubby Says:

    It only takes one of his scams to bring down Dunk and his KT site. The fake merchandise alone is enough to put him in serious trouble. I would focus on this as it is easy to provide evidence, and has tangible effects wich can be analysed for forgery. Not only that but it is a serious criminal offence and could lead to jail time.

  7. Dunk's Bum Says:

    Tick tock big man !

  8. spsdjone Says:

    Is there a link between the fat one and the domain name is addressed to a property in west yorkshire and one of the top posters on there is somebody that goes by the name of “the fat bloke”! it all feels very familiar

  9. dataimaginary Says:

    Fat bloke on is selling a ticket for the liverpool game, he’s just said that he has a pay pal account already set up for the payment…….sounds familiar indeed..

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    The site seems to be part of an alleged network – sportsnetwork – and involve more than football.

    I would not rule out some Oldham connection with it but doubt very much it is his site.

    He would boast about it and I doubt he would have the energy or concentration to put it together – and it would carry the same Adult Date Finder and betting ads and have soft porn and feature his family – or at least feature his moralizing.

    But I remember him claiming that he was working with another guy when he was trying to start up his “toon” site. So I suppose its possible that it could be that other guy and Oldham is a contributor to the forums, to sell his tickets, and maybe some sort of “consultant”?

    I agree the phraseology is familiar- even claiming to be featured on News Now. And this heavy editorial message is eerily similar:

    “We record all IP addresses on the Sportnetwork message boards which may be required by the authorities in case of defamatory or abusive comment. We seek to monitor the Message Boards at regular intervals. We do not associate Sportnetwork with any of the comments and do not take responsibility for any statements or opinions expressed on the Message Boards. If you have any cause for concern over any material posted here please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing

    But it may be just boilerplate stuff borrowed off one site by others.

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