Dunk's confirms Melwood house purchase

by Stannard Insider and Rupert


(Click on photo to see the entire estate)

Some breaking news from the Koptalk shoutbox. In reply to a question Oldham confirms that he has bought a house at Melwood and even suggests he might be living there.

[LPLFC1892] Hi

[LPLFC1892] or should I say Kia ora

[Dunk] Kia ora

[liverpoolfan] ye can say whatever you want mate…good news about Mascherano if it’s true

[LPLFC1892] Kia kaha

[LPLFC1892] farewell all im off to bed. take vare and have a safe day

[DMHPioneer] Morning all, Good night Dave A! <!–[if !vml]–>:)<!–[endif]–>

[Dunk] hola and adios

[LPLFC1892] still here watching NZ give England a thrashing in the cricket

[whitters] Thinks are starting to get lively eh Dunk?

[LPLFC1892] Im surprised you are not camped out at melwood. Waht happened with the house by the way ?

[Dunk] yeh it’s hotting up

[Dunk] how do you know we’re not <!–[if !vml]–>http://www.koptalk.com/members/images/graemlins/default/sekret1.gif<!–[endif]–>

[Dunk] we bought a house but because of the stalkers, we’re keeping the location quiet

[mbfakhry] Hi Dunk, is this house “By Koptalkers to Koptalkers” <!–[if !vml]–>http://www.koptalk.com/members/images/graemlins/default/icon_biggrin.gif


But look carefully! Oldham may be too thick to know that many of his “members” are now taking the piss. But I’m sure even he noticed that the person who asked the question had “1892” in his user-name.

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt – and assume his reply is intended as wind-up for us so that we will give his dying site some more much-needed publicity.

In any case, its laughable.

The entire point of the Melwood house project – when originally announced – was that it would overlook Melwood training ground, and be equipped with video cameras to capture training sessions and all the goings and comings, and that it would be available as a kind of free bed-and-breakfast to Koptalk Gold Members, especially those from overseas.

In his fevered imagination the original concept escalated into an interest in Chris Waddell’s £300,000 property.

The idea that this unwaged, uninsured, social benefits-cheat who doesn’t pay taxes, and daren’t be seen in Liverpool – he even needs a burkha to go around Newcastle – bought a Liverpool house while continuing to live next to his Ma in a semi-detached in a low-income, low-employment area of Wallsend, and then kept the Liverpool house a secret, is a measure of the absurdity that is Koptalk.

The Melwood house was supposed to be an annex to the Koptalk downtown hotel with a themed Kop bar, also available for free to Gold Club Members. I guess he bought that too, but is keeping it under wraps.   

All these grandiose schemes, including his interest in buying a getaway home and other real estate investments in New York and a house in Malta for his Ma and cars and vans and high tech gadgets – all of this came after he received a generous infusion of cash for the Lauren charity appeal. The cash-flow seems to have gone to his head!

However, a few weeks ago, Oldham did claim that Koptalk has moved its HQ. So here’s a challenge for our sleuths out there, especially any who can get to Wallsend.

Is it true? Is KT still run from the garden shed or, for example, from his bedroom.  Is it in Wallsend or Scarborough.  (Scarborough would explain the goings-on with Katrina and her crowd).

I know that complaints were made to Tyne-and-Wear environmental department that the Koptalk shed was an eyesore, and in breach of planning regulations in a residential neighbourhood and rather than being a shed for residents to potter about in, it was used as an office for several 24 hours businesses including porno.  

Fellow travellers on Koptalk, you know who you are, keep taking the piss out of him!

Happy stalking, everyone.


9 Responses to “Dunk's confirms Melwood house purchase”

  1. Scouse Says:

    Any normal site would happily publish their address, a Liverpool fan site in Liverpool who’d have thought it 🙂

    But when a certain site moves from Newcastle to Liverpool it’s all hush hush, wheres the open invitation for all Liverpool fans to the house warming party?

    Koptalk why would you move to Melwood when you have the club, the fans and the city so much?

  2. Redz Says:

    He chats some shite,i drive pass Melwood 2-3 times a day,and apart from the times i have posted I’ve never seen the freak.
    Come to think of it there hasn’t been any for sale signs up on the two sides that look directly into the training ground.
    So i guess its all part of his final scam, roll up roll up place your orders for 2 nights BB £60 PP. All bookings to be paid in advance ,so hurry up to avoid disappointment.

  3. Tubby Says:

    I have an exclusive world-first photo of Dunk in his new Koptalk HQ:

  4. fat_boy_fat Says:

    @ tubby Thats quality 🙂

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    But you’re probably on the look-out for a fat man. Next time you go by keep an eye out for a fat woman in a black burkha.

  6. darkknight Says:

    But look carefully! Oldham may be too thick to know that many of his “members” are now taking the piss. But I’m sure even he noticed that the person who asked the question had “1892″ in his user-name.

    ……. or it could be ‘Dave A’ , as genuine a Liverpool supporter any of us will ever meet, who this blog had the temerity to disrepect a few months back.

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Darkknight – I said it at the time, I’ll say it again. Duncan Oldham is a supporter of The S*n. I don’t want to repeat it all, but it’s all here in the blog how he buys it every day, takes stories from it and publishes them as his own, how he considers the boycott too political an issue for his readers to worry about. He practically wanted the boycott to be ignored, and even attacked anyone who tried to correct other members about use of that paper. The recent “The Truth” mosaic tells you how strong the feeling still is about The S*n, but Dunk tried to make out it wasn’t! Dave A seemed to imply he’d seen the blog, at a time when we were heavily covering the The S*n lover’s love of his favourite paper. Dave A had a go at the blog for having a go at Dunk!

    To me anyone who continues to support Duncan Oldham when they know full well how he completely, deliberately and blatantly ignore the boycott is not as a good a Red as they try to make out. I stand by that observation. Dave A was attacked for supporting the S*n lover.

    The only defence I can give to Dave A is that he hadn’t actually seen the blog, he was going off what he’d read about the blog on Koptalk. Because if Dave A knows that Duncan Oldham buys the S*n, and is still happy to pay Oldham for access to his site, he’s not a good Red at all.

    That’s likely to get me a lot of flak – but think about it. How can Dave A justify his support of Oldham as a Red if he knows about his S*n loving ways?

  8. scousenproud Says:

    even if it was true he wouldent dare publish the location of the house. he is worst than a drug dealer. people may keep the curtains closed to dope dealing but when they discovered that some yorkshire prick was living amongst them and was in the business of robbing real liverpool fans, well lets just say people have a way of dealing with that nonsense. he was recently spouting off about other numerous propertys that he has, who does he think he is? fowler ffs

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    If he has to keep it a secret why buy it?

    He’s not a Liverpudian nor is he welcome in the city so why go there to live in secret?

    His wife owns the house in Wallsend but he lives next door to his Ma and her hubby.

    I know he’s looking for a bolt hole for when the tax inspectors strike but Liverpool is not a good place for him. He should just give himself up and plea bargain.

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