Your PayPal account and Koptalk – be warned!

by Rupert Insider


Regular readers may be surprised at just how many users of Koptalk still don’t know about the blog. Its a compliment, I suppose, to Oldham’s censorship. He bans anyone who mentions it. He closed the Private Messages and Personal Profiles and Email functions on his site so that Koptalk members won’t inform each other about us.

Here’s a recent letter typical of others we have received, printed with the author’s permission:

My God your site really opened my eyes. I’ve been a Koptalk member for years but I can’t remember the last time I got decent insider info (if indeed I ever got it). Thanks also for the information on cancelling the automatic Paypal subscription. I didn’t realise it was automatic so I probably paid twice for my subscription each time.

BTW, I just happened to come across your site by doing a Google search for Koptalk. I’d never heard of it but I’m glad I came across it. Very interesting theory on the various charity appeals Dunc does and it’s great that you list all the alternative free Liverpool sites out there. I’ll be using these rather than Koptalk from now on (aswell as keeping an eye on your site too ofcourse).

Thanks again,”

We’ve reported before about double-dipping. In some cases, it’s still a mystery how Koptalk was able to get PayPal to send two annual membership fees in a matter of weeks.

In other cases the trick is more obvious.

The way it works is that Oldham gets his tool, Steve, to send a letter reminding the member that their annual membership will be expiring soon. He offers them a discount if they renew immediately.

In some cases, they do renew, sending the money via PayPal. They don’t realise that when they paid their original membership Koptalk put an automatic renewal on their PayPal account. So a few weeks later, when the original renewal date arrives, PayPal pays out another’s year’s membership not aware that the account holder has renewed at a discounted rate with a separate payment .

Oldham relies on most people not noticing, or if they notice being too embarrassed to write letters asking for a refund or to busy to spend hours waiting for a reply-that-never-comes to a support ticket.

We’ve already reported how some who are especially determined catch Steve unwares by telephone (not a viable option for someone living overseas) and how – with the practised ease of the con-artist he already is – he agrees it is a mistake but suggests that they let it ride because its in their interest to pay two years membership in advance.

I don’t apologise for repeating the advice we’ve given before.

Cancel your PayPal automatic renewals, do not respond to offers of discounted offers.

Every time we publish this advice it saves at least half a dozen people £26-30 and costs Oldham that same amout of money.

If you have paid by PayPal you almost certainly have an automatic renewal – even if you don’t realise.

To cancel it, follow the instructions given below:

Go to your PayPal account and log in.

Go to My Account

Go to History

Go to Show Menu

Go to Subscriptions

Go to Transaction Details

Select Cancel

Following the cancellation you should receive a confirmation email from PayPal.

It will look something like this:

Dear *******

You have successfully cancelled your subscription to Gold Club Renewal – 1 year.

You will not be invoiced for this Subscription again.

Cancellation Details
Cancellation Date: 6th September 2006
Subscription Name: Gold Club Renewal – 1 year
Subscription number: ***************

Contact Information
If you have any questions about this subscription, please contact KOPTALK.COM Business name: KOPTALK.COM
Contact email:
Contact Phone: +449050280723

Thank you for using PayPal

The PayPal team.

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5 Responses to “Your PayPal account and Koptalk – be warned!”

  1. Red in Oz Says:

    Thanks for this info. Been reading ur blog for a while and I cancelled my subscription months ago. As u guys been saying it was on auto renew. My annual date has passed a couple weeks ago in January. I tried to log onto Kr@pt@lk since to c if those clowns r doing their jobs down there and it says they’ve been trying to contact me and open a support ticket………bullllllshiittt!!!!

    Thanks for this blog as it has helped me c wat a scam this site is all the way down in Oz. I was lucky in that I only paid the one year, many have been dooped for years.

    Keep up the good work n hopefully help save other fellow LFC supporters some of their hard earned cash from Oldham’s fat grubby fingers.


  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Just been reading a few posts on EST1892 and i am actually surprised that alot of people on KT are still unaware of the blog.
    As this post by Rupert shows and the ones on EST all what has been happening has passed them by.
    Alot of the suicide posts and messages telling the poor remaning few on KT about the blog and EST have stopped. These seem to be a good tool in letting them know (Est got a few more members yesterday due to one).
    Maybe we should orgnise a mass suicide day were KT is blitzed with them.

  3. Hansi Says:

    It’s not easy to get through to many, because he deletes them within seconds. There is so little activity on KT now (2-3 minutes between posts on average), so it’s quite easy for them to check out all the new posts imediately. But as you say, yesterday 3 or 4 were enlightened by one post, and every single one counts.

  4. Steve O Says:

    You can contact other members quite easily, just google for their koptalk name, many use the same alias on koptalk as on

    for example.

    There is also richt selling fake diet pills on ebay.

  5. silentbutdeadly Says:

    richt posts on ynwa regularly.

    various people have tried to get him to comment on there, but the mad fool remains hopelessly in love with his master.

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