Fat-fingers adds another teenage "bird" to his roll-call

Dunk had a comment to make about his dodgy Alder Hey appeal…

Finally, thanks for supporting the 2006 Christmas Appeal for the Alder Hey kids. I have informed Irene that we will do another one this year but I have specifically asked if donators can make donations online directly to them providing we can track the amounts because it took up a lot of our time recording everything and we’d prefer not to handle the payments in view of the conspiracy theorists.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWell it’s not much to ask is it? Get those Argos receipts, scan them in, don’t cut them up – just scan them in. If you had nothing to hide you wouldn’t have cut them up the way you did. You had something to hide, and you’ve still not corrected that. In some ways I should really get onto Irene at Alder Hey and ask her about those Argos receipts – but it’s not me who needs to clear my name. And the statement that “it took up a lot of our time recording everything” – well you didn’t. You “recorded” some of it, then hid it! You deleted it all, because you knew it didn’t add up. (The picture to the left is Koptalk’s “Katie” (Katrina) with a friend, outside the Argos store that seems to give out receipts in a confetti format).

But it’s not the first time you’ve taken money and not kept the records is it? It’s not through a lack of time – it’s not like you’re busy writing a book or anything. You’re just a deceitful lazy thief.

Perhaps if you weren’t so lazy and deceitful you’d still have some voluntary moderators. Instead, you’ve had to employ yet another teenager for you soft-porn network. “Emma” is her pseudonym…

#83325 – Yesterday at 06:34 PM
Hello 🙂
Emma Emma Administrator

Registered: 26/01/07
Posts: 6
Loc: UK

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My name is Emma (I’ve been told to use my middle name by Frank, oops I mean Dunk!) and I’m your new moderator! I’m 18 and my star sign is Leo. I don’t have a boyfriend and thankfully I have no kids!!

I’ve been a Liverpool fan since I was 5. My favourite Liverpool player is Steven Gerrard.

I will be working with Katie on the support side of things from Monday and I will also be moderating the community at various times.

I have only been to one Liverpool game this season but I have been promised that I will get to see more games now that I’m helping out on the site.
If you require support, please call us on +44 (0) 7962 367 537 between 7am and midnight, 7 days-a-week. Alternatively you can open a support ticket online by following this link –>>

Did they tell you why you had to use your middle name Emma? Was it in case anyone found out your real name? And told you that you were actually working for a soft-porn site? Maybe you knew that already though.

You are telling a little lie too though aren’t you? “I have no kids!!” you say. You do though. A little boy. I won’t say his name on here obviously, but his dad’s name’s Ben. Your real name is Rebecca Franks, or Becky to your friends. You shouldn’t be ashamed of having a son, you seem to be very proud of him according to my source. You’ve even got his name tattooed on your back!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Obviously I’ve removed your son’s name from the photo. You didn’t need to use your middle name after all – we found out who you were straight away.

And Becky – do you know all about how Dunk stole money from your friend Lauren? Tens of thousands of pounds he collected from his members “for Lauren”, and spent it all on new TVs and gadgets, as well as upgrading his own car. Think about all the stuff in his mam’s house – where did he get the money from?

At least Dunk’s latest recruit is actually over 18, unlike Katrina / Katie.

After the picture of “Emma” appeared on Koptalk the few remaining contributors to KopTalk were drooling. DMHPioneer (Darren from Hull) in particular, and Kop_5, who nowadays seems to have grown happy with supporting the S*n-Loving KopTalk.com. Katrina warned her mate about both DMHPioneer and the increasingly sad Rich Tea…

#83331 – Yesterday at 06:38 PM Re: Hello 🙂 [Re: Emma]
Katie Katie Administrator

Registered: 11/07/06
Posts: 1994
Loc: UK

Welcome to the mad house hun! Have fun and watch out for DMHPioneer and Richt they are the worst 😉

Poor old Rich Tea – he thinks he’s in with a chance of pulling Katie. The follow-up to the post by “Emma” was quite sad to see. In fact it was very sad to see – grown men (I assume) fawning like spotty teenagers over someone’s photo. Somebody later asked if they could see more pictures of “Emma”. Well she’s really called Becky, but here’s some photos for you…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

All of this makes Dunk’s bullshit blurb on his front page all the more laughable…

“KopTalk is a members only website/club aimed at mature die-hard Liverpool supporters of both sexes and of all ages, races, religions and from all backgrounds. The majority of our content along with our moderated discussion forums requires a VIP membership. We have strict membership and moderation policies which ensure our forums are free of rival supporters and immature visitors. This enables us to provide a more exclusive environment for the serious Liverpool fan. Our community forums are open 24 hours-a-day and moderators are online at all times. All revenue received goes towards the expenses of providing KopTalk.”

Mature? Katie (Katrina Cushnahan), fresh from making her 2000th post, is one of the main contributors to the site. She’s 17. Like the so-called Editor of the site – 17-year-old Steve MacNeish, chief signer of forged signatures on fake merchandise. Dunk’s 13-year-old daughter was one who posted on the drooling thread welcoming “Emma”. Now I suppose that the addition of Miss Franks (“Emma”) increases the average age of the Koptalk staff ever so slightly, but she only passed her 18th birthday last October.

Someone posted a “Thank You” for a birthday card from Koptalk. Normally these get sent to ex-members thanks to the totally disorganised way KopTalk keep those details of members. One must have got through to a current member. Dunk lost his rag when someone joked that the £30 they had paid to be a member of the quietest “Liverpool FC” forum on the net should stretch to a bit more than a crappy card…

#83886 – 21 minutes 12 seconds ago
Re: To Dunk and Co [Re: Dave100]
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 15045

Originally Posted By: Dave100
You should get a cake as well for £30 a year! 🙂

Do you really think that we get £30 from each sub

YOU should be buying US the cakes… or pies.

Bit touchy there Dunk! You get most of that £30 from each sub don’t you? You use it, alongside the money you collected “for Lauren”, to fund your gadget-filled lifestyle. Hardly any of your members get text messages (someone emailed me recently after being locked out just a couple of months after subscribing. All they’d done was ask why they’d not been getting any text messages. Banned just for asking why they didn’t get the one part of the service remotely worth paying for.) You don’t pay for those photographs, you only went as far as asking how much it would cost. You don’t pay for those videos – you just blatantly steal those. You pay less than £100 a month for hosting, a lot less. You say all your “staff” are volunteers, nobody gets a wage. You claim to have THOUSANDS of members – so where does that money go to? Remember, “thousands” means at least TWO THOUSAND. TWO THOUSAND multiplied by £30 comes to an annual subscription fund of £60,000. That’s SIXTY THOUSAND POUNDS. You once claimed to have FIVE THOUSAND members, which would up the money you’ve been earning each year to a whopping £150,000. That ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS INCOME – EACH YEAR! On subs alone. That’s not adding in those fiver deposits for the books, that’s not adding in whatever it was you creamed off the top of the Alder Hey collection, and of course it doesn’t include the five-figure sum you stole from your disabled cousin.

Becky Franks – I’d be wary if I were you. You are working for a conman, alongside your friend Katrina, and you both stand to be dragged down with him this year if you don’t move away from him soon. And if you’ve got some time to spare, have a read through this blog for some of the tales of how Dunk likes the idea of having sex with underage girls. You might want to keep him away from your family too.

I bet he saw these photos before he agreed to take you on.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Be very wary of what he asks you to do next. It probably involves the new camera he bought himself with money he stole from Lauren last summer. There’s no limit to what he wants to get his fat fingers into.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


23 Responses to “Fat-fingers adds another teenage "bird" to his roll-call”

  1. Honorary Insider Says:

    HA HA this should raise the paranoia levels, in the Wallsend shed, quite considerably, Nice one Insider

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    If she has a child and denies it – I suppose it shows that she is well qualified for Koptalk. Its headed by a liar and con artists and staffed by them.

    I guess the advice to deny any child or relationship she may have is calculated to make her seem more attainable by the pathetic losers who go to KT for their jollies.

    It is further confirmation of Oldham’s cynical manipulation.

    The RichT’s and Kop_5’s of this world have found their true level and after Koptalk closes no doubt they’ll be found trawling through MySpace for an alterantive.

    But what about those others who are there because they were genuinely looking for an LFC football site only to find that they have been suckered into an amateur soft-porn imitation of the S*n ?

    I’d advise you to demand the balance of your membership fee back on the grounds of false representation by Koptalk, and join one of the other genuine LFC sites listed on here.

  3. Cam Says:

    Bloody hell, Katie has definitely inherited the same chubby gene as Dunk and Steve.

    RichT must have a thing for fat birds.

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    It has occurred to me on a few occasions that facially, and hair-wise, Katie looks like a younger version of Oldham’s Ma.

  5. chapeau du soleil Says:

    lol that pic of fatty is a classic

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Why not put the Insider logo on the Becky photos- that way if Fatso wants to steal them he’s going to have to advertise the blog or fiddle with his bucket shop.

  7. The special one Says:

    it looks like miss piggy has the big screen telly and the nintento inside her shirt, how can you get reciepts for that

  8. Quadrachin Rayban O'Bese Says:

    LOL! you’ve got to be seriously obese for fat to deposit on the hands! No wonder he always covers his face up with sunglasses, hats and scarves. You can still see the fat hanging from his cheeks and his chunky fat moronic head shape under the scarf.

    That bloke must have seriously low self-esteem for him get into that shape, no wonder his missus did a runner and he was advertising for someone to give her a seeing to. I bet he hasn’t seen his dick for years with all the lard hanging down over it.

    Go on Dunk, appear in your video podgecasts with your face fully on view, I dare you. You’ll get a few quid from youtube when they pay contributors. That’s what this is all about isn’t it? You saw youtube’s press release saying they intend to pay contributors. Well, you’ll better get into shape because you’ll top yourself if you have to show that bloated body of yours in public, no one on earth could take the ridicule. You can be in denial if you cover yourself up with a scarf but one day you’ll have to go outside again.

    I think the Goody family have some competition for the most concentrated levels of genetic scum. It’s so sad, you can’t have an ounce of respect for someone with enough self-loathing to get into that obese state.

    I don’t think Dunk will last much longer with obesity levels like that, that’s past morbid obese, I think rigor mortis will be setting in soon.

    May his skanky website and sweaty, lard festooned, sausage fingered, Sidebottom-headed, bouncy castle of a body rot in hell.

  9. red from oz Says:

    becky wake up to yourself before it`s to late, can`t you see dunk is using kids like you,katie and steve, because all mature age people have woken up that he`s a con man. dunk`s name is mud to the overwhelming majority of liverpool fans because of his scams and support of the s*n.your name will be disgraced to if you continue to be associated with dunk.
    and why are you denying you have a kid? that`s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! you should be proud.
    or did dunk tell you to deny it so it would make you seem more innocent and enticing to the men on the site.

  10. Tubby Says:

    Do these kids have no ambition?

    Steve at least I have hope for, he seems industrious and (thanks to his dad’s side no doubt) seems to have a few brain cells. But we’ll see. And not until he sheds (sorry about the pun) the odour of KT and moves along.

    Katie seems to be competing for the Koptalk Chunky award, which is a tall mountain to climb (or get around) given the Kobese One Himself is such a hefty animal. You can do it Katie, just keep eating those pies!

    And Becky, already a white trash single mum before the age of 17. Bless. To have reached your life’s goals at such a young age, and now you can put your feet up and retire, knowing the government will be supplying your income until the bairn turns 18. And now you’re a Koptalk whore! Who says dreams don’t come true?

    Then again, it’s no surprise Koptalk attracts such trash.

  11. The Oracle Says:

    That’s an excellent update, Insider.

    We’re watching you, Oldham.

  12. Tubby Says:

    “We’re watching you, Oldham.”

    You can’t really miss him.

  13. The Platinum Club Says:

    I can’t believe you guys sometimes. You really are resourceful little fuckers! It astounds me how you find this stuff out…

  14. silentbutdeadly Says:

    I have read this blog from the beginning, and post comments now and again.

    Just want to say that some of the comments about these 2 girls are pretty unnecessary. By all means try and educate them should they ever visit this site, but calling them “white trash” and making undignified comments about their appearance and/or weight is a bit nasty, and there is no need.

    They are obviously misguided, but should they come here and read this sort of stuff, are they likely to believe any of the more sensible arguments about Oldham?

  15. Tubby Says:

    Oh boo fucking hoo.

  16. Insider Insider Says:

    I don’t want to get involved in a debate on teenage pregnancies, but it is a little unfair to call the girl “white trash”. She still lives with her parents, the child sleeps in her room, and she’s been trying (at least until recently) to get some kind of qualifications so she can get a career.

  17. silentbutdeadly Says:

    Thanks for the considered and reasonable response, Tubby.

    I assume Koptalk roped you in without too much of a struggle.

  18. Tubby Says:

    Oh yeah, it was the lure of all that fantastic insider information. And the soft porn, I’m a sucker for it. I just love my football news “trailer trash” style.

    A fat 33yo ogre, running a scam of a website from a portakabin, charity scams, tax evasion, fake merchandise, getting help from teenagers who peep over fences, and flirt and tease with male members, promoting porn sites, sick racially-prejudiced jokes, Dunk cracking a gag about sleeping with 12yo girls. etc etc. If that’s not white trash I dunno what is, and guilt by association for anyone who takes part.

  19. Uhura Says:

    Utter Genius Insider

    Again you amaze me,

    There is hope for Becky or whatever her name is, although she has to wake up to the Konmans tricks

  20. Paul Says:

    I cant believe these kids actually fall for his patter, i mean come on “come work for me, i wont pay you and you can sit in the shed” how the fuck does he get away with it.

  21. Fat Tax Says:

    Respect to Quadrachin Rayban O’Bese for the word “podgecast”.

    Becky? OK, I would. I’ll give him that one.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t go near the blonde without a plank tied to my feet and a miner’s helmet.

  22. Flagpole Corner Says:

    I would possibly give that Katie a go out of sympathy if she was a) over 18 and b) not in league with the evil empire. Just thought I’d share that with you all.

  23. Acomplia Pro Says:

    Write your comments here, please. because i am here to lose weight with acomplia pill.

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