Oldham hides his Hitler tache to cross-dress again.

by Rupert Insider

Today saw the return of an old, failed idea – the Koptalk Hideo Podgecast.

For Oldham, it was a chance to dig out those Muslim/Arab clothes he advertised for on a usenet group years ago, a chance to mock D.I.C, the potential new owners of LFC, just as he has spent years using his site to mock the current owners and, above all, a chance to dress as a woman again – a fat ugly woman, mind you, one with a Hitler tache, oily skin and a nose like a cow-catcher on a Colorado freight train – but a woman nonetheless.

Clearly, juding by the number of excuses he finds for wearing drag on his site, there’s a female inside Oldham struggling to get out – and who can blame her!

Click the photo for the YouTube link.


Oldham hates his own image so much he has avoided the camera for years. Which is why he is thinking of waddling around Wallsend in a black burqua. Today’s video was a trial waddle.

However, there is a moment early on, when the veil slips and the failure of his recent diet is written all over his face – and chins.


(Thanks to “Tubby” for this screen shot – see “Comments”, below)

I wanted to watch the whole thing to see if he ended it with one of those piercing wails you sometimes get from arab women – but I just couldn’t. His pig-ignorant spiel was muffled by the burqua – but still grated too much for me tolerate more than a couple of minutes.

I fast forwarded just enough to see that the Koptalk Hideo Podegcast was yet another “what yesterday’s papers said” – just like his site and just like his failed “internet broadcasts”.

Its like listening to an exercise in remedial reading.

He was accompanied, as usual, by the fool, Steve. His job is to be stupid and submissive enough to give Oldham the illusion that he is important and witty and that he has an audience.

Well he does now.

In the next Koptalk Hideo Podgecast, the two Podgies belly dance and rub their arses together to make a squeaking noise, and Oldham does the dance of the seven veils. Ugh!

What’s all this got to do with LFC? Sweet FA. But when was Koptalk ever about LFC? Its always been about Oldham and his weird hang-ups.


10 Responses to “Oldham hides his Hitler tache to cross-dress again.”

  1. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Worth taking a look at the end. Fatty takes a dig at the blog showing off his LFC tatoo. Is it real?

  2. Purple Aki Says:

    I added a comment on youtube, but then realised that Chunk has to approve them. So here it is in its entirety:

    I would pay someone 30 notes just to shove that head scarf down your pie hole. Stick to the chippies in Scunthorpe and leave LFC to the real fans. The only thing you regurgitate successfully is last nights curry after a night on the ale courtesy of the members you took for a ride. He’s fat, he’s round, he eats your thirty pounds, Dunk the fake, Dunk the fake.

    Thank you and good night

  3. jugs Says:

    idiot, he couldnt even remember which arm the tattoo was on …

  4. scousenproud Says:

    purple aki, thats the funniest thing ive read in ages

  5. Tubby Says:

    He sure is one fat cunt! Just look at the fat deposited on his cheekbones, dead give away for serious obesity. That is a fake tattoo, obvious to anyone who’s had one done.

    Looks like his headquarters is in a bedroom again, must have moved out of the portakabin.

    Steve, when are you going to wake up to yourself son, you’re being taken for a fool.

  6. Tubby Says:

    Dunk, you are one fat, horrible bastard. Just look at the podgy face and hands. That is one disgusting creature.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    That’s a classic , Tubby. One more for the rogues gallery.

  8. chapeau du soleil Says:

    lol Tubby
    It’s a dead ringer for this

  9. Alan Says:

    So now hes mocking the people who could be owners of our club? im sure LFC will be delighted to see this video, of someone claiming to have insider info, taking digs at buyers, if they are not taking the piss by dressing like that what are they doing?

    By the way, his arms are really horribly fat

  10. Purple Aki Says:

    We now know why he was christened Duncan

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