Koptalk Death Watch

by Rupert Insider


On 14th January 2007, I provided an Alexa graph which showed Koptalk’s traffic hurtling towards the extremely depressed levels of September-November 2006.

I pointed out that it was actually worse now because since mid-November Oldham tried to artificially boost the figures by including not only visitors to the site but all the site’s internal traffic – as Oldham and his family, and their few remaining visitors, refreshed and moved from page to page.

But even with that fix, the situation continues to deteriorate.

Here’s the latest Alex charts as of 25th January. Click it for a larger, clearer image:


To see the deterioration in only ten days go to the chart in the previous article on 14th January HERE .


This is extremely bad news for Oldham. January is usually one of the two times in the year when he rakes in the cash from false transfer stories. Its after January that this poor, unwaged worker usually “treats” himself.

But 2007 has brought him “the winter of my discontent”.

As existing members fail to renew their annual memberships, his income will plummet further.

It should be interesting watching the two podgies panic as their source of easy money from LFC and its fans, disappears.


2 Responses to “Koptalk Death Watch”

  1. what a whopper Says:

    The place is like a graveyard. Have you read Dunks latest bullshit.

    Originally Posted By: Frank2005
    Dunk.. How do you know Rafa wants him?

    Ask any 1st team coaching member and they’ll tell you. I asked Rafa last week about Bale and he just smiled and said “nice player”….

    Some members still believe that he talks to Rafa about transfer targets!

    I did notice a few members must of been taking the piss out of Dunk if you read some of the replies.

  2. saddest thing i ever seen Says:

    some of us still have active accounts on koptalk, and like to drop in everyone once in a while to take the mickey. the fat tosser’s too stupid to get the sarcasm in most of the posts though.

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