Katie and more sexual sniggers from the two Podgy's.

by Stannard Insider


Just a few notes about the two Podgy’s latest Podgecast on 24th January. (If you want to fill out the blanks in my report don’t give them hits by accessing it from the Koptalk HQ shed – you can download it directly):


Maybe you’re braver than I and will listen to the whole thing. I managed the first 30 minutes. But sticking a hosepipe onto a car exhaust and gassing myself would have been more appealing than continuing with that load of crap.

A couple of items stuck out. The first was a comment make by Big Podge Dunk which was then copied by Little Podge Steve.

Dunk: “…Katie, at sort of like, a little further away but she won’t let us put it in her mouth”. Then a few seconds later, “…the microphone, that is. So if you hear anyone giggling or being a stupid tart, then that’s who it is”.

And then Steve chips in, “Is that what you asked me to put in her mouth earlier?”

Dunk seems to think nobody listen to his “broadcasts” and he is more incautious on them than when he writes on his site (he can always delete what he has written, as he frequently does). It’s on his “broadcasts” that you are most likely to hear his sick jokes about being in bed with his 12 year old daughter’s friends, and how he is sympathetic about men who rape young girls.

Still, given the blog’s spotlight you’d think he would be a bit more restrained with his sexual fantasies about the allegedly 17-year old Katrina Cushnahan (“Katie”) who was rushed bleeding to hospital a couple of nights ago according to weird Big Podgy.

Then Oldham mentioned Paul Tomkins (www.paultomkins.com).

Oldham claims that Tomkins wrote articles for Koptalk years ago. I don’t have a clue whether this is true or not but I have heard stories about Dunk not paying up for articles people have done for him. He goes on to claim he doesn’t speak to Tomkins anymore due to “politics” which I suspect translates to, “I didn’t pay him and he had enough”. Maybe someone can provide more information about this kind of thing.

(In fact, since I wrote the above, Rupert has offered an explanaton which I’ve added below).

If anyone does survive the first 30 minutes of the Podegecast and listens to the rest of it, maybe they could add a comment in the unlikely event there is anything of interest.

Note on Paul Tomkins by Rupert

Paul Tomkins began to write on Koptalk about 2001. He was inflicted with a chronic illness even then and mainly confined to home (although I recall he did get to see some LFC games). His postings on various LFC websites gave him an outlet. At first his “articles” on Koptalk were not much more than long posts – and then they became well-constructed pieces – submitted freely.

They attracted a lot of attention – mainly favourable. I remember the once-busy Koptalk free-forum being interspersed with congratulatory remarks from readers asking who was this guy and could they hear more from him. Never one to miss a trick – Oldham announced grandiosely that if the feedback continued to be favourable he might offer Paul a fee to write for Koptalk regularly. And that was followed shortly by further announcement that, indeed, Paul was commissioned to write for Koptalk – and this was yet another EXCLUSIVE Koptalk feature.

All seemed well for a time. Paul wrote his articles. They became a major feature of Koptalk helping it at a time when it was trying to establish a reputation and grow. They gave it credibility and content of the sort it has since lost. The articles alone generated much of the income-earning traffic to the site.

Then the articles stopped. Paul began to write for other sites. There were rumours about what had happened. Eventually Paul commented publicly on another site that the writing for Koptalk took up much of his time and energy and was one of the few means he had to make a living – given his condition. He had agreed to write for Koptalk on the basis of a contract whereby Oldham would pay for his work and his exclusivity. At some point, Oldham failed to pay and exchanges between them became too acrimonious for Paul to tolerate.

Paul went on to write a column for another LFC site which seems to have been syndicated as well as publishing two books about LFC and becoming a regular columnist on the LFC Official Site.

Oldham still managed to use Paul’s columns on Koptalk – but without paying for them. He allowed posters (or one of his aliases) to copy them from the sites that were paying Paul and post them in the Koptalk forum. So he effectively stole Paul’s copyright materials as he steals everything. In the meantime he never misses a chance to have a dig at Paul – in some of them he is patronising, claiming that Paul is not such a bad writer and that he, Oldham, made him. And in others he disses him revealing his bitter jealousy of his success.

Paul’s experience was not unique. When Oldham started Koptalk his business model included the concept of several regular contributors – some of them free, like “PG Rants” – and others paid for, like the Tommy Smith and Ian St-John columns. But as time past, Oldham could not bear to part with the money the site was earning. As in the case of the Lauren “appeal” – he considered that money that arrived was his. So he failed to pay his writers and one by one they stopped submitting copy.

He used to lash out bitterly against Ian St.John, in particular, for submitting an invoice and would contrast him with Tommy Smith whose demands were more modest (they ought to have been – his KT column was an abbreviated version of his column for the Liverpool Echo and probably not written by him at all) . But eventually he stopped paying a pittance to Tommy Smith, too.

Oldham changed his business model. He had discovered that content did not matter – what mattered was traffic. And that could be generated by using News Now to publish fake and misleading headlines, and by churning out a stream of fake insider information and transfer gossip. Once the visitors arrived at his site the referrals to Adult Date Finder, Betting Shops, and Google Advertisers produced the income he craved. And then there was the extra income from the sale of fake memorabilia, fake charity appeals, and fake competitions.

As for content – why pay for it when you could steal it? His special deal with News Now meant that the Liverpool Echo exclusives were presented to the world as Koptalk exclusives, not to mention all the S*n‘s rubbishy copy. He also took the view that Koptalk readers were more likely to be interested in himself and his dysfunctional family and in his sexual fantasies than in football.

And then Podge Dunk created Podge Steve and together they make Podgecasts from behind the bicycle shed where they both try to lure Katrina or any other child or other emotionally vulnerable person they can get their podgy hands on.



3 Responses to “Katie and more sexual sniggers from the two Podgy's.”

  1. Shaggy Shagger Says:

    That lazy fat ass git!

  2. russellgsy Says:

    I see “katie” has made a miraculous recovery!

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    But the tomato ketchup at least got Fatty a day off work and gave Fatty II a chance to use the car again and go visit her.

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