Who should "Dunk knows best" blame for the Koptalk disaster?

by Honorary Insider

As Koptalk prepares to draw its last breath let us try to analyse where it all went wrong for “Dunk knows best” Oldham.

He won’t blame himself, that’s for sure. He will blame the nasty people at News Now for banning him from their site just because he used false and misleading headlines and manipulated their hit-counter.

He will blame all the misguided government agencies currently investigating him for dodgy and fraudulent activities – Inland Revenue & Customs, Trading Standards, Social Security Fraud Investigation Squad, the Police, the Charity Commissioners and Data Protection.

Strangely he wont blame this blog (well, not publicly) even though it was the blog which alerted LFC and News Now, the owners of the copyright he stole and all the government agencies.

His inflated ego wont let him admit that “a few dissatisfied former members”, by means of a simple weblog, could bring about the downfall of the “World’s No. 1 Sports Site” that was Koptalk.

He wont blame the blog publicly because that would be to contradicate his oft-repeated claim that “I welcome the publicity”. He even claimed at one time that the blog was sending “to record levels” the number of new members signing up for £30 memberships. But that was another lie, wasn’t it Duncan?

In the early days of the blog, he used to end his posts with the sneer “blog that!”. Strangely he hasn’t used that phrase in quite a while.

He certainly won’t blame the fact that he used to run Koptalk as though he was a leader of a cult, banning and suspending members on a whim and refusing to refund their money.

He wont blame the fact that he was constantly putting himself and his dysfunctional family to the centre of attention on his site.

He wont blame the fact that he ran many dodgy charity scams that he failed to account for and many competitions no one ever seemed to win.

He will not blame the fact that he sold fake LFC memorabilia (often supposedly for charity) and provided bogus certificates of authenticity signed by his then 16 year old step brother Steve McNeish.

He wont blame the fact that he constantly pleaded poverty , claiming every penny he earned was ploughed back into the site “for the benefit of the members”, and then some weeks later bragged about expensive cars and the high tech gadgets he had bought for himself.

He will not blame the fact that he banned a well respected poster and one of the few people on Koptalk with some genuine inside information, a guy called Tom, for daring to suggest some improvements to his site.

He will not blame the fact that for three years he took £5 deposits on his never-to-be-written book, “Anfield Exposed”, and recently admitted that he still has not written a word of it.

And he will not blame the fact that his entire site was founded on a Big Lie.

The fact is that he does not and never has had “inside information” from anyone inside Anfield, Melwood or the Academy or anything or anyone else associated with Liverpool Football Club – no, not even from a gateman or a tea lady

Duncan, they say “It isn’t over till the fat lady sings”. Well she hasn’t started singing yet but she has cleared her throat in readiness and the sound checks are complete.



6 Responses to “Who should "Dunk knows best" blame for the Koptalk disaster?”

  1. Dunk's Bum Says:

    So it’s come to the end of days . Glad I stuck around to see this from the inside . Will be interesting to see if it explodes , implodes or simply falls over .

  2. FGC Says:

    Bye Bye Oldham!

    Just don’t drop the soap, some of your new “roommates” will love a fat lad!

  3. CK Says:

    Ha-ha classic article m8, and so great to see the fat man get what he deserves.

  4. Toby Says:

    I predict that we’ll wake up one day and find the Koptalk website replaced by a page full of spam links in the hope that he can generate enough cash to keep his Merc on the road.

  5. xerxes Says:

    That fat lady is Deborah Voight, who has since lost nearly 15 stone. Unlike Oldham.

  6. Lobster Says:

    Have my black suits and glasses ready for the “funeral” of koptalk.com.

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