Latest lies from Britain's biggest fattest liar

Dunk’s not well. So he said on the shoutbox earlier today. I didn’t bother cutting and pasting it this time. Maybe he isn’t well. Actually if anyone’s bored enough you could start reeling off some his many claimed medical complaints as a comment to this post.

I’d be unwell if I’d done what he’s done. He’s stolen money from his disabled cousin – although some are now starting to wonder if his cousin’s family are also in on the scam. There’s no doubt she’s disabled, there’s no doubt she had a benefit match played for her by Scarborough Ladies FC, but there’s no proof of where the money went from the long-standing appeals on Koptalk. I don’t think her family are in on it but I think they know about this blog now.

I found Lauren’s home address months ago, but never revealed it to anyone. It took me minutes to find it, from information freely available on the internet. I’ve got her parents’ home phone number. I sometimes wonder whether to use it, but I always play safe on that matter. If Lauren and her family are completely unaware of how Dunk had collected tens of thousands of pounds “for Lauren” then they don’t need to be told the news by an anonymous caller like me. Then again, that might be preferable to being told the news by reading it on the internet.

I also found Lauren’s Bebo site months ago. Bebo is a place where people who can’t write in English all hang out together. It’s aimed at teenagers from what I can gather. It seems it’s a bannable offence to use a word longer than four letters. Even four-letter words are shortened. Txt spk was invented for people who had to use their numeric keypads on their mobile phones to send a message of a very limited number of letters. Anyone using it on a full keyboard in a space where there’s no practical limit on the number of letters for a message is mad. And they all seem to hang out on Bebo.

I didn’t reveal Lauren’s Bebo site’s address – for one thing I didn’t want anyone contacting her through it, but also it had the potential to be a useful resource. I got hold of some of the images from there, including the one of Dunk’s mam. They appeared on the blog ages ago. It must have really, really wound Dunk up not knowing where I’d got these photos from. Now you know though hey Dunk? I thought that one day I might get some information from the various comments on the site, but most of it is just meaningless nonsense from teenagers to teenagers. Reminds me very much of the Koptalk shoutbox when 17 year old Katrina (aka Katie) is chatting to 17 year old Steve.

Lauren’s Bebo site was closed down yesterday, not long after Katrina had closed hers down. Well, Katrina’s was completely removed, Lauren’s was amended so it was only visible to “friends”. Now seeing as Lauren was in hospital, who blocked it? It’s not a coincidence. Dunk and co must have told either Lauren or her parents that the site needed to be closed. Did they lie to Lauren’s family, or did they tell them the truth? If Dunk has been stealing from Lauren he can’t possibly tell Lauren’s family that this blog was the reason her Bebo page now needed closing. I hope one of Lauren’s friends lets her know about the blog – it’s only a matter of time before they do. Then I hope Lauren can deal with Oldham. Let’s see if he’ll finally sell that car and pay up then.

It seems that there has been another mini-revolution at Koptalk. Three moderators have suddenly left. “Ice Queen”, “Shelly” and “Stuart Morse”. Rich Tea is still there, trying to score with 17-year-old Katrina and so are JD and Broccoli – the rest of the mods and admins are all Dunk’s family members. Except Smoove, who’s just his gullible sheep-like “friend” from New York.

I don’t know why this happened, but this shoutbox entry might give us a clue:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I can’t believe how many lies Dunk’s managed to fit into these few words. I’ve unfortunately not got what was said before or after.

Is someone else having a go at Dunk? Someone is trying to blackmail him he says. “Young lads” too. That’s not me, I’m actually older than the fat one. I’ve made no threats, other than what you’ve seen here. Threats to report the Lauren money to the police? Is that what he means?

I also like his contradiction. The prat says “young lads” and then says “they’ve even been posing as a teenager trying to chat to my kids”! Hang on – “young lads” pretty much means “teenager”. Dunk – you are thick. You can’t lie on the spot without tripping yourself up.

And I know I’ve certainly not been trying to chat to his kids. I’ve not even tried to chat to the kids he employs. So who has? And how did they get the details for his kids? Email addresses and so on? Unless they are using the most obvious email addresses ( I don’t see how anyone can get near to chat to his kids.

But that takes us back to his obsession with paedophillia and grooming.

And if potential paedophiles were trying to groom any of my kids I’d certainly not be saying, “they don’t concern me in the slightest, I’m flattered.” People who’ve heard me speak on this issue before know about how I feel on this issue, and they know why I feel so strongly. It sickens me, and if Dunk’s kids had been approached in this way he’d feel the same way. Unless he didn’t care at all about his kids. It’s bullshit, again, from the “man” who can’t stop linking his kids to being victims of crimes of a sexual or violent nature.
Shelly is wondering what Dunk is guilty of. What’s someone got against him that they can blackmail him with? “Ste” (not ST3) rightly asks – why not go to the police. I’ve no idea what happens next, but I’m betting this was the cause of Shelly’s exit. I expect a discussion took place between her and the other two mods and off they went. They finally realised what they were continuing to be a part of.

On a less sinister note Dunk seems to be up to no good with his ticket giveaways. After announcing winners for the two Arsenal game last week, a certain blog writer pointed out how Liverpool FC would stop him buying any more tickets if they found he was using them against the rules as an enticement to join his £30-a-year-bullshit club. The threads were quickly removed, and soon afterwards he was posting a plea for someone to sell him more tickets to give away. At least it shows he actually was giving tickets away to a real person.

Unlike the second lot. They didn’t go to a real person it seems. You see Dunk had a six-page thread full of people saying “I’m in” as entrants for his comp. It was going to be “draw” on Saturday, but it wasn’t actually “drawn” until Monday. Someone called “careym” was the winner, but Dunk had forgot to actually enter that username in the comp! Here’s a look at all the posts for the previous seven days by “careym” – click for screenshot. This was before Dunk deleted the competition thread. He deleted the competition thread after this had been pointed out to him.

The competition thread started like this:

#65766 – 05/01/07 01:36 PM More free tickets for Liverpool v Arsenal (League Cup)
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 14426     We’ve bought some more free tickets to give-away on the site.

Basically we have two tickets seated together to give-away from for the match against Arsenal on Tuesday 9th January. At this time we do not know what area of the stadium they are in.

As with all ticket draws, give-aways etc, the tickets are not yet in our hands so if they don’t show at our office due to the post, we’ll have to pull the offer. The minute they arrive we’ll update this thread accordingly so you can enter as normal right now.

Because of the time limits we’re going to run this as a draw. All you need to do is reply to this thread with “I’m in” or similar.

The winner will be drawn at random by my son Robbie (7) before 12 noon on Saturday 6th January.

The winner will need to claim the tickets on site within 1 hour of us announcing the winner.

We will try and contact the winner by email and telephone. If we cannot get hold of the winner, a new winner will be drawn every 15 minutes until someone claims them. It’s not the way we like to do the draws but time is against us and we need to get them posted out.

Good luck!

PS: If you have tickets for fixtures that you can’t attend, we may buy them off you at face value to GIVE-AWAY FREE on the site. This means for every ticket we purchase from a member, they are then posted on the site as a give-away for the seller to see for themselves. This helps you and also gives another member something to smile about. Contact if you’re ever stuck for shifting tickets.

And I suppose Dunk wouldn’t dream of doing any touting of tickets either.

The prize winner was announced like this…

#68662 – Today at 11:59 AM Winner of the 2nd Liverpool v Arsenal tickets draw
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 14426     This is the 2nd give-away for this fixture. Someone already won the first pair of tickets, this is for a 2nd pair.

The tickets MUST go out next day delivery today (guaranteed before 9am) so the winner MUST come forward immediately by posting here. He/she must then call Steve on 07962 367 537 to confirm their details.

The winner is careym

Dunk – how could you be so stupid as to forget to include the alias’s entry? Oh I forgot – you are just totally stupid. At least you remembered to log on and pretend you’d claimed them.

 #68730 – Today at 12:59 PM Re: Winner of the 2nd Liverpool v Arsenal tickets draw [Re: Dunk]
careym careym
Gold Member

Registered: 06/06/03
Posts: 459
Loc: Redhill     

have just contacted Steve and claimed the tickets.

Cheers Dunk 

Again, thick Dunk’s lies trip him up.

Like this one did. He’d seen my dig about his mum’s decision to not bother going to see Lauren until Sunday. Lauren’s in hospital, Dunk’s mam (who had loads of cheques written out to her “for Lauren”) couldn’t be bothered going straight away. She finally fitted her in on Sunday night, so nice of her.

It made me laugh when I saw Dunk’s quick response to my dig…

#68602 – Today at 10:54 AM Re: Lauren [Re: Kop_5]
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 14426
Mum went last night, the first night that anyone other than her mum and dad could visit. Lauren has lost a lot of weight and is very poorly but she is a little better than when she first went in. She’s having antibiotics fed straight into her.

She’s upbeat, chatty etc and wants to go home but she won’t be going anywhere just yet. That’s all for now
– – – – – – – – – – –

So way back when Lauren first went in hospital, when she still didn’t have a diagnosis, the hospital still managed to set up a timetable for which visitors could visit when? They didn’t know if Lauren was going to be going home the next morning or was to be in for weeks, but they knew how to allocate visiting times to different people! My arse Oldham, you are such a crap liar. Who cares what excuse your mum had for not going? She helped you steal from Lauren’s collection, that’s far worse than her deciding she’ll get her hair done instead of visiting, or whatever other excuse there was. You need to work on your excuse for that, not your excuse for why she put bingo before so-called loved ones!

Dunk’s lies will keep this blog going until he finally hangs up that keyboard. And I’ve a load more of his lies I’ve saved in recent times. That’ll have to do for now though.


14 Responses to “Latest lies from Britain's biggest fattest liar”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:

    HAHAHA what a tosser Oldham is tripping himself up over using one of his alias as a comp winner.

    That careym careym screen name seems to ring a bell to me as well. I wonder if he/she (dunk) has won any other comps in the past.

  2. jon Says:

    get a life you loser

  3. Yorkie Says:

    Classic fatty…

    I’d wait till Lauren is out of hospital, and then post her parents a letter explaining the situation and containing printouts of some of the posts from here with the evidence, and information as to where they can get more. They can then choose to do what they want with that. You can do no more for them. If they chose to ignore it, then thats up to them, but they’re then complicit in his criminal deeds.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Great post Insider- keep tying the fat bastard in knots with his own lying words.

    I’m still on the road but getting lots of emails and Oldham can expect some really nasty surprises soon.

  5. insideme Says:

    Two things ive noticed in the last few days:

    1 – The shoutbox has gone!
    2 – Dunk’s new site He is called The Gaffer on it but it has been registered using WhoisGuard so you can’t see his name and address on the WhoIs info.

  6. rupertinsider Says:


    How do you know that site is his?

    I’ve long said he would always have much preferred a soft porn site if for no other reasons than it (a) allows him to “buy” models and (b) it allows him more scope to explore his sexual perversions.

    His original busienss plan was to use footie to attract lots of youngish males and then feed them porno. He does that on KT. But I suggested he would like to go pure porno. I also suggested he would not want to give up the footie connection because of its marketing power.

    So a site that is footballandbirds would fit the bil.

    However, at first site I don’t think its flashy or loud enough for him and I doubt he could submerged his need to put himself front and and centre even on a site like that.

    Then again it might be a small pilot project.

  7. scouse Says:

    The site is hosted on the Koptalk server [] []

    Creation date: 01 Jan 2007 14:21:54

    Is this Koptalks exit strategy? Sounds right up their alley

    Looks like he also bought the & .com (wise to cybersquatting for some reason?)
    Who is the registrant MMP?

  8. Alan Says:

    first thing i see when click the link, what loads before anything else? fucking adult friend finder, the dirty cunt.

  9. Alan Says:

    christ, i could lose my job going on that link in work!, its just a pathetic excuse for a porn site, with videos off liveleak. Ill bet he starts taking some off pornotube to feed his horrible addiction. The registrant is in america, could it be his smoove friend?

  10. Insider Insider Says:

    Interesting to see Dunk’s got another UBBThreads site. I hope he’s paid for the extra licence.

    As for whether or not it’s his site – well in addition to the ways shown above, you can also look at the ads.

    The BlueSquare advert – hidden behind this is site’s affiliate ID, the identifier that allows Blue Square to pay the site owner cash for anyone they get to sign up. On this soft-porn site it’s got an “AFF_ID” of “426”, on his Koptalk site he has an “AFF_ID” of “85”.

    So does this mean it’s not Dunk’s site after all?

    No. Both Koptalk.coN and this site carry Google Ads. Google Ads have a link that says “Ads by Google” or similar on them, which includes the site owner’s identifier. On Koptalk’s Google Ads you get “client=ca-pub-7979402600089107” which is exactly the same as the soft-porn site’s “client=ca-pub-7979402600089107”.

    (Incidentally, if you click on the “Ads by Google” link you can send Feedback to the Google Adsense people about the many violations of AdSense policy – – found on Dunk’s various sites.)

    Also on the same server as both this soft-porn site and his practically-dead Koptalk.coN site is his long-since discarded blog site, Dunkknowsbest.coN. Again you may want to leave feedback for the AdSense ads found on the page, which currently contains just the Google ads, gambling ads and a video of Saddam Hussein’s execution.

  11. Insideme Says:

    Rupert –

    I believe that it is Dunks site because he has posted on Koptalk in the chillout room advertising it.

    As the site has only just launched (as seen by only a few posts in the forum) how else would Dunk know about it if it wasnt his site.

    As scouse says its also on the same server.

  12. Insider Insider Says:

    Dunk’s restored the shoutbox now, saying he “had” to take it down earlier.

    He’s also reduced the length of time allowed in searches on his forums. The maximum is now 24 hours! The soft-headed lard-lover has made his site even less friendly to its paying members. It also means that only one of the three options under “Active Topics” works.

    Lauren’s been discharged from hospital – he says.

    And he’s plugged his soft-porn site –

    #73543 – Today at 03:41 PM 18+: http://www.footballandbirds.t v
    Dunk Dunk Administrator
    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 14658
    http://www.footballandbirds.t v is a new website for the lads… feel free to pop over and register (free).

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    Even though I predicted the move to porn ages ago I can still hardly believe he is doing it. Then again he is very predictable!

    I wonder if he is grooming his 13yr old daughter and his younger son to be moderators on that site too.

    Or is he saving them and his soft to keep KT going with links to the porn site? That way he could claim to Social Services that he is not involving his young daughter and son directly in pornography – just using them to drum up business for it.

    I wrote an email to someone a week ago that I had expected the fat one to carry the Saddam Hussein Execution – and he has!

    I’m just a bit surprised he hasn’t added a few comments along the lines “I have a soft spot for hard men like Saddam – he’s got character. Any guy whose son rapes young girls and then feeds them alive to his pet lions is alright by me”

    He hasn’t worked in the Britney Spears thing, as far as I know, but maybe that was one of the motives for his new site.

    It will be his undoing. We all know he is a pervert and a porn site will give him enough rope to hang himself.

    A technical question – is it possible for him to fiddle the Alexa stats by combing these various sites so the total views are an aggregate number?

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