Lauren update and how to contact Katrina

For those who think that Duncan Oldham doesn’t try and gain sympathy from people to detract attention away from his krimes and kons, try this link – “No Sympathy Extended” from last year.

So is this why he’s started to tell us about Lauren being back in hospital again. Dunk has stolen tens of thousands of pounds from Lauren, money he’d collected “for Lauren” from members of his site. They’d donated cash or paid over the odds for tickets or (fake) signed merchandise, “for Lauren”. He refuses to tell anyone what happened to the money. Lauren and her family have not sent any thank you messages to those who donated this money. These big collections coincided with Dunk spending thousands of pounds on various treats for himself.

Dunk’s still not shown any proof that he spent the money he collected “for Alder Hey” on Alder Hey without taking anything out of it for himself. We asked for the receipts to show how he’d paid cash for goods, and not used gift vouchers instead. He couldn’t do it – he printed snippets of his Argos receipts, hiding how the goods had been paid for, hiding the totals too (which may have shown he got a discount). He also failed to answer the questions about how much commission he’d got from Amazon, and also from Argos. Another con? Well he’s hiding something, that’s clear.

On Thursday he gave another update on Lauren. He managed to get to the third sentence before he mentioned himself. Lauren could be getting better treatment from better consultants if she’d got the tens of thousands of pounds that people thought they were donating to her. Instead she’s in a hospital which Dunk claims her and her family hate and don’t trust.

#65261 – 04/01/07 10:13 PM
Re: Lauren [Re: Jachob]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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Just had a call from me mam who has just spoken to Lauren. She’s having antibiotics fed into her by drip but she is ‘comfortable’ this evening, a little better but still very poorly. She asked after me which was nice. She’s on a decent/friendly ward now apparently. I’ll have more info tomorrow

Dunk’s not the only selfish administrator at Koptalk. “Smoove” had to put his views forward, this was in response to the person who mentioned he’d sold his car to pay for private health care for his own relative…

#65297 – 04/01/07 11:29 PM
Re: Lauren [Re: martyn54]
Smoove Smoove Administrator
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It Takes a real genuine caring individual to do that. I would do the same, but there is not a lot if people left in the world that would. Most people now are so selfish, and self ritious, that they would not do anything to help anyone, but them selves. It’s nice to see there are still few of us around.

“It’s nice to see there are still few of us around”? Is it? A few of “us”? What have you done then Smoove?

On Friday Dunk had another update for everyone. His mum, beneficiary of all the cheques Dunk collected “for Lauren”, couldn’t be arsed to go and see her until Sunday…

#66127 – 05/01/07 05:40 PM Re: Lauren [Re: gavdalf]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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Just been told she’s a little better but will be staying in for a bit. My mum’s going to see her on Sunday. I’ll keep you posted

In fact it was late on Sunday before Dunk’s mam, Jeanette Oldham, she who all cheques “for Lauren” had to be made payable to, finally set off to go and see Lauren…

#68069 – Today at 04:12 PM Re: Lauren [Re: Kop_5]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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Latest I’ve been told is that Lauren is “planning her escape route” which basically means she’s feeling better. Mum’s on her way to see her now. I’ll have some info late this evening or in the morning

After reading this, one member put a suggestion forward…

#68073 – Today at 04:19 PM Re: Lauren [Re: Dunk]
Kop_5 Kop_5
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escape route keep us updated 🙂 Dunk wouldn’t a holiday to a warmer sunnier climate help lauren ?

Of course if Dunk had not stolen all that money from her she’d have been able to go on a good few holidays to somewhere warmer and sunnier.

Slightly off topic now, here’s a message for anyone looking for support from Koptalk. Perhaps you’ve had your requests for a refund on your deposit for the phantom book ignored. Perhaps you want your money back for the subscription to the Konman’s site, but your support tickets aren’t being replied to. Perhaps they charged you twice – many have been victim of this – but again they ignore your polite requests to get one lot back. Well here’s another way to get in touch…

#66271 – 05/01/07 08:26 PM
Add Katie to your Messenger contacts for live support
Team Member

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Please note that you can now add:

to your Window Live Messenger contacts list. This means that you can contact Katie online to discuss support related matters. The email address isn’t actually used though. It’s purely for messaging purposes.

You can download Messenger here free:

You can also add: (Steve) (Dunk)

These are the only Windows Live Messenger (MSN) IM addresses we use. If ever contact by any other accounts, always ask us.

Never give out your personal details including your password etc via your messenging software.

Even this contains a lie. is used for email. I’ve sent a few emails to that address recently, and I know they got through. Likewise the address – even though it sends back an autoresponder saying it’s out of use now, it isn’t. Although Dunk also uses if you prefer.

And if that doesn’t work, why not try contacting Katie (real name Katrina Cushnahan) via her “Bebo” or “Piczo” pages?

She seems to claim to be a “friend” of Lauren’s. Well if she is, either she’s unaware of how Dunk has ripped her friend off to the tune of well over ten thousand pounds, or she’s comfortable with that. If it’s the former, she needs to be told, without Dunk getting a chance to intercept the messages. If it’s the latter, she’s as much a piece of scum as Oldham is.

If you’ve got the necessary accounts for either of these sites, please send her a message and ask her about Lauren.

By the way – it’s all in txt spk, so you might find yourself cringing at most of it. In fact it’s so bad, it makes you wonder if Dunk actually vets and edits all her posts on Koptalk too. And I wonder if Rich Tea has seen these pages – there’s no mention of him on there…


14 Responses to “Lauren update and how to contact Katrina”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    My reading is that he wants to have another appeal “for Lauren” and he is both testing reaction and also softening the ground.

    He has several reasons:

    1. The Alder Hey appeal reminded him how easy it is to raise big money quickly mainly from overseas members who don’t know whats going on but have a yen to “belong” to something in the UK. They assume an LFC site is trustworthy and if not that they will be warned by LFC fans.

    2. He figures that even with the blog’s scrutiny he can skim off at least 10% or 20% and also stimulate sales of memorabilia and tickets. Who know he may also have arranged a backhander from the Forsythes.

    3. He is desperate for cash and willing to take risks especially if he plans to do a bunk.

    I suggest that if he does launch another appeal we should bring forward our dossier and forward it as a formal complaint to the police, skipping the charity commissioners.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    You reference to Smoove raises an interesting point.

    Would Smoove be willing to confirm that Oldham travelled to New York to be with him and his brother before Christmas at the time the toys were being handed to Alder Hey?

    Did they look at property together?

    Could he give dates and airlines and some independent reference that can be checked online.

    If not, why does Smoove remain silent when his name is used by Oldham in that way. Is he knowingly complict in Oldham’s cons? Is he part of a deception aimed at Koptalk members?

    Where do you live Smoove.- and whats your local precinct?

  3. Yorkie Says:

    She’s 17?. She looks more like 37… And has all the intelligence of a blueberry muffin by the looks of things. Its probably pointless trying to point out the truth to her.

  4. felix Says:

    Smoove exists. He has been heard on Koptalk radio and more recently on the podgecast.

    I think Smoove has benefited from Koptalk. When he visited England last year I got the impression that the trip had been paid for by Dunk. Which we all knows means ripped off Koptalk members.
    People connected to Dunk are willing to remain silent because they also benefit from the scams. Dunk throws them a few bones to keep them happy.
    Maybe once the police investigate one of them at least may be more willing to talk.

  5. insideme Says:

    I see that Katie’s profile and Bebo has been deleted by someone. Perhaps Dunk has done it to hide the truth from Katie that will have been posted in her comments.

  6. Paul.S Says:

    What an absolutely amazing coincidence!

    Of course, it can’t be a blog influence because Dunk “doesn’t read the blog does he.”

  7. insideme Says:

    Another thread about missing former members bites the dust as well….

    Closed after about 40 mins and then deleted after another few mins.

  8. dataimaginary Says:

    Katie: Under Favorite Books: dont do readin”
    says it all really….

  9. Yorkie Says:

    Her best friends bebo page is here. It would be possible to get a message thru to her, but its almost certainly a waste of time

    She’s just as gifted intelligence wise.

  10. theriotact Says:

    Don’t do readin’

    Do do pies

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    I took the precaution of copying and saving her images from the bebo site.

    Regarding Smoove. I know he exists – I heard him My question again is will he cofnirm that Oldham was with him in NY. Or does he just allow Oldham to use his name as an excuse even if what he says is not true. In other words he provieds a flase alibi.

    If we find Smoove is involeved in any dodges several (many of us) have access in New York.

    You can run away Fatty but you can’t hide.

  12. Hansi Says:

    Interesting that Meffin was asking about mumsafan when he registered in december 2006. She was long gone by then. Maybe this is the same Meffin that registered on Est1892 a few days ago?

  13. nico Says:

    why can’t you just go to the police now, surely there is enough evidence for them to get a search warrant to investigate further.

  14. chunka Says:

    Now I ahve seen it all, Taking photos, of PHOTO’s is this really the state of the youth of today’s spelling?

    The whole country is going to be fucked in 10 years at this rate

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