Lauren gets "comfy" room, but none of the money she's owed.

I love it when I read stuff on Koptalk that could so easily be from someone reading this blog, someone trying it on a bit with Dunk to see if he’ll bite. Especially when they say something he can’t be sure is a dig or not.

Earlier today I posted about Lauren being taken into hospital, and how she maybe would have got better treatment had Dunk bothered to hand over all that money he’d stolen from her by appealing for money in her name but using for his own fat needs.

I said that he should do one of two things – hand the money over to Lauren, or pay every penny back to those who donated it. Either way it might be tough to do, but selling his car would cover the money that was missing.

I’ve no idea if “martyn54” is a reader of this blog. Reading his comments below he could be. But Dunk doesn’t know if he’s a reader of the blog either, so he has to leave Martyn’s comments in there.

#64811 – Today at 11:56 AM Re: Lauren [Re: Dunk]
Dunk Dunk Administrator

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Just been told that blood and urine tests have come back as ‘inconclusive’.

She has had to go back to the same hospital and same doctor that treated her in the run up to her paralysis so she’s been really upset. I can’t say much more due to a legal situation but will the first day that I can.

Lauren’s mum spoke to the doctor today and he’s quite obstructive. “I’ve told you twice” he said, when she asked something she didn’t understand. Emotions are high but they know they need to remain calm.

I hope she comes out soon but if she has to stay in I hope they move her north to Middlesbrough to the spinal unit that normally treats her because the people there are really, really nice.
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#65010 – Today at 02:39 PM Re: Lauren [Re: Dunk]
martyn54 martyn54
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The way the NHS is at the moment the only way you are going to get decent treatment is to go private.

I have someone in my family who is in need of urgent treatment and the waiting list was months.

So I flogged my nearly new car and have enough to pay for the treatment now.

I’m driving around in a crappy ford escort but at least my relative is getting the best care. Car’s a car at the end of the day.

Hope Lauren gets well soon.
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#65020 – Today at 03:02 PM Re: Lauren [Re: Dunk]
Andrew Happy Birthday Andrew
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so sorry to hear the news Dunk, please let her know that there’s loads of people on here sending her their love & positive thoughts.
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#65022 – Today at 03:12 PM Re: Lauren [Re: Branners]
Dunk Dunk Administrator

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Thanks for the replies. They have moved her to another ward and according to her mum (who has just text my mum) it’s very nice, comfy, clean etc. Still no idea what her condition is.
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Well Dunk – you must be delighted they’ve found her a nice clean ward. Has it stopped you feeling a little bit hot under the collar? Let’s face it, you could easily have got her a private room at a BUPA hospital with that money you stole from her, but now she’s in a room her mother is happy with. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve that money though – get it sorted Konman. Your greed is indirectly causing her more pain and more suffering. Proud? Or not arsed?

Lauren – get well soon, and whatever you do, stay away from Dunk and his mam. You deserve that money they took.


49 Responses to “Lauren gets "comfy" room, but none of the money she's owed.”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Is it just me – or does anyone else smell another appeal coming? Now he has lost the News Now money, and his members are not renewing, he will be going over all his old tricks to see what he can dig up.

  2. felix Says:

    The cynic in me is suspicious of the timing of this. Especially as he has recently been directing people to ask Lauren about any questions they have about the appeal. However, I accept she is in a high risk category due to her illness. It is typical of him to make the most of her latest illness.

    He`s started his podgecasts again. The poor quality though may deter any potential new members especially when compared to the one put out by LFCNY.

  3. Honorary Insider Says:


    and now she might have to moved to Middlesborough

    I sincerley hope he is not using this poor girl as another vehicle to get money from yet another appeal…….. but knowing what a snake he is………… nothing will surprise me

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    I was wondering if there would be a market for a daily analysis of the colour and consistency of Dunk’s stools.

  5. arsenalist Says:

    Man, I though you meant the Arsenal right back Lauren.

  6. Tubby Says:

    You can just feel the concern coming from Dunk can’t you? Stting on yer fat arse Dunk, controlling the KT forum is more important to you than visiting Lauren. You would have to be as thick as he is to fall for it all.

    This all sounds suss to me, even if true this is certainly only going to be exploited by the fatman. If he put as much effor tand energy into running a credible buysiness as he does in dodgy schemes and shady practices he might just be a success. Pitiful man.

  7. est-er Says:

    Blood and urine tests? LOL! Interesting that they are inconclusive seeing as she has a suspected pneumonia. I wonder if the chest X-ray would be more conclusive?

    Either Dunk’s making this up, someone has passed him dodgey info (heaven forfend) or the hospital really is in trouble.

    Whatever the truth may be I hope the girl is getting better. I seriously suspect that martin54 in another alias bringing up the “private health care” nonsense. Anyone who knows anything about the health service knows that a private hospital is not the place to be if you are seriously ill. If you’re having something minor done or you’re malingering then a private hospital is a good hotel, but if you’re ill it’s different.
    martin54’s comment sounds suspiciously convenient for Dunk. Anyone know anything of martin54?

  8. felix Says:

    No its standard practice to collect samples of everything (e.g. blood, sputum, urine) when caring for a patient with an infection. Though cultures take time to grow. The cxr she had on admission probably showed signs of a chest infection and she would be on antibiotics for that. If cultures come back indicating any other type of infection e.g. in the blood or kidneys then antibiotics may be changed or added to.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Do you realise what you are doing ? You are following Oldham’s agenda. He’d much rather everyone talk about the diagnostic techniques applied to someone who may not even exist rather than (a) football and (b) his cons.

  10. Paul Says:

    I think your right Rupertinsider I can also see another appeal coming here, give it a week to make sure all the KT members have read enough about it.

    i cant believe i have given to this in the past, i feel disgusted knowing my ford focus needs 2 tyres and that fat git is driving around in a merc that i probably paid for. such is life.

    I loved Martyn54 comments, top class – is he taking the piss 🙂


  11. crazyhorse Says:

    i have to say…that pathetic attempt at grabbing sympathy for himself is the lowest he may have gotten.very transparent,what a fucking FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Knowing how much of a fat maccys loving con artist he is, is Lauren actually his real cousin?
    I mean if “Katie” and supposdly other family members work for him, then surely they will be aware of what II and Rupert are saying on this blog and know that Fatty Twatty has been ripping off their disabled relative.
    If thats the case then they are all a family of shite for allowing him to do it.

    If its not the case then is Lauren just someone’s story Oldham picked up out of a local newspaper and made this whole story out of?
    Or is it just a completly made up story and he has led everyone a merry dance?

    I have every sympathy for the Lauren in this story for what has happened to her and if it is the case for having to be associated with McDonalds customer of the year!

    Whatever the case may be NO ONE in that family comes out with any credit. Either one is a lying toad or the rest are helping a lying toad screw over a family member!

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    I have seen the suggestion that she is not his cousin – that is why I always refer to her as “so-called cousin”. I’ve seen it suggested that as sometimes happens, a family friend or neighbour is sometimes called “uncle” or “auntie” so I suppose that allows the children of that friend to be called “cousin” – all that is not so common as the uncle and auntie usage.

    But I am not even willing to accept that.

    With Oldham always start with the money.

    Oldham heard of this 17 year old – as she was then – sudden paralysis. He saw it as (a) a means of making money and (b) of presenting himself as the great benefactor both in that social circle and on the web – something he aspires to be known as (c) and as an opportunity to emotionally involve his cult members.

    But how would he, personally, justify asking LFC fans to contribute? Claiming she was his cousin would help, even if it wasn’t true.

    He may have been taken aback by the reaction – by how much money in donations was pledged and how, using the Lauren idea, he sold his fake memorabilia and tickets for several times their real value.

    So he tightened his grip – directing that donations go to his mother or himself – directly to the Forsyth family or the fund they were organising on their own.

    His main personal profit would come from the raffles and sales of memorabilia and footie tickets and the money sent to him personally. He kept complete control of those aspects – and no records.

    He also understood that the Lauren appeal gave him easy copy and once his readers were emotionally involved he was guaranteed of lots of return clicks on the site to check the progress of the appeal – and all those clicks brought him advertising money and new members.

    If Lauren is not a genuine cousin is she even a close family friend? Perhaps not. We KNOW he is a liar. We don’t have to believe anything he says about anything.

  14. El Ermitaño Says:

    I only know one Lauren and he is kinda wasted

  15. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Do we know were she is supposedly to live? In Wallsend like the fat one?
    This site has a link to nearly all the published press in the north and most sites have archives of at least 5 years. If dates and addresses could be tied down exactly then finding out more about Oldhams realtionship to this poor girl could be sought. Newspaper stories etc could be looked at more closely and check what Oldham has been upto.
    This is not stalking as Oldham would like to put it either. This is trying to inform this young lady and her family that this leech has been ripping them off.

  16. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Also having a look through google i came across this.

    Someone on has posted off the page Oldham has set up.
    It stinks of Oldham even though it was supposedly posted by “aunty nettie”

  17. fat_boy_fat Says:

    and the website is registred in her name but with KT Towers address.
    Could all be very innocent, but with Oldham i doubt it

  18. Justino Says:

    Fat man has taken it down – now links to koptalk and a direct attack on the blog.

    Aunty Nettie indeed

  19. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Yeah, that sounds like her. I didnt realise the accident over two years ago. Have we seen her bebo page?

    Its definately her as the dunk/Bez pic is in her photo album. As is dunks mum. I may be very bad minded but it appears she was last active on it 2 days ago. Hmm, Please tell me I have made a mistake

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    I went to that link just now – the one that leads to KT – and was met by a gaudy moving banner headline “Meet Gorgeous Girls Now”.

    Hardly an appropriate banner for a page on Lauren. But what does Oldham care – he even tries to make advertising and associates money on his criticisms of this blog.

    This sentence caught my eye – what is he trying to hide with this bit of sleight of hand?

    “Due to an ongoing legal matter between her family and the health services, we are unable to provide any further updates regarding her situation. As soon as that is concluded we will let you know how she is doing.”

    I wonder if Oldham’s handling of her situation and the appeal has fucked up her eligibility for public health services.

    The more I read – the more it stinks.

  21. jugs Says:

    Is anyone else concerned at the pic of Lauren sitting in an open top merc with the title “me in merc stoned” attached to it ?

  22. Says:

    @jugs: It is possible that she has a medical perscription for cannabis use…or not.

  23. felix Says:

    @rupertinsider the legal matter refers to a claim of misdiagnosis.

  24. John Pawlett Says:

    Lauren get well soon

  25. crazyhorse Says:

    are all these pics and stuff before she got sick? if not,for someone in such a bad way,she seems to get over her head and go out pon the lash alot!!!!!! confused….

  26. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Something is quite not right about all this. We all know Oldham has robbed money off KT customers and Laurens family, but you get the feeling there is something more fishy about it.
    I’m still of the opinion that he is not quite as close to Laurens family as he makes out. He is using her as a pawn in his conning game, and the sooner Lauren and her family or aware of this the better.

  27. latestinsider Says:

    Three days without a new story or an update? What’s happening bloggers? Resting on your laurels? 8-P

    How about a nice fat juicy story on Steve’s involvement in kraptalk towers?

  28. rupertinsider Says:

    He says we should ask Lauren about the money. Perhaps we should take him up on that – but ask her family. Or we could get someone else to ask them.

    No doubt they will be unwilling to shop him if they got any money at all. It may also be that it is in their interest not to talk about it, if the benefits they can get from officialdom could be reduced by a percentage of the money they got from appeals. Then there is the question of tax on any money or benefits they received.

    On the other hand, they do seem to have acknowledged money sent directly to them from donors and perhaps would be willing to confirm or deny what they received from Oldham or his mother.

    There is a suggestion that there may have been other appeals and or fund-raising events for Lauren – not connected with Oldham. It may be that there was an organised fund-raising structure set up before Oldham’s involvement. If so, why did he set up another – why not just direct donations to pre-existing structures? Were those other events sponsored by a registered charity?

    I find it odd that he should claim Lauren was his cousin if she is not. You don’t fool around with things like that in an appeal to the public for funds. It might be misrepresentation and breach of trust. Claiming she was his cousin might have reassured KT readers that his motivation for involvement was relatively straight forward – family based – when it might not have been. So if she is not, what was his motivation?

    Katie seems to be a link in all of this. She appears to be in Lauren’s circle of friends, independently of KT. So my question is if it is she who is the source of news or non- news about Lauren – Does Oldham have any direct contact with the Forsythe family at all?

    I don’t pretend to have a handle on this. It doesn’t smell right, though. Suspicions would be unnecessary if he was transparent and published accounts of all the donations he received and passed on, and all the sales he made of tickets and memorabilia for the charity.

  29. felix Says:

    I think Lauren is his cousin. Looking at the bebo page one of the photos is titled “my mum and auntie Netty.” The woman looks to be Dunks mum Jeanette.
    Of course, she may just be called auntie when there is no actual real family connection.
    It is interesting about your comments on Katie. She (if it her and not Dunk) is very quick to change subjects when there are questions raised in the shoutbox. She is always on the defensive. I`m surprised that the shout box still exists as tricky subjects are raised. In fact it is usually much more lively than the forums.

  30. fat_boy_fat Says:

    As i posted earlier there is NO way he could have got away with ripping her off if she was a family member unless everyone who works at KT Towers was “in on it”.
    Lauren and her family has no direct contact to the Oldhams i.e is not family, hence the reason why Katie, Ma Oldham, Steve and the other family members who work for this low life allowed him to rip her off.

    I imagine he may have allowed a few of the first “donations” to make there way to Laurens family (thats why some people got thank you letters, assuming they are real letters)
    Then after that he pocketd all the rest that came in safe in knowledge that if anyone asked the Forsyth family if they recived a donation(s) from KT members that they would say yes.
    Also being Oldham there is NOWAY he would have missed a chance to get free publicity, so if he was totally clean over the donations etc he would have his stupid fat face in the local paper saying how great he and his website is.

    For me i still think he has seen this story in the paper or knew of this girl and used it to make money. There is noway any family would allow fellow members to rip off a disabled cousin.

    I think if the blog can get to the bottom of this thing with Lauren it would be the downfall of him. Any credabitily he still has with the remaining few on KT would go

  31. rupertinsider Says:

    Latest Insider

    Insider often says the blog has no plan or agenda but plays it by ear and is ever open to Oldham reforming.

    But I personally had the intention – if not a plan exactly – to really hammer KT leading up to and through the January transfer window. My thinking was that January was crucial for him. He probably had a plan to make the money from false stories on News Now and do a bunk – or perhaps even close the site down. His next big money season is not until June or July. He’s going to have to pay back the book deposits soon and may be facing legal actions over his sale of fake memorabilia not to mention other matters. I noticed he had started preparing the way for a post-January bunk, developing the idea that the site is now run by Stevie and progressively by his 13 yr old daughter. They were to be the new clean faces of KT – more difficult to criticise. Oldham would control it from a distance – maybe even NY – in his dreams.

    I drafted a piece on the blog “Tweedledum and Tweedledee” about two or three weeks ago – but have not published it yet. Basically it analyses Steve’s role. I think he fully enjoys the benefits he gets from his crooked involvement in KT. He is not an amiable fool but an apprentice or wannbee conman.

    He is very active in the sale of fake memorabilia and fake certificates of authenticity – which he signs – and in the double dipping from the PayPal accounts and he is very practised in dodging questions and in delaying tactics when confronted and in general he is uses propaganda to defend or obscure Oldham’s cons. He willingly runs interference for Oldham. His motivation is money or the use of the car and food and drink an the other tangible benefits. (Oldham says one of these is unlimited access to porn on the KT computers and a bed in the KT office).

    The focus should be on Oldham. He wants us to shift it to Steve or his daughter, that’s why he uses them, but that’s not to say that Steve should be left to believe his complicity does not have serious consequences.

    I think Steve is a conman and a liar.

    I also suspect he is a benefits cheat and should be shopped. Oldham claims he does not pay him a wage while at the same time claiming Steve works 16 hours days on KT. So it would follow that if the pretence is he does not get paid he does not pay N I S either.

    As it happens, we have had swifter progress than I thought when I planned to increase my involvement in January. Oldham will not have a lucrative January, after all. Our campaign with News Now saw to that. It will take a week or two for the shortage of money to bite home – reduced January receipts, reduced money from new members, and from renewals. Oldham will not share his diminishing spoils with his step-brother. And Steve should not want to stick around if there is nothing in it for him – especially if he, personally, starts to get stick from us or the authorities. But has Steve becomes so dependent on easy money from LFC fans – so work shy – that he can’t give it up?

    One solution for the pair of spivs and benefits cheats is that they gradually convert the site so that it is more about porn than footie – and there are signs of that happening.

    Anyway, now that KT is not on News Now, about 80% of our “target” has disappeared. Much of the time we were chasing those NN stories because they were bringing him hundreds of thousand of hits weekly and serious money. (Before the blog started and until Sept 2006 they were bringing him more than a million hits a week if you include the cumulative hits once people got to his site).

    I am not so concerned if he lies about transfers to half a dozen bozos who are still genuine members of KT – not including those who are just waiting out the end of their subscription. Its good to keep a track and expose him – but it requires less effort by us.

    I’ll be on the road for a bit from tomorrow – Monday – and if I clock in it will be from internet cafe’s or similar.

  32. rupertinsider Says:


    I don’t think that photo proves Lauren is his cousin – as you said. In addition to “my mum’s friend is my “auntie” angle” its possible that Lauren may be related to Oldham’s step-dad – but not to Oldham’s mum.

    As for Katie – you may remember in August/September before she joined – Oldham trailed her involvement in sexually suggestive language. He went on an on about her being a blonde and “only 18” and encourage the virtual wolf whistles and speculation. It was almost as though he was hiring another porno model. And Katie slipped easily into the role prepared for her by Oldham and Steve. She has been coquettish since she got there – flirting with strangers in the shoutbox being her main contribution.

    Steve often wishes “that Katie is here” and Oldham often makes suggestive comments about Steve and Katie.

    So what does all this mean? Is it just another example of the low opinion Oldham has for his members, especially RichtT – that they really want sexual fantasy rather than footie? Or is there something going on. Should we take his leering comments at face value.

    Why Katie? OK she is a friend of Lauren. But on her web pages Katie does not list Steve or Oldham as being among her friends.

  33. latestinsider Says:

    Cheers for the update Rupert

    I think that we are genuinely seeing the beginning of the end now….and when KT dies, so will this blog which I’m sure will be missed by quite a few….but not KT….will be interesting to see what pieman will do next aside from porn…he will probably be inside for tax and vat evasion I would think..

    Good luck on your travels and keep up the excellent work….would be great to see an article on Steve as planned….maybe then will Steve realise he’s in bigger shit than he realised. Perhaps he will distance him self from the konning krooked pieman.

    BTW his latest piecast…the beginning of it he makes a mock of himself….fat bastard that he is….A huge heart attack awaits you Dunk and not a moment too soon!

  34. latestinsider Says:


    re: Katie…..I think she has been there much longer before August/September. When I first subscribed back in 2004, I received an email welcome from someone called “”.

    Needless to say, my login didn’t work, emailed them several times, never got a response and effectively they stole my 14 pounds from paypal for which I got absolutely no access to insider. I didn’t bother too much as I thought they were “reputable” back then.

    Dunk was a thieving bastard then…

    Dunk is a thieving bastard now

  35. rupertinsider Says:

    Latest Insider

    On her website Katie currently claims to be 17 and provides a photo. Oldham claimed she was 18 when she arrived in August 2006. He said nothing about her having worked there before.

    But if she did work there in 2004, as you suggest, she would have been 15.

    However, most on here who commentated said that she sounded about 28-30 when she spoke briefly on the KT internet radio broadcast from a pre-season game. And the sultry coquettish tone she adopts does not seem normal for a youngish girl.

    Some on Est 1892 thought that the woman who called them at their place of work and threatened to expose the fact that they had criticised KT may have been Katie rather than his Ma. Whoever it was did not have the guts to identify herself.

    I have posted a photo under “Shop Oldham” which I believe shows Katie. Its the group photo near the bottom of the page with the young daughter blanked out by Insider. Katie could be an older-looking 18 in that, I suppose, but she could could also be 25-28.

    That photo is similar to the one on her site although the latter makes her look slightly younger.

    Its a rum bunch – talk about the Adams Family!

  36. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    I don’t know the Katie site is that you refer to Rupert, but I dont think the Katie in the “shop oldham” pic appears in any of Laurens photos. There is a girl called Katie in there, pictured as varying from blonde to brunette, one who would be about 18.

  37. rupertinsider Says:

    Red Lion Landlord

    A scan of Lauren’s “bebo” site leads to Koptalk Katie’s Bebo page. She’s actually called Katrina Cushnahan.

    OK just after I posted the above Insider Insider’s new post appeared with all the information about Katie’s page.

  38. Hansi Says:

    Now Lauren’s bebo profile is hidden. Either Dunk or Katie has access to it, or she’s not at hospital at all. Maybe the Forsyth’s also are into this shit after all?

  39. Justino Says:

    Having looked at this over the last few days it does appear a whole lot more suspicious than just Fat Man banking some appeal cash without the knowledge of others. This looks like it involves the lot of them

  40. crazyhorse Says:

    so no one else was worried about how hard a partier this person is for someone who is meant to be so sick? ie the weed/drugs and grog binges lauren seems so fond of on her site???? or was this all before she got sick?

  41. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    In retrospect I wish I hadn’t posted the link to Laurens bebo site, I should have just emailed it to the blogs authors. My mistake, sorry. I think it is obvious from the newspaper articles that the girl did become unwell in Dec 04 and there were organised events to help her. In some of the pics that were viewable on her site when she was on nights out it was evident that she was in a wheelchair. She was clearly older in her pics than the picture showing her at the time she became unwell, so they were taken after her illness.

    There is no reason why she shouldnt be allowed to go out and get bevvied just because she was disabled. I do wonder however whether Dunk has overplayed how disabled and helpless she is, gaining sympathy for her.

    I don’t know the particulars on the illness that befell Lauren but the picture that Dunk seems to have allowed develop is one of a person so helpless as to need a special annex be built to her house in order to accomodate her. Though the pictures showed she seems far from being in such a condition, which is great news for those who have shown genuine care and sympathy by donating/asking after her on KT, but worrying in other ways.

  42. Insider Insider Says:

    @ Red Lion Landlord – don’t worry about you having posted the Bebo link on here. I knew about her page months ago, and had already “borrowed” some of the pictures from it. When I saw you post the link I was in two minds whether to remove it.

    I think one thing you can see from that site is that Lauren isn’t the person Dunk painted her as. Still – it’s her choice if she wants to drink, smoke, take drugs, spk in txt spk bllx all the time and other awful things! I know I do at least one of those things from time to time, and have been guilty of at least one of the others in the past. 😉 So I’m not having a go at her.

    One thing that can’t be ignored is that her site got closed down (or blocked) very soon after it appeared on here. WHY?

    It’s not a coincidence (for any passing Oldham apologists). So it was done as a result of it being mentioned on here. Who by? Dunk? Katrina/Katie? Lauren? Lauren’s parents? Lauren’s sister?

    Lauren may still be in hospital, if she ever went. So what did her family / Dunk / Katrina tell her so that she’d hand over her password and username for Bebo? Did they tell her about this blog and what it was really saying? Or did they tell her some bullshit or other? If she’s been bullshitted to then that could be the biggest mistake Dunk’s made yet – because a 19-year-old girl doesn’t get told what to do by a fat lonely waster like Oldham. And she’ll know the truth about this blog soon enough. Someone’s bound to sign up to Bebo and send her or one of her friends a message.

    If she’s been told the truth, or already knew it, then that’s even more worrying. It means she’s in on whatever this scam is – but I seriously doubt it.

    One other way they got access to her Bebo page – they logged on using the computer she uses at home and as luck would have it the username and password were saved in the browser. That’s hacking – and again it will be interesting to see how she reacts when she finds out that other people have been trying to run her life for her.

  43. crazyhorse Says:

    btw didnt mean to insinuate that she wasnt sick.its just that the picture dunc painted led me to believe that there was no way in hell lauren could lead a life like the one she paints on bebo….so yet again dunks bullshitted us all…

  44. Lauren Says:

    How SAD!!!!!

  45. Carras_boot Says:

    Whats sad Lauren? the fact that your own fat lard arsed cousin is bleeding you fucking dry or the fact that Rupert and Insider have actually took the time out and pointed out to you that you are being fuckin fleeced for all you have or should of had?

    I would be thanking them if i were you love. If it werent for these two people, no one would be none the wiser and that fat fucker would be squeezing more cash that people have donated to YOU not HIM.

  46. Carras_boot Says:

    Also, Loz, there is a select few who believe you are in the caper but there is actually quite a few of us who are looking out for YOU because we believe YOU deserve the help you rightly deserve. So before you go shouting from the rooftops at how “Dunkin” Donuts is you saviour, step back a little bit and look at it realisticaly then DEMAND that he pays you EVERYTHING that the good honest working class people from Liverpool and beyond have donated to YOU not HIM.
    If your satisified, and i mean GENUINLY satisfied without him fobbing you off with some bullshit excuses then you have genuine reason to say we are all a bunch of fuckin loons with an agenda. But i reckon you wont be calling us loons just yet sweetheart.

    Take Care Hun.
    (From someone who donated to you)

  47. rupertinsider Says:

    That is not Lauren. We have the IP and email number.

  48. Carras_boot Says:

    ok. well hopefully she’ll read it anyway. (real lauren)

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