The Informer is back stealing an Ayala story

In the early hours of this morning, Spanish newspaper AS added a story to their website that Ayala was unwilling to sign a new contract and looked set to leave Valencia on a “Bosman” free transfer this summer. Amongst others the article spoke of interest from Liverpool and Chelsea.

At 10:07 this morning another site not worth listening to most of the time – Tribal Football – decided they’d report the story too, with a headline of “Liverpool, Chelsea eyeing Valencia freebie Ayala”.

After frantically chasing tumbleweed around his pathetic remains of a website Duncan Oldham found the story too. At about 4.00 this afternoon. He liked the story, but couldn’t just report it. So he decided to use one of his aliases instead – “The Informer”.

Is anyone still gullible enough to believe that “The Informer” is anyone other than Dunk? (Well RichT replied saying thanks, so I suppose there are still a couple of very easy targets for Dunk to focus on.)

#64090 – Today at 04:17 PM Ayala
The Informer The Informer
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Rick Parry is negotiating a deal to bring Roberto Ayala to Liverpool. He’ll be out of contract in June. The horse says Benitez would like him in January but they wont pay silly prices when he’s free in the summer.

People pay £30 for this! You get it for free.


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