LFC fans pay £30 to provide their own news for Konman

Kop Talk owner Duncan Oldham has lost so many members from his site that things are getting difficult for him. It’s transfer window time and hardly anyone is showing any interest in doing one of the things that always helped him. Finding stories for him to use.

Dunk reads the S*n, takes anything they report about Liverpool and reports it as his own. He gets away with this because Liverpool fans don’t, and won’t, read the S*n. It’s banned from the homes of all good Reds. Dunk has it delivered every day, as he admitted in the summer. That’s not me making it up – he told all his free site members in the summer about it. Most of our readers already know this, and so I’ll not go into that any further – if you’re new have a look around the blog for more.

Dunk was made to look an idiot over the weekend when he decided to try a bit of bluffing bullshit over Peter Crouch. “Crouch is being offered to other clubs” he proclaimed. In the papers that weekend were quotes from Rafael Benitez saying that Crouch was most certainly not for sale, and hints that the boss thought it was Crouch’s agent stirring up trouble. The Liverpool Echo included a story from Chris Bascombe talking about this, and also a big story about the DIC takeover moves – but Dunk doesn’t get the Echo in Wallsend, and Saturday’s stories don’t get put onto the internet.

In fact Dunk hates Chris Bascombe, because Chris talks to the players and staff at the club. He gets genuine exclusives. He actually sits in the press box at matches too. Bascombe spotted David Villa at Monday’s win over Bolton, sitting in the director’s box, and dropped in a throwaway line about it in the middle of his match report. Dunk didn’t know about it for a couple of hours, even though one of his members had mentioned it in a post on his site. When he did hear about it he dressed it up and turned it into a story designed to draw gullible potential readers in. He fiddled News Now (for the last time, using yet another loop-hole in their “technology”) and got into the top stories.

By tea time he was reflecting on how useful it had been for one of his members to feed him that story. Steve’s getting bored now with having to be Dunk’s lackie, especially since Dunk’s had to stop providing him with freebies in lieu of wages. Steve’s probably looking for a job now. Katie doesn’t understand football, and would only find stories related to LFC if they appeared in Hello or OK, or in the 3am column of the Mirror (and the S*n’s equivalent, if they’ve got one). Dunk has no members with insider information. He never had any contacts. This snippet, along with his cheating, got him to number one on News Now – he wanted more.

So he decided to beg his members, those who pay £30 each to get access to all of his “features”, to become his newshounds…

#63221 – Yesterday at 05:43 PM
Submit & Win
Team Member

Registered: 28/07/03
Posts: 27113

If we have missed some LFC news that we think we should cover, please submit such details in this forum. Simply open a new topic in this forum or click here –>>

Include as much info as you can about the news you are reporting including links to such items. For example you find something of interest on a mainstream website such as the BBC, maybe we haven’t sourced them just yet for you or for some reason we’ve forgotten to add it. Simply submit the info in this forum and we’ll check it out for you.

Everyone that submits an item, whether we use it or not, we will be entered into a monthly draw for LFC prizes.

Every item you submit to us you increases your chances of winning because if you submit ten items, we’ll enter you into the draw ten times.

Prizes will be for LFC DVD’s, LFC books etc. We’ll announce on the forums on February 1st who the January draw winner is, that is if anyone takes part!

We used to run the same thing on koptalk.com before we were members only and it was a great way of keeping everyone in the loop.

Your actual submission (what YOU type in your post) won’t appear on the site as all posts need approval as this is not a discussion forum.

It’s laughable in so many ways. First of all you expect these paying members to submit multiple stories, each, and in return they’ll get put in a draw to win one of your old LFC DVDs or books. They keep your pathetic site going (you hope) in return for a second-hand book. So generous of you.

Then there’s the paranoia. You won’t let any of the submissions actually be seen by other members, because there’s a risk it will point somewhere you don’t approve of. Like any other Liverpool FC website, because all other LFC sites mention you being a Konman and being anti-LFC. In fact it’s amazing how many places do mention you and your scams. And all other LFC websites are now better than yours, if they only have a forum, they have more members than you and better discussions. You need the stories, but you can’t risk anyone defecting, you’ve hardly any members left – and most of those are biding their time until their subs run out.

Asking people to provide news to you! You are supposed to do that for them. You are there to save them having to use News Now and the like to find stuff. Come on Dunk – what do people actually get for their £30 now? They’ve got to provide their own news as well as find their own streams for football (you don’t offer it yourself as you claim “on the outside”). They get no insider information whatsoever. Not a bean. 90% of topics are started by you or one of your family, and most of those are extremely boring. The ticket competitions suddenly disappeared yesterday too (although we do know why). What do you get for £30 now?

In fact anyone reading this still in support of Dunk – can you tell me what you get for £30 that isn’t available for free somewhere else?


6 Responses to “LFC fans pay £30 to provide their own news for Konman”

  1. Jason Falzon Says:


    I am not a blogger or whatever you guys call this stuff. But I am a frequent News Now user. I used to annoy myself at times because there used to be a lot of repeated stuff, and koptalk was allover the place. I just want to say a couple of things that you don’t need to answer or post or whatever just comments.

    I noticed that the koptalk item on Villa is still listed top, but when I clicked I am redirected to an error saying I have a missing SQL or something?? So this maybe is the signal that although the item is still listed, however automatic redirection is inhibited.

    Second, and this is what I do not understand. I went in koptalk.com, again through pure curiosity, and on the very first page there is, quote: –

    “KopTalk is a members only website/club aimed at mature die-hard Liverpool supporters of both sexes and of all ages, races, religions and from all backgrounds. The majority of our content along with our moderated discussion forums requires a VIP membership. We have strict membership and moderation policies which ensure our forums are free of rival supporters and immature visitors. This enables us to provide a more exclusive environment for the serious Liverpool fan. Our community forums are open 24 hours-a-day and moderators are online at all times. All revenue received goes towards the expenses of providing KopTalk.”

    So if all the above was really true, therefore VIP membership exclusive etc etc, how come items were being listed in news now and accessible??



  2. chapeau du soleil Says:

    “Your actual submission (what YOU type in your post) won’t appear on the site as all posts need approval as this is not a discussion forum.”

    No you fat thief, it should be:-
    “Your actual submission (what YOU type in your post) won’t appear on the site as we will rejig it, precede it with ‘Koptalk understands’ or ‘Koptalk sources tell us’. make it sound like OUR story and then actually charge you for it. Brilliant eh!”

    You couldn’t make it up. What an appropriate saying

  3. Hansi Says:

    Well, you get a boring, dying forum with no insider information. You won’t find that anywhere else, do you?

  4. integral Says:

    Seems there are still quite a few posters over at KopChat, me included, but like you mention we’re all waiting for our memberships to expire. It is quite amusing reading something DunCon has written and knowing you’ll see it get torn apart on here within hours. Great blog fellas.

  5. rupertinsider Says:


    Just make sure you have cancelled the automatic renewal on PayPal or you may find yourself awaiting the expiry of next year as well.

  6. silentbutdeadly Says:


    Hope that isn’t your koptalk username or you might be leaving sooner than you think 🙂

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