Top Five Koptalk Quotes of 2006

by Rupert Insider

1. “Duncan Oldham of Koptalk has never spoken to an official at LFC, has never had any access to the club and never will.” Paraphrase of various written statements from Rick Parry, Executive Director at LFC and Ian Cotton, Head of Press to participants of this blog).

This after 8 years of the Koptalk Konman demanding money from LFC fans on the grounds that he provided EXCLUSIVE NEWS AND WHISPERS FROM INSIDE ANFIELD, MELWOOD AND THE ACADEMY and his claims that his site was packed with LFC “insiders” and that Rick Parry had invited him to Anfield before the season began to discuss something Oldham had that Parry wanted.

2. “Its laughable. LFC would’nt even consider hiring a person like him… (Oldham)” Statement to the blog from senior official at LFC when informed that Oldham claimed that the LFC Official Site was always trying to get him to work for it. But that he would never work for “the suits” on “the other side”.

3 “Koptalk, is that still around? I thought it was closed down years ago”.

Statement to this blog by Chris Bascombe of the Liverpool Echo when asked to comment on Koptalk insinuations that Chris was an “Insider” at Koptalk and a virtual “colleague” of Oldham.

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4. “A few numpties are even writing a blog about me… doesn’t bother me, I could use the publicity” – Duncan Oldham

So not bothered that

– a couple of weeks ago he pretended to be a lawyer and wrote to the registrar of the domain “ ” demanding to know who was behind the blog so he could take legal action about “trademark infringement”:

– he threatened to rip off Insider’s face if ever he met him:

– he had talks with an “insane Liverpool hitter” about bumping us off for £500.

– he has never mentioned the blog’s name in eight months, bans anyone from his site who names it or links to it, removed the PM and Profile and email functions from his site to prevent members informing each other about it, banned scores of members on the suspicion that they might be from the blog.

Since the blog started Koptalk has fallen from about No. 4 to No. 12 among LFC-related sites. Several authorities have started investigations of him and his site. His dominance of the LFC setion of News Now has been brought to an end, and he has been removed from Wikepedia and other LFC references. LFC have disowned him and ordered him to cease some of his pretence to be “official” or the vendor of “official” merchandise. The blog’s exposure has cause him to freeze development of his Newcastle FC, Nottingham Forest and Tottenham Hotspur Sites he was working on not to mention causing him several times to hide or pretend to be Steve, or his daughter or to be in New York when he was in Wallsend. He runs his life by the blog – he is our most avid reader. But he’s not bothered by it.

4. “We Love the SUN”

This was just one of the large banner advertisements Koptalk carried for at least two weeks before the blog exposed it. Oldham tried to keep it going for another day or two but succumbed to the disgust of at least ten other LFC sites which picked up the story. He brought the SUN ads back again, a few days later, before ditching them again.

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5. “Robbie Fowler returns to the Kop” – many headlines in the mainstream press.

Two days before Oldham rubbished rumours that Fowler was returning. He and his paying “Insider” members were the last to know. Just as they were last to know when Fowler left LFC for Leeds in 2001. Two days before that event, Oldham claimed that Fowler had personally assured him that he was not in transfer talks and would not be leaving. Hours after he left, Oldham published an “editorial” : Shut the Door on your Way out” Oldham had conducted a two year campaign of lies and muck-racking against Fowler. Robbie’s return demonstrated to many how far removed Oldham is from the news and the spirit of LFC.

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4. “A ten point manifesto for renewal”.

Tom, a long-standing and respected poster on Koptalk wrote an open letter to Oldham with suggestions on how to stop the rot in his site. He posted it on Koptalk in July 2006. The post lasted 8 minutes. Tom’s access was blocked. Many had already abandoned the site. But this incident was the final straw for many others.

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5. “The Koptalk free-site is closed—no more free-loading honorary members….”

Two of many similar statements from Koptalk.

It was one of the first LFC-related sites. It was conceived as a free site – a virtual Kop. As Oldham converted it into a personal profit centre, the free site continued to be a big earner of advertising revenue, and referral fees for Betting, Porno and Adult Date Finding, and as a shop window for his sale of fake memorabilia and as a collection point for his unregistered charities from which he would skim funds. Because of the mass exodus of members of his paying sites, and from the free site, he was forced to close it down in September 2006. He said it was more profitable for him to get rid of free-loaders, including his long-standing “honorary” and “lifetime” members. Before that his site had slipped from No. 1 in 2001 to No. 6. After the free-site closed it dropped to about No. 12

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