Koptalk ticket tout gets nervy

I was having a browse of Koptalk earlier today when I noticed Duncan Oldham had announced winners for the tickets he was giving away for the Arsenal game. You may recall in the past I asked readers of the blog who were still members of Koptalk to make sure they enter all of these competitions. Imagine Dunk’s surprise if one of our readers actually won the tickets!

Previously he’s not actually given away pairs of tickets – he’s sent Steve to meet the winner and forced the winner to sit with the teenager during the game. No doubt making sure the winner of the tickets doesn’t actually get to keep the ticket stub or anything. This time though, for whatever reason, he’s decided not to send Steve.

It’s against “the rules”, as laid down by the organisers of all football competitions, to sell tickets on at a profit (like Dunk did with his £1600 FA Cup final tickets) or to offer them for promotional purposes (like Dunk does for his competitions). Obviously you can ask for permission to give tickets away in a competition, but Dunk doesn’t do this.

We’ve speculated about how Dunk gets hold of the tickets he gives away. He only ever gives away tickets for cup games. He used to have a season ticket for Anfield, a long time ago, in the lower centenary (I’ll not say the row here but we believe the seat numbers are 200 and 201). Season ticket holders get priority for cup games as you’ll know. He’s also claimed to be a shareholder in the past, which of course entitles you to some priority for cup tickets.

Earlier today I sent Koptalk an email, offering them a chance to come clean about their various scams. Reminding them that their doctoring of receipts from their £2000 Alder Hey collection makes them look a touch dodgy. I didn’t expect a direct reply from their fat controller, he’s not replied once, he’s not got the balls to reply directly. But I wasn’t surprised at all to see him reply indirectly.

I mentioned a few things in my email, and one of those things was a reminder of how we’d asked our readers to make sure they enter all the ticket competitions on Koptalk. I mentioned that I’d just seen the winners of the Arsenal tickets announced (in fact he’d announced two different lots of tickets – the League Cup match and the FA Cup match). I pointed out how useful it would be for us to know the details of the tickets that were being given away on Koptalk. How if we reported those ticket numbers to the club there’d be a bit of trouble for Koptalk. You see those ticket numbers will be assigned to the fan card that is linked to the share certificate or season ticket that is being used to get the priority. As soon as the club know how the tickets are being used they will instantly revoke the rights of that season ticket holder or shareholder to purchase future tickets. I don’t know if Dunk still has his season ticket or if he sold it previously, but I also pointed out that if Dunk is using a season ticket as a way of getting priority for tickets that it might cause problems for the person who next tries to use that season ticket to get into a league game. So if Dunk has sold his season ticket to someone, they might find themselves refused entry. I doubt they’d be pleased.

Next time I went onto Koptalk guess what had happened? The two threads about the Arsenal tickets had disappeared. No sign of the winners being named. The actual thread inviting people to enter was still on the competition thread, just above an announcement of some other tickets that had been given away. But no sign of the threads naming the winners of the Arsenal tickets. They had been stickies in the football forum for ages, but now they’d gone. It made me chuckle.

Then I had a bit more of a look around and I had lot more of a chuckle. Duncan Oldham had suddenly realised that he was facing a problem thanks to his illegal use of these tickets. So he made a typical Duncan Oldham botched attempt to cover things up. Like a smokescreen, but not as good.

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Thanks for the laugh Dunk, but you’ve not convinced anyone. You’d not already sent those tickets out had you? If you haven’t I bet they don’t arrive…


One Response to “Koptalk ticket tout gets nervy”

  1. Hansi Says:

    If you missed it, the winner of the tickets was asam.

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