Koptalk (Kop Talk) de-listed from News Now permanently!

by Rupert Insider


Insider and I have just received a letter from News Now.

It announces that Kop Talk (Koptalk) has been de-listed from News Now permanently.

With immediate effect, Oldham has lost his single major source of visitors and advertising revenue. Now unwary LFC fans surfing the net are less likely to fall victim to his cons.

It is a major blow to the Koptalk Konman. He built his site over several years on News Now‘s feeds. At first he paid News Now a special fee to give prominence to his headlines and to suppress those of his “rivals”. This was very convenient arrangement for him because he stole most of his stuff from his “rivals” .

News Now and the Konman cancelled their cosy arrangement earlier this year, or last.

And as a result of the blog’s correspondence and unrelenting lobbying, which started last summer, News Now temporarily suspended Koptalk for breach of their standards.

But they then reinstated Oldham, under caution not to steal copyright and not to write misleading headlines. And they rationed him so he could never again dominate their listings as he used. (Some of you may recall how as recently as September 2006, Koptalk sometimes had 15 of the top 20 stories on News Now at the weekend and 5-10 on weekdays).

But Oldham has been kicking over the traces again lately with false and misleading stories and stolen copyright – as he is desperate to squeeze whatever money he can from the January transfer window before he does a bunk.

We do not think it a coincidence that News Now acted today.

Earlier today, one of our main blog contributors sent them a letter to the effect that he had discovered just how Oldham has been manipulating the click counter on News Now to send his stories into the Top Ten where they are guaranteed two days exposure. (Oldham gets between 8,000 and 14,000 clicks for each of the top ten stories over two or three days. He then amplifies these hits by referring the visitors to his other stories or to other pages in his site. Its possible that a single Top Ten story might earn him 30,000 cumulative hits. So this de-listing has cost him anywhere up to 200,000 hits a week).

News Now had previously denied that Oldham could have breached their security – their technical people ran a tight ship, they said. But our contributor demonstrated just how Oldham could do it.

News Now thanked him for showing them and claimed to have plugged the hole we found.

But Oldham, the artful dodger, found others ways. And News Now did not like our telling them. It was becoming embarrassing.

Today our contributor warned News Now that if they continued their complicity with Kop Talk he would expose the issue on several web-related sites, as well as on this blog. His letter today followed several complaints to News Now about Koptalk from our readers over the holiday period.

It has been my cynical interpretation that News Now thought they were sitting pretty. They had all the genuine and false clicks for Koptalk and all the genuine clicks for this blog.

But I argued that once advertisers got to know that News Now was giving prominence to a site which collected money for unregistered and unaccounted charities, and sold fake memorabilia, and was the object of many complaints to Trading Standards, and stole copyright and made false claims about its relations with LFC and – into the bargain – manipulated the clicks on News Now – the advertisers would not be happy.

So today the penny dropped for News Now.

There is a “price” for this victory. News Now has also de-listed this blog on the grounds that its single subject-matter – Koptalk – will no longer feature on News Now. But in their letter they wished the best to all blog participants . So that was nice!

We know News Now listed us in the first place only under our pressure. It did not want to give up the Koptalk hits so thought by allowing us in we would be quiet. In the meantime they would profit from being on both sides of the issue.

Paradoxically, today is a new record for hits on this blog. It is 12,449. Our previous record was 10,300.

But that previous record was in the summer – before we were listed on News Now. So that proves that there was life before News Now as there will be after. The de-listing of the blog has zero economic impact on us because we receive no funds of any kind from advertising or any other source.

The issue of a boycott of an LFC boycott of News Now has been raised before on the blog.

The case against News Now is that it acknowledged in writing that it has had many complaints about Koptalk for several years but it made a conscious decision to ignore the complaints on the grounds that Koptalk was earning lots of hits.

In a very real sense you could argue that Koptalk was able to prosper and prosecute its cons for so long and so effectively precisely because of its dirty arrangement with News Now.

The case for News Now is that it did deal with the issue when we raised it – if belatedly. It did suspend Koptalk and then ban it altogether. And it also listed us – at least for a while.

So a boycott of News Now should remain an open question, in my view subject to further developments.

The primary aim of this blog has always been to stop Oldham and Koptalk from exploiting LFC for his cons. The blog will go out of existence when we achieve that goal.

So to have brought to an end Koptalk’s long-standing listing on News Now – one of the main foundation stones of the Koptalk Kon – is a giant step.

I, for one, can look forward with heightened anticipation to being able to say goodbye to the blog.

Thanks to all who wrote to News Now and helped achieve this victory.

But we need a final push. So send in your information about the Lauren & Mortgage Pledge Fund. We will be submitting a dossier to the Charities Commissioner and, subject to its advice, to the police.


29 Responses to “Koptalk (Kop Talk) de-listed from News Now permanently!”

  1. est-er Says:

    WOW! That’s a major blow to Koptalk. I expect Dunk to contest this and wouldn’t be surprised to see it overturned.

  2. Alan Says:

    How many times has KT been removed from newsnow tho? by chance i was searching through a popular liverpool forum and found that people have been complaining to newsnow about KT for years , posts going back to early 2003 and there were complaints about misleading headlines and so on.

    He has been included back in too many times, i cant see it lasting permanently. Well done to everyone at II

  3. scouse Says:

    I wonder what percentage of fans, especially foreign ones are mislead originally by Newsnow. If you consider that pretty much NO other LFC sites link to Koptalk this is their single biggest traffic source gone.

    Newsnow can do what they want – with the amount of complaints alone it must have started to become a drain on them. The fact is the site wouldn’t have been removed if they had done nothing wrong and by doing a quick search you can see people have been complaining about this for several years.

    Shame it took Newsnow 3 years to do something about it!

  4. Aussie Scouser Says:

    What are you talking about you lot !?!?!?

    THE top story in News Now within the last 24 hours was a piece on Villa at Anfield from …. Kraptalk.com dated 2 Jan 07 at 13:38

    So I double checked the News Now date=2nd Jan.

    I think you’d better get onto News Now pronto !!!

    Keep up the good work though!

  5. Trichin Rayban O'Bese Says:

    Great news, I hope newsnow keep their word for the next 4-5 weeks so this transfer window is out of the way.

    Can I suggest renaming the blog to something like “Liverpool Football Club : OFFICIAL Koptalk Insider Insider Blog”

    As has been pointed out before, I think Fatty gets a lot of traffic from searches of “liverpool fc official” (or similar) on the search engines. If you can get Liverpool and Official into the blog title it might get the word out to anyone searching for the official sites and stumbling on koptalk.

    Keep up the good work, the charlatan’s days are numbered.

  6. Honorary Insider Says:

    his removal from News Now will damage him far more than our removal will damage us.

    Now we should set about letting the wrecking balls loose and lets obliterate koptalk forever

  7. rupertinsider Says:


    He was banned after my article on his David Villa story.

    It looks like News Now is letting both his and our articles run their natural course if they were already on before the de-listing.

    That manipulated misleading story on David Villa, you mentioned, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was Koptalk’s last on News Now.

    But much more influential, I think, was our contributors letter to them earlier today that he would expose their cosy relationship with Oldham if they didn’t stop it.

    Our hits today are well over 11,000 – a new ecord. A nice way to go off News Now!

  8. rupertinsider Says:


    We already get many visitors who stared off using the key word “koptalk”. That word does throw up a list with koptalk on top but us very prominently underneath.

    As for the “official ” thing. I wish people would write to the club about that – they can use the feedback email on the official Site listed on the right of this page. Its is clearly an attempt to give a false impression that Koptalk is the official site. LFC could put a stop to it if they tried.

    LFC could do a few other things.

    We do quite a bit of letter writing behind the scenes and we do have another idea for squeezing Oldham. But we don’t want him to know in advance!

  9. seenthelight Says:

    did i take you up right rupert,you said they have also stopped putting links to here up as well,because theres still one up.

  10. Trichin Rayban O'Bese Says:


    I meant the case where people haven’t heard of koptalk and want the official site and do a search for “liverpool offical” or “liverpool fc official” on a search engine. In that case the user will get the official site then a few results down they’ll get koptalk. They may be tempted by the sales pitch and sign up to fatty’s site.

    If this blog had “liverpool” and “official” in the title it might well be able to muscle in to the search results and get the word out to a few more before they sign up.

    Just a thought. Hopefully Dunk will be gone after a disastrous transfer window for him anyway.

  11. rupertinsider Says:


    I said they appear to be leaving the ones already on. We have three on at the moment – one in the Top Ten. The others are No. 16 and the other No. 24- so they probably won’t get into the Top Ten when they get bumped off the main page.

  12. seenthelight Says:


    thats a pity,hopefully they change their minds,it is a good source for those who dont know about koptalk to find out the truth before handing over cash,or to prevent current members from doing it again.

  13. felix Says:

    Congratulations a fine result for all your hard work. Let`s hope he stays banned from newsnow.
    Its a shame as doesn`t the new girl start this week? Hopefully this should lessen the number of new recruits to his site.
    My membership to koptalk ended yesterday and I`m resisting the pleas to send him £30 and stay within the koptalk family. This is despite the promise of of numerous upgrades that will lead to a more informing and entertaining site.
    However, I seem to becoming addicted to your blog. Anyway, thank you again for opening my eyes to the truth.

  14. CharlieMansonsSquint Says:

    Well Rupert I take it back, you may have finally done something constructive to put him out of commission for good.

    Or I hope that’s the case. Oldham’s like a fucking cockroach, just when you think you’ve sprayed the fucker, he adapts and continues to survive.

    And will NewsNow actually keep this KopTalk ban up. They’ve reneged before haven’t they?

    I hope this is the end of Oldham and KT but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Keep up the good work, with less ranting from Rupert if possible.

  15. rupertinsider Says:


    Thanks. When the blog started one of its functions was to report everything of note that happened on KT so that people who were “addicted” need not pay to find out. Insider used to provide page after page of KT transcripts.

    That’s eased up a bit first because very little happens on KT now and also because most of the “addicted ones” are no longer addicted and are living a free and fulfilling life on Est 1892, Six Crazy Minutes, The Liverpool Way, Talklfc or one of the other sites. You may be in a transitional mode at the moment. But if you keep visiting other sites you’ll get to know the characters there and soon find a new “family”.

  16. rupertinsider Says:


    As I understand your obsessive ramblings about me on Est 1892, you like the message but don’t like the messenger.

    It seems to me there is an easy enough solution for you – stop reading the blog – or skip over my pieces.

    You can keep your patronizing comments to yourself. It doesn’t seem to have sunk in for you yet that none of us write on the blog to entertain you or follow your script – whatever that is.

    Everything we do is constructive – not just the bits and pieces that satisfy whatever hang-up you have with Oldham. Whatever that was, it took you a very long time to discover judging by the tens of thousands (?) of posts you claim you made on KT.

  17. CharlieMansonsSquint Says:

    Shouldn’t you be proud that through you and other contributors to the blog, that the likes of myself and others have been shown the error of our ways?

    Or am I wrong?

    And yes I was behind the curve as regards to discovering the blog. But I’m glad Mums did eventually e-mail me, and I was able to make my own mind up through reading the blog.

    Finally, I aint here to patronize anyone, but from the outside looking in you do seem to post many unnecessary blog entries, constant re-hashes of material you’ve already covered. That’s just my opinion. With the Sun hat, Dunks shocking treatment of Robbie Fowler, NewsNow, Lauren appeal, etc you already have enough evidence. Any new readers of blog wouldn’t need any new entries showing examples of Dunks supposed lies. Indeed I didn’t. The sun hat entry was enough for me.

    I agree with message and the service you and others have provided is a necessity. The name of LFC needs to be protected from pariahs like Oldham. So in that regard more power to you.

    I’ll take your advice from now on and avoid your blog entries, it’s no skin of my nose and I’m sure it’s likewise for you. Still, you’ve already had the desired effect on enlightening me and plenty others, for that I’m thankful to the bloggers.

  18. rupertinsider Says:


    We’ve all explained till we’re blue in the face why we repeat pieces. Since you seem to have read all those repeats surely you also read all the explanations we gave for them! Surely I don’t have to repeat them?

    The substantive results of our method speak for themselves. (We also had 12,449 hits today).

    I can assure you its no fun repeating.

    No hard feelings – best of luck!

  19. dean Says:

    Aussie LFC Fan
    WELL DONE goood to see the con artist gone if it is lasting hopefully your persistance pays of in the end.I used to read kraptalk religiously always wondered why he had the same info as everybody else thanks for helping me see the goodside of an LFC site.I almost joined kraptalk at 1 stage but declined after reading 1 of your blogs cheers.


  20. Chunka Says:

    Great work all round everyone.

  21. Kazza Says:

    How come Kraptalk is right now at the top of NewsNow’s most read stories?

  22. TKFA Says:

    Was just going to post the same thing, Kazza.

    Kraptalk is top of the news (he’s slightly changed the David Villa headline…).

  23. Insider Insider Says:

    Kazza – I’ve asked the same question the bosses at News Now, but I suspect he’s there because the story appeared before they stopped including him. It should (SHOULD) disappear when it’s 24 hours old (or at least move down into “yesterday’s” stories.

  24. russellgsy Says:

    Articles need to be repeated as new people visit and need to be informed about his various “dealings”

  25. sawyerinsider Says:

    well done guys… his last bastion for recruits is gone!!

  26. Tom Says:

    Hi people you need to keep repeating the stories, even over xmas I was asked by a red friend of mine whether he should spend 30 quid on a submission. I referred him to this site.

    Happy new year everyone


  27. rupertinsider Says:


    Congratulations you changed the name of the blog.

    Now, according to your suggestion, its:

    “Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site”

  28. Oscar Says:

    Great news, well done. I’ll have to add the blog to my favourites instead of picking it up through newsnow. Rupert, although your last response to CMS was spot on, it was not necessary as I think most readers recognised what a silly point he was making.

    Keep up the good work!

  29. ivi_liverpool Says:

    I want to see David Villa at Anfield!

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