David Villa in the Director's Box At Anfield – Chris Bascombe

by Rupert Insider



Everyone of the readers News Now have probably already clicked at least twice on Koptalk’s headline about David Villa being at Anfield for the Bolton game, judging by the speed at which it moved into the Top Stories . The hits bought a few more meat pies for the Koptalk Konman.

As per usual he did not state where he got the story but implied that it was from his fabled insider sources at Anfield. He also hinted that it is confirmation of his EXCLUSIVE last week that Rafa is going to pay in excess of £20 million for David Villa with money from DIC and to sell Crouch to help fund the deal. Such dreams are what meat pies are made of.

If you read this blog you know that Oldham never goes near Anfield and has no sources whatsoever at the club. Senior officials at LFC have taken the unusual step of confirming that he has never ever spoken to an official at LFC and never will and that he has no access to the club.

If you read the blog you will also know he steals stories from others.

So where did he steal this one?

The usual place – from the Liverpool Echo and from Chris Bascombe, who wrote to the blog a few months ago “Koptalk? Is that still around. I thought it was closed down years ago”.

We’ve described in the blog how Oldham keeps an eagle eye on the Liverpool i/c site (Liverpool Post and Echo) because he knows that as soon as Chris or one of the other local writers put out some stuff Oldham can copy it and claim it is an exclusive from his “sources” at Anfield. Well, it is, in a way. The Liverpool Echo is a reliable source at Anfield.

So why not skip Koptalk and go to the original source.

Chris Bascombe reported this:

“Given Valencia’s David Villa was watching in the Directors Box – and no, that doesn’t mean he’s about to sign – Crouch picked the right moment to raise his profile.”

The story was largely about how Crouch would not be leaving – to fund the purchase of David Villa or anyone else. But what does Chris Bascombe know?. He isn’t a Newcastle supporter living in a garden shed in Wallsend who needs suckers on the net to buy him a Mercedes upgrade every year.


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6 Responses to “David Villa in the Director's Box At Anfield – Chris Bascombe”

  1. sawyerinsider Says:

    i thought newsnow were clamping down on him?

  2. CharlieMansonsSquint Says:

    Well Rupert at least you took New Years Day off.

    And KT and Oldham are still online in 2007. Didn’t think they’d make it.

    Here’s hoping they don’t make 2008.

  3. scouse Says:

    They won’t make 2008 – things are going up a notch now

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    You got that wrong, too.

    I wrote those and a few others yesterday – except for the David Villa comment.

  5. mcgru Says:

    dont understand all this shit bout crouch going anywhere, he knows with 4 strikers ya cant get playing all the time and i think he dose not mind, ffs he is playing 4 liverpool!!! kraptalk r getting worse with their reports copying the sun and i think sometimes the other way round….insider keep the good work going

  6. dave Says:

    Doesn’t he just repeat click the story to get it to the top?

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