More hypocrisy about Fowler

by Rupert Insider

fowlerwelcomeback1.jpgMost of us who genuinely appreciate Robbie Fowler know that his timing needs regular games. His physique needs constant, hard work-outs.

But its almost impossible for him to get this in Rafa’s LFC season 2006-2007.

Even when Robbie was in his glorious prime, Roy Evans used to drop him every now and then, to keep him focused and stoke his hunger for goals. But other than that he was a first-choice regular.

Then came the big injuries, followed by Houllier’s grinding down.

At both Leeds and Manchester City, Robbie was at his best only after a run of games.

On his return to LFC last season, when his goals-per-game and goals-per-minute were among the best in the PL, he played regularly for Rafa but only after an intensive training programme.

But there are two new forwards this seasons. And short of major injuries to Crouch, Bellamy or Kuyt (or one of them being sold without a replacement brought in), its difficult to see how Robbie is going to get the playing time he needs to perform at his best.

But the team does need what Rafa calls ” a very clever player” up front and some clinical finishing.

Houllier used to bring Robbie on as a substitute when the shape of the team was broken, the rhythm gone, legs tired and the team had gone into ten-behind-and-punt-the-ball defensive mode. It was hardly a scenario that could make the best of Fowler’s talents.

I’d like to see Rafa give him some starts. He is as likely as anyone – more likely – if the ball is played on the ground – to give a cutting edge to the attack. He doesn’t need speed if all around him are flowing.

Today, Duncan Oldham the Koptalk Konman has worked Robbie’s name into an empty paragraph for News Now. Fowler should be allowed some playing time before he becomes “history”. That’s all it says.

But if he told you in advance that he had no more to say than that, you wouldn’t click, and he wouldn’t make advertising money. So he lures you with an enticing title about it being time for the “judge” to return.

He explains his use of that word in the first line of his paragraph. “When Gerard Houllier started to snub Robbie Fowler, God started to be known as “The Judge” because of the amount of time he spent on the bench”.

Robbie was never known as “the judge” except by the sneering Oldham. It was an unfunny joke the Fowler-hating Yorkshiremen used once before.

He used it in an “editorial” he wrote in which he claimed Robbie Fowler telephoned him to tell him he was not in talks with Leeds United and would not be leaving Liverpool – less than two days before he actually transferred to Leeds!

Oldham and the paying “Insider” members at Koptalk were the last to know about that major LFC event, as they are last to know all the real news at LFC. All they get is made-up or stolen “transfer frenzy” from a garden shed in Wallsend.

Oldham’s expressed his true feelings about Fowler within a couple of hours of Robbie’s leaving. “Shut the door on your way out!”.

In the light of that history his paragraph on News Now today is hypocritical – just another cynical attempt to make money out of Robbie.

The blog has treated this before. If you want to see where Oldham used the “judge” word in his “editorial” about his phantom conversation with Robbie, Click Here and scroll down to the bottom.

If you want to see how Oldham tried to destroy Robbie’s Liverpool and England career with disgraceful lies, and muck-racing which he tried to sell to the S*n and other “nationals”, Click Here.


2 Responses to “More hypocrisy about Fowler”

  1. LFCPost Says:

    Yes, changing the item title defo shows the redundant item(s) in other news readers (if they happen to be open during the change window). fyi.

    Didn’t Dunk also fail to report the arrival of Robbie earlier this year, just before he signed? That’s what I call inside information.

  2. Sayward Says:

    Laugh Out Loud funny some of the stuff that you read isn’t it?

    That Fowler bit made me laugh!

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