LFC squatter doesn't like taste of own medicine

Duncan Oldham says that this blog doesn’t bother him. He loves the negative publicity because he says there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

He tells anyone who listens how the publicity has done him no end of good. Book sales and memberships went through the roof in the summer, he claimed.

Funny how this surge in memberships was followed days later by the closure of his “free” sites. (“Free” as in no membership fee, not “Free” as in “free speech”). Maybe he Konned a few leftover free-site visitors into paying for his pathetic £30 members’ “service”, but I’d hardly call it a surge. The vast majority of the posts made in there are from Dunk, ST3, Katie and Rich Tea. We get to watch the increasingly sad Rich Tea make a fool of himself with his chat-up lines to Katie. Even he’s started posting less now, realising perhaps at long last that the text message he uses as the basis of his faith in Dunk was actually a fake one. Most of the posts on Koptalk now are from 3 or 4 particular members and the rest are from Dunk, his aliases or whichever family member he’s Konned into helping out. Often times  a thread consists of Dunk saying something dull, then replying to himself as “Koptalk.com” half an hour later, before Katie steps in 20 minutes later, followed by “ST3” (actually Dunk).  People paid £30 for something they could get for this!

As for the book – well I really can’t see many people forking out the £5 deposit for the book that doesn’t exist, and has failed to exist ever since it was first announced three or four years ago. Not after reading here about this being the case.

The book was promised by Dunk before the start of the new season, but he later changed that to “by the end of the year”. He later changed it again to “by the end of the season”. That’s all well and good, and we look forward to it, but unless he’s got the presses rolling as we speak it looks like we’re all going to get some free memberships to his site…

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Re: Info about Koptalk new [Re: cricket69]
#1381671 – 20/04/06 01:09 PM

will it follow in yer book mate

What book

I guarantee that it will be out 2006 or FREE Gold Club memberships for everyone for life lol!

I just need Steve to get his arse back.  

S0, four days (including today) to get the book out Dunk. Or it’s “FREE Gold Club memberships for everyone for life”.  LOL!

We look forward to it, we’ll have a lot of fun with our free memberships.

One of the reasons this blog has been a success is because nobody likes a bully. Dunk has been an internet bully for years now. Anyone who stands up to him is banned from his forums, and in the past any forums who allowed members to speak the truth about him were threatened with legal action. He’s also taken great pleasure in buying alternative domain names from other LFC sites and pointing them to his own sites. See Cyber Squatter on here for more about the numerous names he’s taken.

As with all bullies, the thing they really detest is a taste of their own medicine. It’s threats of legal action against him that are probably behind his recent 9-day pretend visit to New York.  As for the domain names, his excuses in the past included “I bought them to protect them for my fellow Reds” or some such bullshit. He later admitted that he bought them because those sites had allowed members to speak the truth about him (although he didn’t put it that way of course). Funny though, when someone did it to him he didn’t like it at all. http://www.koptalk-insider.com’s secret owner (not connected in any way to this blog) got the following email…

Dear Customer,

We are contacting you regarding the possible cancellation of your
privacy service for koptalk-insider.com.

We have received notice that there is a potential legal issue with this
domain regarding trademark infringement and as such, you will need to
contact the complainant listed below in this case for more information
on this matter. We will verify that contact has been made no later
than 2 PM (PST) January 2, 2007. Failure to contact the complainant
and if needed, provide your contact information will result in the
cancellation of your privacy service for the domain in question. We
apologize that we are not able to be of further assistance in this
matter at this time.

Complainant information,
Paul Harper
Email: office@koptalk.info
PO Box 556
NE 28 7WZ

Kindest Regards,

Rene Saenz
Office of the General Manager

(Remember, this blog doesn’t bother him, he loves the free publicity). I am quite happy to act as an agent for the domain’s owner in terms of the provision of contact details – please supply my email address, koptalk.insider at gmail.com as the contact, and my name, “Koptalk Insider”. My name, “Koptalk Insider” is real as the name provided above, “Paul Harper”.  And I’d also point out that PO Box numbers don’t really count as postal addresses for legal matters so he needs to provide something better for that too.

It would also be interesting for Dunk to point out how the term “Kop Talk”, differs from “The Liverpool Way” and “EST1892” and other such LFC terms he’s stolen the domain names for. “Kop Talk” refers to conversations amongst Liverpool fans  on the most famous stand in world football. The term “Kop” is used at more than one ground for the home end, and has been since the turn of the last century. If anyone took a trademarked term illegally it has to be pointed out that Duncan Oldham started using the term “Kop Talk” for his site after he’d seen the success of the premium-rate phone service (and, later, a website) called “Team Talk”. I’d be interested in seeing the outcome of his legal actions against anyone using the term “Kop Talk” – because he’ll then be open to the same judgement for his many stolen “trademarks” too.

And he’ll need to skim a lot more money out of his dodgy charity appeals to pay those costs then.  We’ve still not seen a receipt for the Alder Hey appeal. Not one. Perhaps if you send an email to him you’ll have more luck than we have…


10 Responses to “LFC squatter doesn't like taste of own medicine”

  1. Al Jones Says:

    Hi Insider Insider

    Not sure if this has happened to others, so curious and bizarre it is. I was duped by Koptalk at the very start and subscribed, and was promised an exclusive Koptalk keyring (never received).
    1. Keyring received three months ago.
    I also signed up to the Anfield Exposed book right at the very start and paid a deposit that I have bnever seen the book for.
    2. Deposit mysteriously returned to me this month, with requests!!
    Why are they suddenly putting their house in order over in Wallsend? Are they a little worried about something?Anyone else experience something similar recently?

    Anfield Al

  2. darren Says:

    im going to demand my free koptalk membership come january 1st. if not i am going to take legal action. lol

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    1. Is this a hoax? Is it someone using the name “Paul Harper” to try to elicit the identity of the people behind the blog?

    2. That name alone is grounds for not replying. The known owner of KT is Oldham.

    3. Is the address he gives (office@koptalk.info )a genuine koptalk address? If not already published on the KT site or traceable to Oldham, it is further grounds for not replying.

    4. If it is actually Oldham then it might be he is using a false name and a new email address because he does not want to be held accountable for it.

    5. The issue is not trade-mark infringement which is a specialized branch of law . And if he is arguing that it is domain squatting – he hasn’t a leg to stand on. As you say he and millions of others do it every day. Their defence is that the domain was declared available by a registrar.

    6. The site owner should demand to see the copy of any hard copy letter received by Go Daddy. Legal notice requires hard copy and a proper legal address of the sender, as you pointed out.

    7. If this is genuinely from Oldham, then it suggest that he is spoiling for a fight on the issue – and we should give him one. We should also organise formal complaints to the various authorities about his fraudulent practices. It would be helpful if people informed us that they would be prepared to join any formal complaint.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Al Jones

    That’s very interesting that he returned your book deposit without you requesting it. It certainly does indicate that he is beginning to realise the legal jeopardy he is in – criminal and civil.

    The truth is that many have demanded their deposits back so there are probably very few left – although he boasted recently that our article on the subject generated 20 new orders for him – which we nailed as a lie at the time.

    But I wonder where he got the money to act now? He is not signing up many new members.

    All the more reason to check if he made any money from the Alder Hey appeal or used it to assist his cash flow.

  5. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    I am more than happy for my details to be used in the public whois for the koptalk-insider.com domain name. Just copy the info from here: http://whois-it.com/koptalksucks.com

    If there are anymore problems I will again happily transfer the domain name into my domain name account with another registrar. Just get the owner to send me an email.

  6. scouse Says:

    Trademark infringement? F#ck sake Koptalk what next, if you’d actually bothered to setup Koptalk as a proper legit company and to trademark Koptalk well then you might have a leg to stand on, but since everything you do is cloak and dagger this will again turn around to hurt you.

    You’ve now proved that the blog DOES bother you and you’ve even used a fake name on the request, who is Paul Harper?

    The funniest thing is the additional domain is only part of the larger picture, the search engines have picked up content from various domains and other forums – it won’t make a tiny bit of difference.

    p.s Suggestion for new feature – remember the koptalk homepage used to have a red/green image for when koptalk radio was on/offline? What about doing something similar for when Duncan is hanging over the fence at Melwood? A lot of people from Liverpool have questions for him….

  7. sawyerinsider Says:

    Oldham doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but I would change the registrar details of http://www.koptalk-insider.com to ensure privacy of the registrant in the event that Go Daddy reveal registrants details. and just incase Oldham has his Scouse hitman on the scene. LOL.

    As I understand it Koptalk-Insider.com has been registered legitimately and is being used above board in a non-commercial and critical way. He has no grounds for claiming cyber squatting, it has never been the intention of the domain.

  8. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Maybe Oldham should check his domain name portfolio, michaelbarrymore.tv certainly seems like a bad faith registration.

  9. McWar Says:

    rupertinsider count me in for lodging a formal complaint, I’m 100% behind you – come on guys lets do this and prove we are serious.

  10. rupertinsider Says:


    Great, thanks. I’ll be in touch

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