D.I.C Money for players – Rick Parry – "wildly speculative stories"

by Rupert Insider

In the past few days Duncan Oldham has used his Koptalk Komic Kuts website to inform us that the DIC takeover of LFC is moving faster than the club cares to admit in public and that there will be £200-£300 million for new players in the next couple of years with £20-£30 million in January, and that some of that has been earmarked for David Villa – up to £100 million – which is what Oldham says is his Valencia buy-out clause.

He also tells us that LFC is interested in the January purchase of several other players totting up to about £35 million between them. And January hasn’t even begun.

Duncan Oldham – “Executive Editor”, Koptalk Komic Kuts oldhamglasses2.jpg

How does he know? He gets it, he says, from his contacts “in the corridors of Anfield”.

Exciting, isn’t it – even if the sums don’t add up? So exciting that his stories shot quickly to the top of News Now where they dominated for a total of 4 days last week.

As I reported on here, Rick Parry referred to the “wildly speculative stories” about money for transfers when he joined a BBC podcast last week. He said the DIC deal was not yet done. As a result he did not know what money would be available for players in the future and when it might be available. If and when he does get to know it would not be in the club’s interest to publicise its transfer budget.

(Rafa has also told us that he does not know what funds, if any, will be available in January or next summer. He is hopeful and has prepared a list of names. But a forward is not a priority for January).

But what does Parry know, he’s only the Executive Director of LFC speaking from his office at Anfield. He’s not one of the painters in the corridors who are Oldham’s main informants and he doesn’t have the credibility of the wife of the brother of a gateman at Melwood who gets on the blower to Oldham in his garden shed in Wallsend if something interesting happens at LFC. If you are regular reader here you know that even those comic characters are fictitious and that Oldham has no contacts at LFC whatsoever.

Yesterday the Daily Telegraph tolds us that they have seen an investment prospectus, circulated by DIC. They don’t tell us the date on it, but imply that it is current. It suggests that the deal was not done last week. The DIC are still talking to banks about borrowing two thirds of the money and still looking for other investors to join them. The document made no mention of a budget to buy new players. In fact it suggested that DIC intended to squeeze all the profits it could with a view to investors recovering as much as an average 25% over seven years which is when they intend to sell their investment.

I have not seen the document and so don’t know if it is genuine or current. But based on what the Telegraph reports I think there is another possible interpretation.

The prospectus does not say that DIC intends to sell LFC in seven years, but it uses that time frame to calculate the potential return on investment.

It is quite normal in investment prospectus to use time schedules like that. One would have to look at the detailed terms to see whether potential investors would be locked in for a specific period. More likely they would be free to dispose of their holdings whenever they wished, subject to the board’s approval of any prospective buyer, but may also be obliged to accept any offer accepted by the majority owners. It’s even possible that DIC would have the first option to buy-out minority shareholders or match any offer they received from third-parties.

It would also makes sense that investors would understand that a stadium would not produce those kinds of returns unless the club it housed was among the top four in the Premiere League and the top 16 in Europe. That would imply continued investment in players. I suspect that the DIC prospectus would have allowed for that even if the transfer budget was not itemised – for obvious reasons.

If this document is genuine I would suspect it is normal preliminary process whereby DIC may be testing for the availability of both equity and debt financing in support of a potential bid.

EDIT: Several hours after I wrote and posted the above, the Press Association reported that D.I.C rubbished the Telegraph interpretation.   D.I.C  denied that itsproposed involvement was short-term and that it did not have a budget for team improvement.  It emphasised that the best available funding would be available. See my full report and comments.


Are you one of those who clicked Oldham’s Koptalk Komic Kuts headlines and the process put advertisers money in the pockets of this unfunny comedian?

We have warned our readers several times about his false and misleading headlines on News Now. He is so dependent on the transfer windows to generate cash for his Mercedes upgrade and his other goodies, that if there is no genuine news he needs to invent it – and he does.

You are his intended mark. You can thwart him by refusing to click on any Koptalk headlines on News Now. But if you can’t avoid the temptation, or don’t notice that Koptalk is the source, at least don’t send him £30 for more bullshit information, or any money at all for fake LFC memorabilia or for dodgy charity appeals.

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12 Responses to “D.I.C Money for players – Rick Parry – "wildly speculative stories"”

  1. Vern Says:

    It’s clear that the media have their own agenda. God forbid that our club would be able to battle it on an equal footing out with their darlings. I would expect more of the same; any reason the media has to attack our club seems to be reason enough


  2. Alan Says:

    That banner needs to be on every other LFC site , so people know about it

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    I notice Oldham is still trying to convince Internal Revenue and the army of LFC fans looking for him that he lives in Scarborough – not Wallsend.

    He used to boast about the MySpace girls he shagged. He never told us he paid them. One of them – Sophie – is looking for him. 😉

    Thanks to Est 1892 poster for Dunk’s MySpace entries. At least he’s removed his previous claim on there that he makes 250,000 quid a year. But still boasting about his phantom book.

    Also interested that when answering the question about his ethnicity – instead of giving his ethinc group – he says “white/caucasian”

    (Definition of ethnicity: cultural tradition, ancestry, national origin, history, or religion).


  4. felix Says:

    Sophie is the tacky Koptalk model.

  5. rupertinsider Says:


    “Sophie is the tacky Koptalk model.”

    I did not recognize her. But if it is she, he did pay for her and also slobbered over her on KT before he hired her, made constant innuendos about her and him. Pathetic!

  6. Me Says:

    You have a head problem. YOUR writing is divisive and unneccessary. You are simply poaching business. I do not have any affiliation with Koptalk. I’m not even a subscriber. You vitriol is pathetic and reflects on you more then Koptalk.

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    I don’t think “me” above has much of a clue about this blog. Dear “me” – please read it in a bit more detail. “Poaching business”? How? If this is a business then it is a business that has absolutely no means of bringing money in – we don’t do ads, we don’t take subs, we don’t take donations. Not a penny. Everybody who has contributed in any way to this blog has done so for free.

    We are here to expose a Konman who has spent the last few years ripping off Liverpool supporters and flying in the face of all the principals Liverpool fans hold dear. If you’re a Red then I suggest you spend an hour reading posts at random.

    What made me laugh most at the outburst from “me” was the fake email address used – ma@?????.???. (Even though it’s fake I won’t reveal the full email address, the pro-Duncans would choke if I did.)

    MA! For a moment, I thought it was Jeanette shouting at us! However the IP address is located in the south of England, and Jeanette can’t spell “pathetic” or “vitriol”.

  8. VALENTRA Says:

    There is no smoke without fire and no rumor without element of truth. The club officials should tell us the naked truth [if they dare].

  9. Me Says:

    The IP is from Liverpool mate, I work in I.T, you do not.

    Gerry Beckett – Liverpool

  10. Insider Insider Says:

    Me/Gerry – You’ve absolutely no idea what I work in, have you? Think about it, where does it say what I work in? I might have mentioned it in passing on here, I can’t remember.

    Your IP address points at an ISP based in Oxfordshire, according to two places I checked – http://www.dnsstuff.com and whois.domaintools.com. Try it yourself, assuming you know how.

    You may be based in Liverpool after all (my own IP address shows up on many services as being from a completely different part of the country to where I’m based) but your IP address is listed as being in Oxfordshire. I won’t give any more away than that, and I don’t believe your real name is “Gerry Becket” either.

    It’s not Rich Tea on his hols is it? If not I’m guessing it’s “BigKopEnd”, although he’s not posted on KT for a while.

    If you are a Red “Gerry”/”Me” – try explaining what you like about Duncan Oldham the Newcastle season ticket holder ripping off people he calls “fellow” Reds. Explain how you think it’s ok for him to openly admit to buying the S*n, and how you feel about him using their stories to make his own stories? The list is long, the blog’s been around a few months, but can you tell me why you think the blog is wrong and the former Leeds fan is right? Or are you going to run away when faced up to like many people who come on here “defending” Dunk without actually explaining why.

  11. rupertinsider Says:


    Hi again.

    I’ve checked your IP and Insider is correct it is from the South Central England. But you say your are in Liverpool. Are all IT guys bi-local?!

    And you say that what we write reflects on us. That’s nice. Thanks.

    But you say it reflects more on us than Koptalk. But how would you know that if you don’t even read that site!

    And why use a false email addressed based on one of Oldham’s more comical sayings – unintentionally comical?

  12. Insider Insider Says:

    Gerry – are you the same Gerry Becket found here?

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,27-2342301,00.html (click “Read all comments” if it doesn’t show them all)

    here –

    here –

    here –

    (A bit of a thing about the Manchester local paper?)

    And also here…


    Gerry Beckett

    Best goal ever seen:
    Three-and-a-half-minutes into injury-time in a highly-strung and frenetic Merseyside derby, Gary McAllister silenced the Goodison crowd with a superlative 45-yard free-kick past Paul Gerrard

    Best all time team:
    Brazil 1970

    Best World cup:
    Italia 1990

    Favourite football song:
    You’ll Never Walk Alone

    Favourite kit:
    Fiorentina Home or Roma Away

    Worst player to become an international:
    Carlton Palmer, who else?

    Your first match:
    Liverpool V Sheffield United, 1974, Anfield, 0-0

    If you are then you really, really should read this blog because you keep putting your views forward as being representative of LFC fans. You seem to be supporting someone who hates Peter Crouch (he claimed to have a tape of him talking exclusively to the S*n this summer, saying he’d be using it to end Crouch’s LFC career when he felt like doing it), hates Robbie Fowler (see this blog for details of Oldham’s campaign to disgrace Robbie during his first spell here), claimed to have information he could use to blackmail Rick Parry and many many more examples of how anti-Red he actually is.

    Either you’ve not read this blog and didn’t know just how against Liverpool FC Duncan Oldham actually is, or you’re a closet Manc / Blue. If it’s the latter then clear off and see if Dunk will take you on for the relaunch of his spursarmy.com or upthetoon.com sites. If it’s the former then I hope you’ll read the blog and will soon be back like many before you apologising for jumping to conclusions far too quickly.

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