Rafa's £275million target – (3 photos supplied)

by Rupert Insider

I was going to say “£100 million” but Duncan Oldham of Koptalk already used that today and he used “£200-300” million earlier in the week. So I split the difference.

His piece today got to No. 1 on News Now in a couple of minutes. The hits earned him enough mince pies for a month. But he’ll probably scoff the lot in an hour.

The page he linked to had a blank space where there should have been a photo. That’s because he has been in a lot of trouble lately for stealing copyright. You have to pay £30 and become one of his members if you want to see his stolen goods.

But since its Christmas, I nicked it from his site for you. That’s only a venial sin – to nick from the Koptalk Konman.

Notice the “KOPTALK.COM” – that’s what he puts on in “bucketshop” to fool his members into thinking they’re getting something EXCLUSIVE for their money.

David Villa of Valencia – £100 million


To prove I’m not a cheapskate – I’m giving you an extra two photos of David Villa – 200% more than Kraptalkers got for their £30. And these two are EXCLUSIVE to the blog. (I’m not lying because I had my fingers crossed when I wrote that).



It’s the second time Oldham used that misleading headline trick in a week.

The first time I pointed out that Rick Parry came on a BBC podcast and denied the “wild speculation”. He said that the club had no idea what money might come available and when – even if DIC did go ahead with the takeover of the club. And he would not know that for some time. And even if the club did get to know that new money would be available, it would not be helpful to the club to publicise its budget. Click here for that story.

If you haven’t read the Koptalk thingie – this is what it says.

Several (unamed) Sunday newspapers say that Rafa is targetting David Villa of Valencia and Oldham thinks they may or may not be right – duh.

Rafa used to be manager of Valencia – duh.

Rafa may or may not be targetting other players – duh.

Rafa will have to target some players – including younger ones – if he wants LFC to compete with Chelsea and Manchester United – duh.

LFC did well in 2006 and we hope they do better in 2007 – duh.

So if you hadn’t read it yet, sorry for spoiling the ending for you. But it was a good title, wasn’t it?

(BTW Dunk did not cull the Villa story from the newspapers. He’s too lazy for that. He got it from “Chrispy”, one of his paying members, who posted it on KT at 11.45 am LFC in for 25 million David Villa. According to SSN (Sky Sports News). Just came on in the round up (of what the newspapers say) and they also said the Scum would sign Hargreaves in the next two weeks for £12 million.”)

Oldham didn’t explain how David Villa would cost £100 million. That was another EXCLUSIVE saved for those daft enough to pay him £30. In his members only section, he claimed that the Valencia had placed a £100 million buy-out clause in David Villa’s contract – or was it £275 million?

While you are here visiting the blog why not see what its all about:

Blog v Koptalk

Or a recent article on how Oldham uses misleading headlines on News Now

“How to cash-in on transfer possibilites” Click here.

Or for a laugh:

“Dame Dunkin’s Kristmas Podcast from the Kop” Click here

Edit: Oldham had a four hours start on us, but a the time of writing we are already No. 2 behind the pantomime dame on News Now and closing fast.

“The blog’s behind you!”





34 Responses to “Rafa's £275million target – (3 photos supplied)”

  1. Clarky Says:

    Villa to be joined by Ledley King, Alves, Barton and a tough tackling left back would be nice.

  2. mikey g Says:

    hasn’t rafa already said he’s not looking to chnage the strikeforce in january and hasnt villa also recently stated that he has no wish to play in the premiership. i’d love to see him at ours but it won’t happen for a long time.

    re koptalk konmen: the internet is an information highway which anyone can use for whatever purposes – if a site such as koptalk did get some exclusive news it would literally take minutes for the information to spread everywhere and be available at no cost.
    therefore dont bother, you’d be better off ringing a porn line or subscribin to a porn site cos at least you’ll get something out of it that you cant get elsewhere (assuming you’re single)

  3. nathar Says:

    I’ll see your bet and raise you to £300 million

    this , naturally, is an EXCLUSIVE

  4. red from south africa Says:

    villa…….i dont think so………..its all rumours…….and ne way he is not what liverpool are looking for…………believe me when i say it that huntelaar is the real deal………..dutch……nothing more needed to be sed………..oh and we should get alves, micah richards, nani, and lennon………maybe barton in place of momo………

  5. red from south africa Says:

    not even huntelaar…………we need english………..we need someone who is english…..ne one except fer st michael

  6. Ringpiece Says:

    All the best to Rupert and co.
    Also all the best to all in the ringpiece clan, some of you are away from your loved ones due to operations and I’d like to take this moment in thanking you all for your efforts over the past 12 months….All the best lads.

  7. Ringpiece Says:

    One day we will be reunited.

  8. rupertinsider Says:


    It’s knowing that the Rinpiece regiment is out there, silent, hidden and alert, that allows the rest of us to sleep.

  9. camagedon Says:

    I am one of those daft enough to get caught out with the £30 subscription at the begining of the season. Thanks to to you i have now canceled my direct debit and do not lower myself to visiting Duncs rip off site any more.Many thanks to you at Insider insider and keep up the good work.

  10. rupertinsider Says:


    I said “daft” with tongue in cheek. You are not alone, there have been thousands. After all most people do not expect a site about LFC to be full of lies and scams. Or they figure that if it is – other LFC fans will warn them. The problem was that thousands who abandoned KT in the past – often starting their own sites – did not organise to expose koptalk.com or Oldham.

    kraptalk.com was one of the first sites to try. The blog is now doing what many thousand want done – that’s why we get so many hits.

    your post was a nice Xmas present.

    best wishes

  11. Insider Insider Says:

    Dunk, you’ll remember, was in New York until yesterday if anyone wants to believe that particular fantasy. Yet he was able to keep in touch with his contacts at the club during his spell in the Big Apple…

    “#57807 – Yesterday at 02:30 PM Re: Liverpool In For £25 Million Villa [Re: Havmi65]
    Dunk Dunk Administrator

    Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 13745 The Villa one is genuine. It’s been mooted for a long time and it’s been the talk of Anfield for a week or so which is how it’s probably hit the media.”

    Of course he wasn’t in New York, and of course he’s got ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACTS at Anfield. The club read this blog too, which is always going to make it difficult for the lying conman to find a way into the club in the future.

  12. Cam Says:

    red from south africa: “maybe barton in place of momo……”

    You’re mad!

  13. ituloy angsulong Says:

    Great site! Merry christmas! $275M is huge man!

  14. Phil Says:

    Why does sports have to be all about cash and money? FIFA should restrict clubs from playing more than 2 competitons, and force them to have only 15 players in the first team.

    This is madness…! I read here… Rafa to sign Alves, a Leftback, a midfielder… WTF? Aren’t there already enough players in the team?

    Villa, my God… not only is it his lame way of expanding the squad, it is a lame of winning titles and cups. Obviously player who play 10 games a year would remain in top form till the end.

    This unfair and quite lame – like Chelsea…

  15. latestinsider Says:

    red from south africa: “maybe barton in place of momo……”

    perhaps you don’t get to see many recent liverpool games then?

    Don’t wish to see the likes of Barton at our club thank you vert much.

  16. Emon Says:

    I believe he’s probably heard this rumour off Sky Sports or the papers have at least and he’s copied what the papers have said.
    Phil Thompson mentioned it during one of the soccer specials with the same kind of wording about it being mooted thru anfield think it was on saturday when liverpool played watford about a Spanish striker, didn’t name names. more likely to be torres than a player that already turned down liverpool to join valencia.

    “Registered: 20/08/04
    Posts: 13745 The Villa one is genuine. It’s been mooted for a long time and it’s been the talk of Anfield for a week or so which is how it’s probably hit the media.””

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    You may not have seen my amendment.

    “(BTW Dunk did not cull the Villa story from the newspapers. He’s too lazy for that. He got it from “Chrispy”, one of his paying members, who posted it on KT at 11.45 am “LFC in for 25 million David Villa. According to SSN (Sky Sports News). Just came on in the round up (of what the newspapers say) and they also said the Scum would sign Hargreaves in the next two weeks for £12 million.”)”

  18. amiripz Says:

    There is no way David Villa is going anywhere soon.

    Valencia have a very ambitious themselves as well and won`t let their best piece move anywhere.

  19. Ollick Says:

    Good stuff Ruperto, keep on showing up this fat Geordie loving pie eater for what he is, a erm, fat, Geordie loving, pie eater.

    Oh and a lying, thieving tw@t!

  20. DelBoyOldham Says:

    All the best lads for the New Year

    And let’s make 2007 free of Oldham’s shit.

  21. Sayward Says:

    Why the hell is Koptalk on that image if they didn’t take it? I’ve seen a little of David Villa but apparently he doesn’t want to move to England, just because he plays for Valencia has nothing to do with Rafa being linked, as Villa joined well after Rafa had left the club. I’m also not sure what the article is saying? Is it saying he is a £275m target or £100m target =

    Personally I don’t think Villa is worth more than £25 million and to be honest if you look around Europe there are a host of top strikers so we could sign anyone. But for now I wouldn’t read too much into it as we signed Bellamy and Kuyt during the summer and I’ve not heard much about the investment but the latest rumours I’ve read are it is more for the funding of our new stadium than transfers (I may be wrong though).

    I think Villa rejected us anyway a while back. I’m happy with Kuyt and Bellamy for the rest of this season with Fowler and Crouch as back-up, I don’t see any major signings in January for us, probably get Lucas Neill and maybe a few youngsters.

  22. Sayward Says:

    red from south africa

    You say we need Klaas-Jan Hunteelar and then you say we don’t need him in the next post but we need ‘English’. So what English strikers do you have in mind?

    I personally couldn’t care less about nationality of a player, nor could I care whether or not they come from Liverpool – because if this were the case then we should sack Benitez, sell Alonso, Garcia and all the other foreigners and let’s have an all English squad. By the way I am English.

    Barton for Momo – you must be having a laugh. Momo is a big player for us, we already have Gerrard. We don’t have the money at the moment to buy the likes of Lennon, Richards and Nani plus Alves has just signed a new contract and that means Sevilla will want even more for him. There are simple rules in football – never sell your best players.

    I’d be very very surprised if we make any ‘major’ signings during the January transfer window. We need improvements but I’m happy with our squad at the moment, we just need to keep looking for the right players to help us improve.

    P.S Whatever you think about Michael Owen, he is one of the most natural English goal scorers in recent times.

  23. nathan moorris Says:

    get david villa he will be a good signing and i will love you for ever liverpool fc i am your biggest fan

  24. arsenalfc.com Says:

    liverpool are lookin at makin a mega deal 2 bring in both Henry and ronaldinho.

  25. syahid ali Says:

    and what we get is a free voronin. i know he’s out of contract but the goal history – pathetic. get somebody like villa in and a few twist-turn-&-cross wing wizard in. then we’re talking league champs.

  26. Redneck Says:

    “and what we get is a free voronin.” – not much of a big risk is it to bring someone who has potential on a free? Rafa and his scouts aint stoopid, and we all know he isn’t afraid of dumping his own buys quickly if things dont work out.

    Anyway, Im still in disbelief that one man can actually conjur up sooooo many lies…..

  27. jason Says:

    id like to see villa and id get tevez on the cheap,

  28. kingofthekop Says:

    Yeah Villa would be great but not sure if Valencia would sell him or not and I was thinking about Tevez only today! we need first rate players not second rate like “Barton”.

  29. n.KYDD Says:

    we mite gt :
    voronin – crap player ..but yh !
    with them we’ll win most of d titles n gt more money from wining them n gt much more brill playerz

  30. luke1892lfc Says:

    Should get in:
    D villa
    D silva
    G barry
    M johnson
    D bentley
    D alves

    Could sign all them ^ with the funds
    Wud miss benayoun ( class player in my opion ) crouch ( agen class ) risse and finn wud miss them 4 but wudnt really miss others

    Spain for euro 08 come on torres lad

  31. luke1892lfc Says:

    btw Barton NO! hes shite and a fuckin idiot and hes in jail

  32. garry bandon Says:

    we should sell alonso, crouch finnan and riise and buy david villa, ricardo quaresma, sergio ramos and royston drenthe.then we can play 4-4-2.the team would be Reina
    Ramos Carragher Agger Drenthe
    Quaresma Gerrard Mascherano Babel
    Torres Villa

    then we would definitley be able to win the league and anyway ronaldo is more than lightly goin to leave so then united will be crap
    scolari is only goin to chelsea for the money. he even said it himself!!!all dere best players look like they are goint to inter to mourinho.Scolari has no real experience in the transfer market so he is just going to waste money on names such as ronaldinho and deco who are finished.

    Arsenal are too much of babies to win anything so then we have yhe league wraped up!!!!

  33. keiyh127654 Says:

    i agree with gary that would be aclass team

  34. luke warm Says:

    yeah me too i hpe benitez gets the money

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