Still no proof of how Alder Hey charity cash was used.

I was hoping to be making an apology this morning regarding the Koptalk Alder Hey Appeal. Unfortunately I still can’t make that apology, there is still just too much being hidden without explanation by Duncan Oldham (who’s currently sitting in Wallsend pretending to be in New York).

As soon as I heard a few weeks back that Duncan Oldham and Koptalk were requesting members donate cash into Koptalk’s Paypal account, supposedly to be used to buy goods for Alder Hey as a “Christmas Appeal”, alarm bells rang very, very loudly.

Koptalk’s Duncan Oldham was exposed on this site as having taking tens of thousands of pounds for a supposed appeal for his cousin Lauren, yet still refuses to this day to provide any evidence of actually handing her the money he collected. Forged signatures of players on footballs and shirts were sold for hundreds of pounds at a time, in some cases not actually arriving, and any “Certificates of Authenticity” were signed by 16-year-old (at the time) Steve MacNeish, Duncan Oldham’s step-brother and apprentice Konman. FA Cup final tickets were sold, for the benefit of Lauren, for £1600 a pair! Money was taken from Paddy Power after Duncan Oldham slagged them off on his site, supposedly for Lauren (£500 plus the offer of an extra donation out of the other £1300 Duncan had received from Paddy Power after his public complaints.) Koptalk members set up standing orders and made regular payments into the Koptalk Paypal account for Lauren and although later this would change to another PayPal account, cheques were still being asked to be made out to Dunk’s mother. All a bit suspicious I think most would agree. And any doubts about what seems like major theft and deception could be ended very quickly indeed if there’s nothing to hide. Another charity was promised £1000 about 18 months ago; a year later, despite many repeated claims to have “pledged” this grand, the good cause had still not had a bean – and even now it’s doubtful they’ve had that £1000.

It seems that Duncan Oldham has no worries at all about the idea of stealing money from a member of his own family, a disabled member at that. It seems his mother is willing to help him to do this; no surprise given her attempts in the past to stop people from exposing how much of a Kon artist her son is.

That’s why the Alder Hey appeal had me so worried.

However, I’m the sort of person that does always try to look if there’s a good reason for someone doing something wrong. Not in a blind way, but I don’t just assume the worst in people every single time. I offered Dunk the chance to try and put things right if he had stolen that money, suggested some ways he could work towards convincing people he regretted his actions. He read the email and decided to ignore it. Shame really, because I thought even he might have had a small, tiny, little bit of a conscience.

Still, that’s his lookout. He’s got away with conning people for years, and we only know about his internet conning – that dates back to the late nineties. How much conning he does face to face with people is anyone’s guess. He’s tried hard to cover his internet tracks but failed miserably thanks to the many various caches that exist on the internet. The blog won’t stop until the day comes when either nobody or cares, or Duncan Oldham has been stopped. A few people have stopped caring – they’ve learned their lessons about being ripped off – but a lot of people still do care. A lot of people want to stop the Konman.

The people who still try to defend Dunk, and the people who are still sitting on the fence, think that the Alder Hey appeal might be a sign that Dunk’s not that bad after all. When you look at his claims at face value over this appeal you do start to wonder.

I even made a promise that if this appeal goes through to the end and is not in any way part of a Kon that I would make an apology on here to Dunk.

I actually thought that I would be – I really didn’t expect Dunk to be so stupid as to take money from his members (considering the recent scrutiny he’s been subject to) and not do it in an open and honest way. I thought finally, after months of negative writing, I’d have something positive to say about Oldham for Christmas.

Well I’m still waiting.

Face value of the appeal:

  • Koptalk take money from members and use it to buy goods for Alder Hey. All receipts will be scanned in and shown on Koptalk.
  • Koptalk members will be able to go along to the presentation.
  • Koptalk members will verify that there is nothing missing, that the totals of the goods and any left-over cash all add up and tally with the money collected, and that there will be a receipt from Alder Hey itemising the goods.
  • All pledges must be made by named members and must be put onto a named thread for those pledges.
  • Koptalk will keep a list of donations actually received on another named thread.
  • Koptalk do not want any publicity for their appeal.
  • Koptalk will make the forum showing all the pledges and donations available for viewing by non-members.
  • Koptalk will let members choose how the money is spent.

That’s off the top of my head – and this would be excellent if done. How could Duncan Oldham possibly be up to no good if he’s going to do all that?

My own suspicious mind told me that he’ll find a way of being up to no good if he thinks he can get away with it. At the most minor end of him not being totally honest is the worry that he’s hoping we cover the appeal on the blog, and give him the publicity he claims not to want. But if that had been my only worry I’d have made sure he didn’t get the publicity on the blog.

The first thing that crossed my mind after that was the nature of the way he was collecting the money. Let’s face it, how long would it have taken him to set up a separate Pay Pal account just for this? So why ask for it to be paid into his own PayPal account?

What hit me was that he could be using this as a means to get hold of cash, which he could exchange for any vouchers or credit notes he has from stores. Perhaps he would go to Costco or a similar wholesaler’s and buy something for £300 that had a retail price of £500, and then claim he’d paid full price. After reading about Dunk’s exploits on the internet over the last 8 or 9 years (like his Pyramid selling scam) there has to be something that Dunk isn’t telling us.

Maybe there was some other motive, maybe he had something planned. He knew we would be watching him, so he knew he’d have to be careful. I’m not as experienced in how scams work as Dunk is; maybe I’ve still not worked out his dodgy plan, if there is one.

Despite my doubts, it was very easy for Dunk to prove me wrong. It was very easy for him to prove that at last, finally, there is something positive to report about the long-time scam man. We’ve still got to get him to answer questions about the Lauren thousands, and we’ve still got to get him to apologise for his S*n-loving anti-LFC antics, but it would be a start. And it still can be a start, although it gets more difficult by the day.

Even now he’s not being honest – he’s logging in under various user-names, not the “Dunk” username, because he’s pretending to be in New York! We’ve no idea who he’s hiding from this time (he’s done this before) but to be pretending to log in as “Charlotte”, his 13-year-old daughter, or “ST3”, his 17-year-old stepbrother, he makes himself look all the more pathetic. That’s before we touch on his little moment of pretending to be posting on Koptalk from on the plane!

And all the more dodgy, deceitful and well, let’s face it, all the more lies he tells, all the more it looks like he’s up to no good.

Looking at those “face value” points again…

Koptalk take money from members and use it to buy goods for Alder Hey. All receipts will be scanned in and shown on Koptalk. The actual wording on the most recent thread where this was mentioned was: “All receipts for the goods purchased will be scanned and made available online for the donators to see but they will be handed over to Alder Hey for guarantee purposes”. Well despite us reminding him repeatedly (on here and by email) we’re yet to see even one receipt. And if he’s now handed them over to Alder Hey it means he must have scanned them and so they should be now available – or he hasn’t scanned them and so now he can’t scan them. We also pointed out that he needs to show screenshots from his Amazon order history page or any other sites he used to purchase goods through in that way. Nothing. He’s been sitting at home on his own a lot of the time, taking photos of the boxes of goodies, taking photos of a Djibril Cissé CD he ordered for himself, but hasn’t once made the effort to take a screen dump of the orders or a scan of the receipts. Why not? Something to hide?

Koptalk members will be able to go along to the presentation. A thread, now conveniently deleted, had got details of various members who wanted to attend. According to Dunk the only member who actually attended was “WoodyP”. He attended because he was donating a lot of actual toys and so on directly. So why was the thread containing the names of those who wanted to attend removed? Why were those who expressed an interest in attending not actually given the opportunity by being informed in advance of the appointment? In fact we know that Alder Hey were due to receive the goods on Tuesday, but Koptalk failed to turn up as promised. They didn’t even have the decency to call up and re-arrange the appointment. Their contact at Alder Hey must have been quite annoyed by this, but what do Koptalk care?

Koptalk members will verify that there is nothing missing, that the totals of the goods and any left-over cash all add up and tally with the money collected, and that there will be a receipt from Alder Hey itemising the goods. Well unless “WoodyP” did all of this by himself then it looks like that was another false promise from Koptalk. We now have to hope that Alder Hey will produce a receipt listing all that they received and that it shows everything was present, and that we can use this to tally the shop receipts and screen prints to the good received.

All pledges must be made by named members and must be put onto a named thread for those pledges. One member donated $500 US anonymously, and obviously to remain anonymous didn’t put the details of what he’d donated onto the thread, which really was against Dunk’s rules. Still, that was a very minor issue, barely worth a mention, although it wouldn’t have hurt Dunk to explain his own reason for allowing the rules to be changed for the benefit of this one person. What was an issue though was the way that the thread disappeared one day. Up to that point there had been only one discrepancy on the list of pledges. A user called “Marcel” was on one list as having pledged £26. He disappeared when the thread did, and although that’s a very small amount, it’s never been explained. Is it just a coincidence that £26 is the amount Dunk receives from unwitting former members automatically each year? No explanation leaves you wondering. Again though, it’s a relatively minor issue and can soon be put right, should Dunk actually care about his reputation. What’s more worrying is why the thread was deleted. At the time it still existed, the lists of pledges almost tallied with the list of donations received plus those still waiting to be received. It’s not as if the thread was slowing Koptalk down – it’s quite inactive these days – so why delete it? Why hide the evidence?

Koptalk will keep a list of donations actually received on another named thread.
Again, the donations thread was removed. So was the “pledged but not received” thread. Why? What is there to hide? These threads were in a separate “sub forum” so they weren’t even bothering anyone who didn’t want to know about this “no publicity” appeal. They were out of the way. Those who did want to know could go and look any time they liked. So again, why hide the evidence? And when I say “deleted”, I’m fairly certain they were just moved from the areas of the forum that basic members can see to an area where only “Admins” (not “Mods”) can see, because Dunk managed to resurrect another thread relating to the appeal without any difficulty.

Koptalk do not want any publicity for their appeal. Dunk has almost come good on this particular promise. He’s not mentioned it once on his “free” site, the home of misleading headlines and lies about what membership will bring. He’s only gone slightly wrong on this. First of all, you have to decide what “publicity” actually is. Excluding what’s been reported on this blog or spoken about on other sites then he’s not had any publicity. Well done. The only issue I have in this regard is the publicity this appeal has had internally to Koptalk. After a spell of being a “Football” sub-forum, the Alder Hey section became a “Non-football” sub-forum, before it was removed completely. Everybody who read Koptalk knew about the appeal, and they knew where to find it (even after it moved unnecessarily). But regardless of this, Duncan Oldham still made a point of putting far too many “+++ LOOK, LOOK, WE ARE BEING GENEROUS+++” type stickies onto ALL of his forums. You couldn’t miss this appeal if you were a Koptalk member, and there’s nothing worse than having a charity appeal shoved in your face when you’ve already decided you don’t really want to donate. So again, a minor complaint, and one Dunk should keep in mind if he decides to do another “No Publicity” appeal one day. And one other issue – on the front page of the Koptalk members’ site, the so-called “Portal”, once the appeal was closed Dunk put an announcement on of how much was raised. This was the first time that Koptalk had mentioned the appeal to non-members, more on this in the next point.

Koptalk will make the forum showing all the pledges and donations available for viewing by non-members. This never happened. A bare-faced lie, as simple as that. A Koptalk member who never logs out would have taken Dunk’s word (always a mistake) and would have assumed that the special Alder Hey sub-forum could be seen by anyone. Well it wasn’t. It was Dunk who decided himself that this sub-forum would be visible to guests. So why didn’t he do it? Did he regret making the promise once we’d pointed out on here that we thought he was trying to use this appeal to convert gift-vouchers and credit notes into cash? Why say you’ll be transparent and then decide not to do it? The thread that included the claim was not removed until the whole sub-forum was removed. Again, another example of saying one thing and doing another. Another reason to be worried about what happened to this money.

Koptalk will let members choose how the money is spent. Again, a lie – or at best a change of heart. When the appeal stood at an impressive £1300, Dunk announced that he’d already spent about £1000 of it. He’d gone out and bought a plasma TV and stand and an Xbox; plus some extra controllers for the Xbox. Nobody was consulted. He didn’t post a quick thread that day asking what people thought – he went out and “bought” them. Although I doubt even the dopey Dunk would be so stupid, it does make you wonder. In the summer he was boasting about having gone out and bought two plasma TVs and Sky HD (we think with Lauren’s money) and never tired of telling us how many games consoles he had. Was is possible that he’d actually not gone out and bought these two items for Alder Hey, instead just giving them his cast-offs? Again, it’s easily answered – just show us the receipts.

Other issues with this appeal are quite laughable rather than serious. Dunk “pledged” a £10 Argos voucher, like many of his members. He’d asked his members to get them sent to his address. £160 worth arrived, but one person’s didn’t. Yes, Dunk’s claimed £10 voucher never turned up.

Dunk said on his forum, whilst logged in as ST3, that “… all delivery costs to Alder Hey, travelling costs etc will be paid myself. This was pointed out to him and he edited the post to say “Dunk” rather than “Myself”! Proof really (not that it isn’t bloody obvious) that Dunk is still in Wallsend not New York, but another classic moment of unintended comedy. Further to that though is that when you look at what he’s offering in this respect, it’s not actually much. You see he’s got Steve and Charlotte driving over to Liverpool anyway, because he’s decided to do some more spying over the fence at Melwood for the site. He’s using the offer of “photos of Melwood” on his front page now too. So really, the costs of travelling from Wallsend to Liverpool in Steve’s Ford Ka should be paid for by Koptalk anyway – it’s a marketing exercise to drum up some more thirty quids. So the only extra costs incurred by combining the Alder Hey handover with the LFC spying mission are the costs of travelling from one part of the West Derby suburb of Liverpool to another. Alder Hey and Melwood are both in West Derby. Again, a minor issue, but hardly as generous as Oldham makes out. And if he’d been less in need of seeking publicity, he perhaps could have arranged for all the goods to be delivered direct to Alder Hey – certainly something Amazon offer for no extra charge. (And if Dunk had moved to Chris Waddle’s supposed home in West Derby he’d not have had any of these problems of course!)

Another funny moment was a phone call made by a reader of this blog to the person responsible for liaising with Dunk over this appeal. She told the caller about Koptalk failing to turn up as promised but also pointed out that they weren’t allowing Dunk and Koptalk to go inside the actual hospital to meet the kids. They know all about this website and all about the claims about Dunk. They were extremely wary of him, it’s pretty clear to me. Dunk perhaps wasn’t allowed to go at all, after we pointed out to various Alder Hey contacts that he had a bit of a dubious past relating to his questionable attitudes on sex with minors. Koptalk themselves were only allowed into the office of the lady who deals with appeals of this nature, they made sure Koptalk were kept well away from the children. It doesn’t quite match up with the impression that Oldham was trying to give to his readers does it?

The gifts, or some gifts, were delivered by Steve and Charlotte yesterday. They took a photo of them handing them over in the office of the person they’d been dealing with. We don’t want photos as proof Dunk – we want receipts, screen shots, and those threads you deleted (to add to the copies we took as we went along).

As for whether these gifts are appropriate or not that’s another issue – but surely Alder Hey would have been able to do more if they’d been handed the £2000 cash over to spend themselves. They’d have saved a lot more money by going to somewhere like Costco, and in fact are likely to already have deals with suppliers that would have allowed them to get more for the money. But that kind of gesture doesn’t really provide the same type of photo-opportunities.

I’m drafting this at 10am UK time on Friday 22nd December. I’m giving Dunk a little more time to finally come up with the evidence that he’s been up to no good.

Come on Dunk! I want to make this apology.

Dunk, for the sake of your members, for the sake of your family, especially your daughter who’s been dragged into this, get those receipts up onto the net, and do it this morning (as soon as you get up). Otherwise it indicates YOU’VE USED ALDER HEY’S CHILDREN TO MAKE SOME MONEY FOR YOURSELF.

And I guarantee if that’s the case you’ll get plenty of publicity.


7 Responses to “Still no proof of how Alder Hey charity cash was used.”

  1. Alan Says:

    is there more pics on on the Kunt talk forums? he only posted 2 on the story that went on newsnow

  2. koptalkexposed Says:

    It would be remarkably easy for even a fat thick geordie conman to provide the evidence you are after. All he needs so is buy and XBox with cash from Amazon (with his own click-thru bonus) then return them under the DSR, okay he looses out on the delivery charge but what is that compared to getting cash for an existing plasma or capitalizing on vouchers.

  3. jugs Says:

    “Other toys, donations and gifts have also been sent to Alder Hey direct and are not included in our collected total. ”

    Were the other items included in the picture or not ?

    Who was the member that went with them, and did they miss the other appointment to drop off the goodies to stop so many attending ? The mind boggles.

    I expect to see these receipts soon, I will give him a few days to recover from jetlag then I will call Alder Hey myself to verify that the receipts were handed over.

    Until this, I reckon most of this stuff ” fell off the back of a lorry guvner” and the difference between the money collected and the amount paid is in someones back pocket.

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    Jugs – I’d appreciate you calling them – they’ll be more than willing to help I’m sure.

    Koptalkexposed – you underestimate just how thick this conman is! (And you’ve given him an idea now!)

  5. koptalkexposed Says:

    I know he is thick, but he is also a conman, most of his mental energy goes into thinking of scams – quite a bit of calorific value in all that lard.

    It is too late for him to do it now though, just that if he did stick to his word and post screenshots and receipts showing a cash payment it would mean nothing. I guess he was too greedy to even forgo the postage it would cost him to provide it.

  6. jugs Says:

    So, are the receipts availiable to see yet ??

    I’ll call them Thursday .

  7. felix Says:

    Dunk said he would scan all receipts for goods purchased and add them to the site over the Christmas period. They are not yet listed on the site.He has though included an email from Alder Hay thanking koptalk for the items.

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