Koptalk's Alder Hey Lie – "No Publicity"?

Sorry for what may seem to be a bit of a posting frenzy today. I’ve got a bit of time this morning but I’m not sure how much more I’ll have over the next few days as Christmas starts to take hold!

In my last post I said that on the issue of “No Publicity” that Koptalk had so far been good to their word (almost) in that although they’d made it big news inside the “Members” area, they’d not mentioned it outside. In fact even then I was being too nice – because they’d made sure that the latest total was visible to non-members (not actual details of who donated what or how the money was spent), against their stated claim not to want publicity.

This morning I came across this, on the public Koptalk site, the “free” site, the one Oldham uses to spam News Now for hits –


“Before signing off I’d like to thank our members who over the last week have raised around £1600 (at the time of publishing) for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital this Christmas. Alder Hey officials are absolutely over the moon with your continued support and they’re looking forward to meeting some of you later this month. Although offered publicity, we turned it down as it is our members, not ourselves who deserve the credit. You should be very proud of yourselves. “

So, Duncan Oldham, Konman extraordinaire, what the hell is that if it’s not publicity?
You just can’t help yourself can you? You just can’t keep to a promise. You can’t tell the truth. You can’t do anything to help others unless it helps you.
You are a liar, a conman and your use of the Liverpool FC name on your website brings shame to our club. I’m just glad that more Reds know the truth about you now than ever before. People who don’t even use the ‘net have heard of the Koptalk Konman. Nobody involved with Liverpool FC wants you. And even those who’ve been most willing to support you and give you the benefit of the doubt are starting to see the truth.
Who else do we need to let know about you before you go away and leave our club alone?
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6 Responses to “Koptalk's Alder Hey Lie – "No Publicity"?”

  1. Emon Says:

    Been a reader of this blog since it first began, i’d just like to wish everyone who has contributed to this blog in a positive manner a merry christmas and happy new year, especially rupert and insider insider. They don’t get enough credit for their work of protecting Liverpool fans from dunks scams and keeping liverpool’s name from being tarnished by its “association” with kraptalk and of course dunk.
    This type of work I believe is just as commendable as those who continue to this day to organise protests, write letters and contact various people to ensure kelvin mackenzie and doesn’t appear on the airwaves spouting his lies and hate.
    Particulary when kraptalk flies in the face of that at every oppurtunity

    Merry christmas and a happy new year.

  2. Disco Says:

    I think you’re a bit harsh picking hairs on a very worthwhile charty, but have a good Crimbo chaps.

  3. silentbudeadly Says:

    I 2nd that emotion

  4. silentbudeadly Says:

    The merry Xmas thing. not the Disco licking Geordie anus thing.

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks – best wishes to all of you too!

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Much appreciated Emon.

    Happy Christmas, one and all!

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