Lie after lie as Koptalk Konman starts to hide the evidence

For the past few days I’ve had people pressing me to know what’s going on “behind the scenes” regarding KopTalk.

Some people are still trying hard to cling on to a hope that Duncan Oldham isn’t the conman we’ve painted him to be this past nine months or so. They feel sure that he’s got to have some redeeming qualities, that his cons aren’t all that bad. I wish that were true.

Various arguments are used to defend him, none of which really carry much weight I’m afraid.

He can’t even run this Alder Hey appeal, one which he knew he was carrying out under deep scrutiny, without being deceptive, without changing the rules and hiding things.

Last Friday he claimed he was on his way to New York. He was even pretending to be on the plane as he was typing messages (on his forum) to his odd friend Smoove. It was one of the funniest lies he’s told, and he’s told some funny lies. Somebody left a comment on here pointing out that he’d not be able to access the internet from on the plane. Poor Dunk – too thick to check a few facts before making up these outrageous lies.

Once he’d told the lie though he had to keep on playing at it. So at around 9pm on Friday he stopped posting as Dunk. I’ve no idea why he decided he’d better stop posting as Dunk. He was quite happily posting as Dunk at the time he was pretending to be on the plane, so why stop on Friday night? Let’s face it, if he’s got the money to have a dedicated internet connection system fitted into the plane just for him, he can surely pay a few quid to get some WiFi access in one of the world’s busiest cities. Not to mention the fact he could have borrowed Smoove’s internet access for half an hour – Smoove was picking him up from the airport…

It was all a pantomime though of course, at least this time it was in season. The Fairytale of New York goes on for nine days though, because that’s what he claimed in his moment of fantasy on Friday.

On Sunday he used his daughter’s login to post – after a while though he realised this wasn’t really appropriate. At least I hope that’s what happened – his 13-year-old daughter should not be posting – as an Administrator – next the threads containing “jokes” about the Ipswich murders.

So on Monday he had to resort to his old favourite when he’s hiding behind the couch – pretending to be ST3. Oh and also using the “Koptalk.coN” login.

All this deception at a time when we’re supposed to believe his Alder Hey appeal is all above board. So stupid and unneccessary, unless there’s another reason he’s got to pretend not to be around…

The shoutbox was the only active place on Koptalk this past few days (it’s getting quieter and quieter by the day). In there Dunk was posting as “koptalk.coN” to start with. He wasn’t happy that there had been a thread about his cons on the front page of the official site all day, but pretended not to be too bothered.

Istanbul05] I see KT is being slated again on .tv
[KOPTALK.COM] what a surprise, who cares
[KOPTALK.COM] a couple of sptty teenagers
[Istanbul05] who the hell is Rupert Insider? how can you take anything seriously with a name like that, lol
[southafricanred] where you see that name?
[Istanbul05] in the article, the whole thing seems pretty childish, dont know why they have it on their home page
[KOPTALK.COM] i’ll let you try and work that one out
[kenny_lfc] You CON MEN!!!! 😀
[kenny_lfc] oh and women… 😀
[kenny_lfc] nah only kidding but its quite amusing to see it on the official
[KOPTALK.COM] we appreciate the publicity, they’re all nuts
[KOPTALK.COM] katie please can we have the alder hey figures finalised so that we can close that forum and buy the rest of the stuff
[KOPTALK.COM] this needs doing asap
[Mabs_Miah] is there a new mobile No. for steve?

We’ve been told the next comment was quickly changed from “him” to “me”. (And I’m not a teenager Dunk, I’m in my mid-thirties. You’re the one pretending to be a teenager silly! Do keep up.)

[ST3] not yet, cant you get me
[hocko] Dunk any news on Koptalk badges
[Mabs_Miah] no problem steve, just remember seeing something about a new number.
[ST3] hocko, we’re waiting for stock, could you email me and I will put it on my priority list. apologies/
[ST3] ok mabs, as soon as it changes it will be on site
[Craig] Ste, don’t forget to enable my goal & news alerts (a,b,c,d). rang you on fri about it
[Murielson] Have we got goal alerts back yet?
[ST3] we do teams, half time update, full time update and major lfc news

A quick mention there of the new goal alerts service – not as many texts being sent as they claimed they’d send.

It always cheers me up when Dunk says he likes the publicity, because then I know he’s got no problems with us carrying on posting.

Later on and Dunk had dropped the “Koptalk.coN” username and was just posting as ST3. The fairytale continued…

[ST3] yeh we’ve lost some good posters but every day new people come in. we rarely ban anyone but if people act like idiots what can we do? we always ask people nicely to cool it for the benefit of everyone and if we do ban someone they’re always welcome back.
[ST3] and at the end of the day they’re still around on other sites and we dont have a problem with other sites, some just seem obsessed with us
[ST3] katie will be back soon
[pacman] Exactly I’m a member of 1 other site and I can still speak to them there however I always go to Koptalk 1st because it’s the best site for stories and talk about Liverpool football club.
[ST3] people seem to think we dont like other sites, its crazy

It’s actually quite funny listening to Dunk ramble on, pretending to be ST3, but forgetting himself. People know you don’t like other sites Dunk – except RAWK. I know you like RAWK because I’ve now worked out how you’ve been making use of their picture thread. You’ve not got access to any photo agencies hi-res photos yourself after all. As for all other LFC sites – well I’d say the domain name “thefts” (see Cyber Squatting here on this blog) are proof that you are frightened of the threats other sites pose to your cosy con-filled world.

Pacman defended Dunk a little too, although for all I know he might not be as gullible as he sounds – he could be on a bit of a wind-up with the fat one, enjoying a bit of fun before he gets round to leaving once and for all. He does know about the blog, but he seems to think it’s ok to keep supporting the so-called Liverpool site that supports the S*n. As I say though, he might be pretending – I hope so, because otherwise he’s not much of a Red really is he?

“ST3” was still going on and on about how hard done to the angels of Koptalk were…

[ST3] well we don’t debate anyone which is why we wont have debates about former members, there isnt one person that we dont like (Panto voice: Oh yes there is…)
[ST3] i think some people just see it as a joke which is fine but behind the scenes dunks family have been suffering (Panto voice: Oh no they’ve not…) , he’ll rise above it but i know some people have been hurt (Panto voice: Oh no they’ve not…)
[pacman] At first you think it’s someone with a gripe against Dunk but when you see they seem to be dedicating their whole life to Dunk it’s just downright scary. My bro was a member of Koptalk years ago and tbh he warned me off when I 1st joined.
[pacman] he’s not Dunks biggest fan but I have my own mind and still wanted to join
[ST3] thing is dunk treats people like they treat him (Panto voice: Oh no he doesn’t. Panto voice off: In fact he treats most people like shit, stealing from them and threatening them. He threatened to rip my face off.)
[pacman] I spoke to him last week about what’s been going on and although he still has issues with Dunk (each to their own) he thinks what has been said on the net is taking it all to far. (Dunk can stop this today. I’ve emailed him and offered him the chance, again, to try and put things right. BEFORE IT GOES ANY FURTHER! He’s not replied, not even acknowledged the email. Pacman – stop taking sides and try to be open-minded about it. Read the signs on this site of Oldham stealing from your fellow Red and his attitude towards a “newspaper” boycotted by Liverpool fans. He’s a Newcastle-supporting former Leeds fan who latched onto the Reds because the world-wide fan base makes it easier for him to rip people off. Ask him about the shirts he’s sold that were either fakes or didn’t exist. Ask him about the way he’s ripped off so many Irish Reds. Ask him – and don’t give up until you get a good explanation.)
[ST3] people often misunderstand that the site has always tried to be controversial to make people talk (And that’s ok is it? The controversies that concern us aren’t the ones where people discuss if Jermaine Pennant was good value for money or not. The controversies we don’t like are the ones where Koptalk try to ruin the careers of LFC players by spreading complete bullshit about them. Or the ones where Koptalk add S*n adverts to their site just to piss off former members. Or the many, many examples of theft from Liverpool supporters. Silly Dunk – you’re running out of people who believe you.)
[ST3] in terms of news that is!
[ST3] dunks sound, hed do anything for anyone (Panto voice: Oh no he wouldn’t…)
[martinf] i was sad to see the informer go

The Informer was of course Dunk pretending to be someone else. (It sounds like MartinF’s on a wind-up, but he might not be.)

Then came the funniest lie since the New York one. His wife booted him out months ago, he’s already told us about this when he spoke of only getting access to his kids at weekends, and he’s dropped other clangers giving it away too. Now, all of a sudden, he’s going to be a dad again!

[ST3] but he wont be around much longer because hes worried about the kids and he has another on the way

So who’s having it for you Dunk? It’s not Maria, is it one of the myspace birds you claimed you managed to shag in the summer?Dunk deleted this section of posts from the shoutbox shortly afterwards, no doubt realising that this was another lie too far. Now that we’ve blogged about it he can’t pretend it wasn’t said, so expect some rather sick explanations about why this baby didn’t arrive in the end. He’s done it before, I’ve no doubts at all he’ll try and do it again.

Meanwhile, Dunk/ST3 was diverted to the question of what had happened to the “Informer”…

[ST3] isnt he still here?
[pacman] My bro has been these forums for 10 years there isn’t anyone he doesn’t know. I think he’s even had a beer or 2 with him
[martinf] I hadn’t seen him and assumed he had left
[pacman] Dunk that is
[ST3] i’ll look and see if hes still here
[pacman] Dunk can still get it up?
[martinf] when i met you at goodison Ste i thought a knne jerk forum would be handy and still do as we have a few too many doom mongers at times
[ST3] flmao
[martinf] people like el mtajo always cheer me up and make a lot of people laugh
[ST3] informer is still here but hasnt been on for a couple of weeks
[ST3] thats what its about laughing
[martinf] Ste are you and Dunk going to the derby?
[martinf] That Goodison Dinner was a piss
[ST3] i know if dunk had ever upset anyone, and he has a few lol, that if they were genuine, he would not only apologise but he’d do what was right by them (Liar – you’ve been asked to do this in my email from last night. Not to apologise to me, I wouldn’t particularly value your apology, but you’ve stolen from hundreds of Reds – apologise)
[ST3] i dont know. tix depend on dunk. (Dunk doesn’t have access to tickets for league games, he’s not got his season ticket any more)
[Istanbul05] anyone think if Arsenal will field a strong 11 tomorrow
[martinf] its only common sense really isn’t it? Some people need to sit back and see the bigger picture and stop taking things so seriously. I have seen some of the anti-koptalk sites and was very cncerned. Som much pent up hate never ever does any good (It’s not really hate though Martin. It’s annoyance, he’s scum. I rarely use that word, I don’t even call Man Utd “scum”, but Oldham is SCUM. I urge you to try reading the blog again, with an open mind, and point out anything in particular that you think might be wrong. I dislike Dunk because of what he does, but I’m still hopeful he’ll finally make an apology).
[ST3] its sad because i could never do that to anyone i didnt like only because i wouldnt waste my time (Says the “man” who claims (falsely) that he’s got enough dirt on the inner workings of LFC to be able to write a book about it. If “Anfield Exposed” did exist in the way it’s been described by Dunk, it would be much more damaging than this blog. Again, Dunk, your stupidity trips you up. You are an idiot).

Later on and the shoutbox was the scene of another change of mind over the Alder Hey appeal. It seems that “woodyp” had read somewhere that Alder Hey were going to be getting their visit from KopTalk today. Dunk had told us that Koptalk would be getting all the gifts together and getting them to Alder Hey – in the presence of other members. There’d be no publicity either remember (although last week Katie let it slip that they planned to take photos of the day!)Earlier on in the evening I’d sent my email to Koptalk reminding them that the receipts from Amazon, Argos and anywhere else had to show that the purchases had been made with cash, not vouchers, and that they had to be dated after the start of the appeal. I was worried that the console and TV might have been ones that Dunk had spent Lauren’s money on in the summer. Now I could be mis-reading this, but it sounds like Dunk might be changing his mind about what he’s bought…

[woodyp] Steve, do you have any arrangements for tomorrow (Alder Hey)?
[ST3] no because we have been inundated with donations so we need to tot up and buy stuff. i’m sending out emails now to people about the handover
[woodyp] cheers mate
[ST3] we’re trying to sort it all out we just didnt want to rush things today
[ST3] we have collected the tv and stand, xbox and stuff but we have a lot more to spend yet
[ST3] e may struggle with stuff ourselves so we may hand over a cheque

Well make sure we see those receipts and screen shots Dunk – before you go to Alder Hey too, we wouldn’t want you to hand them over and “forget” to scan them for us would we?

Then this morning Dunk decided to get rid of the whole forum that contained people’s pledges and details of how much PayPal had taken because of Dunk’s refusal to collect the money properly. Dunk should be matching that amount himself.

Also, did the Argos voucher Dunk claimed to order ever get delivered?

What happened to Marcel’s £26?

It’s a big amount that was collected, considering that last time I checked a lot less than 100 people had contributed. And the total suddenly increased as I was writing this, but no indication was given as to why. The forum had been deleted with all the information about what some of the money had already been spent on. There was nowhere for anyone to say if they’d donated a late amount of money (even though Dunk said the collection closed on Sunday).

Dunk – if you’ve nothing to hide, why are you hiding this forum? Why did you hide the threads last week that had details of people’s donations in? What are you hiding?

First message about the total…

#54914 –   minutes   seconds ago
Alder Hey – Total Received = £1893.00
Team Member

Registered: 28/07/03
Posts: 26656
Congratulations! The community here donated £1893.00 to Alder Hey by way of vouchers or online donations. Don’t forget that some members sent cheques and gifts direct to Alder Hey also plus another member is dropping off a couple of car loads of new toys. I would say we easily raised over £2000 over the last couple of weeks which is amazing considering this is a private community (non-members were not invited to participate).

We have purchased various goods already but we have a lot more spending to do. Hopefully this will be finished tomorrow (Wednesday). Later today we will update the list of goods purchased and we’ll add it to the site as soon as we can.

Alder Hey staff have been overjoyed by your support. A note from them will be added to the site in due course.

Although we are no longer accepting donations for our collective effort, you may still send gifts and donations direct to Alder Hey. If you have pledged something to our appeal but haven’t send it in yet, please send direct to Alder Hey now and not us as it will be returned.

If you would like to make a donation to Alder Hey, please make your cheque payable to “Alder Hey Children’s Hospital” and send it to:

Fundraising Department (IA/KT)
Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
Eaton Road
L12 2AP

As made perfectly clear on the site, KopTalk has not deducted even 1 single penny from the amounts we received for any form of admin, travelling or delivery costs to Alder Hey. These have been paid by ourselves. All receipts etc will be added in due course with confirmation from Alder Hey of what they received.

Thankyou for supporting Alder Hey this Christmas

Shortly afterwards, the same message was edited with the increase in the total…

#54913 – Today at 10:49 AM
Alder Hey – Total Received = £1913.00
Team Member

Registered: 28/07/03
Posts: 26659
Congratulations! (snip)
Edited by ST3 ( 19 minutes 12 seconds ago)

Dunk – I feel uneasy about this, you’re hiding something. And I don’t just mean the forums, the threads, the amount from “Marcel” – you are trying it on here, I’m fairly sure of it.

Stop pretending to be in New York, nobody believes you.

Stop pretending to be an expectant father, nobody believes you.

Stop telling people to contact Lauren’s family themselves if they want to find out whether you stole from her or not – tell us how much you collected and how it was spent.

Stop the fairytales Two thousand pounds is a lot of money for you to take without proving how you spent it, without proving you didn’t use it for your own ends. Especially if your usual claim of being about to leave the site finally comes true this time.


21 Responses to “Lie after lie as Koptalk Konman starts to hide the evidence”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Well done, Insider!

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    You said “his next comment was quickly changed from “him”to “me”. In fact it was not changed for 45-65 minutes – until after I had posted it on the blog.

    The original entries (to which I had a link provided by a reader) were two. He deleted one of them after about 15-20 minutes but let the other stand.

    Ste3 is supposed to be Steve. Someone asked him about his new mobile. He replied “Why, cant you get him?”. He did this twice. It was not a typo.

    This suggests that it was Oldham using the Ste3 alias – as he often does, pretending to be Steve.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Can I just hijack this thread to point out that on a BBC podcast yesterday Rick Parry said the story that LFC will be getting 200-300 million for new players including some in January – was “wildly speculative”. He said if LFC knew what money it would be getting it would never publish its budget because it would be most unhelpful to the club. He also said the deal with DIC was not complete and he would know better by the middle of this week when and if that would be.

    Koptalk put the story on News Now yesterday and it shot to No. 1 in a few minutes and is still there today. KT stole it from Sky Sports – but the thing is KT then added that they could confirm it from their own contacts from within the “corridors at Anfield”.

    We know that Oldham has no contacts anywhere except on My Space and X-Box with pretenders like himself.

  4. Chunka Says:

    Whats this about Koptalk being on the homepage of

  5. JiGGa Says:

    Quality blog! Hope this conman gets what he deserves..

  6. rupertinsider Says:


    It was a thread. One of the posters cut and pasted my entire article “How to cash in on transfer possibilities”. But never gave a link to the blog.

    But judging from past patterns that probably means at least another 2,000 hits on that article would have occurred on the official site to add to the nearly 7,000 (so far) it received on the blog.

  7. Hansi Says:

    Today he’s online as Charlotte again. 2 days ago she had the grand total of 64 posts since registering on 20.04.2005. That’s about 3 posts a month. All of a sudden she logs on in the middle of the night to start posting. Then a couple of days later she’s posting again, and now have reached 97 posts. That’s 33 posts i 2 days. Clearly this is not Charlotte. It’s Dunk, and he’s hiding from someone or something.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    He’s hiding from us – but we can see him.

  9. Insider Insider Says:

    He’s online as Charlotte because Katie and Steve are supposed to be in Liverpool meeting the winner of the Arsenal ticket for the game that’s now been postponed.

    He can’t pretend to be ST3 or Katie, so he has to pretend to be Charlotte.

    And don’t forget – “Steve’s NEW mobile number is 07962 367 537”

  10. Hansi Says:

    No way. You’ve been here a long time without him hiding. It must be something else.

    BTW. Steve and Katie’s apparently gone to Liverpool to meet someone who won tickets for todays matchs. So now Charlottes left to run KT (you know the 24/7 moderated website)

    Look at some of the posts from this 13 year old girl:

    #55325 – 56 minutes 30 seconds ago FAO Steve/Dunk
    alfredolumbago alfredolumbago
    Honorary Member

    Registered: 09/11/02
    Posts: 927
    Loc: Ottisburg!…Ottisburg? Steve

    Please respond to my support ticket issue

    [SUPPORT #HKM-224084]

    sorry if this is the wrong forum

    #55330 – 43 minutes 31 seconds ago Re: FAO Steve/Dunk [Re: alfredolumbago]
    Charlotte Charlotte
    Junior Editor (13)

    Registered: 30/04/05
    Posts: 98
    Loc: KOPTALK Steve is in Liverpool. I will call him for you and get him to email you later tonight

    She’s actually in charge you see..

    #55340 – 29 minutes 16 seconds ago Re: FAO Steve/Dunk [Re: alfredolumbago]
    Charlotte Charlotte
    Junior Editor (13)

    Registered: 30/04/05
    Posts: 100
    Loc: KOPTALK Steve took Katie to meet the Koptalk member who won the ticket

    Then taking care of more business.

    #55343 – 18 minutes 42 seconds ago Re: ++++ Go to Blackburn v Liverpool on us (Boxing Day) ++++ [Re: GEvans]
    Charlotte Charlotte
    Junior Editor (13)

    Registered: 30/04/05
    Posts: 100
    Loc: KOPTALK I have been told to tell you that we will draw a winner tomorrow

    By whom?
    A few minutes later KOPTALK.COM is poting. Couldn’t whoever that is take care of the comp?

    Anyway. ST3 was actually spotted at the same time in the who’s online list:
    ST3 Administrator 6 minutes 33 seconds ago Logging out sorry, this list doesn’t exist anymore
    Isn’t he supposed to be in Liverpool with Katie?

  11. scouse Says:

    Has anyone had a response from Alder Hey yet? is it worth contacing them on the phone to see what the actual plan is?

    Also regarding the charities comission someone mentioned if the total taken was over £1000 this had to be official which it is clearly not. Wont the comission be obliged to look further into this?

    Why delete or amend absolutely anything there is no legit reason for this

  12. btb Says:

    Spot on Rupert, he did post as st3 saying him and then another one straight after saying me. The best bit was that no one questioned the mistake and it was ther for a while, they all ignored it.
    This goes a long way to prooving that the handfull of people left are scared or too stupid to say anything.
    Rupert if you need a copy of the shout box for future ref I not only sent it to you but saved it on my computer.

  13. rupertinsider Says:


    Thanks for the help


    We were told by a contributor that the CC said the law changed in November and that the amount is now 5,000 . (That may be one reason he would want to close it before it reaches that because he knows we will report it to the Charity Commissioners). However, we are in the process of checking this information directly with the CC to see if 1,000 remains the threshold and whether the Alder Hey appeal must be registered.


    He’s hiding from us because of the Alder Hey thing. He wants to pretend to be out of the country so he can say he could not make it to Alder Hey and/or se we won’t organise a reception committee for him there.

    Katie and Stevie going to Liverpool is also fishy. They may be going to Alder Hey, too.

    Such cloak and daggers – what a shady life they all live. I could be so much simpler if they were honest.

    (In the past he has pretended not to be there when the Trading Standards Office was looking for him and possibly the benefits and tax inspectors).

    Keep up the good work tracking his “Charlotte” posts. Its another example of how he uses his kids – that’s what they’re there for – to be used.

    But I think Steve at 17 is no longer a kid, especially as he takes such delight in using the powers Oldham gives him and enjoys the fruits of the con. Oldham has been using him since he was ten. But now its time for Steve to take full responsibility for his own cons and lies and selling of fake goods and double dipping in PayPal accounts. I’ll be writing an article on him and his personal involvement in all these scams.

  14. Kopkid Says:

    Really, uz are so sad… koptalk is a good site, and if u dont like it then fuck off and mind ur own business

  15. fraggs Says:

    Would like to congratulate rupert the insider insider for brining up these issues and keeping such a close eye on this bloke who every day seems to engage in more and more dodgey behaviour. I’ve decided to never go to again and encourage everyone else to do the same. The only publicity or traffic he deserves is what he’s getting from this blog. A pretty simple rule on the net these days is just dont trust anyone who asks you for money to do what others do for free. Dunk is quite obviously taking money from genuine ‘pool fans and thats just disgraceful.

  16. latestinsider Says:

    kopkid: no we won’t mind our own business until kraptalk and duncan oldham and his cohorts are finally brought to account.

    hmmm….kopkid really isn’t pleased….why is kopkid so upset? I wonder…

    btw kids shouldn’t swear!

  17. BigBadColl Says:

    Yeah, a good site that rips off genuine LFC fans using a paralised child. Nice.

  18. Hansi Says:

    Koptalk is now officially run by a 13 year old girl. Just look at how “she” takes care of business.

    #56009 – Yesterday at 11:29 PM Re: Winner of the Blackburn v LFC tickets – ANNOUNCED [Re: Miley69]
    Charlotte Charlotte
    Junior Editor (13)

    Registered: 30/04/05
    Posts: 105
    Loc: KOPTALK Can you call Steve on 07962 367 537 before 1 tomorrow with an address

    Does he really not understand how stupid this looks? I thought he was thick, but not that thick.

  19. waldo jeffers Says:

    Have Social Services been informed about a 13 year old moderating her father’s Internet forum in the early hours during school term time?

  20. rupertinsider Says:


    The way in which he has used her, her photo, her private life over the years on a site meant mainly for anonymous men, which features pornography,adult date finding and betting, as well as threads on all manner of adult topics, and the way he discusses her personal life and reactions to child abusers and so on, is very troubling. I don’t know if anyone has reported it to the authorities although several have said they would.

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