£80m LFC stadium according to false KT "Insider".

by Rupert Insider

We can’t detail everyone of Koptalk’s false and misleading stories on News Now, there are so many, but since our story “How to cash in on transfer possiblities” is sitting at No. 1 on News Now “Top Stories” at the time of writing, we think it appropriate to demonstrate with the very next story out of Koptalk exactly how it works.

The Koptalk story on News Now which shot up the ranking with suspicious speed to second place, at the time of writing, is headlined: Balague: £20m to £30m for LFC January transfer purchases.

News Now picked it up at 13.01 which means Koptalk would have posted it at about 12.55. The headline does not tell you that the story is a paraphrase of Balague’s earlier column on the Sky Sports website. You find that out only after you have clicked on the headline and earned KT a few more pennies.

The Koptalk story is not signed by the site owner “Dunk” i.e. Oldham. You are meant to think from some internal references on the site is that it was concocted by “Ste”, his 17 year-old step-brother Steve, who is nominally “Editor” – although he is completely controlled by Oldham. However, this is not a reliable guide because Oldham often uses Steve’s alias when he wants to pretend he is somewhere else. And there is other evidence on the site that Steve was not there. (See Comments below).

The first Koptalk knew about the Sky story was when of their new members opened a thread on their forum about it.

“Robbie” posted it at 12.10 .

Duly Alerted Ste3 “cut and pasted” from the Sky Sports article at 12.21. Trouble is he included the phrase There is an £80m stadium to be paid for….” Nor was there any correction by him or anyone else on KT.

So what’s that Ste 3, a stadium for the price of two or three players?

insider.jpgYou’d think they be happy with having lifted and paraphrased the copyrighted column on Sky. But as we pointed out in our earlier story they use every “news” item to claim that they have EXCLUSIVE INSIDE INFORMATION from LFC. They hope it will persuade unwary surfers to pay them £30 for more of the same.

So they added this cynical invention to their “story”.

The latest I’ve heard from within the corridors of Anfield on the D.I.C. status is that behind the scenes things are a lot more advanced than the public are led to believe. They want to rush the deal through before the end of the year and if they do, that could see Balague’s words come true.”

Your left to guess who “I” is. It is Oldham’s style, and Ste was not bold enough to sign it. But perhaps he just forgot in the 30 minutes rush it took him to lift it from Robbie’s post and dress it up as a KT exclusive from an Insider.

The idea that Oldham – the Newcastle ticket-holder, prisoner of a his backgarden shed in Wallsend, would be provided with this type of insight from the “corridors of Anfield” would be laughable if it were not such a hard-faced and persistent con on genuine LFC supporters surfing the net for information about their club.

(Edit:  Since I posted the above article, Rick Parry appeared on a BBC podcast. In answer to a question about the Balague story he said (a) the deal with DIC is not done yet – he would have a better idea by the middle of this week when and if that would occur and (b) that the story about the money for players was “widly speculative”. Even if LFC did have that kind of information – which they don’t – they would never publicise their budget because to do so would be harmful to the club.”)

Readers of this blog know that LFC has formally stated to blog participants in writing and verbally that Oldham/KT has no access whatsover to LFC and never will.

Oldham and his sidekick are both habitual liars.

As we said in the earlier story, the only way to stop the sorcerer and his apprentice is to file a complaint with News Now or better still deny them the clicks they crave.


24 Responses to “£80m LFC stadium according to false KT "Insider".”

  1. ANON Says:

    I was just wondering, if KT is not worth going to
    Why do you give it so much of you time and also by doing this give it all the extra publicity.

    if you wirte about it, people WILL go to the site to see if what you are writing is true.

  2. rupertinsider Says:


    That is a danger. In fact he now relies on us for publicity.

    But the bottom-line reply is that since the blog started to expose his site, it has fallen from about 4th or 5th to about 12th. His free-forums have been closed for lack of use (they were once the largest) and his paid and other sites have lost more than 85% of their membership.

    New vibrant sites have sprung up people by his past members.

    LFC have been alerted to some of his false claims and have ordered him to stop. Many other organizations have ordered him to stop stealing their copyright.

    His false stories got on News Now without being challenged. Now they are challenged and often proven to be lie especially his stories about Liverpool players or investment issues. The people involved are grateful for this. Its not nice to be a sitting duck for a lout from Wallsend with a catapult.

    The blog would not be necessary if KT did nto exist, or if News Now did not provide it with a megaphone and a source of income. Many people have written to us to thank us for the alert – it has saved them money.

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    Duncan logged off as “Dunk” on Friday night, or afternoon NY time.

    He used his daughter’s login last night. At least I hope it was him – it would be awful if it was her browsing the forums full of sick jokes about the Ipswich murderer. Quite irresponsible if he’s letting her browse those pages.

    Today he’s been ST3. and “KOPTALK.COn”.

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    A reader has pointed out that there was an exchange in the KT Shout Box (on the right of the page). Mabs-Miah asked if there was a new mobile number for Steve. Ste3 (supposedly Steve) replied “Not yet . Can’t you get him”

    This was repeated twice although the first version has since been deleted.


  5. Ron Nasty Says:

    Dunk’s in his pad in NYC isn’t he?…….. hahahaha Methinks his New Yourk story is his alibi for when he fails to turn up at Alder Hey.

  6. Hansi Says:

    Not much likely that it was Charlotte who all of a sudden appeared and posted 12 posts after midnight. It was probably becoming a bit quiet, so he had to stirr things up a bit, starting 3 new threads to get people posting:

    #54156 – Yesterday at 11:53 PM What do you want for Christmas ?
    Charlotte Charlotte
    Junior Editor (13)

    Registered: 30/04/05
    Posts: 77
    Loc: KOPTALK

    What have you asked for Christmas ? I’m hoping that Santa brings me a new mobile phone but what about you ?

    #54172 – 30 minutes 34 seconds ago My best team – what do you think ?
    Charlotte Charlotte
    Junior Editor (13)

    Registered: 30/04/05
    Posts: 77
    Loc: KOPTALK My best team when everyone is fit:





    #54184 – 18 minutes 57 seconds ago Something I have to share with you
    Charlotte Charlotte
    Junior Editor (13)

    Registered: 30/04/05
    Posts: 77
    Loc: KOPTALK

    No school tomorrow

    Looks very much like the posts he usually starts when it’s to quiet for his liking.

  7. Hansi Says:

    Good point Ron Nasty. He doesn’t dare to show up there, so he fakes a trip to US. Normally he would have been bragging about going away for weeks, but this time it came as a lightning on a clear day just hours before he was supposed to land at JFK.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    In the same shout box, someone asked him about the blog article and he said he needed the publicity and we were all nuts.

    That’s quite a compliment from a guy who pretends on his site to be his own daughter and his step-brother while at the same time is in New York state buying property having just moved on from buying house overlooking Melwood and a Kop-theme hotel in Liverpool centre – a guy who fibs to defraud the benefits people and the tax collectors while at the same time boasting of his immense wealth.

    It makes you wonder about those whose name he uses – Smoove, Steve, Katie and the others. Is he paying them so much they are willing to sell their personal names and reputations?

  9. Insider Insider Says:

    I saw a bit of the shoutbox earlier. There was someone mentioning Dunk being called a conman on the official site? Anyone any ideas?

    I couldn’t find anything myself, although I didn’t check the official forums.

    [Katie] good morning koptalk
    [keemo1927] morning Katie you were up late last night
    [Katie] not too late
    [JD] good
    [KOPTALK.COM] haha hi JD
    [JD] hello koptalk.com
    [JD] how r u
    [Istanbul05] I see KT is being slated again on .tv
    [KOPTALK.COM] what a surprise, who cares
    [KOPTALK.COM] a couple of sptty teenagers
    [Istanbul05] who the hell is Rupert Insider? how can you take anything seriously with a name like that, lol
    [KOPTALK.COM] lol
    [southafricanred] where you see that name?
    [Istanbul05] in the article, the whole thing seems pretty childish, dont know why they have it on their home page
    [KOPTALK.COM] i’ll let you try and work that one out
    [kenny_lfc] You CON MEN!!!! 😀
    [kenny_lfc] oh and women… 😀
    [kenny_lfc] nah only kidding but its quite amusing to see it on the official
    [KOPTALK.COM] we appreciate the publicity, they’re all nuts
    [KOPTALK.COM] katie please can we have the alder hey figures finalised so that we can close that forum and buy the rest of the stuff
    [KOPTALK.COM] this needs doing asap
    [Mabs_Miah] is there a new mobile No. for steve?
    [ST3] not yet, cant you get me
    [hocko] Dunk any news on Koptalk badges
    [Mabs_Miah] no problem steve, just remember seeing something about a new number.
    [ST3] hocko, we’re waiting for stock, could you email me steve@koptalk.com and I will put it on my priority list. apologies/
    [ST3] ok mabs, as soon as it changes it will be on site
    [Craig] Ste, don’t forget to enable my goal & news alerts (a,b,c,d). rang you on fri about it
    [Murielson] Have we got goal alerts back yet?
    [ST3] we do teams, half time update, full time update and major lfc news

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    See how keenly the read the blog! They have changed the original entries in the shout box from “Can’t you get him” to “Can’t you get me”. It was there twice and they’ve reduced it to once.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    Following that KT shoutbox reference, I just checked the Official Site and see that someone has posted the whole “cashing in on transfer possibilities” article in one of the forums. But they did provide a link to us. Arne’t they allowed to give links?


  12. felix Says:

    according to the shout box theres a baby dunk on the way

  13. Edwin Says:

    I’m going to spend my time being a petulant little prick criticising someone else’s work and not produce anything constructive of my own because I am incapable. Got any hints on how I can do this? Sad little people

  14. Insider Insider Says:

    That forum thread is listed on the front page of the official site.

    I consider the fact it’s not been deleted to be a public endorsement from the club to go along with the private endorsements we’ve had already.

    @ felix – nothing there when I checked – has it gone again?
    (Dunk’s still pretending to be ST3)

    [martinf] its only common sense really isn’t it? Some people need to sit back and see the bigger picture and stop taking things so seriously. I have seen some of the anti-koptalk sites and was very cncerned. Som much pent up hate never ever does any good
    [martinf] I think we will have a tough match regardless . We need to tighen up a bit and improve the finishing but we will get the result we wnat I’m sure
    [ST3] its sad because i could never do that to anyone i didnt like only because i wouldnt waste my time
    [martinf] and I need to tighten up my typing!
    [ST3] yes lets talk footy instead!

  15. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi Edwin,

    Are you being sarcastic or serious? Only you didn’t post anything constructive – please try and we can answer it then.

    What aren’t you happy with? Do you believe Dunk? Do you trust Dunk? (I’m assuming you are a Red – do you know about the S*n boycott?)

    TIP: Read a lot more of the blog than this one post. Read it with an open mind. Don’t criticise aimlessly – point out the bits you aren’t happy with and explain why.

    I’ll try and answer anything you ask as honestly as possible.

    EDIT: “Edwin” has already posted once on here – back in November.


    Whoever runs this website is a completely sad twat. Presumably at some point Dunc must have spotted these inadequacies and upset him for this chidish, schoolyard petulance to be needed.

    You are a very very sad man and I pity you.

    Koptalk is by far the best LFC website, although there are lots of things that should and could be changed.

    You are pathetic.

    Nov 12, 11:04 PM

  16. Edwin Says:

    I was at Hillsborough sunshine, were you?

  17. felix Says:

    It didn`t stay long. St3, fanatical red and pacman were all talking in the shoutbox. Comments were all quickly deleted. St3 explained all the pressures dunk is under. He has never had any trouble from the internet in 10 years until this summer. Worried about his kids and has another on the way. Sorry didn`t think to get a screen shot.

  18. red from oz Says:

    if you were at Hillsborough, then why do you give money to someone who supports the s*n? he had banners on his site for 2 weeks saying “the s*n we love it”

  19. Insider Insider Says:

    @edwin – no you weren’t.

    @felix – thanks anyway. Dunk’s using “ST3” as his login at the moment, so he must have had a change of heart at using that piece of bullshit. He’s not with his wife any more, unless he’s got one of his myspace birds pregnant.

    Stop laughing.

  20. Hansi Says:

    Think I can help you with this one:

    [ST3] depend on the sheep i guess
    [ST3] oh come on pacman, its clearly you!
    [ST3] just some dunk bashing
    [ST3] i wish katie was here
    [Istanbul05] best of luck with it all – don’t let the b@stards grind you down
    [pacman] The changing of the site has resulted in some good posters leaving and I don’t agree with a few things that have happened. However as Dunk always states if I don’t like it I can always log off koptalk and go somewhere else. It’s his site and he’ll run it
    [pacman] as he see’s fit.
    [Istanbul05] Who’s making the tea if Katies off?
    [ST3] yeh we’ve lost some good posters but every day new people come in. we rarely ban anyone but if people act like idiots what can we do? we always ask people nicely to cool it for the benefit of everyone and if we do ban someone they’re always welcome back.
    [pacman] They have a maid
    [ST3] and at the end of the day they’re still around on other sites and we dont have a problem with other sites, some just seem obsessed with us
    [ST3] katie will be back soon
    [pacman] Exactly I’m a member of 1 other site and I can still speak to them there however I always go to Koptalk 1st because it’s the best site for stories and talk about Liverpool football club.
    [ST3] people seem to think we dont like other sites, its crazy

    Lost a couple of minutes here.

    [Istanbul05] coz we are all human
    [ST3] well we don’t debate anyone which is why we wont have debates about former members, there isnt one person that we dont like
    [pacman] I’m not I’m half vulcan
    [ST3] i think some people just see it as a joke which is fine but behind the scenes dunks family have been suffering, he’ll rise above it but i know some people have been hurt
    [pacman] At first you think it’s someone with a gripe against Dunk but when you see they seem to be dedicating their whole life to Dunk it’s just downright scary. My bro was a member of Koptalk years ago and tbh he warned me off when I 1st joined.
    [pacman] he’s not Dunks biggest fan but I have my own mind and still wanted to join
    [ST3] thing is dunk treats people like they treat him
    [pacman] I spoke to him last week about what’s been going on and although he still has issues with Dunk (each to their own) he thinks what has been said on the net is taking it all to far.
    [ST3] people often misunderstand that the site has always tried to be controversial to make people talk
    [ST3] in terms of news that is!
    [ST3] dunks sound, hed do anything for anyone
    [martinf] i was sad to see the informer go
    [ST3] but he wont be around much longer because hes worried about the kids and he has another on the way
    [ST3] isnt he still here?
    [pacman] My bro has been these forums for 10 years there isn’t anyone he doesn’t know. I think he’s even had a beer or 2 with him
    [martinf] I hadn’t seen him and assumed he had left
    [pacman] Dunk that is
    [ST3] i’ll look and see if hes still here
    [pacman] Dunk can still get it up?
    [martinf] when i met you at goodison Ste i thought a knne jerk forum would be handy and still do as we have a few too many doom mongers at times
    [ST3] flmao
    [martinf] people like el mtajo always cheer me up and make a lot of people laugh
    [ST3] informer is still here but hasnt been on for a couple of weeks
    [ST3] thats what its about laughing
    [martinf] Ste are you and Dunk going to the derby?
    [martinf] That Goodison Dinner was a piss
    [ST3] i know if dunk had ever upset anyone, and he has a few lol, that if they were genuine, he would not only apologise but he’d do what was right by them
    [ST3] i dont know. tix depend on dunk.
    [Istanbul05] anyone think if Arsenal will field a strong 11 tomorrow
    [martinf] its only common sense really isn’t it? Some people need to sit back and see the bigger picture and stop taking things so seriously. I have seen some of the anti-koptalk sites and was very cncerned. Som much pent up hate never ever does any good
    [martinf] I think we will have a tough match regardless . We need to tighen up a bit and improve the finishing but we will get the result we wnat I’m sure
    [ST3] its sad because i could never do that to anyone i didnt like only because i wouldnt waste my time
    [martinf] and I need to tighten up my typing!
    [ST3] yes lets talk footy instead!

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    Won’t be around much longer….kids…etc

    How many times I have heard that over the last 8 years. Everytime he runs scared of discovery.

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    How long before he disables the shoutbox? He had one a few months ago and it was an excellent way for the “subversives” to communicate. So he got rid of it along with the PM and email functions and the personal profiles.

    The new version is sanitised. There are so few members now, and most of them are newcomers and don’t know his history, and it’s easier for him to monitor because they don’t have free forums to monitor.

    It looks like Steve, Katie and even Dunk himself use it more than the other members. They talk to each other in it even though they sit a few feet from each other. It’s called twiddling your thumbs.

    But this little exchanges shows how “dangerous” it can still be for Oldham. He or one of his sidekicks are more likely to let something slip on there – as he used to on his now defunct Koptalk Radio. Yesterday’s output was edited three times and there were at least two deletions.

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    BTW I listend to the BBC podcast last night which had an interview with Rick Parry and he was asked about the story of 200 million for players.

    He said that even if it were true the club would never publicise their budget. But the stories were “wildly speculative”.

  24. ROCK Says:

    oh i pray for the day he says hes comin to ireland for one of his bullshit stays and we have a little “welcomin comittee” for him.

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