How to cash in on LFC transfer "possibilities".

by Rupert Insider

News Now readers should brace themselves in the next six weeks for countless false and misleading headlines from Koptalk.

oldhamglasses.jpgDuncan Oldham, the owner of the one-man site has been milking LFC fans for years. Here’s an example of the brazen way he used to do it. Archive

3_________________ Liverpool FC Rumours Hotline


Excerpt from Archive

Don’t waste time searching the net looking for the biggest rumours of the week relating to the club, just check out our new ‘Top 3 Liverpool FC Rumours Hotline’ which is updated every day at 12 noon if there have been any positional changes or new entries!

Every day we add up the total amount of emails from various people (readers and site contributors) and place them in order and create a top 3 rumours chart.

Monitor the news ticker on the front page of the site and the news page for teasers! Call us now to discover what the latest No.1 is? Will it happen? Is it true?

TEL: 0905 053 1119

Calls to this service should cost no more than 50p per minute depending on network and may involve a long call which the caller determines. Ask bill payer’s permission first. Service operated by, PO Box 145, Scarborough YO12 7XU. This service is not endorded by Liverpool Football Club and is operated independently from them


You should know that Koptalk took a lion’s share of the cost of the telephone call and the service-provider a smaller percentage.

And if that service didn’t work or you had any complaints you could call Koptalk Support where calls would also cost only 50 p etc.!!

Eventually that scam was rumbled.

But ever-the-spiv, Oldham figured out a new wrinkle on the scheme. First he contacted News Now and lied that his site was the No.1 LFC site, when even back then it was no higher than 5th and has since fallen to 12th. Then he paid them a special fee to give his headlines priority over all other sources of LFC News.

The cash rolled in. All he needed was a headline. It didn’t really matter if it had no content. A headline would attract thousands of hits from curious LFC fans.

Those hits brought him advertising revenue. And he used them to give a sales pitch for his own site.


That, essentially, is how he entrapped hundreds, if not thousands, into paying him up to £30 for more of the same.

It didn’t matter if the headline was a made-up rumour by himself or one of his false , “insider” aliases, such as “the wallet i.e. Rick Parry”, or articles stolen from newspapers or magazines, or a blatant advertisement for his site or one of his ridiculous podcasts, or some piece about the lugubrious goings on in his dysfunctional family, or one of his ignorant “editorials”. Sometimes he would steal genuine insider information from the forums of “rival” sites. Or he would lift an article from a newspaper and change only the headline.

It was money for old rope. First he would scan News Now for stories already posted or the online site of the Liverpool Post and Echo and then he would change the headline to fool his readers into thinking he had something they had not already seen on News Now.

But he did have one genuine source of exclusives.

His is the only LFC-related site that does not support the boycott of the S*n. In fact he advertises the S*n on his site. So it wasn’t a stretch for him to use S*n stories, whether as part of the BBC summary of the newspapers, which he also stole, or directly from the S*n, with the title changed to hide where he got it.

He’s explained recently how he really cashes in during the two transfers windows. So be warned!

It’s a little more difficult for him now. Since we brought his “Insider” claims to the attention of LFC he has been ordered to remove them. News Now has also cancelled their original arrangement with him, and he was suspended for a time for abusing their system.

Although his access has now been restored it is restricted. He is not allowed to steal copyrighted material, and not allowed to produce misleading titles designed to trick people into clicking. News Now has asked that people inform them, using their online contact format, if they spot any of his dirty tricks.

Some of us believe he has found a way of cheating News Now. We have tracked how fast some of his headlines move up to the Top Stories often overtaking the same story already placed on News Now by a respectable site. One one occasion this happened to his Starting Team thread, which continued to move up rapidly all through the match and for two hours after! Once on the top list his headlines are guaranteed two days exposure. We believe we know how he does it.

So one way to clip the wings of this anti-LFC conman and Newcastle season-ticket owner, is to report any cheating to News Now. If you are complaining that he has stolen the story from someone else, or doctored a headline or slightly changed the copy to make it look original, then you must cite not only the url for his headline but also of the source he has ripped off.

Better still you could just stop clicking any of his headlines. Every click is a penny in his pocklet.

And you should know by now that whatever genuine news and comment he features has been stolen from something already on News Now or on the online site of the Liverpool Post and Echo or the S*n.

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4 Responses to “How to cash in on LFC transfer "possibilities".”

  1. mr denis grainger Says:

    I must admit slowly but surely over the last 18 months I suspected koptalk was lieing and making stories up, also I would spot a story they would claim was theirs yet I’d read it hours earlier in the post/or echo, in august 2006 I became 100% sure koptalk was only in it for the money so I stopped visiting their site, it comes as no surprise that “insider insider” has comfirmed my suspicions about koptalk, I say nail this conartist oldam to the mast, so insider insider, keep the goodwork up I read about your campaign everyday and I’m enjoying minute of it.

  2. Dale Says:

    In his latest rant he’s rehashed a story from SKSPORTS and claimed it as his own and it includes the following whopper:

    “The latest I’ve heard from within the corridors of Anfield on the D.I.C. status is that behind the scenes things are a lot more advanced than the public are led to believe. “

  3. Kopite67 Says:

    I for one rumbled this guy sometime ago and using the LFC.TV forum to alert people of how koptalk was actually kraptalk.

    Fantastic website and campaign you’re running- keep it going!

  4. latestinsider Says:

    Aside from ‘whoppers’ that fatty likes….theres another kind of ‘whopper’ he’s keen on too….of the Burger King variety….and plenty of them too by the sounds of it.

    “Can I take your order please?”

    “3 Double whoppers, 2 large fries and extra large coke….oh…and a kiddy meal for Steve as I can’t afford to pay him in cash…as I’m supposedly skint…”

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