Unwaged Liverpool FC Conman Pretends To Start A New Life

by SawyerInsider

CybersquatterDespite Koptalk conman Duncan Oldham claiming to work on his site without a wage, while his family members including step-brother Steve McNeish and mum Jeanette also go unwaged, this hasn’t stopped Oldham from spouting out his latest astonishing lie.

Since this blog got going last summer Oldham has witnessed signups stevewarn1.gifto his £30 a year site plummet. Oldham charges unsuspecting Liverpool FC fans the fee, while he classes the untaxed subscriptions as donations and does not declare this income to the Inland Revenue, we all know it goes straight into his greedy fat pockets along with state benefits.

Our statistics show that Oldham’s site makes less than £250 a week in revenues. Is this enough for his latest astonishing lie?

According to the fat man today he has just purchased a property in New York State. We know it is a lie. We also know it is a stunt by himself and his Xbox live buddy Smoove to stir some controvery. But we don’t buy it.

Oldham it may be Christmas but santa has not made your dreams come true, and real estate speculation is just that – a dream of a vivid imagination. Another whopper which we’ll file next to the Koptalk themed hotel in Liverpool city centre, the £300,000 house your purchasing near Melwood from Chrissy Waddle where Koptalk members can come visit and take photos of the lads training from your second floor balcony and many of the other whoppers you’ve given us over the past few hilarious months of reporting on your dodgy activities.

Heres the thread, which looks like a carefully orchestrated setup to try and wind us up.

#52829 – Today at 02:35 PM   FAO Smoove 
Dunk Dunk
Registered: 08/20/04
Posts: 13566 

Couldn’t get through this morning. Will be arriving at JFK an hour later than planned. Call my U.S. cell phone or I’ll try and connect to MSN. (What’s that you’ve arranged for the flight to leave an hour later have you, and so you post it on an Internet message forum with a big FAO so everyone can see? Bullshit Oldham Bullshit.)
“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her,” – David Brinkley
#52846 – Today at 03:01 PM   Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Dunk] 
Markb1 Markb1
Gold Member
Registered: 07/07/05
Posts: 2100
Loc: DUBLIN  Originally Posted By: Dunk
Couldn’t get through this morning. Will be arriving at JFK an hour later than planned. Call my U.S. cell phone or I’ll try and connect to MSN. 

dunk you barstard,why didn’t you say you were going to the states,i could have giving you a shopping listenjoy.
#52865 – Today at 03:13 PM   Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Markb1] 
Dunk Dunk
Registered: 08/20/04
Posts: 13566 

That’s exactly why I didn’t! Just bought a nice house over here. It’s a different world mate. (Somewhere to hide maybe? If only you could afford it Dunkin, if only eh.)
“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her,” – David Brinkley
#52870 – Today at 03:15 PM   Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Dunk] 
Markb1 Markb1
Gold Member
Registered: 07/07/05
Posts: 2100
Loc: DUBLIN  what part dunk.
#52876 – Today at 03:19 PM   Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Markb1] 
Dunk Dunk
Registered: 08/20/04
Posts: 13566  Originally Posted By: Markb1
what part dunk.
New York State (New york state prison? Going over to visit Smoove are we?)
“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her,” – David Brinkley
#52883 – Today at 03:25 PM   Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Dunk] 
Markb1 Markb1
Gold Member
Registered: 07/07/05
Posts: 2100

i love new york,id love to own property there as well.
only way ill ever be doing it is if i win the lotto.
god please let me win the lotto 

#52894 – Today at 03:33 PM   Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Markb1] 
Dunk Dunk
Registered: 08/20/04
Posts: 13566 

I’ve been active in the property market for some time with a couple of friends. It’s taken nearly a year for this one to be sorted but Smoove’s brother has been a great help. (Dream on Oldham. Dream on. We remember your blog entry a year ago about the £500,000 house you were buying in the Yorkshire countryside with acres of surrounding land and 5 bedrooms – another massive porky in hindsight that was.)

The best thing is buying, doing up and selling or buying to rent out. This one’s for me though, I love it out here and with Steve now running the site and learning more and more stuff, it means I can concentrate on things away from the net. (Bullshit again. First of all Steve doesn’t run the site. Steve wouldn’t know how. He is just your puppet. You’re the corrupt one, and you sign in as ST3 and post bullshit. Concentrate on things away from the Net? Like what? Legal council. Going to court. Answering questions from the charity commissions?)

I have to decide whether to base Steve in Liverpool or leave him where he is. The good thing is though that thanks to the internet we can run an office as if we’re still in the same building thanks to even the most basic of software such as MSN and Skype for free video calling. (Ha ha ha! Steve going to move into Chrissy Waddles house then is he? I wonder what Steve thinks about you moving him away from his home and his family when he’s supposedly unwaged and running a site making less that £1000 a month and falling?) 

It really is an exciting world at times! (Yeah and wait till your locked up in prison for fraud, it’s going to get even more exiting!)
“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her,” – David Brinkley

#52927 – Today at 04:20 PM   Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Dunk] 
Smoove Smoove
The Bouncer
Registered: 01/21/06
Posts: 378
Loc: New York 

Nice 1 KIKO . Ill be there to pic you up.My brother has left some paperwork that you need to finish. See you in a bit (yeah right! Smoove why do you entertain this lowlife? We know you know shit about real football but surely you have some morals to know this guy is a conman.)
You’ll Never Walk Alone… but if you **** with us, you’ll walk with a limp…

Lets get something straight Oldham, you do not have the money to be a property developer. You do not even have the credit standing to even borrow money, that’s why you have to borrow money from your mum to be able to fund your gambling addiction.

What this shows us once again is that you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

We are counting down the days till ripping off Liverpool fans is no longer a viable option. Thanks to this blog, and your alienating actions over the last 4-5 months, you will not be able to sustain your site much longer. I give it 3 months, you’ll be gone and our job will be done.


15 Responses to “Unwaged Liverpool FC Conman Pretends To Start A New Life”

  1. Insider Insider Says:

    Oh dear me. The Fairytale of New York now.

    Duncan that story has more holes than anything you’ve ever posted before. And it takes some doing to achieve that.

    I like the way you pretend you’re arriving in JFK an hour late, as Sawyer points out, as if you’ve asked BA to delay your flight an hour. I like even more the way that you’ve discovered a way of getting to New York faster than Concorde could have dreamed.

    2.35pm – you’ll be arriving at JFK an hour later than planned.
    3.13pm – you’ve arrived in New Yoik now – you’re buying a place “over here”.

    38 minutes to get from England to New York. No wonder you don’t need a wage from Koptalk, you’ve obviously got some Superhero powers. Fatman.

    For crying out loud Duncan. You aren’t even trying any more.

    * Waits patiently for next installments in Dunk’s plan. Fully expects Alder Hey and missing money to be part of it all.

    Don’t forget fatty – we still want to see those SCREEN SHOTS and RECEIPTS – WITHOUT vouchers making up the bulk of the payments.

  2. Oscar Says:

    Can I just say thanks for the work you are putting into this campaign.

    I used to visit Kraptalk on a daily basis in the mistaken belief that it was a decent source of LFC info. I started to get fed up when it’s editor started whining about how he was bored of his site and might give it up (if only), the moron actually seemed to believe that his readers were interested in him and not just LFC news. I toyed with the idea of subscribing, but over a period of time it became clear that he was never ‘in the know’ about any transfers, in or out. I stopped visiting the site on a regular basis, preferring to get my news form The Echo, but did go back occasionally. The last time I visited (and when I say “last time” I mean last time as in final visit) I listened to one of Dunk’s podcasts; my goodness, what a thick f*cking unfunny pr*ck egotistical pr*ck he is. Thanks to this blog I now know he is also a scumbag. Of ccourse this is all merely my opinion.

    Carry on the good work. A lot of effort obviously goes into the articles which are always well written, informative and entertaining.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    In the summer I suggested that as the “feds” close in on him, Oldham will start dreaming of a bolt hole in Malta or New York. I actually said “to be with Smoove”.

    Recently he talked about the house he would buy in Malta. But he mysteriously abandoned his planned trip there last month. Now its New York State.

    I also said that he could still run his site from New York or Malta using Steve as a front.

    I said he was grooming Steve to be the fall guy when the tax and benefits people and all the creditors come calling.

    It seems he not only read my script but memorised it .

    On the outside chance that he is serious, he may be in for a shock. USA immigration may be interested in his record in the UK. Some of us know about those things.

    But Oldham is like a druggie. Every now and then he realises what a dog’s life he is living and has an “epiphany”. It usually involves him making dramatic changes to his life, acquiring property, cars or gadgets while continuing to scam LFC supporters. A sub plot is that he triumphs over his critics.

    These epiphanies are coming more often now as the feds close in, as people abandon his site, as the blog begins to audit his charity scams and tot up exactly how much he has ripped off the public for that and for his fake LFC memorabilia and as the last postponement of his scam book Anfield Exposed comes to an end and he has still not written a word of it.

    In fact, if he does not piss off somewhere out of the UK soon it could be that he will soon be living in a castle-like structure in one of Her Majesty’s properties at the tax-payers expense. He could run Koptalk from there, too.

    Perhaps he could start a new charity “Free the Fat One”. Some of the KT members are dumb enough to contribute.
    RichtT can visit him ever week with a packet of those slimming pills he tries to sell on the net.

    For serious students – while it is true that you can get a cottage in some of the less developed parts of New York State for a reasonable price – property prices there have skyrocketed in the last year. Unless Oldham stole a lot more from the Lauren charity than any of us have imagined, he is not in the NY property league.

    Nor will he be able to borrow over there – not with his record and his lack of status in the USA .

    As for his friend Smoove. I heard him once on the KT internet radio. He is a foul-mouthed, uncouth, mock gangsta rapa fool who doesn’t know the basic fundamentals of what he calls “soccer” – come to think of it all ideal qualifications for his role of Mod on Koptalk.

    One happy possibility, is that Smoove is conning Oldham and will take him for every last penny. As they say, birds of afeather flock together.

    Hopefully this little trip will keep the greasy pervert away from our kids in the Alder Hey. But just to be sure we are working on achieving that in other ways.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    I’m looking forward to Oldham’s predictable remarks when he gets back (if he gets back) – “Eee by gum its reet good to be back up in t’north. Are there no English people left in the States?”

  5. Honorary Insider Says:

    Ahh…….. A Cunning Plan!

    Dunk thinks ” Phew it’s getting hot in here, what with the Inland Revenue, The Fraud Squad, Trading Standards, Social Security Benefits Fraud Team and the Charity Commisioners, all asking awkward questions………………I know I’ll pretend to move to the USA and leave Steve to be the fall guy”

    Brilliant Duncan Brilliant……… A cunning plan hatched by the Baldric of Koptalk

  6. Hansi Says:

    If Dunk’s actually been flying over to US, he’d have to be using his laptop on board for those messages. Looking at the flight plans he should have been on BA0117, which was delayed by 40 minutes. Problem is: according to BA’s website they have no in-flight internet access. Quote: “The use of Wireless LAN (WLAN) is currently not permitted on BA aircraft. Laptops with built-in WLAN (e.g. Centrino) may be used during flight, provided the WLAN is turned off.
    All laptops must be switched off during take-off, approach and landing.” No mention of internet access anywhere on their site.

    So where is he? at home? Or has he hid from the police, so that they won’t arrest him before X-mas?

  7. Petee Says:

    If this fatso dares come to Malta I will personally hunt him down and report him for the fraud he is! He can’t really hide can he! Dunk I know you are reading this: YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN MALTA!!!

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    IF he has gone or is going to the USA it will be on one of those Xmas shopping charters – probably bought with some kind of voucher scheme.

    Can you imagine being trapped next to that burping, farting lump of lard for 7.5 hours ?

  9. latestinsider Says:

    I’m surprised fatty would be allowed on the flight. Do the airlines not have weight restrictions nowadays? 25 stone lard-arse people should be banned from flying…

  10. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Top dectective work by Hansi there.
    But if it did turn out he has somehow made it to New York then there is only one reason why. TO SPEND THE ALDER HEY DOSH ON A SHOPPING SPREE IN THE BIG APPLE.

    Would also be funny if he did meet smoove and he turned out to be a nutter and holds the fat one hostage until he signs over koptalks “millions” to him. Its obvious Fatty Twatty will have been bragging to him about the millions he was offered for KT and all his personal wealth. What a shock smooooooove would get when it turns out KT is worth FECK ALL and Oldham is a fat loser tramp!

    It will then turn out to be a new appeal on KT. Free fatty twatty from the clutches of Smooooove. Need to raise 10k ransom for smoooove to release him. Send the cheques and cash to Mar Oldham

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    I believe Smoove has been in the UK. As I mentioned above, I once heard him on the radio show – it was after the Newcastle game last season when Oldham came in all breatheless from the match saying he had hot information that Owen would be returning to LFC this season. Smoove was loud and stupid and making remarks that showed he knew nothing about football – not even the positions in the team or normal football terms. He talked in a mock aggressive style and Oldham responded in the same way – the two of them cursing out each other.

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    Irrespective of his fantasisies – how he reveals himself anway. “I have to decide if to base Steve in Liverpool or leave him where he is”

    In other words all the guff I spouted about buying property in Liverpool is now over. And his attitude to Steve is that he is a piece of property to be used. Imagine if you had a boss who does not pay you a wage telling the world that he has to decide whether to move you from your family home and hometown or put you somewhere else!

    Personally I think Steve deserves all he gets from his association with this crook. He is a very active participant in the scams and the rip offs.

  13. Elton Says:

    Dunk if I ever see your face in Malta I will be the first person to contact the police and report you. We do not want scumbags and fat rubbish of your quality over here. You are one of the most rude, arrogant and fat liers living on this planet.

  14. what a whopper Says:

    I always thought Smoove was a Dunk Alias?

  15. barry wom Says:

    This really is funny. If he is really over there (which I doubt), I’ll bet money on he’s over there buying his x-box and whatever else he’s getting for alder hay on the cheap, which will pay for his flights. his receipts, if he ever publishes them will be forged – it’s absolutely certain. Once thing he’s deffo not there for is buying property.

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