PHOTOS – LFC players visit Alder Hey

by Rupert Insider

Thanks to johnny_be_good on Red and White Kop for a full set of first-class pictures and a report on LFC’s visit to the kids at Alder Hey.

It’s one of Liverpoo’ls great traditions.

Everton FC also visit, as do many other groups from within the city of Liverpool.

Here is just one of the photos from the excellent porfolio which I recommend you visit. I hope johnny does not mind my using it:



In some ways this happy report heightens the disgust I, personally, feel about how this year Duncan Oldham of Koptalk intends to come from Wallsend to cast his dark shadow over this great Liverpool tradition in a tawdry attempt to boost hits on his failing site.

I won’t repeat myself but would ask those new to the subject to look at two previous posts of mine.

If any of you have access to senior management at Alder Hey please consider providing them with links to these posts, and other posts on the same subject by Insider Insider, as well as Comments.

LFC kids don’t want gifts from this candy man.

by Rupert Insider

Koptalk is dominated right now with threads about Duncan Oldham’s latest publicity stunt – an appeal for cash and gift vouchers to allow him to waddle into our dear Alder Hey like the creepy candy man he is.

Alder Hey Children’s hospital is one of Liverpool’s finest institutions. I spent far too much time in it as a kid with acute infections and broken bones, as did some of my brothers and sister. I also know from family history how critical it’s Emergency Ward was in the post-war years when the National Health Service was in its infancy. So I know a lot about the deep affection in which it is held by the people of Liverpool.

alderhey.jpgOne of the bonuses for the kids who are patients there is that LFC and Everton players visit regularly – just to chat or to bring gifts. This is especially true at Christmas.

The last thing any young LFC supporter or their family would want is a visit from Duncan Oldham from the SUN-loving Koptalk business.

There’s no excuse for it. He’s not from Liverpool. If he wants to dispense other peoples charity at Christmas let him start at home in Wallsend, Tyne-and-Wear where his website is or in Scarborough, North Yorkshire where his kids live with his estranged wife.

We all know how he has used his own young kids to promote his business through the years. It’s one of his fall-backs when he is in trouble. Now he’s proposing to use our Liverpool kids.

I can already hear the howls of protest. Rupert the Scrooge denying kids Christmas presents.

I recognise the genuine generosity and trust of those who are considering a donation to this appeal. But ask yourself, why Oldham, why Koptalk?

He has nothing to do with Liverpool – he is a stranger to its people and culture and football clubs. His S*n-loving site is an insult.

If you want to contribute you can send gifts directly to the hospital. And you will have the pleasure of receiving a personal thank you from those looking after the kids or from the kids themselves. Why spoil it by making it part of Oldham’s publicity campaign for his site?

And can you really trust this dodger with your money? We still haven’t seen an accounting for the last appeal he ran for a kid – Lauren , who he claimed was his cousin.

(At this point I became aware that Insider Insider has just posted his thoughts on the subject. He has drawn out some concerns about the lack of transparency in Oldham’s handling of other appeals. So I’d refer you to that. Scroll back to: Concern as ticket tout tries to collect money for charity.

Alder Hey kids object of LFC site publicity stunt

by Rupert Insider

kidshospitalfull.jpgI have sent the following letter to the Press Officer of the Alder Hey Hospital.


Dear Sir:

I want to draw your attention to a publicity stunt which involves a Christmas appeal for Alder Hey.

The aim is to promote and its sole owner Duncan Oldham.

One of the objectives of the stunt is to take photos of a presentation of gifts to the children and get them published in the Liverpool Post and Echo and Koptalk.

I think the parents would object to Duncan Oldham having contact with their children, let alone taking photographs.

For a full background with all the supporting references please visit a blog that monitors Oldham’s activities. This link will take you to an article about the proposed Alder Hey stunt.

You might also want to check with Ian Cotton, Head of Press at Liverpool Football Club who has written a letter to the blog denying Oldham’s false claims to have had contact with LFC.

In addition to the arguments in the article there are other reasons why Oldham is not a fit person, or his site a fit business, to be involved with the children in the care of Alder Hey.


For many years he has appeared to be preoccupied on his site with the subject of child rape. Several years ago he claimed on his site that his 8 year old daughter was raped at school. This seems to have been a lie to disorient his critics. He used the technique of accusing critics of attacking his children several times since then up to and including one of his “editorials” two days ago. He has also accused them of doctoring photos of his children – some of the many he has placed on the internet.

He has used his photos of his young children and details of their life for years to promote his site and to deflect his critics.

Recently he said on a internet broadcast from his site, in a lecture to his 16 year old step-brother, that he empathises with the rape of underage girls because when you reach his age (32) they ignore you.

Even more recently he broadcasts a podcast in which he had instructed the same step brother to act as the straight man in a joke in which Oldham said he is so sick he sleeps with the 12 year friends of his daugher (whom he named in the joke and who is the same girl he once claimed had been raped).

He uses photos of his young daughter to publicise a book entitled “Anfield Exposed”. He has been collecting deposits on advance orders for up to three years and admitted recently he has not written a word of it.

Some time ago he organised an appeal for a sick girl name Lauren whom he claimed was his cousin. He asked for donation to be sent to his own account or to his mother’s account. He has provided no public accounting. Many, if not most, contributors did not receive a receipt. Shortly after the appeal he boasted of buying several new expensive audio visual items for himself.

He also extended the appeal for money to pay the mortgage on the parents of Lauren. Several contributors to the blog have written that they contributed substantial amounts and now feel cheated. This matter has been reported to the Charity Commissioner who recommend that it be reported to the police.

In his appeals and all his commercial activites Oldham favours payments in cash or non-negotiable and non-traceable instruments such as bank drafts and vouchers – as in the case of this Alder Hey appeal.

Oldham has been investigated by Trading Standards officers for potential illegal trading practices.

He has a long history of false representations and outright lies about his relations with LFC.

He and his site are the only one specialising on LFC that tries to break the Liverpool-based boycott of the SUN newspaper and his site does not support the Hillsborough Justice Campaign representing the families of the 96 dead Liverpool boys and men.

Oldham claims to consort with “underworld friends” including an “insane Liverpool hitman” and has made public threats of injury and death against the writers of this blog.

All the above matters have been detailed and supported in the blog.

Oldham has no standing in the City of Liverpool. He comes from Scarborough, Yorkshire and lives in Wallsend, Tyne-and-Wear from where he operates his one-man site. On his site he characterises Liverpool kids as “scallies” not to be trusted.

His full contact details and what we know of him can be found on the blog under the item 5. Shop Oldham in the tool bar.

By his own admission he is not allowed unrestricted access to his own two children who are cared for by his estranged wife in Scarborough.

His stock defence when exposed is to claim that his critics are former banned members of his site or “rivals”.

Our blog does not take any revenues. Nor are we rivals. We are not a football site. We are a specialised blog that monitors Oldham and his site. None of us have had any dealings with Oldham or have ever been banned from his site. Indeed, most of the members of his site have left since the blog began in the summer – hence his publicity stunt to find new members.

As someone who was a patient of Alder Hey several times when I was young, I believe that if the parents of the children were aware of Oldham’s history they would object to him, his family employees under his control or other helpers from his site visiting their sick children to promote his site or to take photos which may then find themselves on the internet.

I will publish this letter on the blog.

Thank you for your attention.



If you would like to write your own letter you will find all the contact details here:

You can select to whom you address the email. I selected Press Office. You can also send a letter to the Managing Director by snail mail or telephone the hospital.

There is also a section for fundraising. I have copied the letter to them.


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