A new look and a new site exposing anti-LFC conman

Just a very brief update to mention the new look to the blog. I decided that I would make use of a new theme that had been added by the wordpress.com people. Ironically it’s called “Garland”, which matches the username used by someone on here to attack the blog and defend Dunk.

We’ve also found out today about another domain name bought for the cause of exposing Duncan Oldham. www.kopta1k.com looks very familiar, but there’s a carefully placed number “1” in the domain name. Thanks to “tubby” for this.

To anyone visiting this blog today for the first time, DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY TO DUNCAN OLDHAM and KOPTALK UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THIS BLOG. Especially if you are looking for transfer information and insider gossip. Koptalk have no contacts. Duncan Oldham is a conman. Liverpool FC have confirmed to us that Koptalk do not get any information from inside the club, and that they are well aware of his many actions to attempt to hurt Liverpool FC. Stay clear of Koptalk!


10 Responses to “A new look and a new site exposing anti-LFC conman”

  1. Paul.S Says:

    Looking good in FF, but I see there are still some CSS “overflow” issues in IE.

    Considering that 69.7 % of the people that Visit est1892 use IE It may be an idea to look into it, the problem are the large pics, if you changed them to thumbnails that pointed to larger images, it would look hunky dory again 🙂

  2. rupertinsider Says:


    Well done! You hit the nail on the head really hard!

    Your new site is in the honourable tradition of http://www.kraptalk.com

    I know kraptalk still gets quite a bit of traffic – even though Toby does not have much time to maintain it these days. Perhaps you two could link your sites

    PS The audio volume on the YouTube was very low – but I guess that’s a YouTube problem.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Transferring some comments from the other thread :

    # Tubby Says:
    December 15th, 2006 at 9:12 am e

    The domain name “kopta1k.com” has been acquired and a web page set up that to all intents and purposes will look like the proper Koptalk site to a search engine listing.


    Please visit, link to it, email it, get the rankings up and help those reds supporters who don’t know about Koptalk to get the full picture.
    # waldojeffers Says:
    December 15th, 2006 at 10:14 am e

    It’s great that this blog is so high in the google rankings if you search for ‘koptalk’ but the problem is that many people looking for LFC from scratch will google liverpool+fc+official in which case Oldham’s site is listed third.

    Any chance the blog could muscle in on that search?
    # Insider Insider Says:
    December 15th, 2006 at 1:11 pm e

    Excellent work Tubby. Well worth a visit!
    # Dale Says:
    December 15th, 2006 at 2:18 pm e

    Tubby – can you change the link destination that sits under ‘never join koptalk’ on the left hand side of your great new site please?

  4. Tubby Says:


    Thanks for the support. Google and the other bots will start picking up on it soon, the more hits and links the better the rankings.

    If you want to catch a rat you have to think like one.

    Call me Dr Maslow. Hello Dunk you little stupid rat. Want some cheese?

  5. rupertinsider Says:


    Your site refers to the Wikepedia links about Oldham and Koptalk. They were removed today after we highlighted them yesterday. It proves (a) that Oldham reads the blog avidly and (b) that it stings.

    I understand that those Wiki entries were intended as something of an “inside joke”. Some of you might not know that earlier in the year there was a battle between Oldham and the blog on Wiki.

    Oldham had hijacked the legitimate entry on Liverpool Football Club. It is a well-researched and serious page written by well-informed people. He hijacked it to enter his own site on that page as the No. 1 supporters site with glowing tributes to himself. He obliterated references to all other LFC sites.

    When we spotted it we changed it. He then changed it back and this continued several times a day for several days. Eventually other users of Wiki complained.

    The Editors of Wiki looked at it and visited the blog and left comments here.

    They came to the conclusion that the blog supported all its statements but Oldham supported none of his. Therefore, Wiki obliterated all references to Koptalk on the LFC page and banned KT from that page permanently.

  6. Tubby Says:


    The Koptalk wikipedia one still looks active, but probably not for long. Cheers for the info.

    Better get out those old cleaning products Dunk, you’re gonna need them soon. I hear Sheikh Mo likes a very clean toilet.

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Looks quality the new image.
    Keep up the EXCELLENT work II and Rupert

    Bringing you down Fatty Twatty!

  8. felix Says:

    According to Dunk he has just brought property in New York. Is this another of his stories?

  9. rupertinsider Says:


    When I wrote my comment both the Koptalk and Oldham Wikis were not there. Now the Koptalk one is back, as you said!

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