No. 1 LFC site – Winner and Pretender – rating by Wiki, Google, Yahoo etc

by Rupert Insider


Congratulations to (the “Official Site”) of LFC. It won the Website of the Year Award on 11th December 2006. Based at Anfield, its said to be the biggest club site in the world even though it charges £39 for membership (including VAT). It also has a free portal with rich content for lurkers. is not to be confused with :

Those domains are owned by Duncan Oldham, a Newcastle season-ticket holder. He wouldn’t mind if you mistook them for the LFC Official Site. That’s why he bought them in the first place – to divert traffic from LFC’s site.

He talks about the Official Site as his “rival”, the “other side”, run by “suits” who he will expose in his never-to-be-written-let-alone-published phantom book Anfield Exposed.

(If you want to see what other rival sites he has squatted on to divert the traffic from their site to his, CLICK here and scroll down to “psuedonyms“).

His site, Koptalk , is the only other LFC-related website to charge for membership – £30 without VAT – and big discounts if you pay in untraceable cash.

Koptalk ranks about 12th, among LFC-related sites.

However, just as Napoleon crowned himself Emperor, Oldham has given his site the titles No.1 LFC Site and No. 1 Sports Site in the World. (If you’re interested in the historical basis of his bogus claim have a look at the Comment section in About Us in the tool bar at the top of this page).

Koptalk is a long way from Anfield, in a back-garden shed in Wallsend. Oldham is a former Leeds, turned Manchester United supporter, then Magpie fan who has failed ambitions to run sites about several other PL clubs. Recently he said he could care less if Anfield was demolished to be replaced by an Asda Superstore – he says he is “neutral” about LFC.

Occasionally, he will offer membership for a special discount of 50% if he’s hard up for cash that day. He subsides those offers by dipping into the PayPal accounts of members when they are not looking – but I’ll come back to that in a later post. He also makes a packet from selling fake “official” LFC memorabilia and skimming money sent in for charities.

Do you detect a critical tone in this post? Would you be interested in an independent source of information about Duncan Oldham and Koptalk?


Why not consult an online encyclopaedia?

Peter Stannard, one of the blog contributors, has submitted these two fascinating entries from Wikipedia.

They’re well worth a read – if only for the laugh. But you’d better hurry before they’re pulled or doctored. Go over there now, we’ll wait till you come back.



Wikipedia allows you to make additions and corrections to these entries, as long as you give a source.

Oldham has made money for years by entrenching Koptalk in all the search engines on the net with tags that it is “award winning” and “No.1 LFC Site” etc. Anyone new surfing for an LFC site would inevitably find themselves at KT whether they wanted to or not. Once there they would be subjected to Oldham’s oily sales pitch.

So, with all those years of lying and manipulation of the search engines, Koptalk should have a virtual monopoly on the term “Koptalk” by now – right?

insider.jpgAnother contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, did a little research on the subject:

Check it yourself. If you enter the term “Koptalk” this is what you will find.

(BTW this blog is known on the network as “Koptalk Insider” or “Insider Insider” and it has not been around for 8 or 9 years, like Koptalk, but for only about six months).

1 – Koptalk.con
2,3,5 – Koptalk Insider Insider
1- Kraptalk

1 – Koptalk.con
5 – Koptalk Insider Insider
6,7 – Wetpaint (Koptalk lies)

1 – Koptalk.con
4 – Est1892
5,6 – Kraptalk
7 – The mission statement – page currently down – archive viewable
9 – Koptalk Insider Insider

And if you use the following terms in your query instead of just plain vanilla “Koptalk”, you will find that this blog is actually ranked No. 1 IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Koptalk lies

Koptalk illegal

Koptalk newsnow

Koptalk charity

Koptalk fake

Don’t forget that apart from LFC’s Official Site – the very best sites don’t charge anything – they are free. They are faster than Koptalk with the news, rumour and insider information, they are closer to the club and its players, they don’t advertise the S*n, they don’t lie and cheat like Koptalk, they don’t attack the club and its players with money-making gossip and rumour as Oldham does. And they offer lively, witty and knowledgable forums packed with genuine Liverpool supporters from all over the world – many of them from Liverpool and the Kop. Best of all, you don’t have to wade through Oldham’s ignorant, money-driven “editorials” and his accounts of the lugubrious goings-on in his dysfunctional family.

Have a look at LFC Sites on the right of this page. Try some of them.

Note: if you are new to this blog and wonder about our interest in Koptalk may I suggest you take a quick peek at Blog v Koptalk in the tool bar at the top of this page.



21 Responses to “No. 1 LFC site – Winner and Pretender – rating by Wiki, Google, Yahoo etc”

  1. scott Says:

    Even though it is not related to this article, what rubbish was Koptalk printing regarding Peter Crouch & Craig Bellamy

  2. scott Says:

    even though it’s not related to this article, what did Kraptalk say about Bellamy & Crouch ?

  3. barry wom Says:

    they claimed crouch had spoken to the sun exclusively and fat arse claimed he had the tapes and said something along the lines of “he’d keep it till he wanted crouch’s liverpool career over”. a small time after, he then pretended that rick parry was desperate to see him because “i have something he wants”, which insinuated it was related the the “crouch tapes”. obviously they don’t exist, it was just dunk bullshit as normal.

    i don’t remember the bellamy one.

  4. Ian Vandepool Says:

    Any chance of adding to the list of Liverpool sites?

    A FREE and friendly site which is only a few months old and was created by die hard Liverpool fans.

  5. Says:

    @Ian Vandepool

    Hi there, I’ve also got your blog up on, see the BLOGS section.

    A bit slow on the news stories though, I must say 😉

  6. rupertinsider Says:


    I’ve added it. Check the “description” and let me know if you want me to change it.

  7. russellgsy Says:

    I have added this blog to the Duncan Oldham wilkipedia external links section

  8. russellgsy Says:

    Hi doing a great job on Mr O on here guys regulary read up on what has been doing etc.

    Also looking for a plug on a liverpool site (TheLFCForum) just a friendly quiet forum.

  9. rupertinsider Says:


    Done! Best of luck with the site.

  10. lurker Says:

    You’ve got the address for the official site wrong….its supposed to have an “fc” in it…..

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks – fixed (but the live url had the correct address).

  12. Christoff Says:

    Keep up the good work fella’s!!

    I myself was never a member of Koptalk, I’d heard about it and had strongly considered joining the site, my feelings were well..

    If you have to pay for it, it must be good! After all, he promises goal videos and match streams, all of which are either hard to locate or, in the case of clips, take time to appear. (But ultimately, if you’re patient, FREE)

    My feeling was, that if I joined, all this shite would have been provided ON-DEMAND (After-all, I’d have fucking PAID for it), as Koptalk is supposedly affiliated with the club.. Thank fuck I found this blog. :

    I couldn’t bare the thought of funding a S*n loving bastard, with all the other horse shit, especially that diatribe of him on his high horse, boasting about when he was gonna’ ruin Crouch’s career, as if he was some mighty God with.. The power to end a fit, young, hard working, honest man (Everything he’ll NEVER be) who’d just been through one of the most difficult years of his life (Let alone career) to finally win some respect.. Gah, sickens me. The wanker!!

    Past the banning of memebers for absolutely nout, the condescending ‘Well, if you’d just gone and sent Steve a support ticket..’ Fucking wanker. (The fact it’s called ‘support ticket’ pisses me off for unknown reasons.. What?) Past the fact he continuously refers to people whose views he dissagree’s with as ‘children’, or ‘kids’, citing ‘immaturity’ as a reason to ban someone who has just forked out 30 pounds to use his shit-hole forum, then goes telling everyone that THE RAPING OF TEENAGERS IS FAIR-GAME, because at his age (looking past the fact he’s a fat fucking pikey) girls ‘don’t look’ at him. Haha!!

    Past the stalking of Robbie Fowler, which if Fowler was really bothered by it probably would have ended up in Oldham ending up concreted up under a hotel, and even the claims of actually having ‘underworld hitmen’. (I’m sure our beloved bloggers are quaking in their boots)

    Past the fact he gets his fucking MUM to call up ex members of Koptalk to threaten them, because he’s too fuckin’ scared/lazy and/or his fingers are just too plain fat to use the effin’ dialing pad..

    Past all of that!! The simple fact he ran S*n banners ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION, despite having been told SEVERAL times of how to REMOVE them PERMANENTLY, is reason enough to boycott this S*n loving shit-hole site. Thank you to everyone who contributes not only to the top quality blogs written here (that DO provide evidence, if you bother to look) but also to the readers, who spread the word of this blog, and the S*n boycott to Reds across the globe everyday (Who may not even know about it) to make sure that they either stay well away from both KT and the S*n, or at least know what they’re supporting, and give them a chance to make their own minds up.

    It goes without saying that humanity in general could do with many more people like you.

    Now.. If only we had a CSKA London Insider-Insider..

  13. Tubby Says:

    The domain name “” has been acquired and a web page set up that to all intents and purposes will look like the proper Koptalk site to a search engine listing.

    Please visit, link to it, email it, get the rankings up and help those reds supporters who don’t know about Koptalk to get the full picture.

  14. waldojeffers Says:

    It’s great that this blog is so high in the google rankings if you search for ‘koptalk’ but the problem is that many people looking for LFC from scratch will google liverpool+fc+official in which case Oldham’s site is listed third.

    Any chance the blog could muscle in on that search?

  15. Insider Insider Says:

    Excellent work Tubby. Well worth a visit!

  16. Dale Says:

    Tubby – can you change the link destination that sits under ‘never join koptalk’ on the left hand side of your great new site please?

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    I see that the Wikipedia entries on Oldham and Koptalk have been pulled. That shows what we have aways known (a) that Oldham reads the blog avidly and (b) it stings.

    Well it was a good laugh while it lasted and I’m sure there will be lotss more!

  18. Another One Says:


    Awesome site

    Well done man

  19. Ian Vandepool Says:

    The description you added for is perfect, cheers for adding the link.

    Keep up your stunning work.

  20. Si Says:

    Always an enjoyable word, keep up the fight.

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