Charity conman: Appeal update

Before I go onto the subject of the Koptalk charity collection, a quick look at how good Koptalk has got.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Koptalk shoutbox…

[Gazami69] i spy with my little eye something beginning with….
[Katie] …….
[Gazami69] R…
[Dunk] R? ffs! give in!
[Dunk] 25 mins i’ve been looking for a R
[Katie] awww Dunk you given up yet?
[Dunk] yeh
[Katie] awwww
[Gazami69] Ravenous, thats what i am now anyway. The word was Robin, i saw one earlier.
[Gazami69] Dont think ‘i spy’ worked did it?
[Katie] haha no
[John_Gibson] hey everyone. Dunk, you around?
[ST3] Hi John
[John_Gibson] hows it goin, mate?
[drunkagain] Ste, I still seem to be 11 points short on ‘You’re The Boss’. Can you check it for me. I’ve emailed you a couple of times. Cheers.
[ST3] mwahaahaha ur going down
[ST3] Im good John, U ?
[ST3] ill have a look drunk
[John_Gibson] hehe
[John_Gibson] good mate. 6 days until final exams, 15 days until my trip to Anfield. F*in pumped!
[drunkagain] Cheers Ste
[ST3] 😀
[Katie] Hello Koptalk!
[jmp7300] Hey……..all
[Tullimore] Steve are you there mate
[ST3] Hi Tulli
[EDC] Yo!
[ST3] yo

Brilliant isn’t it? I spy with my little eye something beginning with “T”. Clue – it’s weedy and tumbles.

Koptalk owner Dunk’s also decided tonight to make his first purchases with the money he’s collected for Alder Hey.

He’s not been listening to us (even though he reads this site daily). I’ve got a copy of what he’s claimed to have spent. What he’s not listened to, or has been too thick to realise, is that we are scrutinising this charity collection attempt VERY carefully.

Things that Dunk can’t do and get away with in relation to this Alder Hey appeal…

1) Turn vouchers into cash.
2) Hide money collected by making those who posted pledges disappear from the final totals.
3) Delete threads (even if they have been superceded by other threads)
4) Take the money and treat himself (like he did with Lauren).
5) Get any publicity other than what we give him on here (he says he wants none).
6) Say one thing then do another without first explaining why.

If he can stick to those, and any other minimum acceptable standards we’ve forgotten to mention, he’ll get a nice post on here showing him for actually doing his first ever good deed that didn’t have any hidden motive.

It’s called transparency. It’s about being open, being honest.

It’s quite an alien concept to a long-time conman like Oldham, but this is his chance to show the first signs of turning over a new leaf. It doesn’t get him off the hook for his past misdemeanours though, but if he’s now become as decent as he’s trying to pretend he is then he’ll have no trouble putting those things right. He owes a lot of explanations to a lot of people about Lauren.

So how does he perform against the six points above?

Let’s look at what he’s done so far.

#50248 – 11/12/06 03:57 PM
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 13475 Received by vouchers to date: £160.00

Received by PayPal to date: £1202.27


Last updated 13th Dec 17:53

Edited by Katie ( minutes seconds ago)

That figure of £160 in vouchers is still short of the £10 that he’s still mysteriously not recieved. His own £10 voucher pledge. Odd really, considering that the rest all got through, ones that non-conmen sent…

#42438 – 01/12/06 12:31 PM
Alder Hey Christmas Appeal – List Of Donations By Vouchers
Team Member

Registered: 28/07/03
Posts: 26467


If you wish to contribute by way of voucher (Argos online), simply follow this link:

This idea was put to us yesterday on the Alder Hey appeal thread.

You will be asked to include a personal message. These messages will be given to Alder Hey staff and patients.


The address to send these to should be:

Mr Duncan Oldham
PO Box 556
NE28 7WZ

Once you have completed your order, please state the amount on this thread. When received, we will state so on this thread.

A decision will be made by the community collectively with regards what specific goods we purchase.

It is important to note that all donations received and goods purchased will be verified by members from the community who will attend the presentation before Christmas at Alder Hey.

ANYONE who donates is welcome to attend the presentation which will simply be a case of you and us popping along with the goodies for the kids and signing things over.

Any excess of vouchers left over will be handed over to Alder Hey and signed for in the presence of whichever members pop along with us.


Pwillis £10 Argos – £10 RECEIVED
Lagos_Red £50 Argos – £50 RECEIVED
Gordy Boy £10 Argos – £10 RECEIVED
Dan W £10 Argos – £10 RECEIVED
TommySmith £10 Argos – £10 RECEIVED
stevonb £20 Argos – £20 RECEIVED
redallover1 £20 Argos – £20 RECEIVED
Kings66 £30 Argos – £30 RECEIVED


Edited by Katie (10/12/06 09:06 PM)

Reading that thread back again and straight away he’s done himself out of getting all six points. He says in this thread, “A decision will be made by the community collectively with regards what specific goods we purchase.” Where’s the discussion on that then Dunk? What choice did the community get in all this? You’ve failed on point six, but we’d like to hear an explanation anyway. We might let you off.

So back to the amounts collected. Vouchers: £160.00. PayPal: £1202.27. Total: £1362.27.

Those £160 of vouchers are the only vouchers we want to see on any receipts. The rest should be cash, otherwise it’s a big failure of point 1. Then again, I’ve a feeling that’s already happened…

#51493 – minutes seconds ago
Dunk Dunk Administrator
Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 13475

List of items purchased by KopTalk for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital (Christmas appeal). Amounts to be deducted from collective donation fund.

Note that the older kids at Alder Hey often get forgotten hence our decision to purchase with them in mind first.

* 32 inch brand new HD Ready LCD TV @ £499.99 from Argos

* Bush Universal LCD Stand @ £99.99 less £30.00 discount = £69.99


* Xbox 360 Console (Includes: Xbox 360, 20GB hard drive, wireless controller, ethernet cable, HD AV cable and headset) + FIFA 2007 from Amazon

* Xbox 360 play & charge kit x 2 from Amazon

Additional Xbox 360 wireless controller from Amazon


Items: £316.56
Postage & Packing: £7.65
Promotion Applied (Discount): -£11.06

Total before VAT: £313.15
VAT: £54.81


* Amped, Table Tennis, Lara Croft, Football Manager 2006 (+ free console face plate), Tony Hawks Project 8, Project Gotham Racing 3 from Gameplay



*** Spending not concluded yet ***

Please note that all delivery costs to Alder Hey, travelling costs etc will be paid myself. Not 1 penny from the amounts received will be deducted for any kind of expenses ensuring that the total fund amount is donated to Alder Hey who are providing receipts for ALL goods donated. All receipts for the goods purchased will be scanned and made available online for the donators to see but they will be handed over to Alder Hey for guarantee purposes.

I’m not sure he can spend Argos vouchers online, and I’m assuming that’s how he’s ordered this TV.
I’m not sure he can spend Gameplay vouchers online, and I’m assuming that’s how he’s ordered those games.
I know he’s ordered the Amazon stuff online, and I know he can use his Amazon vouchers online.

He’s not allowed to use vouchers to purchase anything, otherwise it’s a clear sign that his motivation for this collection was to turn vouchers into cash.

He says he’ll be scanning the receipts – well in the case of the online orders I expect to also see a screen print for every page. It’s very easy to do with Amazon, and should show clearly that he’s not part-paid with gift vouchers.

#51498 – minute seconds ago
Alder Hey Appeal Closing Sunday
Dunk Dunk Administrator
Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 13474
Please note that we need to have all donations in by Sunday. If you would like to donate after Sunday we will publish on site the exact postal address for Alder Hey including the details of our contact there who has been working with us.

We are now purchasing the goodies for the kids as you will see from the appropriate thread on the site which will be updated over the next few days with new things.

Could those who haven’t chipped in yet but have pledged to, please contact as soon as possible. It’s not a problem if you can no longer support Alder Hey at this time but at least we know what’s what if you can keep us updated.

Alder Hey are overjoyed at the support shown by the members here. Considering only our members were invited to contribute, we raised a lot of money in a very short time. You should be very proud of yourselves.

What happens next?

* Donation cut off point Sunday evening. Details will be published on site explaining how to contribute direct to Alder Hey after Sunday as there should never be a cut off point in reality. But KopTalk won’t accept any more donations as from Sunday evening as we need to prepare all the paperwork etc

* Last minute purchases will be made by us next week, additional cash (change) handed to Alder Hey at agreed presentation date (KopTalk has stated that we do not want any publicity that Alder Hey can offer)

* Receipts obtained from Alder Hey along with confirmation letter for donators (will be published on site)

* Goods handed to Alder Hey along with associated paperwork, guarantees etc.

Again, Dunk has reminded me of how he’s said one thing then done another. He’s already posted the “exact postal address” for Alder Hey for direct donations, back when he said he’d make this forum open to non-members. It’s still not open to non-members. He’s had enough reminders on that now for it to no longer be a mistake. It’s an example of going back on his worthless word.

He’s still not explained what happened the £26 donated by “Marcel”. The amount matched an insider auto-renewal subscription amount, and disappeared off the later lists of who’d donated or had pledged but not yet sent their money. (I wonder how many of those who’d not yet donated their promised pledge have actually been locked out by the panicking Oldham between making the pledge and preparing to donate the money).

Still, as things stand, he hasn’t done too much wrong on this particular appeal. Compared to the thousands he stole from his disabled cousin, this is going fairly honestly. For now.

Let’s go over those six points again. He’s not allowed to do any of these if he wants to avoid further accusations of being a conman.

1) Turn vouchers into cash.
As long as he can provide screen dumps and receipts that show CASH rather than VOUCHERS then he’s ok on this one. If not then it would suggest he’s been fiddling things yet again. (He also needs to prove that Alder Hey got all of those goods). I also expect all receipts and screen dumps to show reference numbers that can be used to verify the order with the companies who those goods were supposedly purchased from. I don’t trust Duncan Oldham, so I need to be sure he’s not got even a millimeter to wriggle into.

2) Hide money collected by making those who posted pledges disappear from the final totals.
So far, although I’ve only had a brief look, he’s only made one pledge disappear. Marcel’s £26 pledge.

3) Delete threads (even if they have been superceded by other threads)
Too late. He’s done this, with the thread that had the original paypal pledges v received on. However it’s in his power to bring the thread back, assuming he’s put it into the trash can or equivalent rather than deleting it.

4) Take the money and treat himself (like he did with Lauren).
Apart from the £26, so far so good. We’re watching though. If you are trying to con your members, we’ll catch you out. We’ve done it so many times before.

5) Get any publicity other than what we give him on here (he says he wants none).
So far so good again. Alder Hey will respect his wishes for no publicity if he’s asked for that, so this won’t be a problem to fulfil.

6) Say one thing then do another without first explaining why.
Already covered to some extent above. He’s not happy that we’re watching him so closely, but he knows we are. Yet he still changes his mind on things. WHY IS THE FORUM STILL NOT OPEN TO NON-MEMBERS?

That’s all for now on this, here’s hoping that Duncan Oldham can address the minor problems listed above.

And here’s also hoping that he’ll finally explain his theft from his disabled cousin. Alder Hey have been warned about that and are no doubt also scrutinising it all.


22 Responses to “Charity conman: Appeal update”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Lest we forget….

    Duncan Oldham and Koptalk have no connection with LFC – they are pariahs at the club.

    They have no connection with Liverpool or its kids.

    This collection is a publicity stunt in an attempt to buy credibility for his failing site.

    He is infamous for his exploitation of his own young children to promote his site and money making projects.He does not have custody of his own children. He frequently makes disturbing references to child sexual abuse in his broadcasts and on his site.

    He is suspected of illegal activities including some to do with other “charities”.

    His is the only web site that does not support the boycott of the S*n for the lies it told about the 96 Liverpool boys and men who died at Hillsborough and the many injured there.

    Under scrutiny of this blog and Alder Hey hospital who have been warned about him, he is straining to shit straight this time. But why would anyone who had an interest in helping sick children send their money through a con man? Why get involved in the convoluted process he has had to set up top prove he is honest, for once.? Why not send your money direct to the hospital and know it got there´.

    He’s also up to his old tricks by implying ambiguously he has turned down an offer of publicity from Alder Hey hospital. They have not offered him any such thing – and would not allow him to exploit them or the children in that way. Who would want photos of their kids put on the net by Oldham in the way he has used images of his own kids.

  2. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    I’m an affilate myself with about five different networks and have done much of my xmas shopping using my click-thru link to get 5-10% commision.

    So has Fatty skimmed off a tidy profit for himself?

  3. est-er Says:

    Personally I think he’s wasted that money. An Xbox and a HD ready TV. Why do kids in hospital want an HD ready TV? Surely a bog standard TV would be much better and probably a third of the price. Don’t they have any TV’s in Alder Hey? I find that idea completely ridiculous.
    This money could have been spent SO much wiser. Isn’t it interesting how those items allegedly purchased are exactly the kind of items found at “Koptalk towers”, exactly the kind of items Dunk would probably want for himself. Also interesting how they are the same kind of items often given away (or offered) in his various competitions.
    All those kids at alder Hey, all that money raised and he buys a TV. If it’s not a scam then he’s pretty clueless about buying for kids.
    I’m VERY uncomfortable about this scheme/scam.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    He’s never been to Alder Hey – he’s a total stranger to it. He picked on it because Robbie Fowler and the other players visit it a lot. Oldham is Fowler’s perverted stalker.

    Alder Hey is a childrens’ hospital. I don’t know the breakdown in ages – but many of the kids are infants – babies of less than 2 years. The majority are under 10. I would think a small minority are between 10 and 15. (I was a patient at 5, 1O and 13 there.

    The kids would be scared if Oldham showed up. Their parents would be upset if they got to know the hospital let him near their kids.

    What sort of obscenity is it that this S*n-loving, child-sex obsessive gets to play Santa Claus to sick Liverpool kids when their parents aren’t around?

  5. felix Says:

    He`ll be able to have a permanent plaque on the telly saying that koptalk generously donated it. A good advert for the site and an ego boost for him. Plus he has said today he will take a camera to get a “snap with the fundraising team.”

  6. xbass Says:

    Just a thought, regarding that £26 donation, is it not possible that he simply put it up by mistake? He uses the same paypal account for subsciptions and donations, so what if he saw the money, assumed at first glance it was a donation, put it up, and then noticed his mistake and took it down.

    It could have happened – I imagine its an easy mistake to make.

  7. rupertinsider Says:


    Its an easy mistake in the other direction, too. “Oh, I thought that donation was for me.”

    That is one of the reasons the law lays down rules for people who beg the public for money in the name of a good cause. Its not his money. It should not be in his personal account or his business account. It is illegal to mix charity money in that way. If he pays a bill tomorrow how are the donors not to know he “borrowed” their money to pay it. If he bets on a horse tomorrow who is to know he doesn’t do it with the charity money? What if he wants to do a quick deal on the stock market?

    I notice he has not put a 5,000 limit on this appeal so what will he do if it exceeds it – register it with charity commissioners and then produce audited accounts? I don’t think so.

    He should be either have this money handled by a third party like a bank or he should have it audited. He is a well known liar, is under investigation for illegal trading practices and is accused of skimming other charities and flouting the law on charities. He does not deserve special lenient treatment and should not be be allowed to make his own rules using the name of Alder Hey and using the money of the donors.

  8. Says:

    “It could have happened – I imagine its an easy mistake to make.”

    With Oldham’s slack (or should that be lack) accounting, you’re right, anything can happened.

  9. barry wom Says:

    seriously though, how many people are left on koptalk? raising 1200 quid is a decent amount for a place with no members left. i’m guessing this time of year a lot of people couldn’t afford to donate, or for whatever reason would choose not to (giving the money to him for a start). so if the average is a tenner per contribution, that’d be 120 who’ve chipped in. it must mean 5 times that amount of people are still paying him subscriptions though surely, if not more?

  10. Insider Insider Says:

    Barry – there were two that donated £200. A lot donated £20. The amount has now gone up to £1500. So far there are 66 members who’ve donated (it would be 67 but Marcel is still missing!)

    Here’s the latest list…

    Anonymous – $500 – £237.76 RECEIVED
    Harvey – £27 – £26.02 – RECEIVED
    Christhepool – £20 – £19.22 – RECEIVED
    vincelfc – £21 – £20.19 – RECEIVED
    randyrhodes – £21 – £20.19 – RECEIVED
    domdom – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    joey – £10 – £9.51 – RECEIVED
    niners – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    salforal £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    philipbreen – £25 – £23.95 – RECEIVED
    andrew £21 – £20.19 – RECEIVED
    BigFooty – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    Monkey1974 – £21 – £20.19 – RECEIVED
    lathom46 – £21 – £20.19 – RECEIVED
    frank2005 – £12 – £11.45 – RECEIVED
    newo – £10 – £9.51 – RECEIVED
    frodshamred – £21 – £20.19 – RECEIVED
    fox – £51 – £49.51 – RECEIVED
    Gazami69 £20 – £19.22 – RECEIVED
    Barosx2 – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    Yorkiered – £10 – £9.51 – RECEIVED
    kop_5 – £10 – £9.51 – RECEIVED
    prfowler – £10 – £9.51 – RECEIVED
    adb86 – £20 – £19.22 – RECEIVED
    DMHPioneer – £10 – £9.51 – RECEIVED
    Gill33 – £10 – £9.51 – RECEIVED
    godersbe – £15 – £14.36 – RECEIVED
    kawkijeff – £10.50 – £9.94 – RECEIVED
    JD – £50 – £48.35 – RECEIVED
    fatheadmurph – 25 Euro – £15.71 – RECEIVED
    se7ens – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    rjroche – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    MalteseKop – £21 – £20.09 – RECEIVED
    drummeral – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    Dicey64 – 35 Euro – £22.08 – RECEIVED
    Havmi65 – £20 – £19.22 – RECEIVED
    turnstiles – £20 – £19.22 – RECEIVED
    redand – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    gagsy44 – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    Bunnifer – £20 – £19.22 – RECEIVED
    mtw178 – £20 – £19.12 – RECEIVED
    greg69 – £31.50 – £30.39 – RECEIVED
    Richt71 – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    robp – £10.50 – £10 – RECEIVED
    bolthead – £21 – £20.09 – RECEIVED
    muffer – £21 – £20.19 – RECEIVED
    demerzel – £25 – £24.07 – RECEIVED
    hall10 – £21 – £20.19 – RECEIVED
    tufty – £16 – £15.34 – RECEIVED
    chiman – £12 – £11.39 – RECEIVED
    wierdfish – £30 – £28.93 RECEIVED
    Danfrost – £11 – £10.48 RECEIVED
    Coylie – £10 – £9.51 RECEIVED
    Skellington – £42 – £40.58 RECEIVED
    irishgeo – £26 – £24.92 RECEIVED
    JOEY1963 – £15 – £14.36 RECEIVED
    funkyman – £10 – £9.46 RECEIVED
    McleanRichard – £10 – £9.51 RECEIVED
    dsimcock – £15 – £14.34 RECEIVED
    oldstuff – £200 – £194 RECEIVED
    mne – £21 – £20.19 RECEIVED
    LOcoolD – £11 – £10.48 RECEIVED
    justin0 – £10 – £9.51 RECEIVED
    Mike999 £10.50 – £10 RECEIVED
    redser €22 – €21.01 (14.10) RECEIVED
    RedSteve77 £10 – £9.51 RECEIVED

  11. rubyred Says:

    re est-er.

    You ask in your post why he should buy an HD ready tv for the kids? I can only answer “why not”. Why not get them the best you can.

    It is a common problem in all kids hospitals, and Alder Hey is no different that at this time of year the smaller kids get inundated with presents and gifts ut older children and those in their teens are often overlooked. Don’t forget that this hospital takes children up to (and sometimes over) the age of 16yrs. Some of them may be in hospital for weeks if not months. I have in the past looked after children there who had been in for nearly a year.

    If the cash is available then, Hell, get them an HD ready tv, Wii, X Box 360 and anything else that would make their stay more enjoyable regardless of whether there may be cheaper things that can be had.

    Of course Alder Hey has got tv’s. But this hospital gets over 200,000 children through its doors every year. it’s the biggest kids hospital in Europe, and everything takes a bit of a hammering over time.

    If this is a genuine appeal, and at the moment there is little to suggest that it isn’t, then I think it’s right to buy the best, most up to dat items they can.

    I’m sure the kids will enjoy them all the more because of that.

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    When he launched the Lauren appeal and her parent’s mortage and then opened a site, he had many more members and thousands on flurkers. So we can guess that the money he took it where multiples higher.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    Does anyone recognise those names or are they all new?

  14. barry wom Says:

    II – Do you think that represents a big percentage of his membership? All credit to all of them who have donated – although I think they must be daft, as anyone who has any idea of Oldhams practices would know better than to give him anything.

    I was quite interested to try and understand if he’s managed to build up some new membership or if those 66 who’ve contributed just represent the last loyal members to his flagging site.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    ruby red

    If you know Alder Hey as well as I do, you would know that it is very well endowed financially not only from the NH but from many private trusts and legacies and donations as well as many support groups in Liverpool. The children are also visited not only by their own families – who are generous and caring – but every sector of Liverpool society from LFC and Everton players to the Philharmonic Orchestra to every conceivable religious sporting and other interest group.

    The idea that they are in need of gifts from total strangers is a nonsense. Yes, every institution can find a use for anything – but it looks to me that Oldham will be a much bigger beneficiary of this stunt than any kid of an age at Alder Hey.

    He has hit on a way of getting his members to pay for a publicity stunt for his failing business. He hopes to buy “Liverpool-cred” having failed to do so after nine years on the net using the Liverpool name “Kop”. He is well known for exploiting his own children on the net to make money and now he no longer has custody of them he is trying the same trick on the Liverpool kids.

  16. Insider Insider Says:

    Barry – here’s the new registrations for this month…

    AMC01 0 Today at 09:22 AM
    Zarrock60 0 Today at 09:21 AM
    JonClark 0 Yesterday at 10:04 PM
    max_hamilton 0 Yesterday at 10:54 AM
    ob1kenob 0 Yesterday at 08:13 AM
    DrYSChong 0 Yesterday at 01:13 AM
    redtide 0 Yesterday at 01:04 AM
    buckaroo 0 12/12/06 06:42 PM
    Longfordian69 0 12/12/06 04:25 PM
    Pobobpob 0 12/12/06 12:05 PM
    RayGray 0 12/12/06 06:32 AM
    SkyRiseKid 0 12/11/06 04:40 PM
    RedSargenius 0 12/10/06 10:41 PM
    redbaldyp 0 12/10/06 02:08 PM
    thegame121 0 12/06/06 11:36 PM
    PhillC 0 12/06/06 11:14 PM
    kaz75 0 12/06/06 12:20 PM
    Oscar_Rossi 0 12/05/06 09:03 PM
    seanyblfc 0 12/05/06 07:41 PM
    Kevina33 0 12/05/06 04:14 PM
    Meffin 25 12/04/06 10:28 PM
    Sarah86 20 12/04/06 10:04 PM
    simonb80 10 12/03/06 08:03 AM
    dave_moores 0 12/02/06 02:37 PM
    Turbotet 0 12/01/06 07:48 AM

    The ones in bold are the ones that have actually posted. Sarah86 is definitely an alias of Dunk, Meffin probably is too. Note also how “dave_moores” has registered – but not posted.

  17. rupertinsider Says:


    This is also the possibility that some of the names are fake. We know he doesn’t think twice of inventing aliases and he invents conversations with LFC executives and players and lies through his teeth all the time.

    This publicity stunt was designed to give him maximum publicity for the cheapest price.

    So why not invent a few names and donate for them – especially if he already had Argos vouchers for the target amount. He would have used them to buy exactly the same thing and offered them as prizes on his site to keep his members happy. By giving them to Alder Hey he gets more publicity.

    Even if it cost him a few pounds – so what – he is willing to spend 2,000 quid on plane and banner to fly over Cardiff at the final. He knows the value of publicity.

    But when we got on his case the stakes rose. He could no longer fiddle the books and no longer change the rules and more important, he could not appear to have failed. If it cost him more to enlarge the list of donors – it would still be worth it to save the stunt and the profit the publicity would bring in.

    Of course it might get out of hand and run up to 5,000 and he knows the blog would report it to the charity commissioners. And then he would have to register it and produce audited accounts. So he will close it early to make sure that does not happen.

    Am I being too cynical? That’s what I would have thought, too, until I saw how he lied about his 8 yr old girl being raped, sold fake memorabilia, skimmed the Lauren charity, talked to hitmen, etc etc

    This guy is on another planet.

  18. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi rubyred, thanks very much for posting.

    So far so good with the Alder Hey appeal. As far as I can tell there’s very little to complain about, which is quite refreshing to see considering what I’ve seen from Koptalk this year.

    It does give me a bit of a, for want of a better word, “skin-crawling” feeling to think that Duncan Oldham will be arriving at Alder Hey and mixing with vulnerable and unwell kids, in many cases without their parents present. His paedophile “jokes” (see are well-known to regular readers of this blog. He’s also made jokes about Fred West on his site in the past, making light of that child-killer’s multiple murders. He also “joked” about girls under 16 being fair game to someone of his age.

    He is sick, there’s very little doubt about that. The type of person that makes the national news one day alongside stories about how social services had been warned about him but decided to let things go. I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near him, and I hope Alder Hey make sure he is carefully escorted for the whole of his visit.

    In fact I sincerely hope he follows his usual lead for this year of sending others to do his bidding. I hope he sends Steve and Katie instead.

    I still haven’t worked out his motives for this appeal, because there’s more to it than just trying to win favour with his few remaining members (after all, he says he doesn’t want any publicity). I think we may have stopped him in his tracks by demanding receipts for the cash purchases (if he pays in vouchers then it’s a con, excepting the £160 he’s collected in vouchers).

    There’s no doubting it’s a good cause, I just have this very worrying feeling that there is something extremely sinister staring us in the face.

    On the other hand, to be quite blunt, Duncan Oldham is notoriously thick, renowned for a lack of intelligence. He might just be performing one of his scams thinking he’s getting away with it but, as always, will make a huge greedy mistake in the next day or two.

    And I still want to know what happened to Lauren’s thousands.

  19. andyhanrahan Says:

    perhaps the biggest lie ( liverpool related) i ever saw him pull was when he put up a post requesting parry to contact him(think it was parry’s son)

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    Yes, it was Parry’s son. I sent a letter to LFC about it and they asked for the text. He did it at the time we were exposing the fact that LFC (including Parry) were stating in writing that they had never had any contact with him and never would. It was his attempt to suggest that Parry’s son was an Insider – snitching on his father, no doubt – for his fat Godfather in Wallsend. Oldham is nuts. One of his many failed stunts.

  21. what a whopper Says:

    I don’t think there is any chance of Dunk going to Alder Hey. He will send one/some of his crew.

    I expect plenty of photos of him, with the gifts, plastered over the net so he can get the most publicity.

  22. Christoff Says:

    Isn’t there any way you could inform the parents of what Oldham is planning?? Surely if enough said ‘No.’ to having their children photographed with him, let alone let him near them, then they’d not only get the TV etc, but Dunks plans of publicity would be well and truly scuppered??

    If I had a child, and the hospital I had entrusted with that childs health and security, were to randomly let some creepy many in to take pictures of him or her and plaster them all over his site, I’d.. It doesn’t bare thinking about. :

    Surely a news letter or something could be handed to parents to let them know of what’s going on.. It’s a fucking hospital for fucks sake.

    Creepy con artist or not.

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