Koptalk "charity" site closed after police and commission informed.

by Honorary Insider *


Dunk and Charity Appeals

I drive a 10 ten year old Mondeo Estate (that’s a station wagon to our American friends) . The relevance of that will be revealed at the end of this post.

In 2005, a relative of Duncan Oldham, a young lady named Lauren, was struck down with paralysis of the spine. How an 18 yr old can come to terms with the fact that she will never ever walk again is beyond my comprehension .

I know some of the circumstances of how it happened. But as they may be the subject of one or more court actions, I’ll so say no more on that subject.

I want to stress that this post is not intended to be critical of Lauren or her parents. They deserve everyone’s sympathy.

It’s about a lack of transparency and accountability by Duncan Oldham, the Owner of Koptalk.

I want to know what he did with the money we sent for Lauren and her parents.


1st Appeal

A few short weeks after the tragedy happened, the sole owner of Koptalk explained that Lauren’s parents were living in a town away from home in order to be close to the hospital. And because they both had taken leave of absence from work, they were feeling the strain financially.

So he wanted to know if we, members of Koptalk, could help. He said his Mum had helped all she could.

(Of course he would have helped, too, if he were able, he said. But he received no wages. Every penny he made from Koptalk was ploughed back into his site for the benefit of his “family” – as he used to call the users of Koptalk).

On the first day of his appeal he gave the name and address of Lauren’s parents.

That’s where I sent my small donation. I got a very nice thank you note from Lauren and her family some months later.

But on the second day of the appeal Oldham declared that all donations had to be sent to Koptalk.

The reason given for this change was that Lauren’s parents would be concerned that the door of their unattended house might be kicked in and their mail stolen. (Those more cynical than I could subscribe other motives for this contrived explanation).

Disability Benefits

Anyway I have a detailed knowledge of the Department of Social Security programmes. As such I am well versed in the procedure for claiming Disability Benefits.

I emailed Dunk offering my expertise in this field pointing out that Lauren would be entitled to at least £320 a month in Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and her carer would be entitled to £45 a week for invalid care allowance (ICA).

I got no reply.

2nd Appeal – the Mortgage Pledge

Some weeks passed and then Duncan Oldham announced that Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth (Lauren’s parents and, presumably, also relatives of Oldham) were having real difficulty meeting their mortgage payments. Lauren had been moved to a specialist hospital somewhere in Yorkshire.

Could anyone help financially?

(He himself would have helped, of course, he said but he was unwaged and all the money he took in was ploughed back into his site etc etc etc).

This second appeal caused another generous outpouring of pledges in a Koptalk thread that became known as “The Mortgage Pledge ” thread where the good old “family”, that was Koptalk, rallied around to help people less fortunate than oursleves. Pledges came in fast and furious – a £10 here and a £5 there.

Someone even suggested that we set up a charitable trust for Lauren. As I previously served as a secretary on a charitable trust I pointed out that this was no easy matter. We would need a board of trustees, and the name and aims of the charity would have to be drawn up by a lawyer and submitted for approval by the Charity Commissioners. And then there must be audited accounts.

Everyone then decided that a charitable trust may not be such a good idea after all. In retrospect, I can imagine a large sigh of relief coming from the Wallsend area of Tyne and Wear. Duncan Oldham does not like “accountability”.

I think I paid two mortgage payments before thinking about it.

As I said previously, I know about the guidlines of Disability Benefits. Basically, the moment you ring up and ask for a Disability Claims Pack is the moment your benefits will be dated from when they are eventually approved. So it was criticial not to delay about registering a claim.

Lauren being confined to a wheelchair would get a higher rate Mobility Component and at least the middle rate Care Component of DLA. This would be between £320 and £422 every 4 weeks. In addition, her primary carer, presumably one of her parents, would be entitled to an Invalid Care Allowance of £45 a week.

All of this could be backdated for up to six months.

So at a minium the family income would get a boost of about £500 every 28 days, plus any back payments. This would probably be enough to offset the loss of earnings of a carer giving up work and certainly enough to pay a mortage. Or, in a worst case scenario, enough to pay the interest on the mortgage if capital repayments were temporarily suspended.

But guess what? The Mortgage Pledge thread on Koptalk went on and on and on for many months .

At no point did Mr Oldham say anything like : “Its OK folks, they’re fine now and no longer need your generosity”.

3rd Appeal – Charity Site

In addition to the Mortgage Pledge thread and the first appeal on Koptalk, Duncan Oldham also set up a website for his Lauren appeal.

That charity site was closed down in the summer of this year.

He said the closure was because “it was causing undue stress to the family……and the children”. It’s a familiar tactic of his – hiding behind children and accusing his critics of attacking them.

Others have pointed out that the site was closed after it was reported that somebody made a complaint that the charity was not registered and accounts not published. The complaint was made to the charity commissioners and, then, on their recommendation, to the police.

(Click here for a report on that story)

The law is that any organisation with annual donations over £1,000 MUST register with the Charity Commission.

Nobody knows how much the Lauren appeal made because Oldham did not keep any accounts. But I think its fair to assume that it was an amount more than £1,000 and therefore above the Charity Commision threshold, as the law stood at the time. It would only take 100 members to donate £10 each to reach that threshold.

Those of you who are new to Koptalk and are accustomed to watching tumbleweed roll across its deserted forums as the few remaining members eagerly await Dunk’s latest views on coffee and cheese, may think that 100 members donating to a fund may be a ridiculously high expectation. But I can assure you that Koptalk used to be a vibrant, thriving community with multi-level access and new threads extending to a Page 2 in a matter of hours.


But let us move forward to the spring and early summer of 2006 when Dunk began to brag about his new car – a Mercedes Clk 200 K Sport Auto valued at between £37,000 and £44,000 with the personalised number plate D1UNK.


A £40,000 car for someone who takes no wages from the site?

“I would obviously help if I could but every penny I earn from this site…….”

Yeah right!


And then came his boasting about the other things he had bought recently or was in the process of buying – the expensive high-tech gadgets, and the Ford car, the new van and his interest in buying an ex-army Landrover. He also announced that he would be buying a house in Melwood (perhaps one which was listed at £300,000) . He had already claimed to have paid off his mother’s mortgage in Wallsend, and to have paid cash for his own house “across the street”, and to have a house in Scarborough. Now, in addition to the new house in Melwood, he was in the market to buy a hotel in central Liverpool and yet another new house in Malta for his Mum and a house in New York State for himself . Then there was his frequent days at the races, his betting and foreign holidays.

It was after all his bragging about how well he personally was doing financially from Koptalk and how much he was “treating himself”, as he put it – that I decided to demand a proper accounting for the money donated for Lauren and her parents.

If, like me, you feel suckered by the Owner of Koptalk. If you sent any donations or made any payments to the Mortage Pledge Fund or donated any goods to the Lauren fund, maybe you would like to join me.

Various ways of going about it are found on the Shop Oldham page in the toolbar at the top of this page. Maybe the blog should add the contact details for the Charity Commissioner. If enough people report their concerns the charity commissioners will start a full investigation.


As I stated in the opening paragraph, what happend to Lauren was tragic. I do not begrudge her or her family anything they got from Koptalkers or any member of the public who responded to the appeals. All I want to know is did they receive everything they were due?

This can be easily verified if Duncan Oldham would publish full and frank, audited accounts of the Lauren and Mortgage Pledge funds, detailing the monies received, where all the money went and what it was used for.

He could publish it here , on this blog, using the standing “Right of Reply” the blog have given him, or on another public forum of his own choosing.

I wish Lauren and her immediate family well in coping with their new reality.




(*Edit: This is the first time Honorary Insider has posted on the blog. He became an “honorary” on Koptalk not on the initiative of Duncan Oldham but in response to popular acclaim of the members there. They wanted to recognise his positive contributions. Like most others he has now left Koptalk. He has recently done some research on the law on charities and wanted to express his views on the matter.

At the blog we have received the opinion that the threshold for registering charities remains £1,000  even though a Bill was passed in November to raise the threshold for some charities to £5,000 in 2007 and in 2008 for others.

Click here for information we have added on how to contact the Charity Commissioners easily.

Click here for the Liverpool office.

Click here for all regional offices and an overview.

Here is an incomplete list of previous blog posts on the subject of the Lauren appeal.







The blog welcomes others who want to contribute an article. Please get in touch.

rupertinsider @ gmail.com




64 Responses to “Koptalk "charity" site closed after police and commission informed.”

  1. rupertinsider Says:


    Three different formats from two readers and I still can’t get it unto the WP software. So I have sent it to Insider and asked him to do it. Stay tuned!

  2. MrMichael Says:

    @ unbiasedview – Fair enough dude. There’s always some who go ott on every site, personally I think not responding to them and discussing with the rational ones is the best way to defeat that, especially if rational debate is what you are after. I would point out though, that were your opinion to be the reverse of what it was/is and you’d tried to have a debate about it on KT, a site which you pay o be a member of, the thread would disappear within seconds, and you might have “banned yourself”, rather than neing able to rack up some quantity of posts on the issue 😉

    Anyway, this is the blog about D*nk/KT, not est1892. Have a peruse of the archives in the toolbar at the top of this page, especially those about D*nk’s ambivalence towards the s*n boycott and so on, there is a lot of the real evidence in there, which you mention above wanting to see, and if you don’t consider est to be an alternative for you, perhaps try some of the other excellent free lfc sites linked in the side bar here, all with different community feels, and none owned, or run, for profit by someone who genuinely is extremely dodgy (to say the least).

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    Andy’s leaving post…

  4. Honorary Insider Says:

    Nice one Andy…………see you got your Blaze of glory post in before being banned

  5. Tubby Says:

    @unbiased view

    Wake up and smell the coffee, ffs. How you can know everything about Dunk and still support Koptalk?. If you class that as abusem then fine that’s what it is. But don’t forget to ask yourself why is it that people feel so strongly about it? Standing by KT simply out of stubbornness or a sense of rebellion will achieve nothing, or in fact make it harder for the cause to bring down Dunk and his cancerous S*n-loving business.

  6. Insider Insider Says:

    Just following on from what “Tubby” said – “unbiased view” needs to try and explain why he thinks all of those anti-Red things we’ve listed about Dunk are OK to be ignored. Seriously – just go through each point but as you do it, imagine trying to explain it to a few Reds under the Kop next home game.

    I personally can’t see any reason why any Red would want to stick with Koptalk when they’ve read even half of the evidence against Dunk on here. (Excluding those who are staying on as lurkers in order to watch Dunk’s downfall).

    A lot of people think £30 is nothing – well be thankful that that’s how fortunate you are. £30 is a lot to some people. Rather than defending Dunk why not cancel your subscription due to a lack of anything that was promised when you signed up, and donate the refund either to http://www.justgiving.com/notdunk or to the HJC? And if £30 really isn’t that much to you, maybe chuck the £30 you saved on next year’s subs in as well.

    And “unbiased view” – just because est1892.co.uk isn’t for you it doesn’t wash as an excuse to stay on Koptalk regardless. Try http://www.sixcrazyminutes.com for a site full of ex-Koptalkers from the free site. Try http://www.ynwa.tv for a site which has many ex-Koptalkaters from a few years back. http://www.talklfc.com again has many former members of Koptalk on it. RAWK, TTWAR, RAOTL and TLW are some others you can try. Go and register for all of them, and spend one day each site lurking on them. One of them will suit you, I’m sure of that. It might feel a bit odd at first, but you’ll get the hang.

    When I first decided to stop using KT as my regular home I had to hunt for the best sites for me, for what I want, and I soon found them.

  7. unbiased view Says:

    Insider Insider
    im not ignoring them,its just i cant say 100% that what you say is true.
    i cant condemn someone over something im reading on the internet,i refuse to do that.
    i know the prizes he claims to give out go to aliases of himself,id defiantly believe that,but i couldn’t care less.
    im not the sort to sit at home growing more and more enraged at the thought of what dunk gets up to.
    but as i said,ill keep an eye on here,and if i see something that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that what is being said is true then ill be off of kt straight away,you can believe that.

  8. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi again “unbiased view”.

    You seem willing to be persuaded, so I’ll keep trying to persuade you!

    How would you feel about Koptalk and Dunk if you were told he’d threatened to ruin Peter Crouch’s Liverpool career in the summer? I’m guessing your answer is, “Ah, but he wouldn’t do that.”

    He would. He made those threats. A big lie he made up to try and lessen the impact of the stick he was getting for allowing members to be attacked for pointing the S*n boycott out to others.

    I found it sickening given the amount of people who hung on his every word at the time.

    Get yourself a coffee and read these two posts from the summer.



    Please – read with an open mind. I think it proves that Duncan Oldham is a S*n loving anti-Red, but I’m willing to hear what you think.

    It’s bad enough that as Reds we’ve got to contend with scum like Kelvin MacKenzie without also having to contend with so-called Reds supporting MacKenzie’s lies. (I’m assuming you know all about MacKenzie and the S*n, if not please ask – many Koptalk members have been kept in the dark about it thanks to Duncan Oldham’s policies.)

  9. Johnnyfish Says:

    I had been given Honarary status until recently and I have questioned the fact the my access now shows “Banned”

    The reply I have is here,

    “Hi John

    What we found with the HM system was that HM’s were starting to ‘bully’
    newcomers. One of the biggest complaints we use to receive was that we
    turned a blind eye to what HM’s posted etc. In truth maybe we did but
    from the summer we’ve really toughened up. There is no two or three tier
    system any more.

    As such we’re not having a HM system any more. We want to get away from
    the less informal side of things and attract a more sensible membership
    base. Because we have a membership fee instead of advertising, this
    helps deter rival fans and other idiots who just want to cause trouble.

    We understand if you don’t wish to remain with us but if you do, we can
    sort something out for you. It’s certainly not a problem.


    I Replied,


    What is the discount you speak of? and how exactly have people been abusing the HM system, (for that matter why should it affect my membership if its only a small percentage?)



    Katie Replied,

    “We’d love to but nobody, not even friends or family, can have a HM any
    more. We need to ensure that everyone who is on the site actually
    really wants to be there and isn’t there for the wrong reasons. If they are
    there for the wrong reasons, at least they are contributing 🙂


    I guess all they want is the money………….

  10. unbiased view Says:

    not to sure whether this is a dead topic or not.
    but i have to admit,out of courtesy alone,that ive had and am continuing to have a good look around this site.
    what ive found doesn’t really surprise me,as stupid as that sounds,because as ive already said,im not dumb,i do actually know what dunk is.
    but i suppose reading it to myself actually brought it home to me.
    what got to me was what you have been writing about the alder hey appeal.
    i honestly didn’t know the club had made a statement on the official site regarding it,altho i havnt seen that,i also didn’t know the hospital commented on it,distancing them selves from any appeals on koptalk.
    one conversation also took place between dunk and another poster which kind of sickened me,altho yous have since rubbished what he said,but none the less it bothered me initially because i thought to myself,am i stupid,im funding a life style for this guy that i could only dream of.
    there you go and so as you can tell im starting to see the light,but i have to admit that a few things still bother me about here.
    if your gripe is with dunk,why comment on other people who post on koptalk?
    as i said this is probably a dead topic so god only knows where this will end up.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    unbiased view:

    Its good of you to be so honest and open.

    As for the Alder Hey we have spoken to the hospital it seems that many people have objected. But I’ll leave that to an article. They did not deliver the toy or the money when they said they would to the hospital. Presumably they will do it eventually. They will not be allowed contact with the kids.

    It also seems the charity is technically illegal as all his previous ones were. More of that later.

    I’m not aware of a mention on the official site about the alder hey appeal. What was that?

    Its wrong to say we should only attack Dunk. It is not because he is personally obnoxious – although he is. Its because he lies and cheats and steals and be smirches the name of our club. Its a con we are after. Obviously he is the prime mover and the No. 1 conman. He is the No. 1 target, too. But he could not survive without collaborators.

    Some of his collaborators enjoy rubbing shoulders with a con man. Some of them have a cult syndrome and follow the leader. Some of them actively participate in his cons.

    Increasingly they have left him or he has booted them and he has come to rely only on his immediate family.

    I think his family should be targeted- especially Steve. He knows his cons and lies and defends them and profits from them and carries them out on his own initiative. 17 yrs is way past the age of reason.

  12. unbiased view Says:

    im talking about the paying customers,not his family or close knit circle of friends.
    the people who initially go on to koptalk just to socialize with fellow Liverpool fans and hopefully find out some info.
    the same people who have no reason to doubt dunk and at the same time think hes an ok guy,which in my case would make me back him up if hes being attacked,especially if i thought he was being attacked for all the wrong reasons.
    but saying all that i definitely wasn’t one of his cohorts tho.

    i must be completely wrong about the club commenting on the appeal through the website,i thought i read it on here.

  13. rupertinsider Says:


    You may be referring to a thread on the Official Site in which someone cut and pasted my article from here “Cashing in on transfer possibilities”.

    The blog rarely criticise ordinary KT posters. On the contrary it goes out of its way to distinguish “newcomers” and those “who don’t know the history” or who joined “in good faith”.

    I can understand people who have paid 30 in good faith and who have met a few people and enjoyed some aspects of the site wanting to defend the site. But Oldham is not the site.

    I used to make the point that it is the only football site in the world where the owner and his family is front and centre. Where else do you hear on a daily base the owners opinions on sex, race, politics and everything else, the goings on in his family, the personal details of his children, his alleged conversations with this or that shadowy figure, his appetite, and tastes, his weight, his money, his moods, his escapist ambitions and dreams, his doodling? It is one of the cultic aspects of KT. Why do ordinary members who paid to get information about LFC and meet a few people find themselves embroiled in defending this character? That can also be described as cultic.

    He is rightly accused of theft, fraud and lies and illegal trading and charity practices as well as persistent practice of using negative and false information about LFC and its players, directors and investors in order to “stir up controversy” which will genrate more hits i.e. more money for his personal pocket.

    Anyone who defends any of this should expect to be criticised.

  14. unbiased view Says:

    fair enough rupert but as i was one of those that has been mentioned on here,i just feel i have to get it over to you that im not the sort of person that has been portrayed on here.
    as i said i stood up for dunk because i felt the posters who were leaving kt and decided to have a pop at him before they went were doing it for all the wrong reasons.
    i felt they were doing it for the instant adoration on another site and since ive started reading this its occured to me that they were possibly looking for a mention on here to.
    not all of them i might add but a good majority.
    any how thats by the by,i just came back to thank yous for opening my eyes for me.

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