Surprise pie for Liverpool-hating domain thief

Newer readers of the blog may not be aware of one of the subjects we’ve not covered for a while. Cyber-squatting.

This article is a brief pointer to the existing article we have on it here – Cyber Squatter. Read that page and you will see the long list of domain names “stolen” over the years by Duncan Oldham in an attempt to drive traffic back to his site.

He buys alternative domain names that morally don’t belong to him. Legally too in many cases. Like the “” version of a site that’s using “.com” for its address. He sometimes pointed them to the genuine site for a while, taking them back again to point to either his own site or a pathetic holding page instead on a whim. Or shortly after being “attacked” by that “rival” site. Earlier this year we all had to hold back laughter when we found ourselves redirected from one of these stolen domain names.

He’d set up a holding page, called it “lol.html” (comic genius) and had a picture of a pie on a table with the title of the page set to “You’ve been pied” (outstanding talent). Some nonsense about looking after members when they’ve been spammed was written alongside it. I forget the details because it was just standard Dunkie Drivel.

This list of pinched domain names is long. One of the gems is – he bought this in recognition of the original Koptalk spoof site,

The most recent ones were this summer when he took alternative (and highly unlikely to be used) names for the website. The site had just launched yet he felt it was ok to take these names and point them at his crap joke. That site has just celebrated getting its 2000th registered user, quite some going really. As far as I know he didn’t bother trying with, which is now up to over 500 members in a short space of time.

Have a read of “Cyber Squatter” for the full list, including some that might be a surprise.

But first, please, have a look at a domain name that doesn’t belong to him. It used to, but he’s let it slip out of his greasy palms. It used to be home to his “Insider” site at one time in the distant past. No more.

Please visit – – and enjoy the thought of Duncan’s face as he also visits and spits his five-sugars cup of coffee all over his computer screen.

Duncan Oldham – You’ve Been Pied. L O L !


* A big thank you to the blog supporting Liverpool fan who bought the domain and set all of this up. You know who you are – thanks from most web-reading Liverpool fans. Maybe Dunk will hand over the others now?


7 Responses to “Surprise pie for Liverpool-hating domain thief”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    He didn’t try it with Six Crazy Minutes. We had a chat with them before they announced their site and pointed out his practice of buying up related domain names within minutes of a new site appearing. Apparently they bought theirs up before he could.

  2. scouse Says:

    Im just getting a ‘this website is coming soon’

    Shouldnt be redirecting here?

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    It was going to a different holding page earlier. I’m sure it’s just a temporary blip!

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    It’s back now – have a look at .

  5. An Observer Says:

    Haha, quality!

  6. thekidfromargentina Says:

    Good luck with exposing this lying, thieving, S*n supporting non-Liverpool fan.

    Your blogs are always fun to read, whilst getting the issue across. Always the best way to make a point. No one likes to be lectured eh.

    So, once again – thanks for exposing fat Dunk, and let’s hope that this leads to the outcome we all want…

    Take care.

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